VCRMM: Chapter 106 Part 1

In the hall of the underground palace, the cracks in the floor tiles continued to spread. This was accompanied by a terrifying roar as an interstellar beast with sharp horns on its head appeared in everyone’s field of view.

This was the first two star drilling mountain beast.

It might be two stars but its attack power wasn’t high. Rather, its ability to escape was extremely strong. If encountering danger, it could quickly burrow into the ground and open a path using the sharp corners of its head. Then it would disappear into the ground.

Its sharp horns were so hard that it could easily destroy the strongest rocky mountains. This was how it got the name of drilling mountain beast.

Therefore, the drilling mountain beast had become one of the two star beasts in the Roland Empire that couldn’t be eradicated.

No one expected that below the ground wouldn’t be safe at a time when they were experiencing such a major crisis from the sky!

The drilling mountain beast roared and jumped out of the tunnel. Two or three interstellar beasts quickly jumped out behind it.

The strength of these interstellar beasts was all in the high range of two stars, i.e. between level 25 and 29. Their strength was much higher than the elementalists in the palace and their breath alone gave people a lot of pressure.

That wasn’t all. There were obviously interstellar beasts blocked at the bottom of the tunnel, releasing roars that made the ground tremble.

Perhaps the only fortunate thing was that the tunnel created by the drilling mountain beast had a narrow exit, allowing only one or two beasts to pass through at a time.

After the initial shock and confusion, the commander quickly calmed down and started to direct his men to deal with the attacking interstellar beasts.

“Quickly take down the drilling mountain beast and don’t let this beast destroy the palace again!”

The materials used in this underground palace were very elaborate and there were special reinforcement circles. Apart from the difficult drilling mountain beast, the other interstellar beasts couldn’t destroy the cornerstone of the palace.

Now there was only this narrow tunnel. They could handle it for the time being but it would be troublesome if they allowed the drilling mountain beast to make a hole and enlarge the opening of the tunnel!

The drilling mountain beast must be stopped. It had to be killed as soon as possible!

Under the orders of the commander, the confused soldiers quickly restored order and instinctively carried out the orders.

All the earth elementalists acted at the same time. The earth elementalists strengthened the ground and the drilling mountain beast that was drilling holes to escape was obviously slowed down.

The other attack elementalists launched their skills one after another and threw their most damaging attacks toward the drilling mountain beast. For a time, the underground palace shone with the light of various elemental skills.

The few interstellar beasts that had jumped out of the tunnel were temporarily blocked by other ordinary soldiers.

The soldiers raised their shields and various weapons and used their rich combat experience to entangle with these interstellar beasts, blocking them at the exit of the passage so that the interstellar beasts below the exit couldn’t come out for a while.

The palace guards followed suit. They organized the retreat of the people who had taken refuge in the halls toward the rooms and the surface.

However, soon worse news came.

The imperial palace’s guardian circle had completely shattered and a large number of flying interstellar beasts had poured into the imperial palace. The surface had been lost and was even more dangerous than the underground area!

There was no way. The guards could only close the entrance of the underground palace again, preventing the flying interstellar beasts from besieging them.


A fire beast that was blocked by the soldiers released flames from its mouth. The extremely hot orange-red fire headed toward the soldiers who were only holding shields.

The fire snake was about to engulf the soldiers in the front row when a huge wind shield formed, blocking the intense flames. In addition, a gentle rain fell, extinguishing the flames.

Silin and Xenos had finally arrived at the hall and stood behind the soldiers. They looked solemn as they performed their elemental skills to resist the attacks of several interstellar beasts.

They might be temporarily blocked but the gap in level was too large. They knew in their hearts that such a barrier wouldn’t last long.

In addition, there wasn’t just this fire beast. There were two other interstellar beasts with a two star strength that was close to three stars!

Originally, there weren’t many elementalists left in the palace. If it wasn’t for the fact that 10,000 soldiers accompanied Marshal Joyce back to the city, the situation might’ve been even worse.

Even so, the number of elementalists in the underground palace definitely didn’t exceed one hundred and most of them were one star.

The rear of the empire hadn’t suffered such a serious attack for too long. The rare and powerful two star elementalists were basically all on the front lines!

Xu Sili stood at the entrance of the corridor in the deep part of the hall and watched the battle at the other end of the hall. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead and palms.

The power gap was too big!

It was impossible to stop these interstellar beasts that were close to three stars just by relying on these low level elementalists and soldiers!

He glanced at the countdown. There were close to three hours left until the end of the trial.

The former emperor standing beside him also had an extremely ugly expression on his face.

