VCRMM: Chapter 109 Part 1

There was only silence in the bedroom. There was only a slight sound from where the night wind blew the curtains.

Xu Sili seemed to be able to hear his own heartbeat.

The quietness of the man made him feel a bit uneasy. Si Sheng, was he… unwilling?

At this moment, he felt the man hold his hand.

His arms around the man’s waist were pulled away. Then Si Sheng slowly turned around. His gray-blue eyes shone brightly and showed a bit of fragility in the night.

Xu Sili straightened up and stared at him in a daze.

“Your Majesty, what did you just… what did you say?” He heard the man ask in a very soft voice, as if afraid of disturbing him.

A feeling of distress welled up.

Si Sheng, he… actually cared a lot, right?

At first, Xu Sili didn’t trust him and proposed to be lovers. Si Sheng had agreed but he must’ve been very hurt, right? After all, Si Sheng treated him sincerely but he…

Now thinking about it, he was really a jerk.

“I said that I want to fall in love with you.” Xu Sili stared at Si Sheng, his cheeks glowing slightly red but his gaze was soft and firm.

“It isn’t a lover but my love.”

“A… relationship where we will stay together for a lifetime.”

Si Sheng’s expression was a bit dazed.

He reached out and tried to touch the young man’s cheek. His fingers were about to touch but they suddenly curled up, as if afraid this was just a beautiful dream.

Xu Sili sensed this and took his hand. He brought his cheek to Si Sheng’s palm and looked at the other person softly.

The soft touch came and Si Sheng realized that all of this was real.

Unexpected happiness came and made him a bit stunned.

“Your Majesty…”

His lips pursed. He saw the young man, who seemed to be waiting for an answer, and whispered, “Are you really willing to stay with me… for the rest of your life? Only me?”

Xu Sili stared back at him.

In fact, he wasn’t a person who made promises easily, especially in terms of feelings. Not to mention, he and Si Sheng were really progressing too fast.

There were the previous constraints from Game of the Gods but at that time, he just regarded Si Sheng as a virtual character.

Their real relationship was only three months.

Logically, he felt that he should slow things down but logic often didn’t work.

Just like now, emotions clearly took over.

After knowing that Si Sheng loved him wholeheartedly, he also wanted to respond to Si Sheng. He wanted to make it so that these beautiful eyes were no longer stained with those human and pained colors.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Xu Sili leaned over, hugged Si Sheng tightly and whispered, “I’m sorry that I hurt you before. I didn’t think it would make you so uneasy.”

“Being lovers… I just didn’t want to make it public for the time being… I didn’t think of finding anyone else. It was always only you. I only like you, no one else.”

Si Sheng hugged the young man, expression still a bit stunned.

If this was the case… what about that brave man? Why hug him? Why… why cry for him?

He opened his mouth but found that he still couldn’t ask.

What was he thinking? It was hard enough to make progress like this and to get Lord God’s promise. Was he going to destroy it all?

Si Sheng reached out and stroked the young man’s back. He hugged the other person tightly and gently closed his pained eyes.

As long as it was said by Lord God, he would believe it.

Lord God said he was the only one. Lord God only liked him and wanted to be with him for the rest of their lives. What was he not satisfied with?

Wasn’t this what he always wanted?

“So are you going to make our relationship public now?”

Si Sheng opened his eyes. He pressed his cheek against the young man’s smooth skin and gently rubbed against it. His demeanor was intimate but the look in his eyes was still dark and cloudy.

His reason told him that based on Lord God’s personality, perhaps this young man still didn’t want to be public?

It had to be said that Si Sheng knew Xu Sili really well.

Xu Sili really hadn’t thought about it when he proposed a love relationship just now.

Coming out of the closet required a lot of courage in itself. He hadn’t tested the attitude of his parents and his brothers. If he rashly disclosed it to the public, he was a bit worried his father wouldn’t be able to bear it after finding out.

His silence gave Si Sheng the answer. Si Sheng’s mouth twitched and he smiled bitterly.

So he still couldn’t see the light?

“I’m sorry.”

He heard the young man say this.

Even if he guessed the answer, this apology still made his heart tingle slightly.

Then Xu Sili continued speaking. “I have no way to announce this to the entire nation for the time being but I won’t hide it from the people around me like before.”

He reached out, held Si Sheng’s cheek and smiled slightly.

“Si Sheng, you can move into my bedroom. You don’t have to leave early in the morning and you can come here in the evening. I will have Janice prepare things for you to use.”

He pecked Si Sheng’s lips. “Okay?”

Si Sheng stared deeply at this smile and felt the haze in his heart gradually dissipating.

He never thought about what consisted of making it public. This type of making it public…

“Can I live here?” He thought for a moment and asked.

