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VCRMM: Chapter 1

“Brother Xu, tonight’s performance was a success.”

In the passenger seat, the assistant flipped through the photos and comments on the social software and turned back to say cheerfully. Xu Sili slowly put on the seatbelt and looked sideways out the car window. The fans were still waving their support lights and enthusiastically sending him off.

The slightly pale handsome face revealed a melancholy and gentle look under the blurred lights. A long time passed before the young man withdrew his gaze and restrained his expression.

“Drive,” he whispered.

“Yes.” The assistant told the driver to drive quickly before lowering his head and replying to messages in a hurry.

Xu Sili glanced at him and leaned back against the seat lazily, taking out his phone to play a game.

Ding dong.

Just then, his phone rang and a message popped up.

[Second Brother]: Have you arrived home?

[Second Brother]: Give me a call when you arrive.

Xu Sili casually replied and switched back to the game interface. He returned to the suburban villa and took a comfortable shower. He had just come out of the bathroom when there was a knock on the door. He walked over and opened the door.

“Third Young Master, your milk.” The servant stood at the door and spoke respectfully.

“Yes, thank you.”

Xu Sili wiped his hair with a towel while taking the milk glass in the other hand. Then he kicked the door shut with his toes. He headed back to the sofa and threw himself down on it. Then he sent a video call request to his second brother.


There was the sound of ringing as Xu Sili held his cup of milk. He lowered his head and saw the papers scattered on the coffee table. Then his original gentle motions suddenly accelerated. He had just picked up a certain document and thrown it on the ground, dropping a pillow to cover it when the big screen on the wall turned on.

A man wearing gold-rimmed glasses appeared on the screen. His facial features were somewhat similar to Xu Sili.

“Xu Sili!” The moment the video was successfully connected, the man was about to go crazy. Then he saw Xu Sili’s appearance and couldn’t help pausing.

“Wipe the milk,” he ordered with immense disgust.

Xu Sili glanced at the document on the ground and determined that it wouldn’t be found. Then he leaned back against the sofa and wiped his thumb over his lips. The white milk foam was wiped off and he stretched out his tongue to lick it lightly, casually acting like a lazy cat.

Xu Yuheng saw this and finally couldn’t help sighing. “Can’t you use a tissue or handkerchief? What does this look like?”

Xu Sili blinked.

“En.” He responded positively before grabbing the towel around his shoulders and using it to wipe his fingers. “Second Brother, why are you looking for me?”

Xu Yuheng took a deep breath. He slowed down, revived his momentum and held a document in his hand while reciting carefully. “Three villas, ten sports cars, 5% of the Xu family’s shares and one billion yuan in capital…”

The man on the big screen finished reading the data and finally looked up, his eyes sharp as a knife behind the lens of his glasses. “Xu Sili, you had better give me a reasonable explanation.”

The young man picked up the milk on the table, took a small sip and answered, “It is just an interesting investment.”

“Investment? What type of investment needs so much money?” Xu Yuheng stared at him firmly.

“Don’t you already know it?” His second brother had never fought an unprepared battle. He must’ve investigated clearly before coming to Xu Sili.

Xu Yuheng couldn’t help sighing. “Holographic technology is a bottomless pit. It is impossible to see results for at least 20 years. Why do you want to throw all your net worth into it in one go?”

“It isn’t all of my net worth. I still have some left.”

“It is almost all of it!”

Xu Sili saw his second brother’s eyes that seemed to be releasing fire and shrugged. His second brother knew that he had always loved playing games. His tone became lighter. “I am very optimistic about this project. Holographic games will definitely become a trend in the future. In addition…” He suddenly smiled. “The project developer has promised me that he will use me as a prototype to design an NPC in the game. I will become an emperor in the game, ruling a country and being called a king!”

Xu Yuheng stared at him with an indescribable expression on his face. These eyes were probably too straightforward. Xu Sili coughed and finally restrained his slightly chuuni nature.

“It is all my personal property. I am still young. Even if I lose money, I can earn it back.” He continued, “If you help me hide it and don’t tell Big Brother and our parents, I promise nothing will happen.”

“Oh, so you know how to be afraid.” Second Brother Xu pushed up his glasses. “There is a dance party next week. Go for me and I will help you keep it a secret.”

“Is it a blind date again?” Xu Sili frowned. “Second Brother, I am a public figure…”

“Are you going or not?”

“I’m going.”

“Okay, I’ll send you the invitation later.” Xu Yuheng nodded with satisfaction. They exchanged a few more words but he shut off the communication with a snap.

The big screen darkened. Xu Sili slowly moved back. He leaned on the sofa with his thin back, moonlight pouring in front of the window onto his handsome face and making him look paler. He lowered his eyes as he thought about something blankly. Moonlight fell on the pillow on the ground. He saw the title of the document pressed under the pillow with the words ‘Medical Record Report’ vaguely written…

Xu Sili was stunned for a long time. Then he rubbed his half-dry hair and grabbed his phone. He fell back on the sofa and continued to sink into the game. A game was won and a system prompt appeared on the phone.

