VCRMM: Chapter 107 Part 1

Xu Sili rushed to the center of the magic circle.

Before his hand could be pressed to the platform, his collar was grabbed by a hand and his entire body was lifted into the air.

The man lifted Xu Sili in front of him and the purple eyes stared at him fiercely. “Stinky boy, do you want to die?”


After all, Xu Sili wasn’t a real five year old child. He struggled hard and found he couldn’t break free, so he stared at the former emperor and opened his mouth coldly.

“Put me down.”

The former emperor stared at the child’s reddish eyes and pursed his lips. Finally, he put down the child but prevented him from getting close to the platform of the magic circle.

“Didn’t I tell you not to run around?”

He spoke in a deep voice and his indifferent expression looked very fierce.

Xu Sili wasn’t afraid of this person and spoke tit-for-tat, “You just lied to me that there is no danger.”

The former emperor paused and looked at Branda with some displeasure.

“There really is no danger.” His mouth was still stubborn.

“If that is the case, let me come,” Xu Sili said. He headed toward the platform again but the former emperor grabbed his hand and pulled him aside.

“Didn’t you hear what Branda and I said just now?” The man’s expression darkened. “You said that this is your trial. If you die here, you are finished!”

Xu Sili bit his lip and didn’t back down. “I have reached a two star strength and my life expectancy has broken through to over 200 years. I can afford to lose only a few decades.”

“In addition, I have found a way to break through the star ceiling. I won’t stop at two stars and my lifespan will be even longer!”

“You said that you found a way to break through the star ceiling?”

“That is correct.”

Xu Sili bowed his head and said solemnly, “This is a curse that can only be gradually unraveled when the Roland Empire has accumulated a certain amount of national strength and has performed some type of ritual.”

The curse was naturally his nonsense. The level of the NPCs of the Roland Empire was limited entirely due to the players. Then again, wasn’t this a curse?

Both the former emperor and Branda were shaken.

After a while, the former emperor asked, “Curse? How to unravel it?”

Xu Sili pursed his lips.

“I’ll tell you when I activate this guardian circle.”

“Nonsense!” The former emperor scolded in a low voice.

“I’m not fooling around.” Xu Sili looked at him and lowered his voice. However, it was a child’s voice so it sounded soft and cute, even a little pitiful.

“Do you know how you will die in the future?”

The former emperor stared at him silently. Branda, who was standing beside him, had slightly wide eyes. He obviously didn’t understand what they were saying but he didn’t ask. He only listened carefully.

Xu Sili didn’t maintain the suspense and said softly, “10 years later, the beast wave overwhelmed the northwest defense line and moved all the way south. You were the one who opened the guardian circle of the five main cities and retained Roland’s last hope.”

“I’m afraid you know better than me the price it costs to open the guardian circles of the five main cities.”

The emperor looked at him, still speechless.

“This guardian circle must be opened by me,” Xu Sili whispered. “In this way, even if it is a last resort, you only need to open four more guardian circles.”

“I don’t want you to die so early. There is no way out in my world but it isn’t too late in this world.”

Xu Sili knew that his decision right now was very irrational because this trial world would probably only last for another hour or so.

Perhaps this was also part of the trial.

If this was the case, there was nothing to say. He just wanted to have a clear conscience or it would be painful to live.

“So let me activate this magic circle!” Xu Sili said again.

The former emperor looked down at him with a frown.

The five year old child was only as tall as his waist and he could lift up the child with one hand. However, he knew very well that there was a more mature soul in this young body.

Smart, brave and responsible.

Perhaps it was still too young and immature, but the passion and energy moved him.

“Son, I am your father.”

He crouched down in front of the child, his eyes at eye level with him. “No father can watch his child die in front of him.”

Xu Sili was a bit touched. After all, he wasn’t Snow Roland and the man in front of him wasn’t his real father.

He lowered his eyes and thought for a moment. “Then close your eyes.”

The former emperor, “……”

Branda made a sound. “Pfft.”

The former emperor heard the sound, raised his head and glared at the young man. Branda closed his mouth and his expression became solemn again.

“Son, do you have to do this?” The former emperor looked at Xu Sili with a complicated expression.

“Yes.” Xu Sili nodded.

“Aren’t you going to discuss it with your little friend?” The former emperor made his last struggle.

“He listens to me.”

The former emperor was speechless again. Time passed minute by minute and he only nodded when the trial entered the last hour.

If the claims of the little boy were true then this was indeed the best solution. Besides being a father, he was also a monarch.

He needed to be responsible for the empire and for his people.

