VCRMM: Chapter 105 Part 2

Xu Sili pursed his lips.

He didn’t know how to judge Snow’s relationship with his family. Perhaps he wasn’t qualified to judge.

He was sympathetic with Snow’s upbringing but the decision to commit treason was made by Snow.

Blame… blame the game group who liked to dig traps!

“So can you teach me the skill now?” Xu Sili forgot about Snow.

Now he was Snow and Snow was him. He should bear the responsibility he should bear. He also wouldn’t push away some of the benefits that could be fought for.

After all, these were bargaining chips to allow him to survive. The stronger he became, the more he could lead the Roland Empire to prosper.

The emperor asked, “You just said that you’re leaving tomorrow?”

“There is nothing wrong with those words.” Xu Sili thought about it for a moment. “Actually, this is a trial for us. Once the time comes, we can go back if we are still alive.”

The emperor’s eyes trembled slightly. “If you die…”

“Then we are dead.” Xu Sili bit his lip. “We will die here.”

Seeing his serious expression, the emperor revealed a bitter smile.

Xu Sili didn’t say anything and waited for the man to digest the information he just received.

He didn’t know the emperor’s current mood but he could roughly understand it.

Suddenly, he learned that more than 10 years later, not only was he dead but his oldest son and second daughter had also died. Anyone would need a bit of time to digest this.

“What is your strength now?” The emperor suddenly wondered.

Xu Sili replied truthfully, “Two stars, but it is suppressed in the trial.”

“18 years old but you are two stars.”

The silver-haired man looked at him, the indifference in his purple eyes had long faded. “You are stronger than me and stronger than your brother and sister.”

Xu Sili, who was acknowledged, didn’t feel much happiness. He wasn’t like Snow, who had always longed for the attention of his father.

If possible, he hoped that the people of the Roland imperial family could prosper a bit.

It was too miserable to only have him and little Joan left.

“You can’t die here,” the silver-haired man said in a deep voice. “The future empire… needs you.”

Xu Sili nodded. He saw that the emperor couldn’t hide his grief and thought about it for a moment. “In fact, there is still Joan even if I am gone. It is just that he is only 10 years old now and he is too young.”

“Joan?” The man blinked.

“My half brother,” Xu Sili replied with an expressionless face.

The man was stunned. “Half brother… did I get married again?”

Xu Sili shrugged. “No.”

The man’s expression shook again.

“I don’t think now is the time to discuss your private life. I also don’t know much about it.”

Xu Sili spoke bluntly.

“Do you promise to teach me skills?”

The man was obviously a bit dissatisfied and his voice sank slightly. “Is this your attitude toward your father?”

“First, according to the parallel space-time theory, you aren’t my father. Secondly…”

Xu Sili looked at this handsome face and decided to insert a knife. “After inheriting your game cabin, I feel that there is no way to face you like before.”

The former emperor was obviously speechless.

“That… it is just something to numb the nerves once in a while.” He muttered and didn’t continue the topic.

“I can teach you but you don’t even have magic right now. How can you learn?”

“And…” He added, “Everyone’s situation is different. This is a skill that I have realized in my own way and it might not be suitable for you.”

The elemental skills were divided into those that could be inherited and those that couldn’t be inherited. It was like the skills that could be taught in batches at the Elementalist Academy. They were simply inheritable skills.

There were also some secret skills that tested comprehension. Many were unique skills, such as those mastered by Si Sheng.

Xu Sili had a headache. He entered a treasure mountain but had to return empty-handed? Did this make sense?

“Can you teach me some principles and control techniques?”

He decided to take a compromise approach. “At present, I only have support skills and I’m not very familiar with attack skills.”

He was facing a powerful elementalist who was willing to guide him. How could Xu Sili let go of such a good opportunity?

He told the emperor all the difficulties and confusions he had encountered over this period of time.

The two of them had the same level but Xu Sili was matured by the game system. Meanwhile, the former emperor relied on himself and trained to two stars.

His perception and knowledge reserves were completely incomparable with the previous emperor.

The attitude of the former emperor had changed a lot after knowing that Xu Sili was his future ‘son’. He was very patient in answering the questions.

However, it was inevitable to ridicule him with some sentences in the middle, such as ‘How can you not even know such a simple question?’ or ‘Are you really two stars?’

Xu Sili was unhappy but he accepted it obediently. At the same time, he decided to go back to the academy to get a few more basic books to read.

The experience system was convenient but this didn’t mean his level would be high in many things. He couldn’t be lazy when it came to the leveling process.

Xu Sili saw the emperor patiently teaching him and then looked at Si Sheng, who was also listening carefully next to him, and Xu Sili had a sudden idea. He called up the filming system and filmed this scene.

Did this count as… meeting the parents?

