VCRMM: Chapter 103 Part 2

Silin was very busy. After handing over her brother to the teenager, she gave a few instructions and left to help clean up the battlefield.

Xu Sili was left behind and ignored Si Sheng. He went straight in the direction of the palace.

He was ready to walk back. It wasn’t like he had never walked anyway.

He still remembered the first time he left the palace for a walk. It was with Si Sheng… oh, Si Sheng must’ve recognized him at that time, right?

The back of the little boy was obviously puffed up. The teenager followed him, thin lips slightly pursed.

“Your Majesty, are you angry?”

They walked a bit before he asked in a low voice.

The little boy snorted coldly but the soft, childish sound made this cold snort sound a bit tsundere.

“You aren’t pretending?”

His voice was slightly raised and contained a bit of mockery.

Si Sheng couldn’t help pausing and his eyelashes lowered.

The little boy didn’t stop scolding him. “Oh, not only did you deceive me but you didn’t even listen to my words.”

“Si Sheng, do you already think you’ve eaten me to death?”

Si Sheng’s head hung lower. “I don’t dare.”

Xu Sili paused.

Looking back at his low and melancholy expression, a trace of guilt welled up in Xu Sili’s heart, washing away much of the anger that blocked his heart.

He snorted softly, walked to the snack shop on the side of the street and bought a few lollipops.

Fortunately, he asked Janice for some Escher coins before coming out. However, seeing his purple eyes, the store owner didn’t dare to take his money.

Xu Sili dropped two Escher coins before dragging Si Sheng into an alley and telling him, “Let’s go, get out of here.”

Si Sheng was stunned for a moment before quickly bending down and carrying him away from this place.

They reappeared at the top of an uninhabited tower. Through the gaps in the railings, they could see the still messy battlefield on the other side of the square.

The tower was one of the few high-rise buildings in Imperial City. Now it had been attacked by flying interstellar beasts and no one would come here for a short time.

Xu Sili determined that this was a good place to be undisturbed. Therefore, he took out a lollipop and gave it to Si Sheng. Then he saw Si Sheng’s appearance and couldn’t help pausing.

He stuffed the lollipop back and took out a handkerchief.

“I want clear water.”

He still sounded angry but his words made Si Sheng’s eyes light up. He quietly stared at the little boy as he slowly condensed a ball of clear water.

Xu Sili wet the handkerchief with clean water and ordered the other person to sit down.

The teenager sat down obediently, staring at him without blinking. Then Si Sheng’s face was covered with a wet handkerchief.

Xu Sili carefully helped him wipe the blood from his face. He washed the handkerchief three times before wiping it all over completely. Finally, his gaze fell on the teenager’s lips.

The teenager looked at him with moist eyes, like a puppy begging for mercy as he said softly, “Lord God…”

A small hand covered his mouth and prevented him from saying anything else.

“Don’t call me that again.”

Xu Sili looked into his eyes and said seriously, “You aren’t in a lowly position either.”

“Si Sheng, we are equal.”

Si Sheng looked at him in shock and watched as the little boy leaned over. He touched their foreheads together, breaths entangled.

“I don’t like seeing you like that.”

He lowered his eyes slightly and his fingers gently caressed the teenager’s lips. “How can such beautiful lips get dirty? If you want to kiss something, you can only kiss me, you know?” 

Then he lowered his head and kissed Si Sheng on the lips.

The light kiss that was like a dragonfly dotting the water was a kiss on the tip of Si Sheng’s heart. He was stunned and a bit overwhelmed.

“I’m sorry.”

He heard the little boy say, “I didn’t know you remembered the last world. At that time… there were many things I didn’t do well.”

“I will change. Can you forgive me?”

Si Sheng looked into his clear purple eyes and listened to his soft words. He felt that there was never a moment as happy as he was right now.

He thought he had been hated. Who knew that he would hear his god’s active apology.

He felt something in his heart crumbling and shattering.

After being abandoned and forgotten, how could there be no resentment? Yet at this moment, these complaints seemed to disappear with a few words.

“God…” Then remembering what Lord God just said, he quickly changed his words.

“Your Majesty, you have been very good to this servant. Your kindness will always be remembered by this servant.”

So there was no need to apologize.

Xu Sili felt guilty when he heard this. Then looking at Si Sheng’s pious and loving eyes, he knew these things couldn’t be changed for a while.

He was silent for a moment before suddenly asking, “So how did you recognize me?”

He was so curious!

The two of them had never met before. How did Si Sheng recognize him?

Si Sheng’s lips curved slightly. “The skill of this servant was ineffective on you.”

Xu Sili blinked and something flashed in his mind. “You mean… the questions that must be answered?”

“Yes.” Si Sheng nodded.

Xu Sili frowned again. “That still doesn’t fully explain it. What if you recognized the wrong person?”

“Yes, so this servant was only suspicious until—”

Si Sheng chuckled. “September.”

Xu Sili froze and had a strange expression. Then he listened to Si Sheng explain, “In this world, his name is Chasing Shadows.”

“His real name is September. Apart from the shadow leopard and this servant, Lord God is the only one who knows it.”

Xu Sili was completely stunned.

Ah, it turned out he was overturned like this?

The shadow leopard actually had two names?

“In addition—” Si Sheng continued. “Wen Jishan wasn’t a dessert store owner in this world.”

