STB: Chapter 3 – Car Accident

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Car Accident

The sky was clear and the sun shone on the glass wall of Star Entertainment Media’s building, reflecting light and casting shadows on the sidewalk.

The actor Li Fei casually looked out the window at the paparazzi squatting next to the building, before the humble black sedan he was in turned the corner into the bustling traffic.

“The national box office result Crow has come out yesterday. It is 400 million yuan less than the box office champion last year.” The assistant said while secretly looking at Li Fei’s face.

Crow was produced well, stars were gathered in it and it was the most widely publicized movie. The election period, the surprise hits of some European and American suspense films, as well as a dark horse domestic movie resulted in a box office performance that was less than expected. This made the investors and the directors feel choked up.

Their pre-release words were too arrogant, and now their faces were almost swollen! They stayed silent but as Li Fei was a public figure, he had to face the aggressive questions and wasn’t happy.

Li Fei didn’t want to listen to this topic anymore and quickly asked, “Have you finalized things with the stuntman?”

It wasn’t okay. The agent sitting in the front passenger seat became particularly angry as he remembered it. “That person should he needed to think about it before answering. How big does he think he is? He didn’t even answer four calls from Assistant Lin! How much is he worth that we would wait for him? No wonder some people said not to hire him.”


This was obviously the first time Li Fei heard of it so he made a serious expression. The assistant immediately shrank back.

“He is young and naive, offending many people.” The agent casually said. “There are many stuntmen who practice martial arts, so why must you look for this unreliable person?”

“Call him again.” Li Fei turned a deaf ear to the agent’s words. The assistant quietly pulled out his phone without daring to look at the agent’s face.

The voice coming from the phone made Assistant Lin want to cry, ‘The phone you are calling has been turned off.’

Jian Hua forgot his phone in the car, so the bombardment of calls Assistant Lin just reached a battery-depleted phone that was lying dead.

“There are many stuntmen, but only this one suits my eyes.”

The agent listened with a dark face as Li Fei ordered the assistant, “Call again tomorrow.” The agent couldn’t change Li Fei’s mind, but he would make it so that the new kid couldn’t cause trouble in the future. There was already a well prepared draft contract, but he should change some of the conditions.

“Today’s headlines… hey, this is the social news?”

Assistant Link was suddenly happy. He was afraid that speculation about Crow would be released, but there was a dark horse topic. The entire team would become gloomy if Li Fei’s reputation was damaged.

“Huai City, the bizarre case of a young man and woman who died in the middle of the night in a mall…”

Li Fei and the agent had experienced many ups and downs in the entertainment circles for many years, so what couldn’t they understand anymore? There were cases like this in the country every day. The media deliberately added the words ‘young man and woman’ as well as ‘middle of the night’ to the headline to lure people’s thoughts into strange places and attract attention. As for the deceased, they probably had some relationship with each other.

At that moment, the car suddenly braked and Assistant Lin’s phone flew and smashed into the front window.

Fortunately, all of them were subconsciously afraid of chasing paparazzi and developed the good habit of wearing their seat belts.

Li Fei’s driver was his bodyguard, Geng Tian. Geng Tian was furious. If Li Fei hadn’t still been in the car, he would’ve rushed over and pulled out the other driver.

How could there be such a car? The car had turned entirely sideways into this lane. If the other party had been a bit more abrupt or if Geng Tian had been driving faster, something serious could’ve happened. Even if he didn’t hit the car, the vehicle behind him might not have responded in time and rear-ended him.

There was a car accident in the middle of the road, forcing the cars behind it to stop. This meant there was a congestion on the road.

“Sorry! (English)” A red-haired man popped out from the car that caused the accident and loudly apologized with raised hands.

Geng Tian could only swallow his words. The foreigner wouldn’t even understand is curses so he vented his anger by beeping the horn. The broker made a long expression. They shouldn’t have gone out today, it was too unlucky!

“Lin, get off and make the other party go away quickly. Our journey will be delayed if the traffic police come.”

Assistant Lin looked at the situation and his eyes widened. The foreigner’s Mercedes-Benz was fine, but his own Audi had damaged headlights.

“It is already damaged, so consider yourself lucky. Do you really want the traffic police to deal with this?” The agent stared at Assistant Lin.

“But… this car is mine.” Assistant Lin wanted to cry. In order to avoid the paparazzi in front of the company, they had used his car instead of Lei Fei’s.

“Fine, the company will reimburse you!” The agent said impatiently.

The traffic police would have to talk to all the people involved. If the media discovered this then they would blacken Li Fei’s name. The company wanted to reverse public opinion, so it was worthy spending money to repair two car headlights.

Lin made a sad expression and got back in the car. Then he discovered the second bad news, his phone’s broken screen…

LI Fei couldn’t help making an entertained expression at his assistant’s phone. In his opinion, buying a car was nothing, let alone a phone. He patted Assistant Lin’s shoulder, comforting him with soft words, “I will send you a quarterly bonus, so pick out a new phone tomorrow.”

