VCRMM: Chapter 111 Part 1

Si Sheng looked into the silver-haired young man’s eyes. He saw the lucidity and seriousness in them and felt his heart pounding. For a while, he couldn’t tell where he was.

Sili… Xu Sili…

Lord God’s real name…

Slowly, the man’s eyes became brighter and brighter. The light shining in the gray-blue eyes seemed to be brighter than the night stars.

“Xu Sili?”

He carefully called out the name.

Xu Sili heard this soft call and felt a bit pained for a while. In this strange and different world, it was probably only Si Sheng who didn’t treat him as Snow Roland from the beginning.


He nodded. “You can call me Ah Li or… Brother Li is also fine.”

Si Sheng might be older than him, both in reality and in Starry Sky Age. At 25 years old, he was older by any measure.

However, who told Si Sheng to be a child when Xu Sili first met him?

Xu Sili looked at Si Sheng with eyes full of expectations.

Si Sheng didn’t receive his signal.

“Ah Li,” he whispered.

This soft call seemed to be repeated in his mouth a thousand times and contained a lot of affection when it finally emerged.

Xu Sili’s face was slightly hot when he heard it.

They were obviously just two ordinary words but he felt a bit strange in his heart.

He snorted softly but didn’t force Si Sheng to call him ‘Brother.’

After thinking about it, he was still a bit resentful so he opened his mouth and bit this person’s Adam’s apple.

Si Sheng looked at the mischievous youth. “Your Majesty…”

The title he blurted out suddenly stopped and he changed it. “Ah Li.”

His tone was extremely serious, as if he wanted to imprint this name firmly in his heart and never forget it. Si Sheng really thought so.

No one could appreciate his happiness at this moment.

He knew that from this moment on, he had truly entered the heart of Lord God. He finally had a place in Lord God’s heart.

A sense of satisfaction surrounded him and he couldn’t help opening his arms to hug the young man.

“Ah Li.”

He muttered the name, tightening his arms tightly with every call.

Xu Sili was hugged so hard that he couldn’t breathe. He wanted to push this person away but he heard the man whispering in his ear, “Thank you… thank you for telling me…”

The restrained tone was full of excitement and joy. There was even a bit of tearfulness.

Xu Sili blinked. He felt like his heart had turned into water and merged with this hot spring pool.

He obediently curled up in the man’s arms.

In the end, he kissed Si Sheng’s heart and said, “I should thank you, Ah Sheng.”

Si Sheng was stunned. Due to this affectionate title, he felt his slightly calm heart beating fast again. Even so, he was a bit puzzled.

He lowered his eyes and looked at the young man.

Xu Sili raised his head and saw the man’s red eyes. He once again felt like he was a bastard before.

Si Sheng became so happy just from knowing his name? Yet he actually suspected that Si Sheng approached him with ulterior motives…

On the other hand, Si Sheng’s respect for him also made Xu Sili feel guilty.

He was a bit scared.

He was just an ordinary person, not a god.

Would Si Sheng still adore him like now if he knew this?


Xu Sili pursed his lips.

He looked at Si Sheng and said, “I am originally younger than you. I am only 23 years old.”

Based on Si Sheng’s keenness, he should’ve guessed this, right?

Si Sheng frowned slightly and he seemed surprised by the young man. Then his brow soon relaxed and there was a bit more love in his eyes.

He took Xu Sili’s hands and kissed the fingertips carefully.

“Yes.” He curled his lips slightly and his tone was so gentle that it seemed like water dripping. “I know…”


Xu Sili was speechless.

What was this look in his eyes that looked like he was seeing some type of small animal?

“What do you know?” He asked in a huff.

Si Sheng didn’t answer immediately. He just hugged Xu Sili again, placing his chin on top of the young man’s head and whispering affectionately, “I know… why Ah Li is so cute.”

All of Lord God’s actions that didn’t conform to his imagination were explained. It turned out that he was so young…

He didn’t know how the world of Lord God calculated time but that didn’t matter. His Lord God had said this so he believed it.

All he adored and wanted was the person in front of him. Now he knew the young man a bit better than before, which was a very fortunate thing for him.

Si Sheng was very happy but Xu Sili felt a bit aggrieved. He hadn’t expected that he would pit himself.

Before he could make trouble, Si Sheng suddenly let go. He stretched out his arm, took out a small box from the clothes placed on the ground and handed it to Xu Sili.

“What is this?” Xu Sili looked at the box that was handed over. He took it and examined it before asking curiously.

“Open it and take a look?”

Si Sheng looked at him with a rare anxiety in his eyes.

Xu Sili opened the box and saw a silver necklace inside. A blue gemstone was hanging from it and shone clearly in the starlight.

“For me?”

He took the necklace out.

Si Sheng nodded. After returning from Orchid Moon City, he carefully created the necklace made from kyanite. He made the kyanite into a pendant and it wasn’t completed until two days ago.

“It is so beautiful.”

Xu Sili played with the necklace and instinctively used Insight on it.

[Blue Crystal Necklace]

[Description: Forged by Si Sheng, the patron saint of the Roland Empire. It is a gift to Snow Roland, the 15h emperor of Roland.

