VCRMM: Chapter 100 Part 2

At the little boy’s unreasonable request, breakfast was eaten in bed but the little boy wasn’t very satisfied.

He asked Si Sheng to sit cross-legged. Then he arched his body into Si Sheng’s arms, let Si Sheng encircle him and pulled the quilt to his chest. This way, he could settle down and eat breakfast.

Janice saw their intimate posture and hesitated. Then she thought about the little boy’s appearance just now and sighed without saying anything.

Xu Sili ate and drank. There was a humanoid heater called Si Sheng so how comfortable was it?

Moreover, he opened the future forum as he ate.

He originally wanted to check again if there were any relevant strategies for the trial. Then he inadvertently looked at the backend and remembered the fan post again.

He thought about it and hurriedly opened the CP popularity rankings in the fanwork area. He was surprised to find that the CP ranking of Si Sheng x Snow Roland had risen five places in just one night!

Xu Sili was happy but he also wanted to break down.

His sacrifice was worth it.

He thought of this and opened the post with joy. He saw that the number of views had increased by more than 30 million in just one day and couldn’t help grinning.

Yesterday, he promised to update for every 20 million additional views so now there were already many people in the post who were waiting.

Xu Sili had already decided to use it as a daily record post so he didn’t hesitate. He directly took a photo and posted it.

The future world.

Ah Caizi woke up. The first thing she did after opening her eyes wasn’t to get up but to have the robot housekeeper turn on the virtual optical computer. She huddled in bed and was ready to look through the forum before getting up.

The result…

[Si Sheng x Snow Roland, the CP post. Do you support it?] has updated. Come and take a look~

Huh? Was she dazzled or was there a bug with the forum?

Mrs Calmly couldn’t be so productive!

Despite this thought, she hurriedly opened the post. She clicked to see only the original poster and scrolled to the bottom.

F*k, it really updated!


Good morning~ the next meal.


In the first picture, there was a large European-style bed covered with a thick quilt, outlining a blond-haired teenager.

The teenager sat cross-legged and the quilt in front of him was slightly raised. A small head popped out from it. Meanwhile, sunlight shone in from the window and the white snow outside could faintly be seen.

The second was a close-up.

The silver-haired boy clutched the edge of the quilt with both hands. His little head was slightly raised and his lustrous and full lips were opened, revealing his tongue. He seemed to be making an ‘ah—’ sound.

The blond-haired teenager holding him was tearing off a piece of bread in his hand and carefully feeding it to the little boy.

The colors of the picture were charming and soft. There was the coldness of winter but also the warmth of the quilt. There was the soft cuteness of the little boy and the handsome gentleness of the teenager.

The atmosphere between them was so warm and harmonious that it seemed like no one could be inserted between them.

Ah Caizi stared blankly at these two pictures and slowly revealed an auntie smile.

F*k f*k, this was too sweet!

Was Mrs Calmly a god? How could the sugar be so sweet?

Looking at the pictures carefully, she really couldn’t see any traces of painting or photoshop at all. Was this really not an undisclosed historical material of Starry Sky Age?

Baby Si and Baby Snow were really childhood sweethearts, right?

Otherwise, it was hard to believe that someone could draw such realistic pictures!

At the same time, there was a large number of people thinking the same thing as Ah Caizi.

Xu Sili didn’t know about this but if he did, he might be happy or excited.

Doubting it was good. It was best for them to show it in front of the future Si Sheng and let him respond well! It was getting revenge for his other self in another world.

In other words, the one in the future world should’ve also died in the airplane crash, right?

Thinking about it this way, he felt that he was really lucky.

He gained this new second life and had to cherish it well. No matter what, he could no longer let his family be hurt.

Xu Sili didn’t waste time after breakfast, even though he decided to stay in bed and not go out.

He started to teach Si Sheng meditation.

The limitations of Xu Sili’s body meant he couldn’t get much results in a short period of time, but Si Sheng was different.

The fact that he grew into the future powerful and incomparable patron saint in just 10 years meant that Si Sheng’s qualifications must be very good. Perhaps it was even against the heavens. Otherwise, it would be impossible to have such great growth.

He believed that the game team must’ve made arrangements in this regard.

Sure enough, he just taught the meditation technique casually and Si Sheng was already able to absorb the elements in less than a minute.

It couldn’t be excluded that Si Sheng had the relevant memory, but on the other hand, it could be related to his qualifications.

Xu Sili knew that Si Sheng could master all types among the elements but he was worried about whether this would be suppressed in the trial. Therefore, Xu Sili couldn’t help asking about it.

He was relieved when confirming the answer but he also couldn’t help sighing at Si Sheng’s strength.

This didn’t mean he was jealous.

The stronger Si Sheng was, the better. This way, there would be enough self-protection ability to complete the trial.

Under Xu Sili’s teaching and supervision, the teenager practiced all day long.

Xu Sili was by his side and felt it was particularly obvious.

