VCRMM: Chapter 108 Part 1


Xu Sili heard the sound of flowing water.

He was leaning against Si Sheng’s arms. The sleepiness and psychological distress made him not want to open his eyes at all. He just hung onto the man lazily.

A bath would be good. He had spent seven days in the trial place and had to be dirty to death.

Therefore, he didn’t resist when his clothes were taken off. He even cooperated obediently. He was at Si Sheng’s mercy like a doll.

He couldn’t help sighing once his entire body was soaked in warm water. The comfort he hadn’t felt for a long time eased his exhaustion. Under the warm hot water, sleepiness surged up even more.

It was just that…

This man didn’t let him sleep.

He wet his long hair with hot water, shampooed it and washed it carefully.  The gentle massage was very comfortable. Once the water soaked his scalp, Xu Sili regained some consciousness.

“Aren’t you tired?”

He turned and lay lazily against Si Sheng’s shoulder. His voice was low and hoarse and had a languid weariness.

The man’s hand paused. Then he moved toward Xu Sili’s ear, the burning hot breath spraying against his ear.

“This servant is in good spirits as long as I am with you.”

Then Xu Sili felt his spirit.


He twisted his waist uncomfortably and was quickly suppressed.

The man didn’t do anything to him. Si Sheng just washed away the foam on his silver hair. His movements were gentle and careful. He was full of care.

Xu Sili felt a bit properly settled.

He let go of his heart’s defenses and buried his face in the man’s neck. He rubbed against Si Sheng’s skin and leaned against the man like he had soft bones. “Isn’t it possible to control the elements to remove the dirt? Why is it so troublesome…?”

Si Sheng was silent for a moment before his low voice was heard.

“I like it. It is only by holding you like this that it makes this servant feel like it is real.”

“It lets this servant know… the trial is over. You are safe and I no longer have to fear losing you at any time.”

Xu Sili pursed his lips. Yes, the trial was over… those people couldn’t be seen anymore…


His voice was very light and had a hint of a nasal sound.

“We are back and there is no danger…”

Si Sheng listened to his tone, frowned slightly and said nothing. He just continued to wash Xu Sili.

The young man’s silver hair was like fine brocade that softly draped down. The part of the hair that was immersed in the water gently fluttered. It was beautiful.

The drowsiness and weakness made Xu Sili a bit lazy and soft. He allowed this man to play with him softly.

In his dazed state, he felt his back stick to the smooth and cool rim of the bathtub. His neck was slightly tilted back and the man’s soft lips pressed against it.

It was a gentle, restrained kiss but it made him feel the strong emotion hidden in that restraint.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed Si Sheng’s broad and firm shoulders, bracing himself to respond to Si Sheng.

Perhaps this could make Si Sheng forget the sad emotions. He didn’t want to disappoint Si Sheng.

It might be due to his body but the kiss didn’t last long. The man released him and his lips were still separated. There was a silver strand between his lips and teeth. It looked ambiguous and blurred.

“Ever since the day you have been willing to recognize this servant, I’ve always wanted to do this…”

Si Sheng pressed against his forehead. His voice was low and contained deep emotion.

Xu Sili felt that his eyelids were struggling to stay open and he couldn’t see some of the other person clearly in the water vapor.

Moments like this were indeed suitable for an intimate interaction but he was really tired. He hesitated over whether to cooperate or push Si Sheng away.

However, Si Sheng didn’t take any further action. There was even a familiar cool feeling that seeped into Xu Sili’s tired body—the energy of water healing was nourishing his body.

As for where the water healing technique came from, it was self-evident.

Feeling his consideration, Xu Sili’s heart was slightly moved. Finally, he tightened his arms and hooked them around the man’s neck more tightly.

“Si Sheng…”


“I can do it if you want.”

Si Sheng paused. He saw the way the young man couldn’t open his eyes and his lips slightly curved. His voice was low with a bit of pleasure. “No, you need to rest now.”

He might want it but he knew how to be measured.

There was just no doubt that the indulgence of Lord God made him feel warm inside.

Once in his mind, Lord God was a high ranking, unattainable existence. Even in his imagination, Lord God was cold and indifferent.

Then after getting along, he found that this wasn’t the case.

Lord God could cry and lose his temper. He might be alienated and indifferent, wise and intelligent, in front of outsiders but in front of him, Lord God was like a small kitten. He was cute, sticky and liked to act like a spoiled child…

Every moment they got along, Si Sheng’s emotions became stronger.

He loved such a god so much…

Si Sheng thought in his heart. Suddenly, he remembered something. His relaxed brow furrowed again and he said in a low voice, “You promised… you would give me an explanation.”

Xu Sili, who was held by him, heard the words. His dull mind spun and it took him a long time before he reacted and realized what this person meant by the explanation.

“I volunteered to open the magic circle…”

He pursed his lips slightly as he remembered how angry Si Sheng was at the time. He added, “I have also benefited a lot from the trial.”

The 100 points of spirit meant that even if his body was weak and sleepy, his brain could still stay awake. In addition, under the water healing technique, he seemed to be becoming more and more energetic.

Obviously… he really wanted to fall asleep.

“So what was the price paid?” Si Sheng was very perceptive.

Xu Sili was silent.

