VCRMM: Chapter 109 Part 2

Before Xu Sili could figure out his current mood, he felt a moist and warm feeling coming from his body.

Si Sheng manipulated the heated water element and washed away the marks left by their intimacy for him. Then he took the pajamas and tucked him into bed again.

Xu Sili blinked and stared at him blankly.

“You need to rest.”

Si Sheng sat on the edge of the bed and gently touched his head. “This servant will find a way to prolong your life and make up for your lost life force.”

Xu Sili realized something as he watched the man get up and prepare to leave. He hurriedly reached out and grabbed this person. “Didn’t you just say that you wanted to live with me? Where are you going?”

Hesitation flashed on the man’s face before soon returning to normal.

Si Sheng gently pulled away the young man’s hand, carefully put it into the quilt and helped tuck the corners of the quilt.

“Until your body recovers, this servant won’t… offend you again.” He stared at Xu Sili, his eyes gentle and affectionate but with a bit of forbearance.

“If we live together, I’m afraid I won’t be able to bear it any longer so… let’s wait.”

Xu Sili was stunned. How could this person be abstinent after they determined their relationship?

Before he recovered…

He was just a bit weak. Why did it need to be so serious? If he had known this, he wouldn’t have told Si Sheng!

He looked at Si Sheng pitifully. “Don’t you want me any longer?”

The handsome and delicate-looking young man with silver hair was looking at him with watery purple eyes. It was estimated that no one could refuse him.

Si Sheng used the greatest self-control to barely look away. “I want it very much but doing that type of thing too much is tiring for your body.”

“This servant doesn’t want to lose my long years with you due to a momentary pleasure.”

Xu Sili knew that Si Sheng was serious. He was very moved but…

According to the plan, Doha Town wouldn’t be completed until at least the end of this month. Then he had to endure for a month?

He didn’t know how to convince Si Sheng but he soon realized something that was the most important thing at this moment.

He grabbed Si Sheng’s arm. “You aren’t allowed to take any more risks.”

“In the trial world, you heard what I said to the emperor.”

“Once I finish the ritual, the star limit will be lifted and I will soon be able to rise to three stars. I don’t even need to rise to three stars and my lifespan will be extended.”

Every time he leveled up, he got 10 free points. He could make up 30 points of physique as long as he gained three levels.

“Once Doha Town is completed, I will be able to carry out this ritual. It will take a month so there is no need for you to take any risks.”

Xu Sili seriously told him, “You can not live here if you want but you have to listen to me about this.”

Si Sheng looked at him and sighed slightly.

“It isn’t that I don’t want to live here…” He was just worried he would be out of control.

It was a bit difficult to find a treasure that extended someone’s lifespan but he already had a clue. It wasn’t necessary to go out for that long.

One month…

He pursed his lips and reluctantly said, “Okay, I promise you.”

Xu Sili sighed with relief. He knew that Si Sheng was very powerful but he had just experienced such a trial and didn’t dare to take things lightly.

He looked at Si Sheng, pursed his lips and made a final fight. “Are you really going to do this? I can’t sleep alone… can you bear to see me have insomnia?”

Si Sheng…

He naturally couldn’t bear it.

Under Xu Sili’s soft stubbornness, he finally compromised.

Once Si Sheng changed into pajamas and got on the bed, Xu Sili touched him.

The two of them slept in each other’s arms, just like they did in the trial world.

Si Sheng had spoken so firmly but Xu Sili still didn’t believe it. Si Sheng stayed and slept in the same bed. How could he still bear it?

Unexpectedly, Xu Sili found that the man really resisted!

Si Sheng was indifferent no matter whether Xu Sili openly seduced him or secretly teased him. Once Si Sheng was in a hurry, he would wrap Xu Sili in a quilt and suppress him so that Xu Sili couldn’t move.

Xu Sili couldn’t help doubting his charm.

Time passed like this. The days went on and his body did slowly get better under people’s care.

At the beginning, he was often dizzy when moving and lacked concentration. He would be sleepy after only a few hours of being awake. Later, his condition improved and he was no longer pale.

Xu Sili knew that Si Sheng was right. After all, he wasn’t a real player. The increase of his physique stat could make him grow taller and enhance his body. A sudden reduction would definitely bring harm to him.

However, Xu Sili also previously said that logic didn’t work all the time.

He didn’t want to be dissatisfied. At first, he just wanted to see how much Si Sheng could bear. Then after constantly breaking through the lower limit of seduction, he found that the other person could still bear it and unknowingly became serious.

He would really lose if he didn’t succeed.

In addition, he also felt really wronged. This person said he couldn’t bear it if he lived without Xu Sili but it was all a lie!

Unknowingly, it reached the end of the month. Thanks to the efforts of Chi Yu and many engineers, Doha Town was finally announced.

Xu Sili was having breakfast when he received the news of the successful upgrade of Doha Town. Si Sheng was sitting beside him and helping him refill a glass of milk.

Xu Sili glanced at the information before continuing to quietly eat bread. He talked with Joan and Asheng about the interesting things that happened at the academy.

