VCRMM: Chapter 102 Part 2

Xenos had just come of age. In the face of such a gesture, he naturally couldn’t hide his joy.

He took the sword offered by Marshal Joyce and raised it high in the air.

Before he could say anything passionate, there was a bang from the sky and a huge thunderbolt flashed.

What was this situation?

Xu Sili frowned slightly as he looked up at the sky.

He saw that the originally clear sky was suddenly shrouded in dark clouds and dense air pressure sank down. There were black spots in the sky that were rapidly expanding.

Screams rang out and the well-ordered square was thrown into chaos.

“Interstellar beasts! Quickly organize the evacuation of the people!”

As Xu Sili was still in a daze, Xenos and the soldiers had already returned to their senses and quickly dispatched people.

There were too many people gathered in the square right now and they had to be evacuated immediately.


Xenos’ originally gentle and elegant facial features became somewhat distorted. He looked at his brother and sister behind him.

“Silin, take Snow back to the palace! Quickly!”

Silin didn’t talk nonsense. She picked up Xu Sili and flew to the edge of the square. She placed him in the arms of a guard and said urgently.

“Take him to safety.”

She rubbed the top of the little boy’s head and quickly turned to rush to the square. She directed the people to evacuate in an orderly manner and rescued the old and weak who were pushed to the ground.

She was a wind elementalist and was active in the Imperial City Guard every day. Many people were familiar with her and obediently followed her commands.

Xu Sili was held by a guard and was about to be carried onto a shuttle.

He was being forced to leave without seeing Si Sheng and couldn’t help saying urgently, “The flying interstellar beasts are all in the sky. If you use a flying shuttle at this time, aren’t you afraid of being knocked down?”

He knew that the current main cities didn’t have the guardian circles and this meant they needed to face threats from the flying interstellar beasts. However, Xu Sili hadn’t expected them to come at the time of the military parade.

Or perhaps it was part of the trial.

At this time, the bodyguard explained to him, “No, Your Highness. The shuttle can fly at a low altitude. As long as it reaches the palace…”


A thunderbolt struck the shuttle, bombarding the shuttle that was parked in place and scattering its parts.

Xu Sili saw this scene and looked expressionlessly at the sluggish guard.

He struggled to get down to the ground but the guard reacted and hugged him tightly again, quickly running to a low-rise private house in the distance.

“Where do you want to take me?”

“Your Highness, I will take you to a safe place. Don’t move.”

Xu Sili didn’t move. He lay on the guard’s shoulder and his eyes searched around the chaotic square.

The interstellar beasts were already in sight. They flapped their wings and confronted the human elementalists head-on. A battle ensued.

There were 10,000 elite soldiers here so their attacks weren’t as effective as they used to be.

Xu Sili twitched when he saw skills fly all over the sky that were like special effects in a movie.

“Si Sheng, Si Sheng!”

He shouted as he tried to follow the thin figure in the fleeing crowd.

Don’t be in trouble!

At this moment, he saw that in the sky in the distance, Silin and an interstellar beast were facing each other.

The body of the interstellar beast was the size of two adults and its huge wings flapped. It was about to grab a woman holding a baby with its claws but it was stopped by the girl.

The girl’s ponytail had been loosened. She swayed under the attack of the interstellar beast but refused to flee. She even distracted herself by whisperin to the person below her, “What are you doing standing still? Run?”

The woman nodded gratefully at her. Then she cried as she picked up the child and ran to a safe place.

Xu Sili’s heart was in his throat when he saw this.

He knew that this was only a trial world and the people here weren’t real, but he still couldn’t calm down as he watched Silin coughing up blood under the attack of the interstellar beasts.

“Go and save her! Save my imperial sister!”

He tried to order the guard who was holding him to escape, but the guard didn’t listen to him at all. He just ran away in the chaotic crowd.


Xu Sili heard Xenos’ voice.

He had obviously noticed the situation on Silin’s side but at this moment, he was tangled up in interstellar beasts. He couldn’t go over for reinforcements.

Silin barely managed to hold up the wind shield, but she couldn’t hold on against the fierce attacks of the interstellar beast.

She originally wasn’t a warrior. She was a spiritual elementalist so her physical quality was only a bit stronger than that of ordinary people.

Obviously, they had made sufficient preparations for today’s greeting ceremony and monitored the movements of the flying interstellar beasts in advance to ensure there was no attack today. They were relieved enough to organize so many people to come and watch the ceremony.

Unexpectedly, the interstellar beasts actually came and it was so quickly!

Silin struggled to hold on but she soon reached her limit.

She watched the giant claws of the interstellar beast shatter her wind shield while another huge claw came toward her and was about to pierce her chest.

Time passed very slowly at this moment.

Silin turned her head and looked around.

She seemed to see her little brother struggling in the arms of the guards. He was pointing anxiously at her and saying something, as if crying out for her.

What a fool.

