VCRMM: Chapter 104 Part 2

Janice expressed her last farewell and turned to leave. Only two non-elementalist guards remained.

Xu Sili stared at her back and his heart tightened.

It should be fine…

Janice clearly lived well 13 years later…

However, this was the world of the trial.

Xu Sili gritted his teeth. Snow Roland might’ve still been young at this time but such a large interstellar beast attack on the city must’ve been recorded in the history, even if he didn’t remember it.

However, there was no such paragraph in the history books that Snow Roland studied.

So… this was the content of the trial again!

During the time when he was thinking, Si Sheng had already carried him and left the bedroom under the leadership of the guards. This allowed Xu Sili to see the scene outside more clearly.

Just like the special effects in a movie, interstellar beasts of different types were flying dozens of meters above his head and constantly bombarding the barrier of the guardian circle with their bodies or skills.

They roared wildly and violently like they wanted to tear apart everything in sight.

The two guards had never seen such a frightening sight. They were trembling but still said in a trembling manner, “Go this way. We have to take refuge in the underground palace immediately!”

The underground palace was located in the center of the imperial palace complex and was the safest place at present. The place where Xu Sili now lived was very close to the palace walls. Once the guardian circle was broken, he would immediately fall there.

Si Sheng hugged Xu Sili tightly and followed the guards all the way out of the courtyard toward the center of the palace.

Perhaps he saw that Xu Sili’s face wasn’t good so one of the guards comforted him, “Your Highness, don’t worry. The guardian circle is unbreakable and these interstellar beasts can’t attack us.”

Xu Sili kept looking above his head. He heard these words and uneasiness surged in his heart. The guard’s words weren’t good. He had set up a flag!

“What about my brother and sister?”

“The Imperial Highnesses should be in the underground palace.”

Xu Sili felt a bit more relaxed when he heard this. Then he thought about Janice, who went out to fight, and still felt like a stone was pressing against his heart.

He knew that they were all illusions and weren’t real, but he couldn’t completely ignore them.

After all, they were too real.

Xu Sili bit his lip. He tried to mobilize the sound element but found that even though he could absorb them, this body was young and didn’t have any magic.

Dealing with a deadly situation with this weak body…

Which ghost came up with this trial?

He glanced at the panel. There were still 26 hours left before the end of the trial.

It seemed that the trial was coming to an end so the difficulty had increased. It jumped directly from simple mode to hard mode.

Xu Sili and the others quickly reached the central palace and the sound of a quarrel was heard in the distance.

“Imperial Father, please let your daughter fight!”

“At a time like this, how can we, the imperial family, hide in the underground palace and let our people be slaughtered?”

Silin’s voice was heard in the distance and Xu Sili could already see her figure.

A tall figure was standing in front of her. He was dressed in gorgeous and exquisite imperial clothing. He wore a crown and his long silver hair draped down like a shawl. It was just a silhouette but he looked beautiful.

Xu Sili approached and the man glanced sideways at them. This one glance made them stunned.

There was silver hair and purple eyes. He seemed to see his future self but the dignity and majesty that belonged to the emperor was incomparable to him for the time being.

He suddenly remembered the reason why Snow Roland had long hair. It was as if… it was because of his father.

In Snow Roland’s memory, there were few images of the old emperor. There was only the cold back of his father and the silver hair that grew to the waist.

To be honest, Xu Sili saw this former emperor and couldn’t imagine the old, lecherous man that his brain had made up.

“Father, are you listening to me?” Silin’s angry voice was heard.

The man retracted his gaze and looked down at his daughter.

“I don’t want to hide like a coward!”


A slap fell and Silin was forced to shut her mouth. The corners of her mouth were wounded by her teeth and blood oozed out.

She covered her cheek in a blank manner.

“Go to the underground palace. This is an order.” The man lowered his eyes and looked at his daughter, voice cold.

Silin bit her lip. She covered her cheek and lowered her head. Then she turned and ran into the central palace.

The slightly slumped shoulders were clearly crying.

At this time, Xu Sili had already followed the guards to the front of the palace.

“I greet Your Majesty!”

The two guards saluted respectfully.

The silver-haired man glanced at them and didn’t speak. His eyes lifted slightly and he made eye contact with Xu Sili.

Xu Sili could clearly feel it and Si Sheng tightened his arms around the boy.

He was alert and on guard.

Xu Sili opened his mouth slightly. He wanted to obediently call out ‘Imperial Father’ to ease the atmosphere when he saw the man slightly raise his chin, indifferent purple eyes looking at him condescendingly.

“Who are you?” He asked coldly.

Xu Sili felt like his scalp was going to explode.

This person… actually saw that he wasn’t Snow Roland with one glance?

The man saw that he didn’t speak and raised his hand. However, before the man could touch him, a hand stretched out and firmly grasped his wrist.

The man frowned in pain and his gaze fell on Si Sheng.

The blond-haired boy glared at him coldly, gray-blue eyes full of protective hostility. The strength in his hands was increasing bit by bit, as if he was going to crush the man’s wrist.

