VCRMM: Chapter 103 Part 1

Xu Sili felt the teenager’s stiffness. He couldn’t help narrowing his eyes and wanted to say something more, but Silin’s anxious voice interrupted them.

“Snow! Snow!”

She shouted his name as she flew over the top of the interstellar beast and landed beside them.

The girl’s ponytail was completely scattered. The corner of her mouth was still bloody and her exquisite clothes were somewhat torn. In short, it was a very embarrassing state.

“Second Imperial Sister, I’m fine.”

Xu Sili stepped back from Si Sheng’s arms and looked at her. “Are you okay? Are you seriously injured?”

He didn’t have time to take care of her just now. He couldn’t help but sigh with relief when he saw her successfully escape.

Silin grabbed his arm and examined it first. She determined it was just a small bump and replied, “Of course, I’m fine. It is just a small injury.”

Then she looked at Si Sheng again before smiling and patting him on the shoulder. “You are very good! Thank you for saving me. Once the battle is over, I will let Imperial Father reward you well!”

Xu Sili heard the words and couldn’t help blinking.

It was Si Sheng who saved Silin…

So he really recovered his memory, right? Since when was it restored?

This guy, who always hid everything from him, still wasn’t as cute as when he lost his memory… Xu Sili pouted to himself.

In the face of Silin’s praise, the teenager just stared at her noncommittally before withdrawing his gaze.

He looked at the little boy again, only to find that the boy was ignoring him and avoided him when he bent down to take the boy’s hand.

The teenager was stunned when seeing his empty hand. His eyelashes hung down and he looked pitiful like an abandoned puppy. There wasn’t the slightest appearance at all of being cold and bloodthirsty.

“Second Imperial Sister, what should we do next?”

However, Xu Sili had already shifted his attention. He looked at the black clouds that were still dark and oppressive in the sky. He heard the sound of fighting on the battlefield but didn’t have much fear in his heart. He just wanted all of this to end quickly.

Silin rubbed his head. “Go to a safe place and hide. I’m going to keep fighting.”

Xu Sili pulled her aside and frowned with disapproval.

“It will be dangerous to continue fighting in your current state…”

Silin grinned and wiped the blood at the corners of her mouth with the back of her hand.

“What about it? I still have magic and can use skills. How can I stay in the back and let the weak ones stand in front?”

Most of the 10,000 soldiers outside were ordinary people who were still fighting. As an elementalist and part of the imperial bloodline, she must also fight alongside them!

Xu Sili still looked at her with worry.

This was the world of the trial. Everything in this world was an illusion apart from him and Si Sheng. Silin was as well but perhaps it was her kindness to him during these days that made him feel a bit different.

Silin was quite uncomfortable with the little boy’s dignified gaze. Why did it seem like she was going to die?

She was about to speak when she heard the voice of the teenager. “Let me go.”

Xu Sili and Silin were both stunned.


Before Silin could say anything, Xu Sili stared fiercely at Si Sheng. “Don’t go!”

The teenager’s eyes were full of smiles.

He knelt down in front of the boy on one knee. In front of Xu Sili’s shocked gaze, he slowly prostrated himself and lightly kissed the tip of the boy’s shoe.

The sunlight shone obliquely into the alley, reflecting the teenager’s blond hair shining brightly. The back of his white and slender neck extended in a graceful arc due to this movement.

Xu Sili stared at him blankly.

“Si Sheng, what would you do if you saw me?”

“If Lord God appears before my humble self, please allow this humble one to crawl at your feet, kiss the tip of your shoes and offer you unswerving loyalty until death.”

The conversation from that day rang in his ears.

He was happy then.

He enjoyed Si Sheng’s gaze as his most loyal believer. He enjoyed the admiration and devotion of the most powerful man in the game.

However, once the words came out today, he felt… very very uncomfortable!

Xu Sili’s face turned red.

At this moment, he realized with great clarity that he didn’t see Si Sheng as a person at all that day.

Now that had all changed.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. Si Sheng shouldn’t show such a humble gesture in front of him.

In his sluggish gaze, the teenager raised his head again. His face was still stained with blood but the deep and joyful light in the gray-blue eyes couldn’t be hidden.

That joy stung Xu Sili’s heart.

“This servant is asking to go fight,” the teenager looked at him and said in a low voice.

It was as if they had returned to that time when he was a card in Xu Sili’s hand and Xu Sili was the divine player who arbitrarily controlled everything.

But obviously…

The circumstances were different!

What humbleness? What fighting?

Xu Sili gritted his teeth and his voice seemed squeezed out through his back teeth. “Don’t go…”

However, the teenager had already stood up.

The sword hanging at Silin’s waist was pulled out. The teenager looked at her, eyes cold. “Take care of him.”