She smiled bitterly in her heart and tears welled up in her eyes. It was a pity that she would die here without getting to go to the front lines.

She said she wanted to recover all the land but as a result…

Suddenly, there was a strange noise. Silin was stunned. She found that the claw of the interstellar beast had stopped as it was about to stab her chest.

Her desire to survive made her instinctively retreat. She moved back a safe distance and could clearly see what was happening in mid-air.

She saw that next to the interstellar beast, a blond-haired teenager had appeared at some point. He was holding a sword with both hands and fiercely cut off the head of the interstellar beast.

The eerie sound was the sound of blood spurting from the neck of the interstellar beast.

But… how did he…

Silin watched this scene in a daze.

However, the teenager just glanced at her coldly with a bit of impatience in his eyes. Then his figure flashed and he disappeared.

No, it wasn’t that he disappeared. It was that he was too fast…

Silin turned her head sharply and looked behind.

At this time, Xu Sili didn’t find that Silin’s crisis had been resolved because…

An interstellar beast flew down, blocking his way. The guard holding him had to roll to the side, avoiding the attack of the interstellar beast.


The sharp claws of the interstellar beast scratched the ground and rubble flew over.

During the tumbling, Xu Sili just felt like the sky was spinning.

After he calmed down, he saw the huge and ferocious bird claws in front of him. The guard under him hit his head during the tumbling and fainted with closed eyes.

Xu Sili couldn’t help gritting his teeth.

He knew this was a trial but he hadn’t expected it to be so exciting.

The previous death situations were all child’s play and now was the real thing. He now hoped that it would be the same as before, such as drowning or freezing to death. At the very least, that wouldn’t implicate others and make him feel some type of psychological burden.

Before the bird’s claws could grab him, Xu Sili struggled to get up and ran into an alley with all his strength.

It wasn’t known if it was fortunate or unfortunate, but the bird-type interstellar beast didn’t pay attention to the unconscious guard but instead chased after him.

Xu Sili’s pair of short legs couldn’t run fast at all.

Fortunately, the interstellar beast was blocked at the entrance of the narrow alley. It roared irritably at the entrance of the alley, making a sound that made people feel like their eardrums were about to burst.

The alley wasn’t deep and it was a dead end.

Xu Sili crouched on the ground with his hands resting on his head. He stared with some fear at the crazy interstellar beast in front of him.

If it went on like this, either the interstellar beast would rush in and bite him to death, or the bricks and tiles around him would collapse and bury him alive. Death was on his left and right sides.

Was he really going to die here?

What about Si Sheng? Was he okay?

The shadow of death was looming over him. At this time, he realized the person he most wanted to see was Si Sheng.

Just as Xu Sili was feeling desperate, he suddenly heard the roar of the interstellar beast becoming even louder.

It wasn’t excitement and tyranny but…


Xu Sili was very sensitive to sound. Once he heard this roar that was completely different from before, he couldn’t help looking up. He was surprised to find that—

The interstellar beast was bleeding!

Blood splashed from it like a blooming flower.

The hope of survival made Xu Sili’s body stop trembling. He stared at the interstellar beast blocking the entrance of the alley.

In the noisy environment, he could hear the sound of a sharp blade piercing flesh. At the same time, he saw more blood flowing from the interstellar beast.

However, the interstellar beast’s body was too large for him to see clearly what was happening behind it.

The interstellar beast wanted to fight back but it seemed to be under control. It could only withstand the attack from behind.

In the end, feathers flew and the huge interstellar beast fell down unwillingly. It died at the entrance of the alley.

The shadow it cast was still hanging over Xu Sili’s head, but at this moment, it was motionless without the tyrannical madness it just had.

Xu Sili’s heart was beating wildly and he was breathing heavily.

Who saved him?

The guards? Silin? Or…

Under his gaze, a bloodied figure appeared above the huge head of the interstellar beast.

He stood in the light and the twisted and hideous expression on his face could be seen. It matched with the blood on his face and was like a bloodthirsty Rakshasa.

However, looking at such a teenager, Xu Sili felt that his heart had stopped beating.

He stared in a daze as Si Sheng threw down the broken heavy sword in his hand. He climbed the huge body of the interstellar beast and jumped down.

“Your Highness!”

The moment Si Sheng saw him, the vicious anger on his face was completely put away. It was like the winter snow melting and the sun rising as Si Sheng rushed toward him.

“Are you okay?”

The teenager picked him up nervously. After examining his body, the teenager hugged him tightly again.

“I’m sorry I’m late.”

His voice was filled with distress and apology, just like when Xu Sili rescued him from the underground slave market that day.

Xu Sili leaned against his arms for a long time before regaining his normal breathing.

He recalled the scene he had just seen. All the details played in his mind. Finally, he raised his head and asked, “Si Sheng, have you recovered your memory?”

The person holding his body couldn’t help freezing.

Proofreader: Purichan

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