VCRMM: Chapter 104 Part 1

The two of them returned to the residence and Janice was startled by their appearance.

She had heard the movements outside the palace and could see the attacking interstellar beasts from a distance but Janice never expected that her prince would be in the center of the battlefield.

Fortunately, a careful examination revealed that neither of them was injured. The blood on their bodies belonged to the interstellar beasts.

She quickly ordered people to boil water and went to prepare clean clothes for them.

This residence was simpler than the prince’s palace but it still had the necessary facilities such as a bath.

It was just that this bath was a bit small and there was no heating array. It needed to be heated with firewood underneath. Xu Sili soaked in it and it felt like he was being boiled in a pot.

He sat on a small bench and lay against the edge of the bath, lazily watching Si Sheng wash himself under the shower.

The teenager had swept through the battlefield and there was too much blood on his body. Directly soaking in the bath would stain the bath water, so he needed to clean himself first.

It wasn’t the first time Xu Sili had seen his body. He had seen it the other day when teaching Si Sheng how to dress. However, his mood was slightly subtle now that he knew Si Sheng had recovered his memory.

Si Sheng turned off the shower and turned to walk toward him. He saw the little boy staring somewhere before exclaiming, “It really is much smaller…”

Si Sheng, “……”

The towel in his hand was thrown and directly covered the little boy’s head. It also covered his eyes.

Then the sound of water entered his ears.

Xu Sili took off the towel and glanced sideways at Si Sheng. This person was soaking in the water with only his shoulders and collarbone exposed. He was sitting a bit further away from Xu Sili and had his eyes closed.

It was probably due to soaking in hot water but the tips of his ears were a bit red.

Xu Sili swam toward him.

The pool wasn’t very deep but his current small body was enough for him to swim in it.

He moved to Si Sheng’s side. The teenager opened his eyes, looked at him and paused slightly.

The little boy had silver hair and purple eyes. His facial features were already delicate and beautiful. Now that it was red due to the hot water, he looked even cuter. Si Sheng saw his pink and soft cheeks and felt an itchy feeling from his fingers.

Si Sheng pursed his lips slightly and didn’t look at the other person.

However, Xu Sili didn’t let him go. After staring at the increasingly red ears, he couldn’t help reaching out his small hand and gently pinching the teenager’s earlobe.

It was soft and seemed to be hotter than the hot water.

He was about to squeeze it again when the teenager grabbed his hand. Si Sheng turned his head and looked at him with some helplessness. “Your Majesty…”

“What is it?”

The little boy looked back at him innocently. Thanks to the blessing of the young and immature facial features, this innocence was expanded to the limit and was even a bit pure.

Si Sheng paused and sighed softly. Then he turned back and took the boy into his arms.

“How about I wash your hair?” He asked in a low voice.

Xu Sili grabbed his hair. He felt a bit dirty so he immediately responded, “Okay.”

Si Sheng dragged his small bench over and had him sit in the pool water. Then he took the soap, created foam and carefully helped the boy wash his hair.

The little boy sat down obediently, exposing his fragile and tender back and neck. He allowed Si Sheng to stroke his soft and fine silver hair.

The steam in the bathroom spread and covered everything with softness. A touch of warmth spread.

A smile slowly appeared on Si Sheng’s face.

He liked the current time and didn’t want the trial to end too soon. But…

He thought of the little boy’s sigh just now and paused again.

He lowered his eyes and looked at his current body. It was thin and his strength was a hundred times weaker than his original self.

He pursed his lips and remained silent.

Xu Sili didn’t know how much of a shadow his words had caused someone. He closed his eyes slightly and soaked comfortably in the bath. He could feel someone wash and massage his head and he felt drowsy.

Once he woke up again, he found that it was already dark. He was lying on the bed and covered with a thick quilt.

“Si Sheng?”

He rolled over and sat up. Then he saw the teenager sitting next to him, holding a book and flipping through it.

Si Sheng saw him suddenly sit up with an uneasy expression and quickly closed the book. Then he reached out to hold the boy.

“Your Majesty, this servant is here.”

Xu Sili saw he was there and sighed with relief. His tense body softened and he snuggled in this person’s arms.

“Wasn’t I taking a bath? Why am I here?”

“You fell asleep.” Si Sheng touched his soft, scented silver hair and felt that he liked this person so much that he couldn’t bear to part.

“Did you carry me back?”


Xu Sili looked at him before suddenly retracting under the quilt. It wasn’t known what he was doing but he only emerged again after a while.

“You also changed my pajamas for me?” He asked with a red face.

Si Sheng nodded.

Xu Sili buried himself against this person’s chest. A long time passed before he looked up with some sorrow.

“Then did you see my little brother?”

During the bath, he had gone into the pool wearing underwear but now he was dry. He took a look and found that the color of his underwear had changed. Therefore, the underwear had obviously been changed.

Si Sheng was stunned before realizing what this person meant by ‘little brother.’

He couldn’t help coughing dryly.

“This… it was a last resort.” He tried hard to defend himself, but in the end, he said, “Your Majesty… it was cute.”

Xu Sili felt ashamed and angry.

Si Sheng must’ve done it on purpose! He said that Si Sheng was small so this person said he was cute… this bast*rd!

Two small hands grabbed the teenager’s wrist and he took a bite. However, he didn’t want to use force so he could only grind against it with his teeth, leaving shallow teeth marks and shiny saliva.