It was because it would be hot for a while and then cool for a while. He felt refreshed for a while and then a bit numb like he was touched by lightning.

He knew that Si Sheng was absorbing the elements. He just hadn’t expected that the elements would be so thick from just the meditation technique that even he could feel it.

Today’s experience was so new to the young Si Sheng that it shocked him.

He actually became an elementalist like in his dream.

This result made his gaze toward Xu Sili gradually change.

Xu Sili noticed that Si Sheng’s eyes had become a bit strange, but the teenager didn’t say anything so he didn’t ask.

If Si Sheng wanted to say it then it would naturally happen.

Another day passed safely and Xu Sili sighed with relief. He saw that his salted fish countermeasures had worked. There were still three days left in the trial and it would soon be over!

He didn’t know if the time flow in the trial world was the same as the outside world, but if so, the game’s beta should be suspended now.

The second closed beta was three months later and the total number of players would increase to 6,000.

Previously, he had promised his second brother that he would think about how to improve the player’s experience. In this regard, he already had some clues but he was stuck in the trial and couldn’t implement them.

This inevitably made Xu Sili a bit anxious.

He was a person who immediately wanted to put things into action when he had an idea. This was the case when investing in Starry Sky Age and it was also true for the construction of the Roland Empire.

After finishing the meditation, the teenager adjusted the rhythm of his breathing and slowly opened his eyes.

He had trained for a whole day and felt his spiritual power become clearer. He could also remember more things from the ‘dream.’

He felt the boy’s anxiety and hesitated for a moment. Then he couldn’t help saying, “Your Highness…”

Xu Sili turned to look at him. However, the teenager only called out to him once before remaining silent.

If it wasn’t for his hesitant expression then Xu Sili would’ve thought that Si Sheng just called him to play.

He continued to wait for Si Sheng to speak. He ate, took a bath and returned to bed but Si Sheng still hadn’t said anything.

Xu Sili couldn’t hold back any longer.

Moreover, he had been really bored for the past two days so he couldn’t help asking, “Si Sheng, do you have anything you want to ask me?”

The teenager holding him stiffened a bit. Xu Sili was in his arms and could clearly feel it.

Then he heard the teenager say, “N.. No.”

Xu Sili leaned against his arms and felt a bit of sadness.

What was the problem? This look of wanting to talk but stopping was too tempting!

He pursed his lips and whispered, “You’re lying.”

The teenager paused and Xu Sili continued to complain, “I can hear your heartbeat.”

The person holding him stiffened even more.

Xu Sili bit his lip, suddenly let go and turned around.

The teenager was obviously a bit flustered. “Your Highness…”

“Si Sheng, you promised me,” Xu Sili whispered. “You will be loyal to me and never deceive me about anything.”

The teenager froze again but a trace of doubt flashed in his gray-blue eyes.

Did he really say that?

Could it be that he said it in the dream?

He pursed his lips and watched the boy turn his back to him, as if very disappointed with him. The teenager’s eyes dimmed slightly. He hesitated before finally opening his mouth.

“Your Highness, I saw something in my dreams… I just… I don’t quite understand it.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell the truth just now.”

Xu Sili was a bit uncomfortable. He had just been pretending and he hadn’t expected the young Si Sheng to really apologize to him.

How could there be such a well-behaved boy? He inwardly sighed but felt worried.

Something that a young Si Sheng couldn’t understand…

Could it be that he remembered the ridiculous things done by the two of them? Was this why he found it hard to talk about it?

Xu Sili was full of anxiety. Then on second thought, he knew that this was unavoidable. This made him turn around and look at the teenager in the dim orange light.

“What is it that you don’t understand? Ask and I’ll give you an answer,” he said seriously.

The teenager’s eyes moved slightly and he looked at Xu Sili with a complicated expression. This made Xu Sili feel very uncomfortable.

“Can I really ask?”

Xu Sili nodded hard.

He saw the teenager’s mouth open and close. A low and slightly childish voice rang out in the quiet of the night, crashing straight into his chest.

“You… are you really a god?”


Xu Sili stared blankly in shock. He suddenly couldn’t understand what Si Sheng just said.

G… God? What did this mean?

His heart started beating violently and a question he hadn’t thought about previously came to mind.

He stared at the teenager blankly and murmured, “Why would you… ask this?”

Was it what he thought?

Was it really what he thought?

The teenager didn’t answer the question. He just looked at the little boy’s beautiful purple eyes, found his own reflection in them and raised the courage to ask.

“So are you really my Lord God?”

The moment the words ‘Lord God’ came out of the teenager’s mouth, Xu Sili felt his brain exploding and became blank for a while.

His eyes widened and he stared at the teenager in a speechless manner.

Si Sheng… why ask him this?

Lord God…

Could it be that Si Sheng still retained the memories from Game of the Gods? This was impossible!

Proofreader: Purichan

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