However, Si Sheng didn’t want to let him go. He suddenly tightened his arms and imprisoned Xu Sili in his arms. There was a bit of coldness in his voice.

“You shouldn’t be so weak even if you haven’t eaten for seven days.”

So the former emperor must’ve done something to him!

Si Sheng’s voice suddenly became stern, causing Xu Sili to feel uncomfortable. Obviously this person had been gentle and considerate just now…

He was a bit aggrieved. “You hurt me.”

Of course, it didn’t hurt. It was just a bit uncomfortable. However, he knew what Si Sheng would do when he said this.

Sure enough, Si Sheng let go of him.

“You really don’t want to tell me?” He asked quietly.

Xu Sili was silent again. What was there to say? It had already happened and saying it would make Si Sheng unhappy. So why bother?

In addition, he would recover soon. Imperial City would soon be upgraded to level three and the experience points he accumulated would make him improve like a rocket.

At that time, his lost health would return as soon as the upper limit on health was raised.

He didn’t think it was necessary to say it but Si Sheng obviously didn’t think so.

Xu Sili sighed. This was followed by the sound of rushing water as he was picked up by the man.

They stepped out of the bathtub and moved to a warm, dry bedroom.

The two of them were already dry and clean by the time they came to the bedside.

Xu Sili was tucked into bed. He watched the man turn around and walk into the dressing room next door.

Ever since the two of them got together, his dressing room had been filled with more of Si Sheng’s clothes. Janice had neatly stuffed the two wardrobes.

In fact, it wasn’t public but the people around them basically knew it.

After taking a bath, Xu Sili felt somewhat awake.

Moreover, after so many days of being away, he was a bit unaccustomed after suddenly returning to this empty palace.

Snow’s villa was small but it unexpectedly gave him a sense of security. In the days when he lay like a salted fish in the courtyard, he was as comfortable as a god apart from the possible danger to life.

As Xu Sili was thinking about this quietly, the well-dressed Si Sheng came out of the cloakroom. The man returned to the bedside and obviously paused when he saw Xu Sili with his eyes open.

It was probably some accident that he was still awake.

“I’m going to handle official business. You can rest.” The man tucked the quilt for him and gave an explanation. Then he flashed away from the bedroom.

Xu Sili couldn’t even say what he wanted to say.

Was this person angry?

He thought without a clear mind, ‘It should’ve been the case. We have been gone for so many days and there must be many things that Si Sheng needs to deal with.’

Xu Sili closed his eyes.

Right now, Starry Sky Age was closed. According to his second brother, there were still more than two months before the second closed beta test was opened.

He hoped that when the time came, his oldest brother would also come to see him…

He missed his oldest brother…

Xu Sili held the quilt with his fingers and curled up. He buried himself in the quilt and soon stopped moving.

He slept for a whole day and night after returning from the trial land. During this time, he had many dreams and most of them were about the people he saw in the trial world.

He also dreamed that the angry blond-haired teenager tore the former emperor to shreds and slaughtered Branda. This scared Xu Sili into a sweat before he quickly fell back asleep.

It wasn’t until the evening of the next day that Xu SIli was completely awake and felt alive again.

His body was still a bit weak. This was the side-effect of having 50 years of his life consumed. He would only get better by slowly recuperating.

He recalled those warm or terrifying dreams and shook his head. His sleep hadn’t been pleasant.


His hunger made him stop thinking about anything. He got up, washed up and ordered the maid to bring him a meal.

In his fully awake state, Xu Sili felt much better when he saw Janice again with her much more mature but still soft and warm face.

During the trial world, the young Janice had also been taking care of him with all her heart.

“Janice, you’ve worked hard during this period of time.”

The decision to go to the trial land had truly been hasty but he had to say…

Xu Sili had no regrets. He just felt a bit sorry for the people who stayed behind.

Janice smiled although she still looked haggard. Xu Sili could imagine what type of suffering she and Li Zhecheng had endured in those seven days.

“It is worth it as long as Your Majesty is safe.”

She didn’t have any words of blame but this made Xu Sili feel a bit guilty.

He was silent for a moment before asking, “Janice, what do you think… what type of person was my father?”

Janice was slightly startled. She obviously hadn’t expected him to ask such a question out of the blue. A look of remembrance appeared on her face before she replied, “The former emperor was a great ruler.”

Xu Sili nodded but didn’t get any more information.

After all, Janice had always been by Snow’s side and even Snow had rarely seen his father.

Snow had low self-esteem due to being ignored since he was a child, but had he really been ignored? That wasn’t necessarily the case.

After all, in a case where elementalists were lacking, there were two maids by his side who were elementalists.

Janice was a one and a half star warrior. The strength of Mary, who had previously rebelled, wasn’t known but she was of the dark type… that was a rare elemental type.

Looking back now, he had made many rash decisions about people due to Snow’s subjective memory.


There was no point thinking about it now. Those people had disappeared. Perhaps the only thing he could do was to wish them well in another world.

Xu Sili sent Janice away and slowly ate alone.

This was the second meal he had eaten since he came back. He had long been hungry so the things he usually found unpalatable were now delicious.

He finished eating before belatedly realizing that he hadn’t seen Si Sheng for a long time…

Was this guy still angry?

Xu Sili took a sip of his milk and thought about it. Then he picked up the communicator and sent a message.

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