VCRMM: Chapter 110

That night, Xu Sili and Si Sheng changed into their regular clothes and flew out of the inner city on the shadow leopard in the direction of Doha Town.

Looking down from the sky, they could see that the slums around the inner city were empty, apart from a pile of dilapidated old houses. It looked a bit desolate.

The poor people who had been living here had been moved to Doha Town, where they would start a new life.

As for the old houses, Xu Sili was planning to set them aside to build residents for the players.

After returning from the trial place, he wasn’t idle. He first asked Xiao Wu to collect some recipes on the Star Network. Then he recalled the delicious food he had eaten in reality and asked Janice to study them.

Now he had developed a few special dishes. Once it reached a certain number, he would open the Starry Sky Hotel.

The Starry Sky Hotel was naturally for players.

In addition to the main meal, the dessert stores and barbecue restaurants were also within his research direction. After all, eating but not becoming fat was the most attractive gimmick.

Therefore, some high calorie and delicious foods were the first choice.

Once the food industry had become slightly famous, he could put thrilling projects with low investment and high returns on the agenda.

Of course, there were less than two months left so he couldn’t come up with too many new things.

Under his orders, Si Sheng sent the elemental division engineering team to Orchid Moon City. They had perfected several urban areas and successfully got the city promoted to level 1.

After Imperial City was upgraded to level 3 tomorrow, Orchid Moon City could be upgraded to level 2 and the construction of the teleportation circle could begin.

At the same time, he was ready to send a construction team to each of the remaining three main cities. They would be safe and secure when escorted by Si Sheng himself and he could also follow quietly.

Xu Sili had become more courageous after passing through the trial place and finding that Imperial City wasn’t chaotic after he was gone for seven days.

He was sorry for Janice but it couldn’t be helped!

This was his own nation but he couldn’t see all of it. This was somewhat unreasonable.

In any case, it shouldn’t take long with Si Sheng’s speed.

Xu Sili thought about his future plans in an absent-minded manner. This was until Si Sheng tightened his arms and reminded in a low voice, “Your Majesty, we’ve arrived at Doha Town.”

Then his mind returned and he looked at the town below.

He saw a small town surrounded by mountains and rivers while multiple bonfires were lit. Even in the air, he could hear the laughter and songs from below.

Xu Sili also laughed.

“September, fly a bit lower. Let’s go down and take a look.”

Under Xu Sili’s command, the shadow leopard flapped his wings and silently approached the square in front of the town.

This was the liveliest place in the town and the bonfire was the biggest one.

The poor people Xu Sili had met outside the inner city had changed their appearance. They put on new clothes, sang and danced by the bonfire and ate food they could never eat before.

Seeing this scene intuitively made Xu Sili feel a full sense of achievement.

He didn’t need these people to be grateful. He just felt that all his hard work wasn’t in vain when he saw their lives getting better and the nation being free from suffering.

What’s more, so far, most of the people of the Roland Empire loved this nation.

Their honesty, kindness and loyalty to the empire made him feel that the sacrifices of the former emperor, as well as Silin and Xenos, were valuable.

Xu Sili took a deep breath as he thought of those who had passed away. Then he suppressed his thoughts and told Si Sheng, “We should go down and play as well.”

Si Sheng felt his emotions but didn’t say anything. He just hugged the young man and silently descended to the ground.

The orange flames of the bonfire shone on them.

The laughter of the people was contagious. Xu Sili couldn’t help wanting to join in when he saw them toasting and drinking.

Fortunately, the drinks at the bonfire were free.

He grabbed two glasses of fruit wine and pulled Si Sheng to sit on the grass. He drank while looking at the men and women dancing around the bonfire in the distance.

After all, the town had just been built and it wasn’t rich. The fruit wine provided had a low alcohol amount and it was just a taste.

Xu Sili felt okay after drinking it so he went to get another bottle and came back.