Due to Asheng, the humanoid elemental gathering tool, Joan undoubtedly received great benefits from staying with her all day. He was now about to break through to one star.

He was only 10 years old. Such speed made him a genius.

Under his supervision, Asheng’s learning progress was also good. She now knew a lot of words and had made a few friends at the academy.

He chatted with the two children but paid attention to Si Sheng out of the corner of his eyes. He saw Si Sheng put down the milk and raise the communicator to take a look.

It was Wen Jishan who sent him the message.

Si Sheng glanced over and a smile appeared on his face.

He looked at the young man in the chair and called out softly, “Your Majesty.”

“Huh?” Xu Sili picked up the milk and took a sip.

“Wen Jishan sent a message saying that the construction of Doha Town has been completed as planned.”

“Oh.” Xu Sili nodded nonchalantly.

SI Sheng saw this indifferent look and couldn’t help pausing. A bit of doubt appeared in his eyes.

“The ritual you said before…”

Xu Sili slowly told him, “Wen Jishan said that there will be a bonfire party before the completion of Doha Town. It should be happening tonight.”

He looked at Si Sheng and smiled gently. “Let’s go together. I said before that we would go.”

Si Sheng saw his smile and hesitated. “Okay.”

He preferred to have the ritual earlier to raise the star limit. This way, he could do it earlier…

Si Sheng pursed his thin lips as he felt the restlessness in his body. Then he reached out for his teacup and took a sip to disguise it.

“Brother, can Asheng and I go as well?”

At this time, Joan’s voice was heard. He was staring at Xu Sili and had some anticipation in his eyes.

Xu Sili paused before smiling at him. “No.”

“Why?” The little boy was a bit disappointed and his expression was lonely.

After getting along for this period of time, Joan was no longer like before. He wasn’t the boy who didn’t dare to get close to his brother.

Xu Sili’s heart softened when he saw the boy’s depressed look. He thought about it and said, “Let Li Zhecheng take you there.”

“Don’t run around and don’t get lost.”

Joan was overjoyed at first before becoming puzzled. “What about Brother and the marshal?”

Xu Sili coughed lightly.

Si Sheng glanced at him and didn’t say anything. He took another sip of the tea before putting the teacup back on the table.

“I’m going on a date with the marshal.”

The young man’s words made Si Sheng’s hands tremble slightly and he almost knocked over the teacup.

He looked at the young man again but Xu Sili was still talking to his brother.

“What is a date?” Little Joan asked in a confused manner.

“I know!”

At this time, Asheng raised her head. She opened a pair of glazed eyes and said, “Dating is falling in love!”

“What is love?”

“It is just… it is…” Asheng seemed stumped. Then she thought about it and said something surprising. “It is to get married!”

“Huh? Brother, are you going to marry the marshal?”

Xu Sili, “……”

The children’s childish words made the scene awkward.

The guards and maids looked at each other while Janice looked away with a worried expression.

In this one month, the matter of His Majesty and the Lord Marshal was basically known to anyone who was well-informed in the palace. These two people could no longer be described with just the word ‘blatant’.

The marshal moved into His Majesty’s bedroom. They slept and ate together and their relationship was intimate.

Apart from the slightly worried Janice, the others didn’t dare have any objections. Even the ministers who received the news didn’t dare say anything. Apart from discussing it privately, they didn’t dare bring it up in front of the two people.

In just three months, His Majesty had become a two star elementalist and a top powerhouse. There was no need to mention Si Sheng. The two of them weren’t easy people and could behead people on a live broadcast.

In this era of scarce resources where the strong were respected, only people with bad brains would jump out and oppose these two people.

“Brother?” Joan looked at Xu Sili, still waiting for his answer.

Xu Sili had a headache but Si Sheng was thoughtful.

“Hmm… we aren’t getting married yet…”

Xu Sili didn’t deny it upfront. Then he looked at the little girl. “Asheng, how do you know about this?”

Asheng tilted her head. “Danny of Earl Stafford’s house is pursuing me and he told me.”


Xu Sili looked at the little girl who was only seven or eight years old. He was silent for a moment before turning on the communicator and sending a command to Xiao Wu.

He had to know everything about this Danny Stafford!

After the shock, the eyes of the little boy sitting on the side widened and he asked, “That boy actually wants to marry you?”

Asheng nodded.

“Hmph.” Joan’s face didn’t look very good. “I’ll go and teach him a lesson today.”

Asheng tilted her head in a confused manner before sighing.

Xu Sili looked at the two small children and thought about it. “Go easy and don’t kill him.”

“Yes, Brother.” Joan nodded solemnly.

After eating, the two children went to school. Xu Sili also confirmed the information with Wen Jishan. The bonfire party was indeed being held tonight.

Thus, the date between the two of them was fixed.

He left the dining room in a good mood and selectively ignored Si Sheng, who was hesitating to speak.

He planned to broadcast nationwide the upgrade of the main city to level 3. He would take advantage of this opportunity to stimulate the people of the empire and let more people devote themselves to construction.

This matter took time to arrange and it would probably be ready by tomorrow.

Therefore, he was ready to try again tonight for the last time. He didn’t believe that he still couldn’t win over Si Sheng.

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