VCRMM: Chapter 10

Xu Sili refused the maids’ assistance. He changed into casual clothes and walked out of the bedroom. The guard captain, Li Zhecheng was already outside. He saw Xu Sili coming out and got down on one knee, lowering his head. “I greet Your Majesty. Last night, this humble servant came late and Your Majesty was frightened. Please punish me!”

He had gone to the hall last night to check. Although he saw traces of a battle, he couldn’t judge the situation. By the time he heard news about the assassin and hurried back, the matter had been dealt with. He left his post again without authorization, causing His Majesty to almost be assassinated. Fortunately, it was resolved by the marshal but this couldn’t erase his guilt.

Xu Sili stopped. He had no expectations for the protection of the guard captain. He glanced above this person’s head and saw the label ‘Respect.’ He knew this person was loyal and didn’t say anything else.

He kept going and paused when passing by Li Zhecheng to pat his shoulder. The word ‘miss’ appeared and a health bar that wasn’t too thick and long showed up. The amount of health was still invisible but it confirmed Xu Sili’s speculation. It seemed he could only see other people’s health bars when attacking them. Xu Sili thought about it while leaving.

Meanwhile, Li Zhecheng glanced at his shoulder and stood up with a complicated expression. His Majesty… was this forgiving him?

The guards stationed around the palace sighed with relief and all showed joy.

“Brother Li, it is great that His Majesty didn’t punish us!”

“That’s right. Lord Si Sheng just walked out and almost scared us to death…”

Li Zhecheng didn’t say a word for a moment but his expression slowly sank. “His Majesty didn’t punish us because of his kindness. It doesn’t excuse our negligence!”

He had always been kind to others so the moment he launched into a rage, everyone was afraid to speak.

“You guys are still talking and laughing so well? Forget about Lord Si Sheng, what about His Majesty?”

“How did His Majesty get out of the bedroom last night?”

“Who will tell me?!”

The guards looked at each other one by one. Then they lowered their heads and didn’t dare say anything.

Li Zhecheng snorted heavily. He was young and only 27 years old, but his strength wasn’t weak. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to convince the public and become the guard captain. “Everyone who guarded the palace last night will receive a punishment after they change shifts. I will go back by myself. Wake up and give me over 100% concentration. If what happened yesterday occurs a second time, you don’t have to do this job. You can go home and nurse your children!”

Most of the guards came from military backgrounds. At this moment, they blushed at the words. They gave a military salute and responded in unison, “Yes!”

Li Zhecheng nodded with satisfaction before moving his feet and quickly catching up with Xu Sili in the distance. He followed behind Xu Sili and guarded him with a solemn expression. It was his duty to keep His Majesty safe. If there was another accident then as the captain of the guards, he could only take the blame and resign!

In the lead, Xu Sili was looking at his attributes panel. He was a bit surprised to find that his experience value had actually increased.

Distance to level up: 34/300

Xu Sili looked at the unread notifications record. He found… meditation could actually increase his experience! However, the rise was a bit slow since one night of meditation had only increased it by 34 points. It would take at least 9 days to get one level up.

Xu Sili frowned slightly.

At this time, he came to the dining place under the guidance of the staff. The palace was very big, resplendent and magnificent. The dining table was covered with snow-white tablecloths that had gold threads. It was one long table that could accommodate dozens of people eating at the same time.

Xu Sili sat alone at the head. Purple eyes scanned the empty palace and there was a trace of loneliness in them. He pursed his lips, a bit dispirited.

There was a month left until the closed beta. At that time, putting aside his parents and eldest brother, he would definitely be able to see his second brother. Xu Sili got on the plane that day because of his second brother. Based on his second brother’s personality, he would definitely go crazy despite the text message that Xu Sili sent.

Xu Sili fantasized about reuniting with his family and started eating breakfast. The food of the Roland Empire couldn’t be called dark cuisine but he was used to eating good food and this quality was much worse. He would just have to make do with plain tea and simple food. He ate while thinking about his next plan of action.