“Too bold!”

The two guards kneeling on the ground saw this scene and were instantly frightened.

They shouted angrily and stepped forward to stop it.

The silver-haired man raised his other hand and stopped them.

He narrowed his purple eyes slightly and looked at Si Sheng. “Little brat, have you held it enough?”

Si Sheng pursed his lips and looked down at Xu Sili. With the boy’s approval, he forcefully shook off the man’s wrist and took a step back at the same time.

The man ignored them. He rubbed his already bruised wrist and the corners of his lips were pulled down.

“This little brat has a lot of strength.”

He scolded in a low voice. His narrowed eyes moved slightly and he looked at Xu Sili again. His eyes flashed with a bit of interest.

“Are you a sound elementalist?”

Xu Sili stared at this person warily. He had crossed to this world for so long and the man in front of him was the first to see that he wasn’t right. This was also in the trial world…

Just then, the silver-haired man controlled his expression and he looked up at the sky.

There were more and more interstellar beasts.

The sky was densely packed and it was as if the world would collapse under their attack the next moment.

The silver-haired man sighed softly. Feelings of disgust and hatred appeared in his lilac eyes.

“Branda,” he whispered.

Someone in blue robes flew over and fell from the top of the palace. He bowed down and saluted. “Your Majesty.”

“Send me up,” the silver-haired man ordered.

The man called Branda immediately replied. “I will obey the order, Your Majesty!”

Therefore, under the gaze of Xu Sili and Si Sheng, the blue wind elements gathered and the silver-haired emperor slowly left the ground.

“Little brat, watch well!”

Before flying completely into the sky, the silver-haired man suddenly looked down at Xu Sili and said something arrogant.

Watch? What should he watch?

Xu Sili looked at him in a confused manner.

A fierce wind blew the man’s hem and long silver hair. Under Branda’s control, he flew into the air and was only five or six meters away from the transparent barrier.

They were probably stimulated by him but the interstellar beasts started slamming against the protective barrier even more frantically. It was as if they were about to rush in and tear him to pieces.

The man stared at them coldly and blue veins gradually bulged on his forehead. His handsome features became fierce and an increasingly thick pressure gathered around him.

It was the restless sound elements.

Xu Sili stared at this scene.

Was it what he thought?

This thought had just crossed his mind when a terrifying sound wave suddenly burst out, as if it had become materialized.

The man in the air opened his eyes and a shrill, high-pitched sound emanated from the bottom of his throat, almost piercing the eardrums of humans.

Bang bang bang bang!

The heads of the interstellar beasts gathered outside the guardian barrier exploded and brilliant blood flowers bloomed in the air. It centered on the interstellar beasts closest to the silver-haired man and constantly spread around.

The critical hit values were stacked wildly and it was almost impossible to see the bright red and terrible numbers.

Xu Sili watched this shocking scene with dull eyes.

The old… no, the former emperor was really a sound elementalist!

It also wasn’t the support department but the powerful combat department!

Xu Sili’s mind quickly returned. He tried to observe all the details of the scene in front of him, trying to parse and reproduce the skill. This skill—he had to learn it!

The silver-haired man’s scream lasted for around a minute. By the time it ended, almost half the flying interstellar beasts trapped outside the guardian barrier were killed by him.

His control over the sound element was really strong.

It was such a close distance and such a powerful sound wave, but Xu Sili could only hear a very small sound.

This showed that under the control of the man, this skill was almost universally targeted at the interstellar beasts outside.

Xu Sili felt his heart beating quickly. This was a powerful sound elementalist!

There was no sound elementalist at the Elementalist Academy and no inheritance of the sound elemental department left behind. It was so much so that he had to explore for himself.

However, his exposure in life was limited. Due to his special status, he wasn’t allowed to go to the cruel battlefield at all. Therefore, his perception was currently soft and peaceful.

He always thought that the sound element system could only be used as support because the folk songs of the Roland Empire were rarely passionate and murderous songs.

Now he finally knew.

Even if he didn’t use lyrics to mobilize the sound elements with his voice, he could still exert the power of a skill. It was even a powerful lethal skill!

It was just like the man had mentioned. He watched nervously the whole time and a trace of yearning and worship appeared in the depths of his eyes.

Under his gaze, the man’s scream slowly stopped. Then under Branda’s control, he descended slowly from the air. Finally, he fell on tiptoe and landed in front of them.

Xu Sili looked at the interstellar beasts that were slowly gathering outside. Then he looked at the man’s cold back and couldn’t help wondering, “You… aren’t screaming again?”

The interstellar beasts outside might be able to be cleared up with another scream!

The silver-haired man looked sideways and gave him a cold look.

Just when Xu Sili thought that this man was going to scold him again, the man’s eyes suddenly rolled and he fell backwards. Then he was accurately caught by the wind elementalist Branda.

“Your Majesty, do I need to send you to the water healer?”


His hoarse voice was so breathless that it could barely be heard.

Xu Sili, “……”

Proofreader: Purichan

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