Si Sheng didn’t feel any pain and it just felt like his heart was scratched. He saw the way the little boy had his hackles raised and couldn’t help lowering his head to peck lightly at the soft cheek.

“This servant knows I was wrong,” he coaxed gently.

Xu Sili didn’t accept it. He was now shy and angry and felt that he had a bad image in front of Si Sheng.

Then he thought of something and his eyes narrowed slightly. “Did you sneakily steal a touch?”

Si Sheng paused before shaking his head very firmly. At the same time, he showed an expression that wondered ‘why do you think so?’

“Your Majesty, it is impossible for this servant to do this.”

Xu Sili looked at him suspiciously. “What about the other areas?”

Si Sheng’s eyes flickered.

“It is inevitable when changing clothes…”

Xu Sili snorted coldly. His mind was full of the shame and anger of being seen but in fact, it was just a child’s body.

He turned his back and sulked alone.

After a while, the person behind him leaned over and wrapped his arms around him. Xu Sili symbolically struggled before obediently entering this person’s arms.

“This servant thought you would drive me out.”

Si Sheng’s voice was low. It still contained the immaturity of a teenager but there was a calmness and gentleness that was far beyond his age.

Xu Sili pouted.

“Why would I drive you out? It is so cold outside.”

Si Sheng laughed softly and pleasantly, making Xu Sili’s ears tingle. Then he heard Si Sheng say, “Your Majesty is really kind to this servant.”

Was this okay?

Si Sheng was too easy to satisfy, right?

Xu Sili pouted but he was successfully coaxed.

He rubbed and turned around. Then he hugged Si Sheng again, burying his head in this person’s chest. He smelled the scent of the soap on Si Sheng’s body and said softly, “You have to forget what you saw.”

Si Sheng smiled.

He hadn’t expected Lord God to mind so much. Therefore, he lowered his head and said seriously, “This servant will work hard.”

Xu Sili hummed, which was considered as passing over this matter.

After a while, Si Sheng saw that it was almost time and rang the bell. Janice brought dinner but he was still the one to take it. The future head maid couldn’t even enter through the door.

Xu Sili ate the food that wasn’t very delicious while asking Si Sheng about what happened after he fell asleep.

Tonight was supposed to be the celebration dinner. However, the celebration dinner was postponed due to the attack of the interstellar beasts during the day. This meant that no one disturbed him when he fell asleep.

There were less than two days left in the trial. Now Si Sheng had regained his memory. His strength might be suppressed but his powerful fighting instincts and skills were still there. This meant Xu Sili wasn’t particularly worried.

He couldn’t wait to finish the trial and change back to his body. It was just that sometimes, this didn’t work out the way he wanted.

The next day, Xu Sili was awakened by deafening sirens and the roar of interstellar beasts.

Si Sheng stood beside the window with a solemn expression. while looking at the sky in the distance. Xu Sili suddenly woke up and looked past him to see the flying interstellar beasts covering the entire sky.

They swooped down from the sky and seemed ready to attack the palace, but they were blocked by a transparent barrier.

However, they didn’t stop and continued to slam against the protective barrier.

This scene that looked like the end of the world made Xu Sili feel terrified and his blood froze.

This was the dilemma that the Roland Empire had faced and might need to face in the future.

Xu Sili had never felt this so intuitively.

“Your Highness!”

The door was opened and light poured in.

Janice stood in the doorway. She had changed into a combat uniform and this young woman with red hair and red eyes looked heroic and cool. There wasn’t her usual gentleness.

It wasn’t until this time that Xu Sili remembered that his head maid was a high level elementalist.

“Your Highness, the interstellar beasts are attacking. Please follow the guards to take refuge in the underground area immediately!”

Janice spoke with a serious expression.

Si Sheng had already left the window and was putting on clothes for Xu Sili. Xu Sili stretched his hand through the sleeve and looked at Janice. “What about you?”

However, he could already guess the answer based on her attire.

Janice stared at him and paused before saying softly, “The palace has a protective barrier and the beasts can’t break in. However, outside the palace is different. I want to follow the army outside the palace to protect the civilians.”

“Your Highness, hide with Si Sheng. I hope to have the opportunity to take care of you in the future.”

“Please take care.”

In the backlight, there was a hint of tenderness in her red eyes, like a mother looking at her child. Then the softness faded away and her expression became firm and determined.

“I’m going.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Janice is really cool woman!!!! Fighting!
Thank you for your translation 💙💙💙💙

1 year ago

Can’t believe the trial was really an exhibition of two cute little buns. so cute :,D Thanks for the chapters!!!

1 year ago

Isn’t this trial about past hardships? So did this happen to snow? ಥ_ಥ
Unless the trial just went off the rails
Thank you for the chapter (。◕‿‿◕。)

9 months ago
Reply to  Lala

I think the initial setting is “the challenger’s weakest state”. Which is Snow falling from the tree and Si Seng killing the sl*ve boss before. Because without Xu Sili, Snow won’t remember this is a trial and died.. and Si Seng also nearly died when taking the boss (he wanted to take at least the boss down with him, meaning Si Sheng is already dying). Even when they passed, it is obvious the trial will keep sending “dangerous situations” for them which isn’t necessarily come from their past. The trials are just trying to kill them in their weakest form and Xu Sili is a bug/cheat in this.

11 months ago