VCRMM: Chapter 11

Xu Sili was frowning in contemplation on the way to level up when there was the sound of footsteps behind him.

Li Zhecheng’s respectful voice was heard. “Your Majesty…”

He stopped and didn’t continue.

Xu Sili frowned and glanced at him. Just now, he had dismissed everyone and the head maid stood outside the pavilion. Now she was looking over and paying attention to this side. He asked, “What’s the matter?”

Li Zhecheng’s face showed a bit of a struggle but he still took a step forward. Whether it was intentionally or unintentionally, he moved to an angle the maid couldn’t see and whispered, “Your Majesty, are you still worried about the interstellar beasts?”

Xu Sili glanced at him and nodded lightly, but didn’t speak. This guy obviously had something to say.

“Your Majesty, if you want to come into contact with interstellar beasts then I know a place…” Li Zhecheng paused and didn’t continue. Xu Sili felt this person was deliberately trying to whet his appetite and didn’t question it. He just stared at Li Zhecheng with purple eyes. Li Zhecheng’s heart tightened. He once again felt the change in the young emperor and had to continue. “The beast fighting arena.”

“The beast fighting arena?” Xu Sili frowned. There were no relevant memories in Snow Roland’s memory but based on the name, he probably knew what it was.

“Your Majesty might not have heard about it.” Li Zhecheng explained, “The beast fighting arena is located in the outer city and isn’t far from the inner city gates. Every once in a while, there will be a team of mercenaries who transport the interstellar beasts back to the city. If they are still alive, they will be thrown into the beast fighting arena to hold beast fighting activities. This can be regarded as a means to inspire the people and boost morale. Every time there is a beast fighting event, it is broadcasted. You can also watch it live…”

Li Zhecheng stopped here and didn’t continue, but his hint was obvious enough. Xu Sili really understood. Snow Roland wasn’t cared for by the emperor. His living conditions were average and there was no chance to watch TV, so he didn’t know about the beast fighting arena. He questioned, “All the interstellar beasts in the beast fighting arena haven’t been domesticated?”

Li Zhecheng nodded, “Of course.”

Domesticated interstellar beasts lost their wildness and there was no attraction when they fought. In fact, he felt that His Majesty having contact with wild interstellar beasts was a good thing. The environment of the Roland Empire was harsh and conditions were difficult. A weak emperor wasn’t suitable to lead everyone out of the predicament.

Therefore, he might be worried about the young man’s safety but he still agreed with Lord Si Sheng’s proposal. The lord probably thought that it was time for His Majesty to get some exercise, right?

“Interesting!” Xu Sili didn’t know what Li Zhecheng’s brain was making up. He was in a good mood as he nodded. “Then go and take a look.”

Once he got to the place, he would see if there was a chance to kill a few of them. They were real interstellar beasts who were untamed. The experience value might be a bit higher.

Xu Sili was going out of the palace so he didn’t hide it from Janice. She didn’t agree with him but she couldn’t go against Xu Sili’s insistence. In the end, she changed to giving him advice. This matter couldn’t be with fanfare or it would increase the danger and obstructions. Thus, they prepared for a private visit. As for tickets to the beast fighting arena, Li Zhecheng wasn’t worried. He was familiar with the guards there and could enter at any time without revealing their identities.

After putting on a disguise, Xu Sili slipped out of the palace smoothly under the protection of the maid and chief guard. He took a shuttle and flew in the direction of the beast fighting arena. This flying shuttle was also given by the Interstellar Alliance. Sadly speaking, almost all the high tech products on Escher Star came from the Interstellar Alliance. There was no high tech industry in this area and not even a high tech processing factory.

It was because a population of 90 million wasn’t enough to look at in the vast expanse of interstellar space. There were also the high shipping costs and possible attacks from interstellar beasts. It was understandable that no brand was willing to come here to build factories and invest.

The shuttle flew at a low altitude in the city. Xu Sili lowered his head and observed the landscape on the ground. His face was calm but his bright purple eyes betrayed him. Li Zhecheng presumably noticed something so he whispered to the driver to slow down without explaining the reason. The driver didn’t ask and lowered the speed.

Xu Sili watched the ground attentively. It could be seen that there weren’t many people with high tech like a flying shuttle or even cars. Most people in the city used carriages, carts or domesticated interstellar beasts.

In terms of architecture, the original style was largely maintained and it was partial to the medieval European style. Yet in some small details, technological content was added. It was a scene full of contradictions and harmony. All types of ancient and advanced things were mixed together, intertwining and blending with each other. This formed the landscape that was uniquely Roland.

Xu Sili was fascinated. This was his country. He realized this more fully from this moment.

Their shuttle soon left the inner city. After flying over the city wall, Xu Sili was startled when the scenery of the outer city came into view. If the inner city gave him a feeling of being vibrant and full of order and dreams, the outer city was more like… the slums.

Perhaps this was actually the case. Potholes were exposed and a road paved with gravel and sand extended from the gate into the distance. There were dilapidated thatched houses on both sides of the road and people in shabby clothes were walking around. The world outside the city didn’t have any technology. There was only barrenness, only poverty, only gray and yellow colors.

