VCRMM: Chapter 102 Part 1

After changing his clothes, Xu Sili took Si Sheng’s hand and followed Silin out the door.

This was the second time he had walked out of this courtyard since entering the world of trials. His first time was naturally when he went to the underground slave market. Once he came back, he never went out again.

Silin walked in front, her high silver ponytail dangling in a lively and agile manner.

She glanced back from time to time. Her eyes swept over them and fell on the blond-haired boy again. Her eyes flashed and it wasn’t known what she was thinking.

A five year old with short legs insisted on walking on his own. Silin didn’t stop him and secretly applied the Light Body technique to him to make him walk faster.


Her gaze once again fell on the little boy’s grip on the blond-haired teenager’s hand.

How many days had the two of them known each other? How did they become so intimate? Previously, little Snow would call her sister sweetly. Now, not only was he not sweet, but he didn’t pay much attention to her.

The girl was a bit surprised. Then she saw how her brother regained his strength and reluctantly withdrew her gaze.

It was good as long as he could be happy.

The young man called Si Sheng looked thin but she could keenly perceive his danger.

If he could protect and take care of little Snow with all his heart and soul then she had no reason to target him or drive him away.

Maybe she could send him to the academy for further study?

Xu Sili could feel that his body was much lighter. Due to the system’s notification, he knew that it was Silin who performed the Light Body technique on him.

It seemed that the princess was a wind elementalist.

“Second Imperial Sister, are we going to see the old man…”

The words that reached his lips changed. “Imperial Father?”

Silin shook her head and explained to him, “We are going to meet our Imperial Brother first and then go to the square to meet the triumphant army. Then we will have dinner together in the evening.”

“Has a battle been won recently?”

Xu Sili pulled up Snow Roland’s memory.

In the Roland Empire, life actually wasn’t that difficult until the beast wave three years ago.

The solid defensive line built in the northwest blocked most of the interstellar beasts. There might be a small number of interstellar beasts inside the defense line but they were basically weak with one star or no stars. They could be cleaned up by the local guards.

In addition to the five main cities that later survived, there were other large and small towns scattered across the vast territory of the Roland Empire.

Apart from the need to deal with the threat of the sky interstellar beasts, the Roland Empire before the beast wave could be said to be recovering in an orderly manner.

At this point in time 13 years ago, the Roland Empire was thriving and vibrant.

At least, this was the case in Snow Roland’s vague memories.

“Hehe, around two months ago, Marshal Joyce led the soldiers to clear the interstellar beasts on the outskirts of the border. He expanded the military barrier outward by more than 20 meters!”

Silin’s purple eyes were sparking when she spoke of this. They were full of excitement.

Xu Sili nodded. If the defense line expanded outward by 20 meters then it was indeed quite remarkable.

After all, the border line was at least tens of thousands of meters long, right?

Roughly calculating it, that was more than 200,000 square meters of land area. There naturally must be a difference with the actual situation. However, seeing Silin so excited, the recovered land area must be quite a lot.

Perhaps it was due to his young age but Silin told him in a particularly serious tone.

“Snow, don’t underestimate these 20 meters.”

“It is only by moving outward little by little, recovering our homeland and rebuilding on the land we take back that the empire is growing stronger and stronger.”

“One day, I will also go to the front line and lead the army to fight those da*n interstellar beasts and take back all our lost territories!”

Xu Sili looked at the girl’s passionate appearance and his heart was shrouded in a layer of gloom.

If she knew that ten years later, the defense line in the northwest would finally collapse due to the beast wave and the great Roland Empire only had five main cities left, what type of sadness and despair would she feel?

He pursed his lips and his light-colored eyelashes fell down to hide the sadness in his purple eyes.

He replied softly, “Yes, definitely.”

In the future, he would surely recover the lost land of Roland and speed up the construction. This way the people of the empire would no longer suffer from the invasion of the interstellar beasts so that… all those who sacrificed themselves for this could rest in peace.

Silin saw the determined look on her brother’s young and small face and couldn’t help grinning.

“What about you? Just stay in the palace.”

She rubbed his head. “Grow up peacefully and happily.”

Then she smiled and continued to move forward.

Seeing the girl’s happy back, Xu Sili paused for a long time before reaching out to smooth his messed up hair. However, he found that he couldn’t smooth the waves in his heart.

“Your Highness.”

The teenager’s soft call pulled him back from his thoughts. He glanced sideways and met the blond-haired teenager’s gray-blue eyes. They were filled with gentle comfort, as if perceiving his low emotions.

The little boy suddenly stopped.

Under the teenager’s doubtful gaze, he reached out and said softly, “Hug.”

The teenager froze. Then he bent down decisively and took the little boy into his arms.

