VCRMM: Chapter 111 Part 2

Joan watched their backs.

He had to admire that the picture of his imperial brother and the marshal walking together was as beautiful as a painting. It was really pleasing to the eye.

His imperial brother must really like the marshal, right?

The look in his eyes was different when seeing the marshal.

Joan looked at the man whose aura was so powerful that he didn’t dare make any overstepping moves. Then he secretly clenched his fists.

His imperial brother liked the marshal and both the marshal and his imperial brother were very strong. Even so, his idea of protecting his imperial brother didn’t change.

He had to train hard and become as powerful as the marshal. This way, he could help support his imperial brother if the marshal dared to bully his imperial brother!

At this time, Li Zhecheng approached and held out a hand to him. “Your Highness Joan?”

Judging from the look of concern on his face, it was estimated that he had misunderstood something.

Joan looked at his hand and shook his head with a smile. Then he raised his feet and followed behind Xu Sili.

He was a manly person and wanted to go by himself!

Xu Sili opened the future forum again while waiting for the shuttle.

He had seen it several times but he still wanted to finalize the strategy for upgrading Imperial City.

After scanning it several times and making sure that there were no problems, he habitually opened up his and Si Sheng’s fan post.

It had been one month and the number of views of his post had squeezed into the top three most popular posts of the month. The CP ranking of Si Sheng x Snow Roland had also successfully moved up 10 places.

The result was quite powerful but Xu Sili wasn’t satisfied with this.

He would feel uncomfortable as long as the CP of Si Sheng x Mu Xingzhou was at the top of the rankings.

He didn’t know when Mu Xingzhou would appear in this timeline but Xu Sili still noted him down in a small book.

This time, he would definitely take the lead and directly lock himself and Si Sheng’s name in the closed beta, firmly occupying first place in the CP rankings. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to swallow down this anger!

However, now the popularity of the post had obviously dropped somewhat.

It wasn’t easy to maintain popularity for a long time, especially when the Starry Sky forum was so active and dozens of new posts appeared every second.

Xu Sili looked at the data that was obviously slowing down. Finally, as the shuttle landed on the ground, he gritted his teeth and sent out a picture that he had been hesitating over for a long time.

Then he quickly closed the forum as if he hadn’t posted it.

It wasn’t he who sent it out. His hands had their own consciousness!

The door of the military shuttle opened and the guards took the lead in disembarking and setting up the defense. Xu Sili got up slowly and his expression didn’t show that he had just done something that broke his bottom line.

He came to the hatch and looked at the crowd outside.

This was the players’ resurrection point, that square with the circle that summoned the braves.

It was also the place where Xu Sili would perform the ‘ceremony.’

He hadn’t expected that the players’ summoning circle would be the trigger to upgrade the city. He really had to admire the players’ imagination. They even explored this point.

He descended and everyone’s eyes focused on him.

The young emperor’s face was calm as he glanced at everyone. The people he saw all had excitement and joy on their faces.

Doha Town was completed and the poor people in the inner city were transferred to the town. Their lives were truthfully reported on by the TV network and under the control of Xiao Wu, Xu Sili’s public support rate had reached 70%.

It was already much better compared to the 53% when he just crossed to this world.

Of course, it should be more difficult to improve it in the future but Xu Sili wasn’t particularly concerned. As long as everyone was safe and there was no civil uprising, he didn’t think he needed to be liked by everyone on Escher Star.

The reporters below were already ready to move, but they were stopped by the guards and blocked far away.

Xu Sili glanced at them and withdrew his gaze. Then his eyes fell on Si Sheng, who was looking up at him from the bottom of the stairs.

He thought about it and walked down another two steps.

Then in front of everyone, he gently raised his hand toward Si Sheng.

He might not be able to make it public but he didn’t mind showing a bit of intimacy with Si Sheng in public.

Si Sheng looked at the hand that was handed over and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. The next moment, he raised his hand in an extremely natural manner so that the young man could put his hand on his palm. Then he helped Xu Sili down the stairs.

Standing beside him, Xu Sili didn’t rush to let go but smiled at him.

Under Si Sheng’s gaze, he reached out his other hand and helped straighten Si Sheng’s collar. Then he said in a volume that only the two of them could hear, “Ah Sheng, you are so handsome today.”

Si Sheng froze. Before he could react, the young man had already withdrawn his hand and turned toward the summoning hall in the square.