In any case, there was Si Sheng’s passerby halo and people wouldn’t notice him.

“Si Sheng, what do you think about this wine?”

The young man held the cup in his hand and looked up with a red face. His lustrous red lips flashed under the flames and looked delicious and tempting.

Si Sheng’s Adam’s apple moved slightly as he raised the glass of wine he was holding and drank it all at once. “It is delicious.”

The young man grinned, his purple eyes moist and his mouth dry.

Si Sheng sighed helplessly.

Recently, he could always feel the young man’s seduction, maybe intentionally or unintentionally. Perhaps it was because he had been holding back a long time but he couldn’t help imagining things every time he saw the young man.

But… now they were in a relationship and he sometimes didn’t have to endure it.

In the blazing firelight, the blond-haired man leaned over, approaching with the sweet aroma of the fruit wine. Then he pecked Xu Sili lightly on the lips.

Xu Sili’s heart skipped a beat.

It was obviously fruit wine with a very low degree of alcohol, but he felt a bit drunk.

He covered his hot face and looked at the bonfire in the distance.

Perhaps it was because he had been rejected by Si Sheng too many times recently. Now Si Sheng suddenly took the initiative to come and this made him blush and his heartbeat accelerate.

The two of them didn’t speak but an ambiguous atmosphere permeated between them.

In the distance, a song came from the bonfire.

The singer held Roland’s unique instrument and sang a strange folk song loudly. The singing was unrestrained and heroic. People surrounded him, drinking wine and singing and dancing along. It was very lively.

Xu Sili couldn’t help humming along.

This song seemed to have a special charm that could mobilize people’s emotions. Even the most depressed people would be infected by this song and unknowingly sing along. They sang out the bitterness in their hearts and drank the fruit wine.

The song finished and a system notification popped up in front of Xu Sili.

[Ding~ Congratulations on understanding Escher Star’s folk song and acquiring the new skill the ‘Toast Song’, intelligence +2, experience +1,000.]

Xu Sili was slightly startled but he wasn’t too surprised. It was because his state of mind just now was indeed similar to when he comprehended Sprouting.

This was a song on the same level as Sprouting.

1,000 experience was nothing to him now but the fact that it was on par with Sprouting showed that this Toast Song definitely wasn’t simple.

Xu Sili smiled and took a look at the skill panel.

[Toast Song]

[Type: Escher Star Folk Song

Affiliation: Sound skill

Level: Lv 1

Function: A range skill that can incite the audience’s emotions and boost morale.]

It was once again a ranged skill…

This should be one of the characteristics of the sound system.

Xu Sili thought like this and looked at the skill effect again.

[Combat effect:

1. Restore 1 point of physical strength every second until the end of the song.

2. After listening a certain number of times, the listener’s ability to absorb elements will be greatly enhanced.

Magic consumed: 100

Current proficiency: 1/100]

Xu Sili blinked. There was no doubt that this was another support skill and it was aimed at warriors. It could even stimulate the warriors’ ability to absorb elements.

It was a very good skill… no, it was a very awesome skill!

He thought in a slightly dizzy manner.

At present, he consumed 100% of his physical strength when using Si Sheng’s combat skills so it was useless after using it once.

Meanwhile, this skill consumed magic but restored physical strength!

He recovered 1 point of physical strength every second so it was 60 points in a minute…

Xu Sili never imagined there would be such a surprise when he came to play today. He was motivated by the Toast Song and cocked his head to look at Si Sheng with a grin. “Si Sheng, I want to go to the hot springs.”

Si Sheng was shaken by this smile. Then he understood the words.

“Hot springs?”


Xu Sili nodded. “Wen Jishan said that there are hot springs near Doha Town. He has already given the order and no one will be going there right now.”

This was his plan for tonight.

He was ready to try again. If Si Sheng still remained indifferent, he would… throw Si Sheng out of the bedroom! Don’t even think about touching him again in the future!

