VCRMM: Chapter 101 Part 1


The wood burning in the stove made a slight noise. In the quiet night, this sound seemed to enter his ears, making Xu Sili’s dull eyes gradually regain their senses.

He looked at the teenager who was still waiting for his reply. The young man’s gray-blue eyes were clear and clean, filled with a bit of anticipation and piety. This made Xu Sili fall into a trance, as if he had seen the future Si Sheng. But…

“How could you… when…”

His throat was dry and disbelief still filled his eyes.

Xu Sili never thought that Si Sheng would actually retain the memories from Game of the Gods.

How was this possible? Wasn’t he a character recreated by the game team? If not, why would Si Sheng suddenly ask him if he was a god?

But… he was now Snow Roland.

Even if Si Sheng retained the data memories from the previous game, it would be impossible to recognize him, right?

Game of the Gods was a mobile phone and he only operated it on a mobile phone. It wasn’t a holographic game where they could meet. Si Sheng had never seen him at all. How did Si Sheng recognize him?

The teenager waited quietly. He stared intently at the little boy and saw all his reactions.

The dream was still blurry but his beating heart and feeling of palpitations let him know that he cared a lot about this answer.

Xu Sili narrowed his eyes and avoided the teenager’s gaze.

Many details flashed in his mind, like scattered pearls that were strung together by the teenager’s sentence.

The moment he crossed over, Si Sheng pinched his chin and asked him who he was…

He thought he had gotten away with it but now it seemed that wasn’t the case.

It was because soon after that day, Si Sheng’s attitude toward him changed dramatically. Not only did Si Sheng cooperate with him everywhere to protect him, but he also didn’t mention the humiliation of stepping on his face.

Ask yourself, if it was you and you had such a powerful force, would you not hate the person who trampled on your face and turned you into a puppet?

Impossible, he would definitely make that person pay the price!

This meant Xu Sili always thought there was a bigger plot behind why Si Sheng was so good to him.

He was wary of Si Sheng from beginning to end.

Even if he couldn’t help approaching Si Sheng and was uncontrollably attracted to him, Xu Sili couldn’t fully trust him. Xu Sili always thought that the relationship between the two of them would break down one day.

He always contained a hint of sobriety in this relationship.

He never imagined that there would be such a situation.

Si Sheng had recognized him long ago.

Moreover, he still retained the memory of the last game! He saw Xu Sili as the ‘god’ of that game.

Xu Sili felt his heart in his chest beating violently, which made him feel a bit numb.

It was no wonder why Si Sheng’s eyes toward him were always gentle and religious, sometimes even humble…

This sense of discord suddenly disappeared after knowing that Si Sheng retained the data memory of the previous game. Because…

Thinking back carefully, didn’t Si Sheng always look at him with such eyes in Game of the Gods?

Hadn’t Xu Sili been so impressed by the pious eyes that he lamented about the realism of the game’s modeling?

Could it be that Si Sheng already had self-awareness at that time? What was this? An artificial intelligence like Xiao Wu?

If this was the case, how did his consciousness enter Starry Sky Age? In addition, what made him consider Xu Sili a ‘god’?

Xu Sili felt that his mind was very messy.

Everything seemed to make sense but it felt so ridiculous…

However, he could feel the strange ripples in his heart.

If this was true, did it mean that Si Sheng… had always been true to him?

He wasn’t only the Si Sheng in Starry Sky Age. In addition to the two months of getting along, they had a more profound bond and memories?

Xu Sili gulped and quickly realized another problem.

So his identity was actually revealed early on?

Xu Sili’s eyes widened again. At the same time, he felt a bit guilty.

He hadn’t acted much but he always went his own way. It was normal for Si Sheng to see that something was wrong with his wisdom but… he really wasn’t a god!

So how did Si Sheng recognize him?

What type of feelings did Si Sheng have for him?

Xu Sili wanted to ask clearly but the Si Sheng in front of him had a blurred memory. The two of them looked like this now and it was too strange to question their relationship…

Ah, this damn trial!

He frowned slightly while feeling a bit irritable in his heart.

The teenager didn’t receive an answer for a long time and the light in his eyes dimmed slightly when he saw the irritability on the boy’s face.

Was he too reckless?

In the dream, he never dared to ask…

He bit his lip. Then under Xu Sili’s sluggish gaze, he reached out and hugged the boy tightly.

“Forget it if this question is difficult for you.”

The young man put his chin on the top of the boy’s head, voice low and there was a bit of suppressed trembling.

Xu Sili leaned into the teenager’s arms. He felt the constant temperature passing to his body and couldn’t help sighing.

Difficult… it was difficult.

Still, how could it be forgotten?

Xu Sili raised his head, cheek against the teenager’s jaw. He rubbed it gently. The two of them were skin-to-skin and were as close as before.

The teenager’s tense nerves relaxed slightly when he felt this. Then he heard the childish voice again.

“What else did you see in your dreams?”

The teenager pursed his lips and there was panic in his eyes. Even death couldn’t make him feel fear. Now, just because of one question from a little boy, he panicked.

