VCRMM: Chapter 113 Part 1

Xu Sili sat by the window and looked at the scenery below.

Unlike the terrain when heading in the direction of Orchid Moon City, there were no mountains or rivers on the road to Glass Sea City. There were only endless plains.

Due to the arrival of winter, the vegetation had started to decline and the fields were orange, yellow or brown like an overturned palette. It was quite shocking when looking down at it from the sky.

However, the unobstructed terrain wasn’t without danger to humans. The hordes of interstellar beasts on the plains still caused great trouble for the army clearing the road.

Xu Sili frowned slightly when looking at these tall and fierce interstellar beasts.

It was true that he could let Si Sheng take action to eliminate these beasts. He even felt that with Si Sheng’s strength, it wasn’t impossible to clean up the entire planet.

However, he didn’t forget that this wasn’t an ordinary different world, but a game.

He could speed up the upgrade of the main city and release tasks to players to promote the progress of the game, but he couldn’t do all the work that the game team arranged for the players.

That was too eye-catching.

What if the game team realized that Si Sheng’s strength was too against the sky and modified his data? Now the game was still in beta and anything could happen. He didn’t want to take risks.

Fortunately, the players would soon arrive in large numbers and he would have an army of 6,000 players.

This immortal army of elementalists would become the sharpest knife in his hand. He hoped to at least clear the road from Imperial City to the two main cities of Orchid Moon and Glass Sea before the public beta began.

“One day, I will also go to the front line and lead the army to fight those da*n interstellar beasts and take back all our lost territories!”

The girl’s bold words still rang in his ears and Xu Sili pursed his lips.

In fact, he rarely thought about the trial world now, but those who had passed away always came to mind from time to time.

Silin’s dream… one day, he would help her realize it. In addition, the former emperor and Xenos…

“Your Majesty Roland.”

A cold voice suddenly rang in his ears, interrupting his thoughts.

Xu Sili looked sideways.

The man who stood beside him at an unknown time had short silver-gray hair that matched his eyes. The coral-red earrings hanging down from his ears dangled lightly in mid-air and it was particularly eye-catching.

It was Chamo.

The sadness in his eyes subsided. Xu Sili leaned back, supported the side of his face with one hand and asked lazily, “What is it?”

“Your Majesty Roland, thank you for agreeing to let me take the shuttle.”

Chamo spoke respectfully.

Xu Sili ran out secretly but bumped into Chamo on the road. Chamo hoped to go to Glass Sea City. In order to prevent him from leaking the secret, Xu Sili had to take Chamo with him.

He could see Chamo’s fear of Si Sheng so he was quite surprised when Chamo made this request.

“Why are you going to Glass Sea City? Aren’t you worried about Asheng any longer?”

Chamo was very concerned about Asheng.

The man smiled when he heard this. “Asheng is very safe in the palace and His Highness Joan is taking care of her.”

It was just that he avoided talking about why he was going to Glass Sea City.

Xu Sili shrugged. Chamo was an ancient beast and it wasn’t certain how long he had lived. Xu Sili still had some basic respect for the elderly.

Then he raised an eyebrow again. “You shouldn’t have just come to me to thank me, right?”

Chamo was obviously stunned. He looked at Xu Sili and his face showed some hesitation.

The silver wolves were a race that kept their word.

He had made a deal with the human in front of him. He hadn’t agreed to keep the content of the deal secret but he still revealed the transaction under the pressure of that lord… this went against the silver wolves’ guidelines.

Perhaps it was necessary to let him know about this.

Xu Sili saw that Chamo wanted to speak but stopped and couldn’t help becoming interested.

Chamo had a cold personality and had some of the arrogance of an ancient race. He lived in the palace and rarely went out. They had basically never met but Xu Sili heard he got along well with Joan. Only Niya was constantly deflated due to him.

Xu Sili told him, “If you have something to say then you might as well say it directly.”

Chamo opened his mouth but before he could make a sound, an extremely dangerous feeling climbed up his spine and made him feel cold all over.

Sweat dripped down his cheeks.

He looked back stiffly and saw the blond-haired man with an indifferent face who had appeared at the door at some point. The man was expressionless but it rang alarm bells within Chamo.

Xu Sili looked between him and Si Sheng and raised an eyebrow slightly.

Were these two hiding something from him?

“My lord.”

Chamo stiffly bent down and saluted Si Sheng respectfully. It was a much more correct attitude than when he was facing Xu Sili.

Beside him, Xu Sili could see that Chamo’s body was trembling slightly and under his gaze, two furry pointed ears appeared on Chamo’s head.

He couldn’t help blinking. This cold and ruthless brother turned into such a cute thing in seconds, which was something he had never expected.

Did Si Sheng do something to Chamo to make him so afraid?

Due to the closeness, Chamo’s silver-gray pointed ears were right in front of him and he could touch them as soon as reached out his hands. Xu Sili felt like his hands were itchy.

Were these ears real?