“Of course you can!”

Xu Sili snuggled into his arms again. “It is just like in the trial world. I am used to living with you and I won’t be able to sleep alone at night.”

“Then… what do you mean about revealing it to the entire nation?” Si Sheng quietly probed.

Xu Sili hesitated for a moment. He tugged at the buttons of Si Sheng’s military uniform and said with some distress, “In fact, I don’t want to be talked about by others but if you want then I can do it.”

“Give me a bit more time and I’ll arrange it.”

Si Sheng’s lips slightly curved. He heard the young man’s promise and the sweetness in his heart finally suppressed the last traces of confusion and darkness.

“That’s okay.”

He added, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t announce it to the entire nation as long as you can stay with me.”

The more Si Sheng didn’t ask for it, the guiltier Xu Sili felt.

Si Sheng was the person he liked and Si Sheng treated him so well. How could he be willing to let Si Sheng be wronged?

He had promised that he would do it so once he had communicated with his family and gained their support, he would announce their love to the entire nation and the world.

Okay, it was decided!

The game was still closed and his parents couldn’t use the game cabin. This matter could only be put on hold for the time being but Xu Sili had already noted it down in his heart.

The two of them embraced quietly for a while. Then Xu Sili’s fingers started to become restless again.

Si Sheng saw him unbuttoning the coat and didn’t let him succeed this time. He reached out and held the young man’s hands.

Xu Sili was a bit puzzled.

Weren’t they already in a relationship?

“You still haven’t told me what price you paid to activate that magic circle.”

Si Sheng watched him quietly, gray-blue eyes deep and focused. The serious expression showed that he didn’t intend to let this matter pass.

Xu Sili’s expression abruptly collapsed.

Why was he still struggling? It seemed that Si Sheng was very concerned.

“It is just a bit of life force…”

The purple eyes flicked slightly before quickly becoming firm again. “Yes, it is just a bit of life force. It will soon be recovered.”

“Only a bit?”

“That’s right, just a bit.”

Seeing the young man’s increasingly unfazed expression, Si Sheng’s heart was blocked. He had thought of many possibilities but sacrificing life force was the last thing he was willing to accept.

“Does this ‘a little bit’ refer to 100 years of life?” He asked quietly.

Xu Sili’s mouth dropped open slightly in surprise. He didn’t expect Si Sheng to know that life force was related to lifespan. Then he thought about it and it was understandable. After all, Si Sheng was the strongest person in the empire.


“How can it be such an exaggerated life expectancy of 100 years? It is just 50 years!”

Xu Sili knew it was bad the moment the words came out.

Sure enough, Si Sheng’s originally calm face completely darkened.

“Do you think 50 years is very little?” His tone was cold and the look in his eyes made Xu Sili feel a bit flustered and scared.

He instinctively shook his head. “No, it is quite long.”

Then he saw that Si Sheng’s expression became even colder and there was a hint of irony in it.

Xu Sili saw this person’s unfamiliar appearance and felt panicked and aggrieved.

Si Sheng had been so sweet and gentle but now he was like this again. He was too moody!

Of course, he also knew in his heart that it was his own fault. Therefore, he carefully hugged Si Sheng and gently coaxed him. “Don’t be angry. Once I am promoted to three stars, the lost life force can be made up.”

Si Sheng still had a cold face as he said in a deep voice, “During the trial world, you once said that for you, no one in the world was more important than this servant. You hoped that this servant would remember this before making a decision in the future.”

“Now I am giving this sentence back to you.”

“There is nothing in this world that can be compared with you. You are more important to me than life. If you die one day, this servant won’t live.”

Xu Sili stared blankly. The man’s tone was still so cold but the sincerity hidden in the words was so hot that he was a bit burned.

“What… are you talking about? What do you mean that you won’t live if I die?”

Si Sheng saw the panicked expression on the young man’s face and his tense expression slowly eased.

He knew that he had said the wrong thing.

He had been stubbornly suppressing the fierce beast imprisoned in his heart, not wanting to scare his Lord God away.

Xu Sili was indeed a bit frightened. He even vaguely felt a bit of pressure and burden.

Then Si Sheng quickly reassured him.

“This servant was just too angry.”

He reached out and hugged the young man, his voice soft. “I’m sorry that I frightened you.”

Xu Sili slowly let out a breath. He didn’t think Si Sheng said those things because he was too angry. They might be his real thoughts…

Si Sheng could really die for him.

What type of virtue or ability did he have to make Si Sheng treat him like this?

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I’m so sick of the misunderstandings. Every chapter I hope they’ll get cleared up and every chapter they don’t.

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Let’s be honest to each other!!!! Guys, I just want to read about interaction between Si Sheng and Xu’s family!!!
Thank you so much for your translation 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

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