Quality: Legendary

Equipment Effects:

1. Increases the maximum mana by 1,000.

2. Return Magic: An active skill. Restores 10 magic per second and lasts 10 minutes. The cooldown time is 60 minutes.]

Xu Sili couldn’t help being stunned when he saw these attributes. A bottle of primary recovery potion could restore 50 magic per second but it lasted only 10 seconds.

Meanwhile, the Return Magic skill of the necklace lasted a full 10 minutes and restored 600 magic a minute. This was enough for him.

The key point was…

This necklace was actually forged by Si Sheng himself!

He looked up and inadvertently saw the blue stone necklace that was still hanging around Si Sheng’s neck. It was something that he had bought casually on the street before for Si Sheng. Xu Sili paused and felt inexplicably guilty.

Si Sheng took the necklace from his hand and undid it.

They had gone to the weapons store in Mercenary Town together. During this time, Si Sheng had gone there a lot and learned to forge from the weapons master sent to the town. He wasted a lot of materials to make this finished product.

However, Xu Sili didn’t need to know these things.

Si Sheng asked, “Do you like it?”

“Of course, I like it very much.” Xu Sili nodded.

“Then I’ll put it on for you?”


The moment the necklace was put on, Xu Sili felt the increase in his magic. His original magic was over 3,000 points. Now it suddenly became more than 4,000. It was an increase of nearly one-third.

However, what made him happy was Si Sheng’s heart.

He rubbed the kyanite on the necklace, glanced at Si Sheng’s ordinary blue stone and couldn’t help saying, “I’ll give you a better one later.”

Si Sheng shook his head and said with a smile, “I already have the best.”

He played with the blue stone, his eyes full of love.

Xu Sili saw his smile and couldn’t help holding his cheek, leaning over to touch his forehead. “Si Sheng, I really like you.”

In front of the man’s slightly startled eyes, he gently kissed Si Sheng on the lips.

The white fog of the hot spring pool covered their figures and also blocked the peeping sight of the stars in the sky…


The next day, Xu Sili slept until late again.

His body hadn’t fully recovered and he had indulged again last night. It was inevitable that he would be a bit tired.

However, today wasn’t a good day to sleep in.

He had long ordered that the live broadcast of lifting the star limit would be carried out today. The matter was very important and the reporters who received the news were already waiting for him.

Even Joan didn’t go to the academy. He heard the news this morning and directly asked for leave from the academy. He was waiting outside the emperor’s palace.

Xu Sili got up with difficulty.

Under the service of the maids, he changed into exquisite clothing, put on a heavy crown and walked out of his palace surrounded by guards.

“Imperial Brother!”

The little boy saw him finally appear and hurriedly ran over. Then he saw Xu Sili’s face and couldn’t help pausing.

“Imperial Brother, are you unwell?”

Xu Sili lowered his gaze and saw the boy’s concerned eyes. He couldn’t help reaching out and rubbing the black hair.

“No, I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

Then his expression became a bit stern. “Why haven’t you gone to the academy yet? Are you skipping classes?”

Joan hurriedly shook his head. “I asked for leave…”

“Imperial Brother, is everything they are saying true? Are you really going to unlock the star limit today? Can the star limit of the elementalists really be solved?”

Seeing his eager eyes, it could be known how explosive this matter was for elementalists. Even the always well-behaved and obedient Joan would miss class because of this.

Xu Sili patted his head. “It is true, but that isn’t a reason for you to skip class.”

He saw the little guy lower his head and not dare to speak, so he smiled slightly. “Okay, you have already asked for leave so let’s go together.”

“Let’s witness history together.”

Hearing this, the little boy instantly raised his head. The bright purple eyes looked up at him with adoration and admiration.

“Thank you, Imperial Brother!”

Xu Sili bent down and took his little hand. Then they walked outside together. After a while, he saw a figure already waiting at the end of the long corridor.

The man was dressed in a snow-white military uniform and looked capable and rigorous. There was a solemn and indifferent expression on his face, which made people feel intimidated just looking at his silhouette.

He probably heard them and looked sideways.

Xu Sili’s heart skipped a beat. Then he felt the small hand he was holding move away.

He blinked and looked down at his younger brother beside him. The child was standing nervously, back straight in a proper, standard military posture.

Was Si Sheng so scary? Xu Sili couldn’t help thinking this.

“Your Majesty.” Si Sheng’s voice was heard.

Xu Sili looked up.

The man raised his feet and walked over. His golden hair was blown by the breeze and looked particularly soft and easy to rub.

The cold indifference on his face had long disappeared. The corners of his mouth were slightly curved up and he was smiling gently.

He wasn’t scary at all, okay?

Xu Sili grinned and walked over to meet him. “Have you been waiting a long time?”

Si Sheng shook his head.

“I just came over after arranging things.”

The marshal was very attentive about today’s ceremony and went to supervise the arrangement of the venue and equipment just after dawn.

Xu Sili nodded. “Yes, let’s go.”

Si Sheng was about to take a step back and fall behind when the young man reached out, firmly grabbed his hand and led him forward.

His movements were so natural that Si Sheng paused for a second before raising his feet and walking beside the young man.

The emperor and the marshal. The two most honorable people in Roland were walking hand in hand at this moment.

There seemed to be an invisible field around them. There was no inappropriate behavior apart from holding hands but it made people feel completely unable to integrate with them.

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