“Before he became an administrator, he ran a horse and carriage business.”

Xu Sili, “……”

Preconceived notions were terrible!

“Of course, there are some other small details,” Si Sheng said. “It is just that the above points were enough to make this servant certain.”

Xu Sili looked at him in an unconvinced manner.

“You’re pretty smart.” He couldn’t help saying.

The praised Si Sheng smiled. “No, you didn’t think to hide it.”

The reason why Lord God didn’t hide it…

It was probably because Lord God thought his memory was erased.

Thinking of this, the light in his eyes dimmed a bit. However, it was well disguised and it couldn’t be seen.

This was fine for now.

No matter what happened in the past, he had the present and the future he wanted.

Si Sheng stretched out his hand and stroked the little boy’s cheek. He asked, “Why did Your Majesty become so weak?”

Weak? Xu Sili was stunned but he soon understood why this question was asked.

It was because in Si Sheng’s cognition, he was a powerful god… oh, how should he answer this?

Should he say that he was just an ordinary person and his original world was just a game, while Si Sheng was a character designed by the game company?

For Si Sheng, this was probably too difficult to understand and too cruel.

Xu Sili thought about it and decided to let this misunderstanding continue. In any case, it wouldn’t have too much impact on the relationship between the two people.

“I’ll recover,” he said.

His strength increased as the level went up. This should be regarded as ‘recovery’ right?

Si Sheng lowered his head and didn’t doubt this.

He saw the little boy’s face suddenly tense up before the boy asked, “By the way, when did you recover your memory?”

Si Sheng froze.

He saw the flames in the little boy’s eyes and pursed his lips. “This morning…”

“Hmph!” Xu Sili stared at him coldly. “Then why did you hide it from me?”

Si Sheng’s back stiffened. Under the cold gaze of the little boy, he carefully hugged the boy. He buried his head in the boy’s neck and rubbed it gently.

“Make it clear.” Xu Sili wouldn’t be soft-hearted due to him acting spoiled.

“Because…” The teenager lowered his head. “I want to enjoy the favor of Lord God for a while.”

Xu Sili was stunned. He never imagined that this was the reason but…

“I’ve already given you myself. Isn’t this enough to spoil you?” His voice increased slightly.

“I’m sorry.”

Si Sheng apologized very obediently.

He knew in his heart that this type of pampering was different from that one.

During the time when he lost his memory, Lord God almost treated him like a child and never had a cold face toward him. Lord God especially liked to act like a spoiled child with him and was defenseless in front of him.

He was addicted to this type of relationship but he also knew that such a time was short. Therefore, he wanted to grasp the last time.

Who knew it would be discovered…

Xu Sili sighed in his heart. He couldn’t do anything the moment Si Sheng apologized and his attitude softened.

He also couldn’t help reflecting on it. Did he really not do enough usually?

Probably… it wasn’t enough?

Si Sheng’s current status… was still his lover. Perhaps it was really Xu Sili’s fault that Si Sheng was so uneasy and humble…

“Cough cough—”

Xu Sili cleared his throat uncomfortably. “Forget it. I will forgive you in this matter.”

Then before Si Sheng could sigh with relief, he added, “Then why did you just run to the battlefield without listening to me? Is it also because of this?”

Si Sheng pursed his lips. “This servant thought that Your Majesty… didn’t want to see those people die.”

“I really don’t want to see those people die.”

Xu Sili looked at him. “However, I don’t want to see you in trouble. We are in the trial and your strength has been suppressed. You might die at any time.”

“Si Sheng, for me, no one in this world is more important than you. I hope you will remember this before making a decision in the future.”

The little boy’s voice was still immature but the seriousness in his words made Si Sheng extremely moved.

He felt his heart beating fast and another type of joy was about to overflow. He couldn’t help the corners of his lips curving.

“This servant will remember.”

He looked back at the little boy in an equally serious manner.

Xu Sili sighed with relief and just hoped that Si Sheng would really remember this.

He took out a lollipop, unwrapped the wrapping paper and stuffed it into Si Sheng’s mouth. Then he took one himself.

He tasted the sweet taste and the mood that had just experienced a thrilling battle and couldn’t be calmed seemed to have finally completely relaxed.

Now he had also talked with Si Sheng… Xu Sili looked at their dirty clothes, patted off the dust and got up. Then he pulled Si Sheng to stand up as well.

“Let’s go back and take a shower. It stinks to death.”

He took the initiative to extend two small hands to Si Sheng.

Si Sheng looked at him in a stunned manner. Then he bent down to pick up the boy and smiled softly. “Okay.”

It was cold weather so they could take a bath.

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Their relationship is really very complicated, but I like it so much! They have a past, they have character, they have principles. Wow, this is just awesome!
Thank you very much for the translation 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

1 year ago

ay how do I get the password to the next chapter it says its password protected (… I have to pay?…..)

1 year ago

Why won’t sili just tell him he died!? Or that in his world hrs not God but he has control!???!!! Why is he just letting the misunderstanding that si sheng clearly is having a hard time with! It’s si easy just tell him you diiiiied
Thank you for the translations!!!!!! 💕

1 year ago
Reply to  Lala

Isn’t it to prevent his entire world view from collapsing during the trial where he needs Si Sheng to remain on his toes?

10 months ago