VCRMM: Chapter 112 Part 2

Silin’s heart ached so much that she couldn’t breathe every time she recalled his situation at that time and the expression on his face after hearing the news.

The beast wave gradually subsided but the interstellar beasts didn’t leave. They could only hide in this cave. After Brady recovered, he sneaked out again and rescued some people back.

The lives of these people were saved with Xenos’ healing.

They had lived here ever since.

Days passed. She went from being hopeful at the beginning to no longer thinking about things that were too far away.

Her whole motivation in life was to take care of her brother and to lead the survivors to live in this dangerous wilderness.

She stopped thinking about whether the empire still existed and whether there would be anyone who would save them.

It was because she was afraid.

She knew the reason that supported her brother to live in this dark underground area was to provide them with fresh water.

Due to Xenos’ existence, they didn’t need to worry about a water source and could receive good treatment after being injured.

This seemed to be the only meaning for him to survive.

She didn’t know if her brother would leave her if they could really return home. She couldn’t see anything called hope in his increasingly dark eyes.

“Brother, we’ll be fine.”

Silin said with a tearful voice. “Believe me. Now that the restrictions are lifted, I will break through to three stars very quickly and I will become very strong.”

“I can go catch better prey and give you a better life. I will take care of you. Then once I break through to four stars or five stars, I will take you home…”

Go home?

Xenos lightly stroked his sister’s hair and looked up at the light coming in through small holes.

After staying underground for three years, he couldn’t remember what his ‘home’ was like in the past.

It was as far away as a dream and it was as if he never had one.

“Yes,” he whispered. “As long as Silin says this, I believe it.”

“Don’t worry, Brother won’t leave you.”

Silin raised her teary eyes and looked at him with red eyes. “Okay, you can’t lie to me.”

Xenos didn’t speak. He just reached out and grabbed a handkerchief. He condensed water to wet it and gently helped her wipe away her tears and the plant sap smeared on her face as camouflage.

It would be fine, everything would be fine…

Xu Sili didn’t know what changed in history and who was affected by him just because he upgraded Imperial City in advance.

He was now busy reviewing the results of the upgrade.

First of all, the most intuitive benefit was naturally that his level restrictions had finally been lifted.

After the star limit was lifted, the experience points he had accumulated directly sent him up two levels and he reached level 22. For the next level, the experience requirement had reached 16,000 points.

Starting from level 20, he could get 9 points of physical strength for each level up and 20 free points. So after he upgraded to level 22, he had 18 more points than before he opened the guardian circle.

In this way, his symptoms of weakness disappeared and even his face became much rosier.

The improvement in spirit and intelligence also made him feel clearer. His agility and defense still grew slowly but it was much better than when he first started.

Moreover, after the main city was upgraded, he could clearly feel the increase in elements in Imperial City. According to feedback, the other four main cities had also improved somewhat.

After all, this was Imperial City. It would always be one level higher than the other main cities and it affected the entire Roland empire.

Xu Sili also found that the guardian barrier of Imperial City seemed to have become stronger after the level was raised.

This was a good sign. Once Orchid Moon City was upgraded to level 2, he believed that the situation of the barrier where holes always appeared would improve, although Orchid Moon City was currently in a rare truce period ever since Si Sheng cleared so many monsters.

According to the statistics of the Elementalist Academy, basically all two star elementalists had made a breakthrough when the seal was lifted.

After all, they had been stuck at the two star level for many years. Some, like Dean Justin, had been stuck for decades. They weren’t short on experience. The inability to improve was purely due to the level limit.

Now there was the lifting of restrictions and there was the retaliatory increase in the strength of some people.

For example, Li Zhecheng directly improved by half a star and jumped from level 20 to level 25. He became a person that others had to look at with admiration, including Xu Sili.

The NPC’s upgrade system was different from his. Xu Sili relied on the experience value quantification and there was basically no bottleneck period. Meanwhile, NPCs could easily get stuck in a bottleneck but they could often achieve rapid metaphysical upgrades by relying on their own perception.

In addition to the two star elementalists, other level elementalists also got small benefits.

There was the physical feeling that training had become much easier and it was easier to gain enlightenment.

Wen Jishan took this opportunity to work with the Elementalist Academy to promote meditation and body tempering methods to the entire population.

Of course, there was a fee to study.

The nobles were charged the most while it was free for the poor. Under the supervision of Xiao Wu, this measure was implemented to the greatest extent.

Xu Sili didn’t care about the consequences at all and directly put the law into effect, announcing that everyone had an obligation to learn and practice meditation and the body tempering techniques.