[You have won 1,000 victories on the battlefield and your ranking on the battlefield is 1st. Congratulations on winning the title of ‘Grand Marshal’. You can go to the Achievement Mall and redeem jade to exchange for the identity reward.]

Xu Sili was taken aback. He couldn’t remember how long he had been doing this task. Unexpectedly, it was completed? He clicked on the Achievement Mall and saw the lit up marshal’s uniform in the battlefield column.

[Marshal’s Uniform]

[Description: Unique identity clothing.

Redemption Restrictions: A total of 1,000 victories in battlefield challenges, 1st place in the battlefield rankings, the title of Grand Marshal.

Redemption Conditions: 1,000 jade.]

Xu Sili clicked to redeem.

[Successfully redeemed. 1,000 jade is deducted.]

A prompt about the successful redemption popped up on the phone screen. At the same time, a card of jade quality jumped out. There was the special effect of a glittering golden light and he could see that the card was a gorgeous military uniform with white gold thread. The words ‘Marshal Uniform’ was written under the card.

The moment he succeeded in the exchange, the full-server broadcast appeared at the top of the game and the system message column in the lower left corner started to fill the screen. The world news had exploded and there was the non stop ringing of private messages.

Xu Sili ignored it. He carefully placed the card in his backpack, clicked on the map and selected a frequently visited location.

[Entering the ‘Duke of Dark Night’s Palace’…]

The phone screen dimmed before soon brightening again. An exquisite and luxurious ancient castle that wasn’t lacking in dignity slowly appeared on the screen. It was night in the game and the castle was brightly lit.

[The Duke of Dark Night, ‘Si Sheng’, has just returned from the battlefield and is bathing and changing clothes.]

Xu Sili raised his eyebrow slightly. He tapped on the screen with his slender fingers and entered the castle bathhouse. It was a pity that when his screen turned from dark to light, the Duke of Dark Night was already neatly dressed. Apart from the slightly wet hair, no other traces could be seen.

The moonlight shone down from the peak, reflecting a bright moon in the sparkling pool water. Next to the bath stood a tall man. The man had short, light gold hair but he was dressed in a pure black dark night duke’s outfit. His gray-blue eyes should be a gentle color but they gave people a sense of coldness and majesty.

Under Xu Sili’s gaze, he slowly reached out his hand and grabbed a scepter inlaid with red gems from empty air, playing with it in his hand. Then as if he had noticed something, the man looked at Xu Sili sharply.

Xu Sili was choked up and couldn’t speak. He knew it was the game’s eyeball following system but every time he saw this Si Sheng, he always had the feeling of actually meeting Si Sheng’s gaze. They stared at each other for a few seconds before the man suddenly changed his expression. He lowered his head and saluted respectfully to empty air. “Lord God.”

It was a low, hoarse voice that was solemn and full of male charm.

Xu Sili’s eyelids were half lifted. He stared at the European classical style open-air bath behind the man and suddenly remembered the strategy post he saw when he was bored today. The post said that the bathing scene seemed to have a special plot…

“Lord God, I don’t know what intentions you have for coming to my humble house late at night?” The man’s voice was a bit hoarse and showed a touch of fatigue, as if he had really experienced a battle and just returned from the battlefield.

Xu Sili’s mind returned. He sat up, his finger pressing down the voice button as he said softly, “I came to see you.”

In the game, a dialog box appeared.

[You said to ‘Si Sheng’: I came to see you.]

This was the intelligent voice system embedded in the game. NPCs would respond instantly according to the player’s words and it was a feature of the game. On the game screen, the handsome and indifferent blond man gently pursed his lips, his expression more serious than ever.

However, Xu Sili knew him very well. His eyes moved and fell on the man’s ears covered by wet hair. Sure enough, there was a faint pink color on the original white color. Xu Sili gave a soft tsk. The planning of this game was really well done.

After a long time, the blond man bowed and saluted again. “It is my humble honor.”

The silver-white moonlight fell on him, coating him with a shallow, soft light. The golden hair was blown by the breeze and shone. Every detail was intoxicatingly beautiful.

Xu Sili leaned on the armrest of the sofa, holding his chin and lazily admired the beauty of this paper man. A moment later, he held down the voice button and spoke slowly. “I brought you a gift. Try it on.”

Then he clicked on the backpack, selected the ‘Marshal Uniform’ card he got just now. He thought about it and transformed the scene of the bath to a garden before clicking on the equipment. The card turned into a golden dot and disappeared. In the midst of the flying white feathers special effect, the man standing under the roses changed his outfit in the blink of an eye.

The bangs that originally made him slightly gloomy and cold were combed up. The handsome swept-back hairstyle completely showed off the man’s extraordinary beauty. The wide shoulders, narrow waist and slender figure was wrapped in a white military uniform embroidered with gold thread. His legs were long and straight and covered with long leather boots that covered the knees.