Before he could reach out and touch them, Si Sheng had already flashed in front of him and gently took his hand. Xu Sili had to hold back his thoughts.

“The matters are settled?”

“Yes.” Si Sheng sat down beside Xu Sili and his eyes fell on Chamo. “Why did he come to you?”

Chamo had already turned to the side. Then he couldn’t help trembling when he heard this and the ears that had just been withdrawn popped out again in fright.

“Chamo seems to have something to tell me,” Xu Sili answered calmly.

“Oh?” Si Sheng raised an eyebrow. He looked at the man indifferently and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

Facing these indifferent gray-blue eyes, the hairs on Chamo’s body rose. He bit his lower lip slightly and thought about it. “It is about September.”

Xu Sili couldn’t help glancing over.

He now knew that September was the real name of the shadow leopard and it was rarely mentioned to people.

He had felt that the shadow leopard seemed to know Chamo. Now it seemed that the two of them, no, the two ancient beasts were indeed old acquaintances.

Xu Sili saw that Si Sheng didn’t speak so he asked for Si Sheng, “Do you know September?”

Chamo glanced at Si Sheng and nodded. “Yes.”

He stopped talking again and Xu Sili had to speak. “Then do you want to find him?”

Chamo slowly retracted the ears that were exposed at the top of his head and pondered on it. “September seems to have become Lord Si Sheng’s contracted beast?”


Xu Sili wondered, “What is your relationship with September? It feels like he doesn’t like you very much.”

Chamo paused and tilted his head. He seemed to think carefully before replying, “Strictly speaking, it should be similar to my relationship with Asheng.”

“It is just…”

He added, “Some unpleasant things happened later and we haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Xu Sili couldn’t help being stunned.

Something like the relationship with Asheng?

He pressed it. “So you raised September as well?”

Chamo nodded. “It happened to be September when we met so I gave him this name.”

Oh? Even the name was given by Chamo?

The name September had been chosen by Xu Sili in the Game of the Gods data but the game team had apparently perfected the life of the shadow leopard.

Xu Sili felt that he had heard a big gossip. He looked at Chamo and his eyes moved slightly. “You are a silver wolf and he is a shadow leopard. You are of different races. Why would you…”

At this moment, Chamo had regained his composure.

He smiled and explained, “Before the natural disaster, the number of ancient beasts was very rare. As a personal hobby, I would help a group of familiar races.”

Personal hobby…

Xu Sili couldn’t help looking at him a few more times. “Your hobby is quite special.”

Chamo smiled slightly, revealing a row of silver-white teeth.

“September in his cub period was also very…”

“You shut up for me!”

A black shadow blade was sent out without warning and slashed directly at Chamo. However, the shadow blade disappeared before it could touch Chamo.

The shadow leopard jumped out of the contract space and landed firmly on the ground. Then the shadow blade that had just been thrown appeared above his head and smashed down directly toward him.

The shadow leopard groaned and lay on the ground.

The dark element couldn’t do any damage to him but it still hurt to be smashed by the shadow blade that was accelerated by the space movement.

Chamo looked at him and said with a smile, “September is still so cute.”

The shadow leopard was furious and green eyes stared at Chamo like there was some type of deep hatred.

Xu Sili watched this scene with interest.

Yet to his surprise, the shadow leopard didn’t continue to deal with Chamo. He instead turned to bow to Si Sheng. “Master, I’m sorry, I accidentally ran out again…”

September spoke in a trembling manner. Si Sheng had obviously built up authority with him for a long time.

It was just that he sensed Chamo and ran out in a hurry. Previously, he always felt that something was wrong in the palace. He hadn’t expected that the main consciousness of the old guy had awakened!

Si Sheng glanced at him before looking at Chamo.

“You hit my contracted beast.”

The man’s very flat tone caused the smile on Chamo’s face to instantly disappear.

He had just been defending himself but he didn’t dare say much in front of Si Sheng, a man so powerful that it made him tremble.

“It was a momentary lapse. Please forgive me, my lord.”

He spoke cautiously.

Si Sheng stared at him indifferently, a dangerous light flashing in his eyes. It was as if he was thinking about what to do with Chamo and this look made Chamo’s heart jump.

In the end, Si Sheng withdrew his gaze and glanced at the shadow leopard. “September, what do you think?”

The ball was suddenly kicked over and the shadow leopard was a bit stunned. It was just that due to the contractual relationship, he could vaguely sense his master’s emotions and he couldn’t help being stunned.

His master had killing intent toward Chamo!

September didn’t know the reason but he felt that he definitely wasn’t the direct cause.

But killing Chamo…

He glanced at the man with short silver-gray hair and felt aggrieved in his heart, but he still whispered, “Master, I’m fine…”

Chamo couldn’t help glancing at him.

The shadow leopard rolled his eyes and lay on his stomach, obediently waiting for Si Sheng’s decision.

Si Sheng pursed his lips slightly and was silent for a moment. Then he told the trembling September and Chamo, “In that case, take him out.”

The implication was to not let Chamo appear in front of him again.

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