VCRMM: Chapter 100 Part 1

It was too cold when it was snowing. He wasn’t in the originally well-equipped imperial palace any longer. Janice was worried he would become sick from the cold so she didn’t let Xu Sili take a bath.

The conditions were limited and Xu Sili was forced to agree. Even so, he insisted on wiping himself with hot water. The moment he finished wiping, he slipped into the bed.

He grabbed the quilt and wrapped himself in a ball. He still felt cold so he hurriedly beckoned for Si Sheng to hurry up.

The teenager who had already reached the door couldn’t help pausing and glancing sideways.

The little ball on the bed had half his face exposed through the quilt. Beautiful purple eyes looked over and shone brightly in the orange light of the fire.

His mouth was hidden under the quilt and his voice was somewhat muffled.

“Where are you going?”

Xu Sili realized that this person was walking outside and couldn’t help asking with a frown.

The teenager stood still as he remembered what Janice had told him when he just helped pour the water. He looked at the little dumpling in the distance, not going over immediately but also not leaving.

He couldn’t move his feet as he replied softly, “Janice gave me another room…”

He hadn’t finished speaking but Xu Sili already understood what was going on. Janice’s reason for doing this was very understandable but it made him a bit unhappy.

It was just that this trial would end soon. There was no need to make trouble.

“So you want to go to another room to sleep?” Xu Sili looked at the teenager standing in the doorway.

He had been pulled by Xu Sili to wipe himself. Now he changed into loose pajamas and stood in the dim candlelight, looking even thinner.

The teenager looked down. He actually didn’t want to go but…

He understood his identity and he vaguely knew the current situation of the prince. He didn’t want to make the prince’s life worse because of himself.

He was far away so Xu Sili couldn’t see the teenager’s expression change. However, it was really cold outside. Xu Sili looked at his thin pajamas again before gritting his teeth and getting out of the quilt.

The teenager noticed his movements and saw him shivering as he tried to get out of bed. The teenager panicked and ran over.

“What do you want? I’ll get it for you.”

He pulled the quilt and wrapped it around the child’s body again.

Xu Sili huddled in the quilt. He had only left the quilt for a moment but he already felt as cold as a popsicle.

He heard Si Sheng’s question and gave an instinctive reply.

“I want you.”

The teenager couldn’t help freezing. Xu Sili saw that this person was in front of him and wouldn’t let him run away again.

Xu Sili reached out his small hand from under the quilt and grabbed the teenager’s sleeve. “Aren’t you cold? Come in and warm up with me.”

The teenager stood still.

The doors and windows in the bedroom were closed, leaving only a small exhaust vent. The thick walls blocked the wind and snow. There was also a stove for heating so he didn’t feel cold.

Yet looking at the child whose teeth were chattering as he lay under the quilt, the teenager finally climbed into bed.

The child couldn’t wait to snuggle up to him. The warm quilt with a faint milk smell wrapped around him and he reached out to hug the soft little ball.

Xu Sili nestled in his arms. He hadn’t felt it before now but he found that although Si Sheng’s body was thin, he was hot like a small heater.

“Why aren’t you cold?” Xu Sili couldn’t help muttering.

“Maybe I’m used to it.”

The teenager’s tone was light, as if he was answering casually, but Xu Sili became distressed again.

Based on the environment he had seen in the underground slave market yesterday, he didn’t know how Si Sheng had survived all these years.

It was probably hard to hold on, right? That was why he was used to the cold.

Xu Sili was greedy for coolness in the summer but he couldn’t stand the cold in the winter. He arched into Si Sheng’s warm arms and was warmed by this person’s body temperature. He couldn’t help sighing comfortably.

“Then we’ll sleep together. You don’t have to listen to Janice.”

He leaned against Si Sheng and whispered, “You might not understand but let me tell you, we are in the middle of a trial right now.”

“We will go back once the trial is over and everything here will disappear. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your status or any gossip.”

The teenager listened to him quietly.

He really couldn’t understand what the boy said. Many things in the dream felt like they were separated from him. It was vague and he couldn’t fully understand these things.

However, he decided to believe in the prince’s words.

It was a very strange thing.

Obviously, the two of them had only known each other for a day but he had already given the boy his trust.

In this world, he didn’t believe anyone but himself… now he found it was a good feeling.

The little angel who appeared at his most desperate and painful time, taking his filthy body into his arms without any disdain and crying for him…

What did it matter if the child’s words were true or false? It was enough to have this warmth.