According to last night’s summary, there were three things that were most important at the moment and needed to be completed in a short time.

1. 10 million cosmic coins for the Interstellar Alliance fees.

2. Increase his personal strength i.e. level up.

3. Increase popular support.

The priority of the first two things were tied. Only the popular support rate could be slowly done. There was no rush. 10 million cosmic coins…

Xu Sili explored through Snow Roland’s memories about the interstellar things. Then he found out…

The Roland Empire could go on the Star Network. The Star Network was a network connecting all the members of the Interstellar Alliance. This included 266 countries and forces and more than a dozen galaxies. Some countries even occupied a single galaxy. For example, the Flanders Interstellar Federation was ranked second in overall strength and was a galaxy with a high level of welfare. This was why it attracted countless interstellar immigrants. This was also Snow Roland’s original destination. Then he was killed by Si Sheng and failed to achieve it.

Xu Sili wasn’t in a hurry to go on the Star Network. His cheats weren’t on the Star Network. He might be able to sing but this was a game world. The songs were basically from reality. It had to be said that the songs from his reality were very popular in Starry Sky Age. Even Snow Roland had heard of them. The most important thing was that the game group paid great attention to copyrights. All the original singers were marked and he was no exception.

He had checked it a bit with the search engine on his communicator and saw himself. Xu Sili, an ancient singer, was brilliant. He fell like a meteor at the peak of his career, leaving behind countless popular classics.


According to the game time calculation, the ancient times were tens of thousands of years ago yet his songs could still be passed down to this day. It was a miracle. This cut off his path to make money. It was difficult for him to be famous by singing. It should be okay to earn some small money but this was too little. It felt like there was no profit. After all, if 10 million was really easy to earn then Snow Roland wouldn’t have run away.

Therefore, Xu Sili decided to explore the leveling up method first. This was a game world and 99.9% of the planet’s territory was occupied by interstellar beasts. Wasn’t this setting meant to give players experience to level up? Of course, he was now an NPC and wasn’t in the same system as a player. He would experiment first.

After the meal, Xu Sili went for a walk in the garden. He hesitated for a long time before looking at Janice and asking where he could get interstellar beasts. Janice wondered hesitantly, “Your Majesty, what do you want to do with interstellar beasts?”

Xu Sili pursed his lips before replying after a long time, “Nothing. I just want to get in touch with them first.”

He considered his words. “My oldest imperial brother and second imperial sister went to the front line and died unexpectedly. That is why I inherited the throne. However, I’ve always lived deep in the Imperial City and seldom have contact with interstellar beasts. I haven’t even killed an ordinary interstellar beast by myself. Tell me, how can I sit in this position like this? How can I lead the people of the empire to fight the interstellar beasts and beat the next beast wave?”

The beast waves were irregular and could come at any time. Due to this, the Roland Empire had been unable to recover for a hundred years. It would be destroyed every time it was rebuilt and was forced to shrink back.

Three years ago, the Roland Empire experienced the biggest beast wave in history and lost two important imperial family members—the oldest prince and second princess, two powerful elementalists. Xu Sili thought that if they inherited the throne, they definitely wouldn’t be deserters like Snow Roland.

Once Janice heard Xu Sili’s words, she couldn’t help thinking of the two members of the royal bloodline who died young. Her heart was sad and her eyes became more compassionate as she looked at Xu Sili.

His Majesty had really grown up! He chose to stay because he really wanted to be a good emperor!

“How about this? I will find some domesticated interstellar beasts for Your Majesty. These interstellar  beasts are generally milder in character and aren’t too dangerous.”

“Yes, go and arrange it.”

Just then, there was a commotion in front of them. There was the sound of guards shouting and some screams. Janice frowned and was about to scold them when a long shadow sprang out of the grass and quickly shot their way!