After the change, the man in the military uniform pulled out the sword hanging from his waist and the cloak behind him flew up. The posture of hunting was extremely imposing. It had to be said that this dressing posture was really chunni but it showed an unexpected harmony when done by Si Sheng. It was just that the person obviously didn’t like it himself. The man’s thin lips twitched slightly and the blush at the tip of his ears spread to the base of his ears.

Xu Sili liked it very much. It wasn’t in vain that he spent so long doing the task. This unique identity suit was really good and every detail matched his aesthetics.

He once again fell back on the sofa, taking a few photos with the screenshot tool in the game for a souvenir. Then he opened the character bar. The first one was naturally Si Sheng’s five star character card. This was followed by a whole row of two star character cards. Each card character was very exquisite, had different attributes and completely different life experiences and personalities.

This mobile game was called ‘Game of the Gods.’ Strictly speaking, this was a mobile game for women to develop cards.

The protagonist of the story was a princess. Due to the accidental death of her brother, she was forced to become the first heir to the throne. However, the ministers were unwilling to support her. They were more optimistic about her uncle. As the ‘god’ player, they decided to help her by choosing four powerful ministers to help her become the ruler and manage the country well. Thus, the gameplay was to draw cards, raise powerful characters and help the princess pass five levels to become the next ruler.

Once this game was launched, it quickly captured a large number of female players with its beautiful painting style, outstanding interactive system and excellent love lines. It became an annual hot game.

Xu Sili had played it by accident and then it got out of control. It was just that he wasn’t interested in the love lines. He completely regarded it as an upgrade style of game. Among them, Si Sheng was undoubtedly the one most favored by him.

Xu Sili clicked on Si Sheng’s character card and the attributes panel popped up. He looked at the powerful Grand Marshal on the panel and couldn’t help thinking of the first time he saw Si Sheng. At that time, Si Sheng was still a poor little slave, trapped in a cage in dirty clothes. He was thin to the bone and beaten by his slave owner.

This was the cutscene when the card was drawn. Every card character had one and each had a different life story. Now, Si Sheng had not only grown into a blond beauty but he had five star strength, full attributes and skills…

Xu Sili clicked on the skill tree. Every branch on the tree had been unlocked and all of them had reached the highest level. Just looking at this tree could make people feel a sense of accomplishment. It was just that…

Now with the title of Grand Marshal, it seemed he could graduate? It took nearly a year. It really wasn’t easy.

Xu Sili frowned slightly. An inexplicable sense of emptiness filled his mind. He turned off Si Sheng’s panel and drew another card. In fact, it wasn’t impossible to develop another one. All the other character cards were pretty good-looking. Then he thought about the tedious upgrade tasks and gave up this idea. This game was good in everything but it was a bit expensive.

Xu Sili closed the character bar. On the game screen, the man in the white military uniform was standing quietly under the flowers as if waiting for his instructions. Xu Sili turned his camera around and enjoyed this new look. Then he suddenly paused.

He saw Si Sheng’s face and without warning, an idea appeared in his mind. He tilted his head and waited for the idea to take shape. After this, he turned the idea around and around before finding…

It seemed quite interesting. Xu Sili glanced at Si Sheng again before finally deciding to implement it. He switched out of the game interface and opened his contacts. He called a number.


The phone rang twice before it was immediately answered.

“Doctor, it’s me,” Xu Sili said. “Have you ever heard of the mobile game ‘Game of the Gods’? I have an idea and I want to ask if it is feasible.”

He spoke softly and the voice from the mobile phone was a bit muffled in the night.

“Yes, good. I will trouble you.”

Xu Sili hung up and switched back to the game. The game interface was still frozen from when he exited. The man in the snow white uniform stood under the moon, his cloak fluttering. He looked handsome and comfortable.

Xu Sili held down the voice button and spoke regardless of whether the paper man could hear it or not. “Si Sheng, what would you do if you saw me?”

The intelligent voice system faithfully translated his words into text. Xu Sili didn’t expect Si Sheng’s answer. Unexpectedly, the man standing in the moonlight placed his sword back in his scabbard with a clang.

Immediately after, he knelt down on one knee and pressed his right hand to his chest. Si Sheng raised his head to stare up at Xu Sili with a pious and solemn expression. “If Lord God appears before my humble self, please allow this humble one to crawl at your feet, kiss the tip of your shoes and offer you unswerving loyalty until death.”

Xu Sili stared at this man’s hot eyes and slightly smiled. Very good, this was the feeling.

Rainbow Turtle: Welcome to the new novel I’m translating! I came across this one by chance and ended up reading over 180 chapters in two days. I couldn’t resist picking it up immediately. It has a mixture of multiple things that I like, such as gaming elements, strong MC and MLs, world building and even interstellar! T

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

Proofreader: Purichan


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I started reading this novel now and I’m already in love in the first chapter,🥺 thank you so much for the work! I will be following you now! ❤️

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