VCRMM: Chapter 105 Part 1

In the underground palace, the lights were bright and there was no feeling of suffocation from being underground. The wind system array covering the interior played a good role in ventilation.

The palace covered a large area and was divided into many rooms of different sizes. Xu Sili walked in it and couldn’t help sighing. There was such a place in the palace but he hadn’t found it before.

A tense and heavy atmosphere pervaded the underground palace. The people here were mostly ordinary guards and elementalists were rarely seen.

Come to think about it, even Janice was dispatched, let alone the well-trained guards.

Xu Sili recalled what Janice said before leaving and couldn’t help worrying in his heart.

Even if she was just an illusion, he wanted her to be safe.

They followed Branda, who was carrying the emperor, all the way to a room. The water healer who treated Xu Sili and Si Sheng had moved here early.

Under the treatment of the water healer, the emperor’s voice quickly recovered. However, his magic and physical strength were still in a state of exhaustion.

The moment he was healed, Silin ran in from outside.

Her eyes were red and there was still a faint red handprint on half her cheek. Her face was obviously worried and anxious when she first ran in. Then she immediately controlled her expression the moment she saw her father.

She took a few looks at the emperor. Once she was sure that he was okay, she ran away with a cold snort.

The man sat on the edge of the bed and coldly watched as his daughter came and went. Then he frowned and looked at the water healer.

“Go and heal her.”

The water healer didn’t ask anything and responded, “I will obey your order, Your Majesty.”

He bowed and left the room.

The emperor sent Branda and the few guards away and only Xu Sili and Si Sheng were left in the room.

Xu Sili had already come down from Si Sheng’s arms and was standing on the ground. He watched the man’s cold gaze sweep over him and pursed his lips as he looked back without any fear.

“Little brat, your courage isn’t small.”

The man smiled coldly, “Tell me, where is my son?”

“It is a bit complicated to explain.”

Xu Sili narrowed his eyes and replied ambiguously, “Wait until tomorrow and we will leave.”

He wasn’t lying about this. Now he had spent another three hours safely and there were 23 hours left until the end of the trial.

Once the time came…

Maybe the world would collapse, right? Or perhaps it would continue to evolve?

“Why should I believe you?” The man raised his chin. His purple eyes were exactly the same as Xu Sili’s but were filled with scrutiny and arrogance.

Xu Sili paused before saying, “At the very least, we have no malicious intentions. You should already know about the battle that took place in the central square yesterday, right?”

He didn’t believe that based on what the emperor had shown so far, he wouldn’t have watched the video of such a big thing.

“My partner saved Princess Silin and killed countless interstellar beasts. Our side is the same.”

The little boy spoke slowly and logically. The calm look on his face was nothing like a five year old child and it gave off a sense of violation.

The man looked at him and raised a pale eyebrow. Then his eyes fell on Si Sheng again.

The teenager stood beside the little boy, protecting him with a protective posture. The gray-blue eyes were sharp and vigilant. He was like a dormant beast who could burst out and hurt people at any time.

The man lowered his eyes and glanced at his wrist. The water healer’s treatment was good but the sensation of almost having his wrist bone crushed wasn’t easy to forget.

In the current situation, perhaps no one in the palace could stop him if the teenager broke out.

The roars that came from the interstellar beasts outside were still happening uninterrupted. Even though half of them had been swept away by him, he no longer had the magic to unleash a second powerful attack.

The man pursed his lips before snorting softly.

“Fine.” He continued coldly, “However, if Snow hasn’t returned tomorrow…”

His eyes narrowed and the aura around his body increased to the extreme, making Xu Sili feel a bit of pressure.

Si Sheng took a step forward and completely blocked Xu Sili behind him.

The man paused slightly when facing the teenager’s cold eyes filled with killing intent. Then he snorted coldly.

“Go away, don’t get in the way here!”

Xu Sili didn’t leave and asked, “Are you a sound elementalist?”

“Is this a problem?”

The silver-haired man sat in a dignified manner. The crown on his head had been removed and his pale and weak face didn’t damage his beauty.

Seeing him like this, Xu Sili really had a hard time associating him with those adult holographic games in the game cabin.

He paused slightly and replied, “As far as I know, there are no more powerful sound elementalists in the Roland Empire after the natural disasters nearly 100 years ago.”

“The one sound elementalist that appeared didn’t even reach the one star level before graduating from the Elementalist Academy…”

Based on the strength that the emperor just showed, he had definitely reached the peak of the two star level. This meant Xu Sili couldn’t connect the two.

However, based on the subtle changes in the man’s expression, Xu Sili suddenly had a new guess.

No… was the former emperor this elementalIst? Didn’t Deputy Dean Chris say that he went to the local guards after graduation?

Xu Sili hesitated for a moment before asking directly, “Are you the sound elementalist?”

The man frowned in a rather displeased manner, but he didn’t deny it.

Xu Sili was a bit dazed.

He asked, “Doesn’t it mean that the inheritance of the sound elemental system hasn’t been passed down?”

The man smiled contemptuously. “So what? Who called this emperor a genius?”

Xu Sili stopped talking.