“Your Majesty!”


Behind them, Li Zhecheng had already drawn a long sword to protect the young man. Xu Sili saw what was flying at him and couldn’t help taking a step back. It was a snake! A snake as thick as his arms!

Li Zhecheng slashed at it with the sword but it was flexibly avoided by the long snake. The snake was clinging to the pillars of the corridor and its yellow-green eyes were only staring at Xu Sili as if it had intelligence. It hissed and attacked again.

Xu Sili’s expression changed slightly. As Li Zhecheng swung his sword again, Xu Sili instinctively took out the laser g*n hanging from his waist. There was a sound as the snake’s head was hit by the shot. At the same time, the snake’s body was cut into two by Li Zhecheng and it fell to the ground feebly.


The number that had appeared above the snake’s head hadn’t completely dissipated yet.

[Ding~ You have independently killed a ‘common long snake’, experience value +33.]

The crisis was resolved. The guards who were chasing the long snake ran over and saw the pale emperor who seemed frightened and the ferociously glaring guard captain. They couldn’t help kneeling on the ground.

Li Zhecheng kicked the snake to confirm it was completely dead and then looked at the guards on the ground with a sullen expression. “What is going on? How can there be such a thing in the palace?!”

In addition, they let this beast run to His Majesty! Combined with last night and he was really disappointed as the guard captain!

The guards explained in a trembling manner. It turned out that the long snake was found in Mary’s room, the traitor maid who tried to assassinate Xu Sili last night but was killed by Si Sheng. Unexpectedly, there was such a thing in her room. They didn’t notice it for a while and the snake ran away. They hadn’t expected it to disturb His Majesty.

Li Zhecheng glanced at the emperor and wanted to kneel down to apologize, only to see him wave his hand. “Okay, you take care of it.”

Xu Sili frowned and turned to head back to his bedroom. Just now, the snake blood had splashed all over and inevitably got on him, making him a bit uncomfortable. He wanted to go back and clean it up. He changed clothes and looked at his experience bar again.

Distance to level up: 67/300

Killing a snake only gave him 33 experience points? It also consumed the energy of the laser g*n, making Xu Sili feel that it was very unprofitable. Come to think of it, wasn’t there still Janice? Maybe he could look forward to it.

Afternoon arrived and under the guidance of Janice, Xu Sili arrived in the garden. Once he saw the ‘interstellar beast’ in the cage, Xu Sili was speechless for a long time. He looked at Janice. “This is what an interstellar beast looks like?”

“It is a long-eared beast that is known for its jumping speed. It can crush a rock with the greatest kicking force. It is a very fierce one-star beast.” Janice explained very carefully. “Of course, after being domesticated, they can’t generate a star core and their attack power is greatly reduced. Their character is docile and their meat is delicious. They are a good food source.”

Xu Sili, “……”

What long-eared beast? This was clearly a rabbit! Rabbits were so cute. How could he kill a rabbit? A snake only gave 33 experience points. How much experience could he expect a rabbit to have?

Xu Sili was very worried. He had everyone stay back and sat alone in the pavilion, staring up at the sky.

In the distance, Si Sheng stood under the promenade, his light gold hair blowing in the breeze. His gray-blue eyes were quietly watching the little emperor at the pavilion. Just then, Li Zhecheng respectfully came to him. “Lord Marshal, you were looking for him?”

Si Sheng glanced at him and spoke quietly.

Li Zhecheng heard this and couldn’t help his expression changing. “My lord… is this okay?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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Thank you for your efforts! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔノ♡

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Take a shovel, dig out interstellar worms, and crush them for exp. Sure, it might take a while, but done enough you can rival the GODS!

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Reply to  windstenchpass

Lol this might be feasible 😂. Dig the soils (+killing the worms), then those same lands is developed for industry like agriculture.

And I wonder what Si Sheng said to guard capt.

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Thank you for your hard work!