He tightened his arms. He was just about to respond when he heard the little boy mutter, “You dared to do this and that to me when I was the emperor. Now you don’t have the tools to commit the crime. What is the problem with sleeping together?”

The teenager blinked. Tools for committing the crime… what were they? In addition, what did he mean by ‘this and that’?

However, the little boy didn’t answer him.

The child rubbed his eyes with his small hands and said, “You should sleep with me during the few days that the trial lasts or I will freeze to death.”

The teenager looked down at the top of his head and listened to the soft and sticky childish voice full of dependence. He felt a slight tingle in his heart and heard himself replying softly, “Okay.”

Xu Sili felt a bit sleepy but looking at the time, it was only 8 o’clock in the evening.

Was it too early to go to bed?

He thought for a moment and said, “If you don’t want to sleep, I can sing to you.”

The teenager saw that the boy’s eyelids were so heavy that they were about to fall. He might want to hear the boy sing but he thoughtfully said, “Your Highness, sleep when you are sleepy. I will accompany you.”

“No, I’m going to sing for you. I sing well…”

The little boy’s voice was already a bit dazed. He was half squinting as he spoke and pulled the teenager down on the bed.

His entire body was hidden under the quilt and it looked like he was really afraid of the cold.

The teenager turned to his side and wrapped his arms around the boy, making it more comfortable for the boy to hug him.

He thought the child had fallen asleep but unexpectedly, the child really sang a song for him.

The young voice had a type of ethereal beauty.

They were obviously separated by a thick quilt but the teenager felt like the song was ringing directly in his ears. He even felt like he was hallucinating.

He saw that in the room dyed orange from the fire, there seemed to be small light spots that were a purple color. They lit up one by one and the light spots played around in the air. They sometimes converged and sometimes spread out.

It was beautiful and breathtaking.

The purple light spots reminded him of the little boy’s purple eyes. So… were these light spots his incarnations?

The teenager suddenly started to believe that everything in the dream was true…

Slowly, in the gradually fading singing of the little boy, he felt his eyelids becoming heavier and heavier. It was as if he reached the warmest and most reassuring place. He relaxed his mind and quietly entered a deep sleep.

Xu Sili was still humming the goodnight song. He might not be able to mobilize his magic right now but the melody of the song itself had a soothing effect.

He insisted on humming the song until he heard the teenager’s even breathing. Then he allowed himself to fall into a dark and sweet dream.

The wind and the snow blew outside while the room was warm.

It seemed that nothing could disturb them, nothing could separate them…

The night was long and quiet.

Xu Sili stretched comfortably when he woke up the next morning. Yet as soon as he emerged from the quilt, he retracted back into the quilt.

It was so cold!

He would definitely freeze if he went out like this!

Was this also one of the contents of the trial?

Xu Sili thought helplessly with his sober mind.

He felt it was really possible. He might not have survived last night if it wasn’t for Si Sheng acting as a humanoid heater. Even if he didn’t freeze to death, a cold and fever were absolutely inevitable.

Under such conditions, an illness would absolutely be dangerous for a five year old child.


Today, he would still hide in bed and not go out! Yes, there was no danger if he didn’t go out, or at the very least, it would be less dangerous.

He wasn’t alone now. It was because of him that Si Sheng was involved in this dangerous trial so it wasn’t a problem for him to be cautious.

Xu Sili found a reason for himself and started to stay in bed with peace of mind. He saw Si Sheng preparing to get up and also dragged him back to the bed.

“You are going to warm my bed. Don’t leave!”

Janice had just come in with hot water and toiletries when she heard the little boy’s voice coming from under the quilt.

She knew that the teenager had slept in His Highness’ bedroom again yesterday.

She wanted to stop it. Then she thought about how His Highness hadn’t been happy for a long time and her heart softened. She just hadn’t expected to hear such a sentence when she entered early in the morning.

Warm the bed…

Janice gritted her teeth. These weren’t nice words. Was His Highness badly influenced in just one day?

She couldn’t help being worried.

At this time, a head stuck out from under the quilt.

The teenager’s light blond hair was a mess and his pale face was dyed red. He met her gaze and shyly avoided looking at her.

This innocent and harmless appearance made Janice have the illusion that he was the one who was influenced badly.

Janice froze for a moment. Then she shook her head and started to wait for the two of them to wash up.

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1 year ago

Phrasing, sili, phrasing (´つヮ⊂)
Also ive been wondering if the future world is in the same dimension orif it’s a different timeline. Or, will it ultimately be affected by our present?

Thank you for the translations I absolutely adore this novel I can never get enough (o´〰`o)♡✲゚。.

1 year ago