The young man didn’t speak but he had an angry expression on his face. This made Si Sheng understand that if he didn’t follow the young man’s plan, it would probably be difficult for him tonight.

He sighed and replied, “Okay, this servant will take you over.”

The young man curled his lips and showed a triumphant expression.

Si Sheng saw that this person seemed a bit drunk and felt helpless while also smiling with a bit of doting.

He was like this after drinking so little… it might not be because his alcohol tolerance wasn’t good but that his body wasn’t in good health.

This made Si Sheng frown slightly. He drank the rest of the wine, hugged the young man and swept his mental power around the town to find the hot springs.

It was on top of the mountain near the town. In the canyon, there were large and small hot springs releasing steam.

In the increasingly cold early winter, taking a dip in a hot spring was indeed a very enjoyable thing.

Xu Sili’s eyes lit up the moment he arrived.

This place was deep in the mountains and forests and no one would come here at night. The environment was quiet and he could see the bright and clean starry sky above the canyon when looking up.

He picked one that wasn’t particularly large. It was only around two or three meters in diameter. He took off his clothes and stepped in. The water depth only went up to his waist and it spread to his chest when he sat down.

The hot water made Xu Sili dizzy and the smell of alcohol rose up, making him even more confused.

He sat against the stone wall and looked up at Si Sheng, who was still standing beside the hot spring pool and guarding him. “Si Sheng, why haven’t you come down yet?”

He was drunk and his mind couldn’t control his body. His tone of speech became much slower and there was naturally a soft, coquettish feeling.

Si Sheng turned his face away, his ears already red.

“This servant is guarding the shore.”

“But I want to join you…”

The young man stretched out a hand and pulled his trouser leg. He saw that Si Sheng didn’t move and couldn’t help pouting. “You just don’t want me anymore, right?”

Si Sheng lowered his eyes and met the brilliant purple eyes. Finally, he suppressed his impulse and raised his head again.

How could he not want this person?

During this month, he had been tortured like crazy.

In the end, Si Sheng couldn’t watch the young man being sad. He took off his clothes and entered the hot spring pool.

It was just that he didn’t get close to Xu Sili. He sat down at the furthest place. Fortunately, there was a hazy white fog to cover his ugliness.

After he came down, the young man didn’t come toward him as he expected, making him feel a bit fortunate yet disappointed.

Si Sheng looked at the young man again.

At this moment, he was leaning against the stone wall. The warm spring water went up to his chest, revealing his white shoulders and graceful and slender neck.

He leaned his head slightly against the stone, his brow furrowed uncomfortably. His face was dyed an unusual red and he was humming.

“Your Majesty?”

Si Sheng’s heart skipped a beat when he saw that something was wrong. He swam over nervously, not even thinking about whether the young man was acting or not.

Censored Part. Click on the link if you want to read it.

Xu Sili had already slightly sobered up. As he leaned against Si Sheng’s shoulder, he remembered what he had just done and didn’t know whether to give himself a thumbs up or to dig a hole in the ground to drill into.

“Your Majesty, are we going back?”

There was obvious joy in the man’s voice.

Xu Sili snorted while the joy of being the victor surged in his heart. He really wasn’t without charm!

He was just… really tired.

“No, rest a bit longer,” he replied lazily.

Si Sheng quieted down and gently stroked his hair while nourishing his body with the water healing techniques to reduce the tiredness.

“Your Majesty…”

He wanted to say something but was interrupted by the young man’s voice. “Don’t call me that anymore!”

Si Sheng paused while thinking that he had upset the young man somewhere. He was about to reflect on it when he heard the other person speak again. “Now I will become weak as soon as you call me Your Majesty. What should I do in front of my ministers in the future?”

Si Sheng: “……”

He was silent for a moment before asking, “So… what should I call you?”

The young man raised his head and met his eyes.

“Sili, Xu Sili.”

He said softly, “That’s my name.”

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