VCRMM: Chapter 107 Part 2

Xu Sili looked pale. Then he saw the former emperor’s worried expression and reassured him. “I’m really fine. I’m just a bit dizzy.”

Xu Sili saw Si Sheng’s hostile gaze toward the two of them and had to reach out to touch Si Sheng’s face. He softly said, “I wanted to do this myself. I will explain it to you when we go back.”

Si Sheng pursed his lips and stopped speaking.

Xu Sili sat up while leaning against Si Sheng. He looked at the former emperor and Branda and said, “The guardian magic circle has been activated and the interstellar beasts in Imperial City have been destroyed by it.”

“These interstellar beasts came for us because it is our trial. Once the trial is over, these interstellar beasts should return to normal.”

He hadn’t dared to say it due to his guilty conscience. Now that the crisis was resolved, he could speak frankly.

“There is still the last half an hour left.”

Xu Sili said, “In half an hour, we will leave. Let me tell you something about the future while we are still here.”

It wasn’t known whether this world would still exist after the trial was over and whether it would continue to evolve, but Xu Sili decided to treat it as a real parallel world.

After all, he could even see the future forum. He could also post and interact with it. What was so strange about entering a parallel world of the past?

Help them to the end and do good deeds to the end.

He had already paid a quarter of his lifespan so he didn’t mind saying a few more words to the former emperor. After all… in addition to being Snow’s father, the emperor was now his teacher.

“There is a big problem with the talent testing method of the Elementalist Academy. It is recommended to re-test all the students. Many spiritual elementalists have been assigned to the warrior department…”

“These spiritual elementalists can be sent to build and do production. There is no need to transfer all the elementalists to the front lines…”

“You should make good use of the Star Network and not just use it to play games. That is your hobby and I can’t say anything, but the money should still be used for useful things.”

“I opened a milk tea store on the Star Network. The response wasn’t bad. Please remember these recipes…”

The former emperor listened carefully and couldn’t help coughing twice when he mentioned the games again. Some uncomfortable feelings appeared on his handsome face.

He explained again, “I only occasionally… play once in a while…”

Xu Sili ignored him. In any case, the former emperor couldn’t wash away the label of an old pervert.

Even so, this was just a harmless small hobby and it wasn’t publicized. He wasn’t interested but there was no reason to criticize the former emperor.

After all, there was such great pressure to survive and the last three years were spent in the shadow of many people who died, including his flesh and blood relatives. It wasn’t so bad that the former emperor didn’t go crazy.

Thinking about it another way, at least the former emperor had some happy times at the end even if they were obtained by relying on external things…

“Yes, I understand.”

Xu Sili raised this topic in an expressionless manner. Then he continued to talk about other things, particularly breaking the star limit.

This was also what the emperor and Branda were most interested in.

However, Xu Sili had just obtained this information from the future forum and hadn’t put it into practice. Whether it could succeed or not depended on their own exploration.

He felt that time passed very slowly when he hoped that the trial would end soon. Now that he wanted to stay a bit longer, he felt that it was passing in the blink of an eye.

By the time Xu Sili had finished saying everything he wanted to say, there were only five minutes left in the trial.

“Do you want to say goodbye to your brother and sister?” Finally, the former emperor looked at him. The purple eyes that were almost exactly the same as his reflected the figure of the little boy.

“You can contact them with the communicator.”

Xu Sili paused. Silin and Xenos…

He stroked the silver bracelet on his left wrist and his eyes slightly dimmed.

He hesitated to refuse. Then he saw that the former emperor had already dialed the communicator and Silin’s cheerful voice was heard on the opposite side.

“Father, where have you been? Did you see? The interstellar beasts are gone! There was a silver light that was especially bright… I’m still confused…”

The girl was a bit incoherent. Her excitement was overflowing.

Xu Sili’s gaze softened a bit. Then he heard the former emperor say, “Yes, I’ll talk to you when I get back. Is Xenos by your side?”

“He’s here! Imperial Brother, Father is looking for you. By the way, Imperial Brother, did you see little Snow? Where did Little Snow go?”

Xu Sili opened his mouth but he was a bit speechless.

He listened to the voices of Xenos and Silin coming from the communicator. Then he looked at the familiar yet strange man in front of him and just smiled softly.

In the end, he still hoped to keep a smile for them, even if tears had blurred his eyes.

[Ding~ The countdown of the Asmo Trial is over!]

Time counted down to the last second and a system notification appeared in front of Xu Sili’s eyes. Then everything in front of him faded away like a tide.

His consciousness was once again plunged into darkness.


In the quiet and deep palace, only the gems embedded in the walls shone brightly, bringing a bit of dim light to this ancient place.

It could be seen that in the depths of the palace, there were more than 20 people lying on a magic circle with a diameter of around 30 meters.

“What is going on here?”

Outside the magic circle, Wang Hu and Li Lai looked at the over 20 people in the distance and their expressions were very ugly.