After saying that, he climbed the corpse of the interstellar beast again and jumped out of the alley at a rapid speed.

Silin looked at him in a daze. Then she looked down again and was slightly confused when she saw her brother, who looked angry and like he was about to cry.

Was that the ceremony of the guardian knight just now?

That guy Si Sheng…

Silin thought of the teenager’s strength and couldn’t help pausing.

Ah, forget it. This was fine as well.

Silin bent over to pick up the child and prepared to take him to find refuge. She wasn’t a fool. Now in this situation, how could she leave her brother alone in such a dangerous place?

Maybe this teenager could play a much bigger role than her.

Xu Sili immediately bit his lip.

He suddenly tasted it now. Si Sheng, that bas*ard… he did it like this just because Xu Sili ignored him?


In addition to feeling helpless and angry, his heart was full of worry and suffocation.

He was now a brat who was a scumbag at fighting. Not only was he unable to help but he also needed to be protected by others.

As for Si Sheng…

He might’ve recovered his memory but he hadn’t restored his strength yet, right?

Otherwise, based on his original ability, he just needed to release his coercion and he could directly scare away the interstellar beasts, right? Why did he need to slash them with a heavy sword like just now?

Xu Sili was worried and craned his head to look in the direction of the battlefield.

However, Silin had already carried him and entered a private house. She found a basement where they could take refuge.

Due to attacks from the flying interstellar beasts, almost every house in the Roland Empire had built such basements.

The owner of this private house wasn’t present and Silin didn’t care about it. She directly carried her brother inside and groped to turn on the light.

Lights illuminated the basement.

This underground room was very large and beautifully built. There was a number of living equipment and Xu Sili even saw a TV set.

After entering the basement, the sound of fighting on the battlefield couldn’t be heard clearly.

Xu Sili looked uneasily at the exit of the basement.

He wanted to go out and see how Si Sheng was doing now. However, he also knew that the most important thing he should do now was to stay still and not add to the chaos.


The roar of interstellar beasts suddenly rang out through the basement, startling Xu Sili.

He turned his head and saw Silin standing in front of the TV with a remote control in her hand. The TV was already on and the screen was playing the scene of the square outside.

Silin saw him looking over and laughed. “Today’s greeting ceremony has a live broadcast. I just tried it but I didn’t expect it to really be recording.”

Xu Sili nodded but his mind was already completely focused on the TV.

The camera recorded the ferocity and tyranny of the interstellar beasts, as well as the heroic battles of the warriors resisting the attack.

Some of the bloody scenes made Xu Sili feel terrified but he still insisted on finding Si Sheng’s figure.

He soon saw the teenager.

In fact, there was no need to look for him because he was the most dazzling and eye-catching presence on the battlefield.

He held a long sword in his hand and moved between battlefields. He was obviously thin in stature but his attacks were really fierce. The shadow of the sword flew and constantly harvested the lives of the interstellar beasts.

Silin couldn’t help being shocked.

“Is my Full Moon Sword so powerful?” She murmured.

She had the necessary combat skills in practice but as a spiritual elementalist, melee combat wasn’t her main attack direction. Now it seemed that this sword was a waste in her hand.

Xu Sili stared at the TV screen.

It probably became aware of this heroic teenager because the camera increasingly focused on him.

Blood splashed and interstellar beasts fell one after another in a miserable manner. The teenager was like a long-suppressed fierce beast. The indomitable momentum and fierce and precise attacks were really…

Very handsome.

In addition to worrying, Xu Sili couldn’t help thinking like this in his heart.

The young Si Sheng and adult Si Sheng were indeed different.

He felt distressed and pity for Si Sheng when he was young, but for the future self… he was emotionally affected.

Seeing him fighting, the throbbing of his heart and his blush came back.

Due to the resistance of 10,000 elite soldiers and the addition of Si Sheng, the battle ended shortly afterward.

The battlefield was a mess.

Xu Sili and Silin came out of the basement where they were hiding and saw Si Sheng being surrounded by people in the distance.

His bravery and strength were recognized.

Xu Sili looked at him. He had been watching the entire time so he knew that Si Sheng wasn’t injured.

He pursed his lips and said to Silin, “Second Imperial Sister, I want to go back.”

Silin nodded. The battlefield was full of limbs and broken arms. It really wasn’t suitable for a five year old child to stay here.

She tried to find a guard to escort him, but the teenager who had just been surrounded by the crowd came to them in an instant.

Silin, “……”

Silin didn’t know what to say when looking at this elusive young man. However, he had proven his bravery and loyalty with his actions. She couldn’t think of a reason to not hand over her brother to him.

This was even though her lovely brother had a stinky expression ever since the teenager came back.

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