Xu Sili watched this scene with surprise.

“Fly high into the sky,” he suddenly said. The pilot knew he was a bigshot and didn’t say much. He silently pulled the shuttle up into the air.

Looking down from the sky, it was even more shocking. The difference between the inner city and outer city was so obvious. The inner city wasn’t small subjectively but compared to the outer city, it was like an ant crawling on a pan.

Xu Sili pursed his lips and didn’t continue to look. He asked the pilot to fly at a low altitude again. The driver did so silently. They returned to a low altitude and Xu Sili couldn’t help looking out again.

There were children playing games in the yellow-colored open space. The moment they saw the flying shuttle, they pointed their fingers at the sky and yelled in excitement. There were also adults who ran out to see the excitement. Xu Sili felt a bit better.

The flying shuttle continued forward and soon left the residential area. The dirt road stretched forward and there were many carriages and interstellar beasts on it.

“Where are these people going?” Xu Sili found it strange and asked.

“The beast fighting arena,” the pilot answered. “Today, the mercenary groups return. It is estimated that they will bring back a lot of interstellar beasts. In addition to the beast fighting arena, they can purchase some fresh beast meat. It is much cheaper than buying it in the city.”

Xu Sili nodded. The distance was far so the shipping costs would be quite a bit. He originally thought this beast fighting was entertainment for the upper class but it turned out to be for civilians as well. After all, Snow Roland lived deep in the palace and there were too many things he didn’t understand. His memories were either missing or vague. There was even a cognitive bias. Xu Sili felt that once he had more time in the future, he should come out and walk around.

As Xu Sili was thinking about this, a figure not far away attracted his attention. It was a lone woman with a baby on her back. She was walking on the dusty dirt road step by step, her body hunched. It looked very difficult. Many people passed by along the way but no one stopped for her. In the end, this section of the road was temporarily empty and she was the only one walking forward in silence.

Xu Sili couldn’t bear it. The shuttle was just about to pass over her head when he stopped the pilot. “Go down and ask her where she is going. We will give her a ride along the way.”

The shuttle was very spacious and there was no problem sitting one more person.

Li Zhecheng disagreed. What if it was an assassin? Janice looked at Xu Sili and then at the poor mother and child. She finally hesitantly got off the shuttle. She had to go and see for herself to make sure there was no danger. Fortunately, Janice didn’t sense any elemental breath from this young woman. She was just an unarmed ordinary person, perhaps even weaker.

Seeing the shuttle stop in front of her and a finely dressed woman heading toward her, the young woman with the child was completely stunned. Janice expressed her intentions and this woman was both apprehensive and delighted. If she was alone then she might refuse. However, she had a child. A kind person was willing to take her and she was naturally grateful.

The woman’s name was Ali and she was from the outer city. She was taking her child to the beast fighting arena to find her husband, who was working there.

“Young Master, thank you so much!” Ali spoke excitedly the moment she got on the shuttle. “I have been walking for a day. On my own, I might have to walk for another day.”

Xu Sili was looking out the window at the horizon in the distance. The moment the shuttle had descended, he seemed to see something flashing away. He frowned and gripped the Glorious Radium 4000 with a calm expression. He hoped he was just seeing things. Otherwise, he might really have to summon Si Sheng.

Now he heard the woman’s words and withdrew his gaze, looking at the woman with a gentle expression. “Drink some water first.”

The moment he spoke, Janice had already poured a glass of water for Ali. Ali thanked him but didn’t rush to drink. She first put down the baby on her back. The baby had a pair of clear green eyes that were round. He looked particularly cute. At his mother’s feeding, he opened his small mouth and gently took a sip of water. After a few sips, he turned his face aside and stopped drinking.

Ali drank the rest herself. She looked very cautious as she shrank back in the corner. She didn’t dare communicate with Xu Sili and the others. She just hugged the child and whispered a song to appease the child’s emotions.

Xu Sili listened to the unfamiliar ballad and felt it was very beautiful. There was a type of soothing power to it. He listened in silence for a while and remembered the melody. Finally, he couldn’t hold back and sang gently along with the woman.

It was the first time he had sung since coming to this world. He didn’t know if it was his illusion but he always felt that as he sang, there seemed to be some energy in the air that was surging. It was very slight but he felt it.

Janice also gave him a surprised look. Then her expression relaxed like she was immersed in the melody. Once Xu Sili finished singing the ballad…

[Ding~ Congratulations on understanding Escher Star’s ballad and acquiring the new skill ‘Roland’s Good Night Song’, intelligence +1, experience +500.]

[Ding~ Your experience is full. Your personal level has risen from Lv 2 to Lv 3, all attributes +1, free points +10]

[Ding~ Successfully launched the ranged skill ‘Roland’s Good Night Song’, proficiency +1.]

[Please make persistent efforts and continue to work hard!]

The author has something to say:

Cub Si: I was almost found…

Proofreader: Purichan

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