After a day and night of recuperation, he wasn’t at his peak state but there was room for him to use his sound skills again.

However, he was likely to fall into an exhausted state again after using it. The surface had been lost. Even if they killed all the interstellar beasts that entered the underground palace, they would be trapped here.

Rather, all the people in the inner city would be trapped underground. If the interstellar beasts continued to fly over the city and developed the inner city into a lair…

The former emperor gritted his teeth with a dark expression and clenched his fists.

He saw that the interstellar beasts were raging in the hall and the soldiers had started to suffer casualties. He finally stepped forward and decided to solve these beasts first.

He had just taken two steps when there was a flash in front of his eyes and a figure rushed out faster than him.

The former emperor was startled. He looked back and saw that the teenager originally standing by his son’s side had disappeared, leaving only the little boy alone.

Xu Sili looked calm but concern could clearly be felt on his pale face.

Intellectually, he knew that the best countermeasure now was to leave.

If he hid in the back then once the three hours were over, he and Si Sheng would be able to safely leave the trial world. Everything in the trial world would be over and it would have nothing to do with them.

This was the safest thing to do. He just had to close his eyes, cover his ears and not listen or look. No matter how many people died, they wouldn’t be affected.

After all, these people were imaginary illusions from the trial world! They weren’t real people.

But Xu Sili found that… he still couldn’t do it.

This was probably the most difficult part of the trial. He couldn’t ignore the lives of these people at all!

No matter whether it was Janice, Silin, Xenos, the old emperor or other familiar faces, he couldn’t see them die without saving them.

Therefore, he had agreed when Si Sheng asked him a question.

Xu Sili didn’t know whether his decision was right or wrong. What should he do if Si Sheng was injured or even died as a result?

Fortunately, Si Sheng never let him down.

In almost the blink of an eye, the blond-haired teenager broke through the soldiers’ defense. He even casually took the sword hanging by Xenos’ waist as he passed by.

In full view of everyone, the young man jumped directly to the top of the fire beast’s head with a swift and powerful leap. Before the fire beast could react, he inserted the sword into its forehead.

Blood splashed everywhere and fire burned.

No matter how the fire beast struggled, the teenager stood firmly on his head, the blade of the sword deeply rooted in its brain.

Si Sheng was a natural warrior.

After the recovery of his future memories, it didn’t matter if his strength was suppressed and many skills couldn’t be used. He could easily harvest the lives of these interstellar beasts just by relying on the strength and skill of his body.

The difference in level between the two sides was great but it couldn’t stop him.

The skill attached to the sword was activated and a huge sword shadow flashed, directly piercing the head of the fire beast.

The hand holding the sword spun vigorously and blood and brain matter splattered. The young man with a cold and indifferent expression looked like a tyrant coming out of hell.

The soldiers had long since stopped attacking and were just watching this scene blankly.

The rain that kept putting out the flames also stopped.

Xenos stared at the teenager from a distance, the indifference on his face gone. He had already seen the strength of the teenager in the past but he hadn’t expected that when facing a high two star interstellar beast, the teenager could still be so fierce!

The eldest prince touched his waist after realizing something.

Wasn’t the sword in the teenager’s hand given to him by Marshal Joyce? When did the teenager get it?

The huge sword shadow disappeared and the fire beast crashed to the ground. Xu Sili watched Si Sheng from a distance and felt slightly relieved.

Suddenly, the little boy became stunned.

This was the first time he had witnessed Si Sheng kill an interstellar beast. In his vision, he could faintly see a red energy coming from the dead fire beast. Then—

It was absorbed by Si Sheng!

What was this?

Xu Sili had a flash of inspiration and opened Si Sheng’s puppet panel to take a look.

After entering the trial world, Si Sheng’s panel had shown the value of his strength after he was suppressed. Most of his skills had been locked.

Yet a few days ago, he still had an ordinary half a star of strength. Now his level had reached level 16!

How could it rise so fast?

Xu Sili suddenly thought of the battle that took place in the central square the day before yesterday. Was it because Si Sheng killed a lot of interstellar beasts on that day so his level was increased?

Si Sheng could also upgrade by killing monsters?

It just wasn’t in the form of experience points, but by absorbing the energy that spilled over after the death of the interstellar beasts?

Xu Sili suddenly understood the reason why Si Sheng grew up so fast and became so powerful in ten years.

He wasn’t affected by the upper restriction on level and could become stronger by killing monsters. Then there were the strange skills given to him from Game of the Gods and his own mind. It was natural for him to become the ceiling of combat power in Starry Sky!

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