Si Sheng stared deeply at his back and a smile appeared on his face.

Ah Li… was laying the groundwork for the public.

Ah Li really took this matter to heart. Si Sheng realized this and warmth enveloped him. It made his heart tremble even in this early winter season.

Before the start of the first closed beta, Xu Sili had people surround the summoning circle and build a palace. This was now convenient for him.

He wanted this story to spread but he didn’t want to expose too many details.

The reporters stood outside the palace. They were stopped by a group of guards but the long-ranged cameras in their hands never stopped for a moment.

At this time, they saw Xu Sili coming over and fell quiet.

After all, this was His Majesty the Emperor, the one who held the power of life or death. He wasn’t a small person they could step on.

Before entering the main hall, Xu Sili accepted their interview. The interview script had been arranged in advance and there were no mistakes.

The camera was something he was familiar with so he wasn’t nervous at all. He behaved calmly and showed appropriate politeness. He wasn’t lacking the majesty of the emperor.

In short, he was behaving more and more like an emperor after meeting the former emperor—at least, to outsiders.

“As we all know, the elementalists of the empire who reach two stars can no longer improve their strength. This is the so-called star limit and it makes us very passive when facing interstellar beasts.”

“According to the comparison with historical materials, Roland’s current elemental concentration is less than one-tenth of the past and very few children with talent are measured every year.”

“I believe that there is no need for this emperor to explain more about these matters.”

Xu Sili spoke in a deep voice.

“What this emperor wants to tell you today is that it shouldn’t be like this. It is all because of a seal! Or a curse is more appropriate.”

The moment the emperor said these words, the onlookers at the scene fell silent and listened with bated breath. The people watching the live broadcast were already in an uproar.

Seal? What was that?

“At present, it isn’t certain whose conspiracy this is but this emperor has found a way to release the seal.”

“The seal will be loosened when Roland’s national strength is improved. After a special ceremony, this loose seal can be lifted.”

“Today, with the completion of Mercenary Town and Doha Town, the time is ripe for this emperor to try and lift the seal.”

Xu Sili knew that his current actions would definitely cause an uproar in Roland. Many old guys who could directly contact him were about to blow up his communicator.

There were at least a hundred elementalists stuck at the two star level.

These hundred or so two star elementalists were all the pillars of Roland. If they could rise further then it would definitely be a big event that would change the pattern of the empire.

At the very least, he who knew how to release the seal would gain a large number of strong people who originally had a wait-and-see attitude.

Xu Sili knew that among the 70% of people who supported him currently, the proportion of nobles and elementalists should be very small. This should change after today’s announcement.

However, he would definitely be a big joke if he failed today, so he was still a bit nervous.

He hoped that the strategy post of the future forum didn’t pit him.

“I know it is hard for you to believe this, but hearing and seeing is believing. Please wait and see!”

Xu Sili left this heavy bomb, threw off his cloak and strode into the summoning hall.

There was no one in the hall apart from him.

Xu Sili moved to the center of the circle.

In addition to increasing the star limit, upgrading a city provided many other benefits such as increased elemental concentration, increased elementalist seedlings and various blueprints and sub-professions would appear one after another.

Looking at the big circle under his feet, Xu Sili was more excited than nervous.

Xu Sili came to the most central part of the magic circle, took out the star core of a three star interstellar beast and put the star core into a groove in the center.

The system’s notification appeared before his eyes.

[The conditions have been met. You are about to consume a Lv 3 interstellar beast star core to upgrade Imperial City to Lv 3. Are you sure?]

Xu Sili saw the notification and slowly sighed with relief.

The strategy was correct!

He immediately chose to confirm it.

The moment he confirmed it, a golden light shot up from the center of the magic circle and gradually spread around, forming a huge pillar of light that soared into the sky!

All the people of the empire watching saw this and the people at the scene had already fallen to their knees.

Imperial City was successfully upgraded and everyone felt the change, especially the elementalists who had been stuck at two stars for many years. It was as if a shackle was untied from them.

The entire empire was thrown into madness.

Located somewhere far away on the planet, a silver-haired woman was lying on the trunk of a tree and aiming at an interstellar beast in the distance.

The sharp purple eyes were full of murderous intent. Just as she was about to attack, the magic power that suddenly surged into her body stunned her for a while.

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