If everything in the dream was true then this should be his biggest secret…

Yet what if His Highness was really a god?

In the midst of a battle between heaven and man, a picture reappeared in front of his eyes—when he was most desperate and miserable, the elf-like little boy suddenly appeared like the most brilliant and dazzling sunshine.

He said he had come and no one could hurt the teenager again…

The teenager’s fluctuating mood suddenly calmed down.

How could His Highness not be the god from his dream? He did the same thing as Lord God.

He should trust His Highness.

“I saw in my dreams…”

The teenager whispered, “I am from another world.”

Xu Sili had already guessed it but he was still shocked when he heard the affirmative answer.

“What type of world is it?” He heard himself ask.

“There was a very powerful country in that world. The first heir had just died and the second heir, the princess, had to complete the test to take over the ruler’s position.”

“I was instructed by Lord God to assist the princess…”

The teenager just spoke a few words but Xu Sili confirmed that he was indeed from Game of the Gods.

How exactly did this happen?

Xu Sili suddenly felt glad. The trial might be full of dangers but the young Si Sheng didn’t have such a heavy mind and said everything.

Otherwise, wouldn’t he have been kept in the dark?

“Then… do you remember how you came into this world?” Xu Sili asked in a still low voice.

He felt the teenager’s body stiffen.

“No, I don’t remember,” the teenager replied.

Xu Sili pursed his lips. The young Si Sheng wouldn’t lie at all, or in front of Xu Sili, he couldn’t hide his emotions.

So Si Sheng remembered but he wouldn’t say it.

Should Xu Sili force him?

Xu Sili remembered the dead eyes of the teenager when he was strangling the slave owner with the chains.

He suffered a lot.

If he had the memories of the previous world then this suffering would be doubled.

Perhaps the way that Si Sheng came to this world was also full of pain?

Xu Sili knew that if he missed the opportunity of this trial, the Si Sheng who completely recovered his memories would never be so honest with him again. But…

Xu Sili couldn’t bear it.

He didn’t want to see Si Sheng in pain and he didn’t want Si Sheng to lose his memory. This Si Sheng was much more mentally vulnerable.

Xu Sili thought like this and rubbed the teenager’s neck, softly comforting him, “Okay, if you don’t remember then forget it.”

He felt the teenager’s tense body slowly relax.

The room fell silent again.

The night grew darker and the firewood burning in the stove slowly turned black. The roaring flames weakened but still provided heat for the room.

It was just that this heat was much weaker than before.

Xu Sili felt this change and couldn’t help arching into the teenager’s arms, greedily absorbing the warmth from him.

Maybe it was because it was too cold at night or perhaps fatigue eroded his brain, making his thinking a bit chaotic and his mental defense was reduced to the minimum.

“I didn’t know you remembered that world.”

The teenager, who originally closed his eyes, opened them suddenly. He looked down in shock and saw the few strands of silver hair exposed under the quilt.

Did he hear correctly?

He originally thought he wouldn’t get an answer tonight.

“I thought you forgot.” The soft voice of the little boy was a bit ethereal in the night. It made the teenager feel like he was in a dream.

So this was the reason why Lord God didn’t recognize him? It wasn’t that he didn’t want to but… he thought Si Sheng didn’t remember?

“I’m sorry, it is all my fault. I made you go through this type of suffering again…”

Xu Sili hugged the teenager’s thin body and his guilt couldn’t be relieved.

If Si Sheng really had a consciousness that was transferred to Starry Sky Age, didn’t this mean he had to suffer through his original painful childhood again?

He thought of the teenager’s dead eyes and couldn’t help tightening his arms.

“Don’t say that…”

Si Sheng whispered, “I’m not afraid of suffering. I am only afraid… I can’t stay by your side…”

He actually wanted to ask about why Lord God abandoned him before. Why leave him alone in this world? According to Lord God’s words, he had even erased Si Sheng’s memories…

So this was the reason why he only remembered his previous life four years ago?

Why? Why do this?

However, he couldn’t be as reckless as he was just now.

He had countless questions in his heart but he didn’t dare to ask them.

It was just like his own worries in the dream. What if His Highness’s answer was… I don’t care?

Lord God didn’t care so he easily abandoned Si Sheng. He didn’t care so he erased the memories that belonged to the two of them and left Si Sheng in this world on a mission…

What would Si Sheng do if this was the answer?

The teenager hugged the child in his arms tightly while suppressing his trembling. “Lord God, please let me stay by your side all the time. Please don’t… leave me behind again.”

Xu Sili was full of pain when he heard it.

How could anyone touch his heart like this? It filled him with guilt.

“I won’t leave you behind.”

He added, “Stay as long as you want, until you get tired of it.”

The teenager blinked when he heard the promise. His eyes were red but he was smiling.

He closed his eyes, lowered his head and gently planted a kiss on top of the little boy’s head.

“I’ll never get tired of it.” 

The corners of the teenager’s mouth curved slightly, revealing a shallow smile.

He seemed to know how to smile…

It turned out that this was the feeling of happiness.

Proofreader: Purichan

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