“My child, I hope you don’t regret today’s decision.” The man’s palm rested on his thin shoulder and patted it gently.

Xu Sili thought for a moment.

“I will regret it if I do nothing.”

In the end, the persuaded former emperor withdrew from the magic circle step by step. Branda was dragged out with him.

Branda visibly looked hesitant but at this moment, he didn’t have much of a right to speak.

The former emperor didn’t close his eyes. He stared dead into the center of the magic circle like he wanted to engrave the young figure in his mind forever.

Xu Sili tiptoed slightly under his gaze and pressed a pair of small hands onto the magic platform.

A dazzling light bloomed under his hands and turned his vision into a vast expanse of white.

In this blank space, a line of small letters appeared in front of his eyes.

[Ding~ The Roland Guardian Ancient Magic Circle-Imperial City is being opened at the cost of 50 years of lifespan. Do you want to continue?]

Xu Sili hadn’t expected such a notification to trigger the magic circle. He paused before clicking on ‘confirm.’

It was a gamble but he felt that the odds were good.

Lifespan had to be calculated by life force. He was a two star elementalist and 50 years was definitely no problem.

He clicked to confirm. The light was originally just on the platform but it spread around and filled the entire magic circle in almost the blink of an eye.

The entire pattern of the magic circle was illuminated by a dazzling white light and a beam of light that was hundreds of meters wide suddenly soared into the sky.

Xu Sili’s consciousness was wrapped in the beam of light and left the underground palace together. He felt like he had passed through a thick layer of mud and rushed directly from the ground to the sky.

After rushing out of the ground, the pillar of light seemed to fall violently like a raging tide and spread radially around.

Almost all the interstellar beasts that encountered the beam of light were turned to powder and wiped out.

No matter whether it was the flying interstellar beasts that rushed into the palace to destroy wantonly or the ground interstellar beasts blocked in the passage created by the drilling mountain beast, all of them disappeared when they encountered the silver light.

They didn’t even have time to scream before they died.

The silver light didn’t stop after filling the inner city and destroying all the raging interstellar beasts. It instead continued to spread through the entire Imperial City.

All the people of the empire who saw this scene fell to their knees in worship. The flying interstellar beasts that had been driven by an unknown thing also regained their senses and fled into the distance.

However, the silver light didn’t let them go.

Kill, kill, kill!

Kill all intruders!

The originally powerful and ferocious interstellar beasts that wantonly slaughtered humans were like paper in front of the silver light.

Xu Sili felt it and ‘watched’ this scene. He was both shocked and happy.

The silver light moved for 15 minutes before finally reaching the border of Imperial City.

It reached the border and the silver light no longer advanced. It extended upwards, forming a huge silver barrier that enveloped the entire Imperial City.

Immediately afterward, the silver light faded as if nothing had happened.

Only Xu Sili knew that from today on, the transparent protective barrier would cover the entire Imperial City. It would stand for generations to come and guard the capital of the Roland Empire.

A strong sense of weakness surged up when this thought flashed. Then his consciousness started to return.

By the time he entered his body again, he saw darkness in front of his eyes. His entire body fell backwards and he was caught in a warm embrace.

In a trance, he saw the teenager’s reddened eyes that were full of anger.

It was Si Sheng!

Why was he here?

“What did you do to him?” Si Sheng raised his eyes and stared at the former emperor and Branda, who had come one step later.

Angry flames burned in his eyes like he would choose someone to devour at any time.

Si Sheng had worked with the former emperor for three years and the old emperor relied heavily on him, but in Si Sheng’s heart, these three years didn’t leave any traces.

Therefore, he didn’t have too many special emotions when facing the former emperor. In addition, they were just illusions of the trial world.

However, these people dared to hurt his god while he was fighting!

The gray-blue eyes were filled with blood and his killing intent was rampant. It was as if he would launch an attack the next second, ending the lives of the former emperor and Branda.

Just then, a small hand reached out, grabbed the strands of his dangling hair and pulled them.

Si Sheng hurriedly lowered his head and grasped Xu Sili’s hand.

“I’m okay, don’t worry…” Xu Sili told him softly.

He was a bit dizzy but… he glanced at his own attributes panel.

[Health: 1,000/1,000.]

His health hadn’t decreased but…

[Physique: 1 (91).]

His physique attribute that had originally reached 121 was directly reduced to 91. This was 30 points less. It meant that after returning, his maximum health would be reduced by 30,000.

Xu Sili sighed inwardly. The physical advantage he had accumulated by adding the free points was gone. After he returned, he should be weaker than Li Zhecheng.


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