Assistant Lin said thanks when he suddenly heard a burst of shouting from outside. He glanced through the glass and was suddenly surprised.

A business car in front of the viaduct spontaneously caught on fire, The driver didn’t know what to do and sped down the road, crashing into the guardrail on the bridge.

Boom! The entire care exploded, damaging the bridge and causing fierce flames.

Li Fei, in his blocked car, and the owners of the vehicles in the lane were all stunned. If there was no accident and they had been driving normally on the bridge, who knew if they would’ve been affected by that car.

The agent’s mouth gaped open, like a fish out of the water, as he realized his life might’ve just been saved. Meanwhile, Assistant Lin clutched his broken phone and looked like a small, frightened animal.

Li Fei looked around and was surprised to see that the Mercedes-Benz that caused the original congestion was gone.


The red haired Jack wearing sunglasses glanced in the rearview mirror and whistled as he held the steering wheel. He spoke to the hidden microphone in his ear in English. “Everything went well. The car accident happened and Li Fei wasn’t involved.”

“Don’t arouse suspicion.” A sweet voice came from the microphone.

“With my drag racing skills developed on the East Coast, this type of thing is a piece of cake. They want to thank me, so who would feel suspicious?”

“The Chinese are cautious, so you shouldn’t do anything unnecessary.”

The red haired Jack smiled and kiss the microphone. “Sweetheart, don’t worry. When I return home, we should celebrate well. This time wasn’t easy. We knew the time and place that Li Fei’s car accident would take place, but the license plate number wasn’t written in the book. I didn’t know where exactly the car would catch on fire and had to hire detectives to investigate. I even almost missed Li Fei today since he took a different car.”

“It is indeed worth celebrating. Li Fei’s awakening was erased by us. Next-”

“Next, we will find the real leader of ‘Black Abyss.’ According to the author’s spoiler at the end of the fifth volume, Li Fei is only a puppet, the apparent leader of the Black Abyss organization. The man behind him is too deeply hidden… God, why didn’t the author finish it? The identity of the BOSS, we don’t know it.”

The person over the microphone immediately warned, “Once the succession of deaths occurs in various countries, the abilities of the book will appear one by one. We can’t talk about these secrets as we did before.”

“OK!” Jack promised as he smoothly parked the car.

He picked up a bag on the passenger’s seat and pulled out photos from inside. Li Fei, his assistant, the agent…

Jack removed his sunglasses, took out a lighter and hummed as he burned the photos.

“Unfortunately, China has strict management of g*ns and he is a big star here, so special attention is paid to his safety.” Red haired Jack talked to himself as he watched the flames that burned one corner of the photo. Then he smiled as Li Fei was gradually engulfed.

Of course, the safest solution to a very powerful enemy in the future was to kill him when he was still weak.

Jack couldn’t directly kill the person, so he destroyed their opportunity to awaken-


On the other side of the viaduct.

The Mercedes-Benz blocked them was gone, so the Audi holding Li Fei could get away.

Assistant Lin’s heart was very uncertain and he was sweating when his phone suddenly rang. He hurriedly raised the phone and through the broken screen, he identified the caller as a number he had dialled several times.

“Hello… you are Jian Hua… good! Good!”

Assistant Lin nodded to Li Fei while talking, indicating that the stuntman had agreed to sign the contract.

The agent was so scared about what just happened that he forgot to make things difficult for Jian Hua. He casually said, “Tell him to come to the company tomorrow to sign the contract.”

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6 years ago

Why they want to kill the acter

6 years ago
Reply to  middleseek101

Whats the actor relationship with mc?
What role he play in the future in the original storyline

nicole wang
nicole wang
4 years ago
Reply to  middleseek101

based on the summary the ml and mc are the “bad guys”
and these people that showed up didn’t want the actor Li Fei to develop his powers lol too bad the mc Jian Hua already did.

🇺🇸Brandelyn🏳️‍🌈 🎄🌬❄☃️⛄🌊 (@akuma_river)

Interesting. But did it really stop it?

And since this is BL…who is the ML? The childhood friend or the actor?

Chibi ~Stalking Since 2009

Transmigrators! Transmigrators everywhere~!

6 years ago

I didn’t read the synopsis, so this is really confusing. But interesting!!

5 years ago

What I can concluded is….this world is actually from a book?
And those people in the know (like childhood friend and that redhead foreigner) is a key character…maybe a transmigator or something xD
Our mc (the handsome stuntman?) was probably ‘awaken’ because of the plot too?
This is really interesting

Thanks for the chap! 🍀

5 years ago
Reply to  onefallenleaf

Maybe he’s the real leader of ‘black abyss’ as they called it?

4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter ♡´・ᴗ・`♡