His body was obviously thin but his strength was great. He picked up the five year old child and his face wasn’t red and breathless at all. The little boy buried himself in the teenager’s neck and he gently touched the boy’s soft hair.

Silin glanced back at them and opened her mouth. Finally, she shook her head and looked away.

Her younger brother was only five years old. He was a normal child and it was fine to be a bit squeamish.

Xu Sili felt that his mind had become immature with his smaller body.

It was just that he didn’t want to face Silin now. In addition…

The original first heir, the crown prince of the Roland Empire—Xenos Roland.

Prince Xenos had just turned 18 this year and had silver hair and purple eyes like his younger siblings.

He was tall and slender. As a water elementalist, he had a gentle and elegant temperament.

Unlike his lively and cheerful younger sister, he looked more gentle and elegant. He had a strong spiritual strength and weak physique. He was a typical spiritual elementalist.

However, his gentleness was just his surface appearance. In Snow Roland’s memory, his oldest brother had a cold personality and wasn’t close to him. He was even a bit distant.

“Imperial Brother!”

Silin ran up to him and greeted him with a big grin.

Xenos nodded slightly. Then his gaze fell on the little boy behind her who was being held by the blond-haired teenager.

Xu Sili was still in Si Sheng’s arms but he had already raised his head.

He saw the prince’s indifferent expression and greeted him softly. Xu Sili saw that he was as distant as Snow remembered and was relieved in his heart.

Yes, this was fine.

There would be no unwarranted bonds. Once the trial was over, he would be able to forget them with peace of mind.

“Let’s go.”

Xenos spoke to the guards and led the way to the shuttle.

Xu Sili looked at his back and remembered in hindsight. Speaking of which, it seemed that among the four brothers and sisters, only Joan had black hair?

He carefully looked through his memories again and found that little Joan didn’t have the same mother as them.

Their mother had died of illness when Snow was three years old. As for Joan’s mother, Snow had never met her. It was probably the old emperor who harmed some girl…

Xu Sili was a bit speechless and his impression of the old emperor became even worse.

Fortunately, he had now moved to a different residence and no longer had to face this old ghost every day. He also didn’t have to pretend to have filial piety toward his father.

In two days, he and Si Sheng would be able to completely break away from this trial world.

They took the shuttle and soon arrived at the inner city’s square.

Xu Sili found that this square was the one with the magic circle for summoning players and that it was already surrounded by crowds. They were loud and noisy and everyone’s faces were full of joy.

There were cheers when Xenos and Silin stepped out of the shuttle. It could be seen that the imperial siblings had a high reputation among the people.

Xu Sili didn’t want to go any further, but he was already here. He couldn’t help it.

He walked slowly to the door of the shuttle. Just as he was about to take the first step, Silin had already smiled and ran back. She picked him up and trotted back to Xenos.

The blond-haired teenager also went down the steps. Just as he was about to step forward, he was stopped by the guards.

“You have to wait here,” a guard said.

The teenager frowned and his eyes were cold.

The guard looked at him, paused and explained, “See the camera over there? This is a live broadcast. Unrelated people aren’t allowed to enter.”

The teenager pursed his lips as he looked past the guards. The little boy held by his sister was looking back at him.

He had to give a reassuring smile. Once the little boy retracted his gaze, his expression sank again.

The teenager didn’t rashly go over and stood to the side.

The two guards exchanged looks and shrugged.

After arriving at the middle of the square, Xu Sili struggled to go down to the ground.

On the shuttle, he had changed into proper and exquisite clothing. Silin was the same but it was still capable and experienced attire. She just added some playful girlish ornaments for the details.

They waited. Soon, there were neat and powerful footsteps from the direction of the city gate.

This was Xu Sili’s first time participating in a military parade.

Tens of thousands of elite soldiers approached with neat steps. There was even a cloud of dust and smoke behind them.

After arriving at the square, the soldiers quickly stopped at the commander’s signal. This was followed by Marshal Joyce moving to the forefront and falling to one knee toward the three princes and princess who had come to greet them.

The expressions on their faces were determined and the look in their eyes showed frenzied excitement. 

Xenos stepped forward to welcome the triumphant soldiers on behalf of the Roland imperial family.

“The glory of the empire is equal to me!”

Led by Marshal Joyce, the roar of the soldiers rang through the sky.

Xu Sili faced this scene up close and couldn’t help being shocked.

Just then, the kneeling Marshal Joyce laid out a sword in front of him and offered it to Xenos.

According to him, it was excavated from the ruins of the front lines.

Xu Sili looked complicated.

They had returned to report for duty so shouldn’t this sword be dedicated to the old emperor? Dedicating it to Xenos… he might be the first heir but wouldn’t this upset the old emperor?

Then thinking about it, the old emperor let his eldest son preside over this ceremony. It was probably to build momentum for him, right? Perhaps Xu Sili was thinking too much.

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