As citizens, everyone needed to pay a fee called ‘compulsory education’, which was deducted by Xiao We based on each person’s annual income.

Of course, there were many civilians in the Roland Empire with little or no electronic account balance but this part of the civilian population wasn’t the target of the policy.

This was a typical ‘rob the rich to help the poor.’

Xu Sili might not have dared to do this if it was a peaceful era and he didn’t have the control of a powerful artificial intelligence like Xiao Wu.

However, it was now troubled times and severe laws should be used in troubled times.

In addition, these nobles had no choice because the entire planet was the territory of the Roland Empire. They had no channels to communicate with aliens. They were unable to immigrate or transfer their assets.

—Although their assets were simply worthless on alien planets.

Xu Sili wasn’t afraid of them rebelling now.

His public support rate had directly exceeded 80% after the live broadcast where he lifted the restrictions. He also had the support of Si Sheng’s absolute force.

He would directly destroy anyone who dared to rebel, not to mention that Xiao Wu was controlling online public opinion. Those who tried to hide behind the scenes to incite public sentiment were all strangled at the source.

Then again, there really weren’t many people who opposed this policy.

It was because for the nobles and middle class, this fee was within an acceptable range and training these two methods gave them a chance to become an elementalist!

Everyone was completely happy to see such a training obligation.

Under the operation of Wen Jishan, it finally evolved from being a deduction to a status symbol.

For a while, it became a trend to post their ‘deduction list’ for the compulsory education. As long as they posted the numbers, they could show their own value and status. They could be ostensibly modest, but were in fact boastful.

The result was something that Xu Sili never expected. He had been ready for someone to make small moves but he could only say… Wen Jishan was awesome!

There was also the teleportation circle that Xu Sili was most looking forward to!

The original purpose of upgrading the main city was for the teleportation circle drawings. He had already met his second brother but the construction of the teleportation circle was still a very important project.

Now the five main cities couldn’t communicate with each other. This was too passive and closed off, meaning he couldn’t grasp the development of the other four main cities well. Therefore, the teleportation circle was absolutely necessary.

After around a week, he had just been starting to wonder if he was fooled by the player of the future forum when there was finally news of the drawings of the teleportation circle.

The expansion of Doha Town had been continuing when the engineering team’s earth elementalist division accidentally dug up a ruin while tidying up the terrain.

In this ruin, not only was the inheritance of elemental pharmacists dug up but there were also the drawings and some materials for building a two-way teleportation circle!

Everyone thought it was a coincidence because Imperial City had been explored before and there should be no other ruins existing. This ruin was like a pearl in the sea.

Only Xu Sili knew that this had been brought about by the upgrade of the main city.

As for the inheritance of the elemental pharmacist, Xu Sili thought about it before giving it to the special talents in the field of potions manufacturing that he had previously unearthed. They would also become the life career mentors for the players.

Xu Sili felt a bit guilty toward Su Lin, who first studied the health medicine and magic medicine. He originally planned to let Su Lin inherit it but who knew that Su Lin would give up the opportunity?

In the future, he would think of a way to compensate Su Lin. He really liked this smart and hard working honest child.

The construction of the two way teleportation circle was naturally handed over to Chi Yu, the future master architect, who had already proven his strength in the completion of Doha Town.

However, he was very immature at present and didn’t have Su Mo’s help during the period when the game was closed. Xu Sili was inevitably a bit worried so he asked Wen Jishan to send more people to help Chi Yu.

He hoped to complete the teleportation circle of Imperial City before the second closed beta opened. There were less than two months left and the difficulty wasn’t small. However, the speed up bonus of the remaining buildings meant he felt it wasn’t impossible.

After finishing these arrangements, Wen Jishan had already finalized the list of elementalist engineers to be sent to the other three main cities.

So on a sunny morning, Xu Sili left behind the bionic robot again and secretly got on the shuttle with Si Sheng to send the engineering teams.

Their first stop was Glass Sea City, built on the seaside.

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We really slowly see Sili trusting the empire. He is very paranoid before with Janice, Si Sheng, etc. And now he is able to trust them and put bionic robot, believing he will still has home to return to. I wonder if the 100 years ago disaster is a deletion of the “game”. I felt like Roland Empire is a civilization that had made “contract” with “main brain/”god”” to have other civilization helped them develop. Maybe in the peak, Roland Empire violated the contract and undergone “destruction”. Now “main brain/god” connected them with new contractee which is Earthling. But I wonder why Sili and Si Sheng are special? The way they both leveled up as well as the “dark space” they both suspended in before their consciousness awoke in this world are also similar 🤔.