After exploring the maze for a few days, they finally reached the eerie palace. In the depths of the palace, they found the missing fifth squad.

The braves had disappeared.

Wang Hu had learned about this from Hua Sui before. Hua Sui had disappeared in front of him so Li Lai wasn’t worried about the missing braves.

Now that they had finally found the missing people, they didn’t dare to rush forward because the scene in front of them was really strange.

The thing that really shocked them was the two people lying on the edge of the magic circle who were closest to them.

His Majesty and the marshal!

The two most honorable figures in the empire actually found this place one step ahead of them and were in danger!

Li Lai clenched his fists tightly and was about to go forward, but Wang Hu pulled his arm and kept retreating.

“Beware of that magic circle!”

It was only then that Li Lai realized the magic circle on the ground was actually moving quietly. Then once they retreated a certain distance, this magic circle died down.

The magic circle was around 30 meters in diameter. If it continued to move toward them, one of the unconscious people would go out of it.

Obviously, this didn’t conform to the rules of the magic circle.

Wang Hu was relieved but Li Lai frowned.

“What is going on?”

“How do I know?” Wang Hu shrugged and sat down cross-legged. “We will guard here. They are still breathing… perhaps there is a chance.”

Li Lai said, “A few of them are dead.”

Wang Hu was silent for a moment before suggesting, “Can you see if you can move them out?”

Li Lai looked at the people in the magic circle who had lost their breath and gently lowered his head. “I’ll try it.”

He controlled the wind element and moved the bodies of the warriors out.

The four warriors had stopped breathing.

His heart was heavy but Li Lai knew this was already much better than he expected.

There were still 17 warriors and…

There would be absolutely no accidents. Marshal Si Sheng was so powerful and His Majesty…

Li Lai shook his head and didn’t dare to think about it any longer.


Xu Sili felt a bit cold when he regained consciousness again. He seemed to be lying on the ground but there was a source of warmth around him that exuded a familiar atmosphere.

His eyelashes fluttered and he opened his eyes.

He found… his upper body was lying on Si Sheng’s chest. Si Sheng’s arms were wrapped around his waist and he was protecting Xu Sili. Both of them had fallen to the ground.

Oh, his body had changed back?

Xu Sili lowered his head and saw that his hands had changed back to normal size. Then he saw the magic circle on the ground and suddenly understood that he was back in the trial place.

The small writing that appeared in front of his eyes also reminded him of this.

[Congratulations on completing the Asmo Trial- Go back to your weakest period and successfully survive the game of death in this weak state. Duration: seven days.]

[In view of your excellent performance, you have obtained the basic reward: Spirit +50. Additional reward: Spirit +50.]

Xu Sili was stunned.

He actually gained 100 spirit at once!

His spirit that had already reached 126 points suddenly became 226. It almost doubled.

The sensory experience brought about by this substantial improvement was extremely obvious. In just a moment, he felt his brain becoming much clearer and his senses more acute.

At this moment, Si Sheng opened his eyes.

The two of them looked at each other. After determining their safety, they both sighed with relief.

It was just that as he guessed, Xu Sili’s maximum health was directly reduced by 30,000. This made his face look extremely pale and he was obviously weak.

“Your Majesty…”

“Lord Marshal!”

Before the two of them could speak, cries came from not far away.

Xu Sili looked sideways and saw that many of the warriors who had awakened earlier than them were watching from tens of meters away. He even saw Li Lai and Wang Hu.

The warriors who were tested were equally weak.

After all, they hadn’t eaten or drunk anything for seven days and seven nights. They also had to endure the mental pain of the trial world. Therefore, Si Sheng was the only one like a normal person.

Si Sheng hugged Xu Sili and stood up.

Xu Sili felt the weakness of his body and didn’t struggle. He leaned back against Si Sheng’s arms and looked at the warriors outside the magic circle.

He didn’t have time to think about the trial world right now and he tried his best not to recall it.

Only four warriors died. This result was better than expected.

Those who succeeded in surviving the trial would receive a lot of benefits. After all, 50 points of spirit were something that even the most talented elementalists would need to train for several years to obtain.

Xu Sili was physically and mentally exhausted so he didn’t explain anything to them. They left the trial ground together according to the strategy of the future forum before taking out a shuttle from his space capsule.

Thanks to Si Sheng’s coercion, they returned to Imperial City unimpeded. None of the flying interstellar beasts along the way dared to come closer.

They had left for seven days. Fortunately, there was the bionic robot as well as the concealment of Janice, Li Zhecheng and others. Some ministers were suspicious but no uncontrollable incidents occurred.

Li Zhecheng and Janice were about to cry after seeing that they had returned safely.

Xu Sili wanted to cry as well but he held back. He sent them away and fell asleep.

In his confused state, he felt Si Sheng pick him up and walk to the bathroom…

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