VCRMM: Chapter 106 Part 2

Xu Sili suddenly felt some confidence as he watched the teenager absorb the energy of the fire beast, stuff the body of the fire beast into the exit of the passage and raise his sword to kill the remaining two interstellar beasts.

Si Sheng might really be able to do it!

The former emperor was obviously also shocked.

He had already returned to Xu Sili’s side and suddenly said to him, “Your partner… is very strong.”

Xu Sili’s expression relaxed a bit and he couldn’t help smiling. Then he thought of something and hesitated for a moment before he looked at the former emperor. “Yes, you picked him out for me.”

After Si Sheng came to prominence in the beast tide, the former emperor removed Joyce from the post of marshal, placed Si Sheng directly in the position and relied heavily on him.

This could be seen from the fact that Wen Jishan became the chief administrator of Imperial City after being introduced by Si Sheng.

Of course, Wen Jishan also proved his ability with his actions.

Later when he was dying, the old emperor entrusted Snow to Si Sheng. Before Snow grew up, the administrative affairs were handed over to Si Sheng. It could be said that Si Sheng completely had the role of regent.

The former emperor’s trust in Si Sheng was evident.

The former emperor was obviously startled when he heard Xu Sili’s words. Then a smile finally appeared on his indifferent face.

“It seems that I am not only a genius but I also have an accurate vision for people.”

Xu Sili couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

Then he looked at the dwindling trial time and pursed his lips without refuting it.

Just let him be smug.

After all, they didn’t have much time together.

“Xenos and Silin…” Just then, he heard the voice of the old emperor. “Why did they have an accident?”

Xu Sili looked up. The man wasn’t looking at him but was staring at his children in the distance. His expression couldn’t be seen clearly.

He bit his lip slightly but finally told the other person, “A beast wave.”

“Ten years later, there was an unstoppable beast wave. The border defenses were breached. At that time… they were fighting on the front lines.”

The former emperor heard his words and was silent for a long time before whispering, “…Did they fight to the last minute?”


Xu Sili nodded.

“This is probably the final destination of the Roland imperial family…” The voice of the former emperor was low and seemed light like the wind and clouds. It seemed to carry a sadness that couldn’t be dissolved.

“Oh, this da*n responsibility and shackles…”

Xu Sili was silent.

The former emperor watched the battle at the other end of the hall. As they were talking, Si Sheng had taken care of another interstellar beast.

He was so strong that the elementalists who finally killed the drilling mountain beast seemed frozen. It was only later at the commander’s order that they quickly cast their skills to block the passage so that the interstellar beasts below couldn’t come out.

Some people had been injured in the battle but the royal water healers should be able to save them.

The battle was finally coming to an end. They just needed to solve the last interstellar beast and firmly block the entrance of the passage and the underground palace would be temporarily safe.

The stone in Xu Sili’s heart slowly lowered to the ground.

At this moment, there were still two and a half hours before the end of the trial.

Perhaps next, the interstellar beasts’ attacks would become fiercer. This made his expression become solemn again.

Then he noticed the silver-haired man beside him suddenly turn around. The man walked into the corridor silently and was heading toward the depths of the palace.

His long hair scattered behind him and swayed gently as he walked. His expression obviously couldn’t be seen but Xu Sili seemed to feel a hint of determination from his back.

What was he going to do?

Xu Sili frowned slightly. He looked at the battle in the hall and then at the former emperor who had already walked quite a distance. He hesitated for a moment before using his short legs to chase after the man.

The former emperor probably heard the sound and looked back at him, but the man didn’t say anything and started to move forward again.

The man was tall and had long legs. His stride was bigger and he didn’t wait for Xu Sili at all.

Xu Sili was now short and had short legs. It was a bit difficult for him to follow this man, but he had already started to follow. There was no reason to give up halfway.

He trotted behind the former emperor and went deep into the corridor.

Unexpectedly, this underground palace had something else. At a certain dead end, it wasn’t known which switch the former emperor pressed but a secret door slowly appeared in front of them.

Xu Sili had seen too many dramas and movies and wasn’t surprised. He just quickly followed the man inside.

He entered through the secret door and found a long passage again with several switches. This time, Xu Sili didn’t dare to relax and his small hand grasped the hem of the former emperor’s clothes.

Under his pull, the former emperor finally couldn’t ignore him and had to slow down to accommodate him.

The two men walked underground. It wasn’t known how far they walked but it took them more than 40 minutes to finally reach their destination after crossing the last door.

It was a space around the size of the hall of the underground palace. It was around 10 meters high and was surrounded by more than a dozen tall columns supporting the space.

Xu Sili saw a huge magic circle surrounded by these dozen pillars.

What magic circle was this?

Xu Sili had a shadow toward such unclear magic circles. It reminded him of the magic circle that moved by itself in the land of the trial.

It was just a pity that he couldn’t use the Insight technique now or he would be able to know the effect of this magic circle with one glance.

“Is this the guardian circle?” Xu Sili asked directly.

However, he saw no cracks.

Therefore, this magic circle shouldn’t be the imperial palace’s guardian circle. The former emperor looked at him and reached out to rub the top of his head.