The only sound spiritual elementalist after the natural disaster hadn’t reached the one star strength before graduating from the academy, but if it was really the former emperor…

If he was able to comprehend the offensive sound elemental skill without any inheritance and system assistance then he was indeed a genius!

“Can you teach me?” Xu Sili asked. “That sound element skill just now.”

The man lowered his eyes and looked at him coldly.

“Oh, I don’t know what you are. You occupied my son’s body and now you want to learn skills from me?”

Xu Sili thought about it for a moment before saying without blushing, “I am indeed Snow Roland.”

The man made an expression that implied ‘I will watch what you want to pull out’ and Xu Sili continued to calmly say, “However, I come from a future parallel time and space. I am the 18 year old him.”

In a sense, Xu Sili was also a player.

He definitely had more than enough thirst for new skills and he wanted his own attack skill too!

For this reason, even if he needed to recognize the man in front of him as a father…

This was a necessary means in extraordinary times!

However, it was clear that the emperor didn’t believe him just because of his few words.

“I think that if you want to make things up, you should make up something more reasonable. A parallel time and space? That is just a whimsical theory.”

Due to the assistance of the Interstellar Alliance, the former emperor who was able to go to the Star Network wasn’t so ignorant and closed off.

He had knowledge of this concept. Xu Sili felt relieved.

He saw the man’s eyes that seemed to contain frost and snow and thought about it. Then he stepped back slightly, hid behind Si Sheng and poked out his small head.

The silver-haired man looked at him strangely. Then he heard the little boy calmly say, “Not long ago, I inherited your game cabin.”

Then he lowered his voice and read out the names of the holographic games, his eyes fixed on the man’s expression.

The moment he read the names of two of the games, he could clearly see the man’s eyes tremble very slightly.

Xu Sili saw this situation and couldn’t help sighing with relief.

He had obviously made the right bet. The former emperor was already playing that type of game at this time!

However, he didn’t seem to want to admit it.

“What game cabin? What are you talking about?” The man narrowed his eyes and refused to admit it.

Xu Sili had already confirmed it so he looked at the man with a bit of strangeness in his eyes.

“Little brat, what is with your expression?” The man raised his hand. Then he met Si Sheng’s warning gaze and sadly took it back.

He looked at Xu Sili and Xu Sili looked at him.

The two of them confronted each other for a long time before the man’s expression relaxed slightly. Then he ordered, “You stand here.”

Si Sheng’s footsteps moved slightly but the man glared at him. “Go away, little brat. I’m talking to my son. Do you still need to manage this?”


Si Sheng lowered his eyes and glanced at Xu Sili.

Xu Sili paused and looked at the former emperor with some difficulty.

F*k, he admitted it!

Those holographic games were indeed bought by him!

The man was annoyed by his look and reached out to pull the boy to his side. Xu Sili didn’t resist it and Si Sheng didn’t stop him.

He was forced to come over. After remembering that Silin had just been slapped, Xu Sili thought the emperor was going to hit him. Then he found that the emperor just raised a hand and pressed it on top of his head.

His tense nerves relaxed and he secretly looked up.

The silver-haired man looked down. His expression had calmed down and his handsome and noble face was like a real god.

The man whispered, “You inherited the game cabin?”

The little boy nodded.

“So… am I dead?” The man looked at him and sorrow slowly emerged in his purple eyes.

“Did you inherit my place?”

“So Xenos and Silin are also dead?”

Xu Sili was silent.

The former emperor… he was really sharp!

Not only did he see at first glance that Xu Sili wasn’t the original, but he could directly guess so much key information based on just one sentence.

The man closed his eyes. Then when he opened them again, all the emotions in his eyes had disappeared.

He asked, “Are you a sound element talent?”

Xu Sili nodded. “There is a problem with the talent testing method of the Elementalist Academy. I learned the meditation technique from my Imperial Sister. After learning it, I successfully absorbed the sound element.”

The man’s palm was pressed against his hand. The man’s face was always cold but his palm was warm.

He looked at the little boy.

“Unexpectedly, you are the one who resembles me the most in the end.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Why unexpectedly? He’s only 5, how did you even determine from a 5-year-old child how much he looks like you? He didn’t even have a fully formed character…
thank you very much for the translation 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

1 year ago

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about how he resembles him in character not looks.

11 months ago
Reply to  FFWW

A bit true, but I think Emperor said resemblance in everything. Even Xu Sili said, looking at the Emperor is like looking at the adult version of himself the most. And the Emperor must have referred to Snow Roland’s experience as a whole. Thinking he had no talent in elementalist, found the flaw in testing method, had to learn everything alone without teachers and inheritance. Which is what the late Emperor had to experience as the only sound elementalist. So in a sense Xu Sili really resembled him the most amongst his siblings; in term of looks, talents and character (that tsundere suspicious attitude, persistent denial when embarassed, trying to appear tough and majestic everytime).

1 year ago

I hate the emperor so much!! What? now that he has talent he feels bad for the way he treated him?? Horrible father and emperor. He used all the money to buy porn games!!! At least save some money to actually help your empire!
Thank you for the translations
(  ̳• · • ̳)
/    づ♡ I love you

1 year ago