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    Game Live Broadcast Temporarily Paused

    An uptick in work means I can only pick up one new project after EO ends. I had to make a decision and eventually picked Game Loading, mainly because Game, Live Broadcast’s chapters eventually become 9k-10k, which is three times longer than a GL chapter. This will be temporarily paused or can be seen as a teaser. Since I’m not the type to hold onto novels when I’m not translating, anyone who wants to can pick it up while it is on hiatus.

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    Sneak Peek of New BL Novels

    Hey guys, Merry Christmas! As a Christmas present, I am publishing early the new BL novels I am picking up once EO and GLS are complete.  Three chapters of each novel had been released and there will probably be one chapter released a week until EO is finished, which should be around a month or so. Then I will decide the schedule at this time. Coincidentally, I found that the titles of both novels are similar and their acronyms are also close to GLS, making me have three novels with similar acronyms. The concept of the two novels are similar but one is more comedic while the other is more…

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    STB Hiatus

    Hey guys, Sorry for the delay. I’ve been sick and then so busy that I’ve barely had time to work on the chapters for my main series, let alone STB. But some bad news. I’ve completely finished reading the raws for I’m not Shouldering this Blame. I love the story but several factors (which I won’t go into) have made it hard for me to continue translating. I’m going to put it on hiatus for now and try my hand at mtling a danmei novel that is slightly easier. I am considering a few options and currently reading them in my spare time. If anyone hasn’t picked up STB by…