“This is indeed a guardian circle,” he said softly.

Xu Sili looked at him doubtfully. He cocked his head and thought about it before suddenly realizing something.

“Is this Imperial City’s guardian circle?”

It was the one that protected Roland in the beast wave and even after three years, it was still guarding the magic circles of the five main cities!

“That’s right.”

The former emperor stared at the huge magic circle not far away. His voice sounded a bit ethereal in the empty underground palace.

“As long as it turns on, Imperial City will no longer be troubled by interstellar beasts. During the beast tide in the future, it should’ve been turned on, right?”

Xu Sili nodded. “Due to the protection of the guardian barrier, the Roland Empire wasn’t completely destroyed by the beast wave.”

“It is just that the roads between main cities were blocked by the interstellar beasts. I am preparing to build a teleportation circle to allow communication between the main cities.”

He hesitated for a moment. Then he couldn’t help saying, “In addition to fighting, the elementalists can also devote themselves to construction and production. They are the most perfect engineers and planters.”

The former emperor finally withdrew his gaze and looked down at Xu Sili, palm rubbing against his head again.

“You are doing a great job.”

He whispered and there was no longer any indifference in his purple eyes. “The empire will definitely be strong again in your hands but now…”

“The empire of this world is still under my rule. I have the responsibility and obligation to guard it.”

Xu Sili saw the man’s expression and carefully thought about his words. Xu Sili felt a bit weird in his heart but he couldn’t tell what it was.

He looked at the time.

There was still 1 hour and 40 minutes to go.

“I am going to activate the magic circle now and keep the interstellar beasts out of Imperial City. Stay here and don’t move.”

The former emperor whispered to him with a look of unprecedented seriousness.

Xu Sili instinctively nodded.

However, when the man raised his feet to move to the center of the magic circle, the panic that suddenly surged in his heart made Xu Sili reach out and grab the hem of the man’s clothes.

“Imperial Father!”

He instinctively shouted while silently apologizing to his real father in his heart.

The former emperor looked down at him and a bit of softness appeared in the man’s eyes.

The little boy looked at him with some panic and asked, “You won’t be in any danger, will you?”

He paused before his lips curled up. “It is just activating the magic circle. What danger can I experience? Let me go. Time is running out.”

Xu Sili looked at him and finally let go. He allowed the hem of the man’s clothes to slip from his hand and to get further and further away.

He watched the man’s back as he walked into the magic circle. As the former emperor stepped in, the lines of the magic circle gradually lit up. By the time he reached the center, all the lines were lit.

The man stood still and a platform slowly rose from the ground until it reached the height of the man’s waist.

Wind blew out of nowhere and gently blew up the man’s silver hair. Then he reached out and pressed down toward the platform.

Just as his palm was about to touch the table, a hand suddenly reached out and gripped his wrist.

Xu Sili was a bit stunned.

He saw that in the blink of an eye, a familiar cyan figure appeared next to the former emperor and stopped him.

The underground palace was silent and empty so the dispute between the two men was heard clearly.

“Your Majesty, please think twice!” The young man’s voice was heard over the distance. The clear voice was full of eagerness and panic.

The silver-haired man’s voice remained calm.

“Branda, let go.”

“The situation hasn’t reached this point yet!” The wind elementalist exclaimed in a loud voice. “I beg you to think again!”

“This emperor has thought it through.”

“No! This matter can’t be decided by Your Majesty alone. All the ministers must be convened to discuss it. At least… the prince and princess have a right to know!”

The emperor’s voice cooled down. “Branda, you have overstepped your bounds!”

“Do you think… someone else can change my decision?”

Xu Sili listened to their argument and finally confirmed the speculation that he had just made. What price must be paid to open the guardian circle of the main city?

“Your Majesty… you are going to die…”

He heard Branda’s slightly trembling voice. “The guardian circle requires the Roland imperial family to pay the price of life to activate it. You… it is impossible for you to not know this!”

Xu Sili was stunned.

There was a brief delay in his thinking and the former emperor’s cold voice was heard again.

“It is just a few decades of life. Why are you being so exaggerated? Those who only open the Imperial City barrier can’t die.”

They couldn’t die from opening the Imperial City’s barrier… then what about the five main cities?

Xu Sili looked at the silver-haired man in the center of the magic circle and suddenly understood. Why didn’t the former emperor die during the beast wave but three years later? He obviously had the water healing masters but he still died of illness…

Xu Sili clenched his fists and his heart was filled with mixed emotions.

It turned out that they had been living under this man’s protection. It turned out that this man had given his life three years ago to preserve Roland’s fire.

He had even thought that the former emperor was a foolish monarch…

Looking at the man’s back, Xu Sili wiped his eyes before raising his feet and rushing into the circle.

He was also from Roland’s imperial family!

He also had a lifespan of several decades!

He wanted to change the future of this hellish trial world, no matter whether it was real or an illusion.

If one less main city was activated then the emperor would have at least a few more decades to live. As long as he didn’t die and the NPCs’ star limit was broken, their level would increase and their lifespan would naturally be extended!

Such a thought pushed Xu Sili and made him rush over regardless of anything.

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