This thought flashed in his mind. Xu Sili’s ears turned slightly hot and he shook his head in a hurry. He put away all distractions and listened carefully to the lecture.

The interstellar beasts outside were still bombarding the guardian barrier.

According to Branda’s report, the attacks of the interstellar beasts were mainly concentrated on the inner city. After yesterday’s battle, most of the city’s residents had already hidden in their basements when the interstellar beasts attacked.

The people who didn’t have time to escape entered the guardian barrier of the palace under the protection of the army and palace guards and took emergency refuge.

The battle in the city was mainly for assistance and the soldiers of the army tried to avoid fighting with interstellar beasts.

After all, houses could be rebuilt. Once people died, there was nothing left. Regarding this point, the commander’s mind was still very clear.

By the time evening arrived, the aid operation in the city was basically over. The leader of the team, Crown Prince Xenos, returned to the palace.

There might still be a few people scattered in the city but there was no way.


There were more and more interstellar beasts arriving.

After decreasing by half due to the emperor, their numbers were slowly replenished. By evening, it was almost the same as the morning.

“How can there be so many interstellar beasts?”

He had been observing the guards outside and all of them looked solemn.

It was because this was very abnormal. The interstellar beasts seemed to be crazy. They tirelessly attacked from morning to night and this made people’s hearts thump.

If it continued like this, the guardian circle might not be able to last for long…

Xu Sili understood that this was the test of the trial.

It was safe for the time being but this psychological suffering was uncomfortable.

The only consolation was that Janice had returned safely. She might be injured but there was a water healer and she wouldn’t die.

The night was getting darker.

It was less than 12 hours before the end of the trial.

They stayed in the underground palace. Xu Sili had to reach against time to learn from the emperor so he and Si Sheng shamelessly stayed in his room.

During this time, Xenos came over for a visit.

He still looked cold and distant. However, Xu Sili felt it was really good that he didn’t grow up crooked like the previous emperor.

As a result, before leaving, Xenos paused and called Xu Sili to the door with the former emperor behind him.

Si Sheng’s presence meant Xu Sili wasn’t afraid.

He looked at the seemingly gentle but actually cold big brother from Snow’s memory and wanted to see what this person really wanted to say.

However, Xenos silently crouched down in front of him and gently pulled up his short hand.

A silver bracelet was placed on his wrist.

Xu Sili was stunned and looked at it strangely.

Xenos looked down, his long light-colored eyelashes obscuring the look in his eyes. He focused only on tying the bracelet.

“This bracelet can release three water healing skills.”

He finished tying it up and said softly, “I don’t know how long the guardian circle can last. So stay with Imperial Father and your little friend and don’t run around.”

After speaking, he stood up and seemed ready to go.

Xu Sili had no idea that this person would give him such a precious thing.

“What about you?” Xenos should need it more than he did.

Xenos looked at him strangely. “I am a water elementalist and have mastered the water healing technique. I don’t need this.”

“Then.. what about Second Imperial Sister?” He asked again.

“She already has it.” Xenos said calmly, “Take it. Once you are seriously injured, it will automatically perform a water healing spell to help you heal your injury.”

“Do you have any other questions?”

Xu Sili looked at him and shook his head.

“Then I’m going.”

Xenos finished speaking and really left.

Xu Sili looked at this person’s back and stroked the extra bracelet on his wrist. His mood became worse again.

His heart was filled with killing intent.

The trial was too terrible.

He turned around silently and saw that Si Sheng had come to him at some point.

Xu Sili pursed his lips.

He watched the teenager crouch down and silently open his arms to him, eyes watching him tenderly.

Xu Sili couldn’t bear it any longer. He took the first two steps before running over and wrapping his arms around Si Sheng’s neck. He buried his small face in Si Sheng’s neck and felt that his mood wasn’t so heavy under this person’s comfort.

In the room, the silver-haired man slowly withdrew his gaze and sighed inaudibly.

At night, the underground palace was still lit up.

On this night, countless people lost sleep. Under the shadow of the flying interstellar beasts, almost no one could sleep peacefully.

The same was true of Xu Sili.

It was only when the sky was slightly lit up that he fell asleep in a trance under the influence of sleepiness.

However, he didn’t sleep much. In around half an hour, nightmarish news came from the guards outside.

There were cracks in the guardian circle due to the crazy bombardment of the interstellar beasts. The cracks were becoming bigger and bigger.

The former emperor quickly ordered all the people in the palace to move underground for refuge.

However, things didn’t end that simply.

Three hours before the end of the trial, the floor of the underground palace cracked one after another.

Xu Sili looked at the interstellar beasts drilling out of the ground and knew that the difficulty of the trial had officially moved from hard mode to hell mode.

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