STB: Chapter 12 – Spider Silk

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Spider Silk

Lu Zhao smoked a cigarette as he browsed the bustling web page.

There was the wreckage of a pot plant on the ground. This was due to Lu Zhao’s fury. He had swept off everything on his table, including the pot plant placed beside his computer.

The room was filled with tobacco smoke and there were many cigarette butts in the ashtray.

Ly Zhao’s face was a bit distorted from the smoke, and he was too lazy to clean out the full ashtray. He threw the cigarette directly to the ground, grinding it heavily with his leather shoes, like he wanted to shatter it into pieces.

“Li Fei, Li Fei…”

Lu Zhao’s eyes were bloodshot from not being able to sleep last night.

The Abandoned World disappeared too fast so he didn’t gain an ability. There weren’t many dates of large-scale awakenings written down, so an opportunity was wasted.

He also saw the mysterious scene of the pillar of fire soaring into the sky at Pearl Hotel. At that time, Lu Zhao had a terrible thought. Such an amazing event of a high level ability awakening, it only happened a few times in the original book. Then was this Li Fei? But according to the book, Li Fei should be lying in hospital because of a car accident at this time. How could he come to Huai City?

Lu Zhao immediately ran home and searched the web pages.

The search ‘Haicheng’s viaduct collapsed’ had no results. There were a few pieces of information for ‘Haicheng’s car accident explosion.’ Apparently a business vehicle spontaneously caught on fire and crashed into the railing.

“Wrong! It isn’t like this!” Lu Zhao pulled his hair and nervously muttered.

It should be a series of car accidents. Dozens of cars would be severely hit together, including Li Fei’s car. Li Fei’s agent and assistant died on the spot. The power of the explosion led to serious damage to the bridge and it collapsed. The survivors were buried and Li Fei was saved after 10 hours of excavation.

In the original story, Li Fei and his bodyguard Geng Tian might not have been able to survive this disaster if they hadn’t awakened their abilities at the critical junction.

The accident caused Geng Tian to have his face half burned and for Li Fei to fracture his right leg. He was a figure in the entertainment industry, so this incident was very loud. As a result, Li Fei rested for six months. When he emerged again, he couldn’t compete with his peers. His work wasn’t warmly received and his appearance rate was low. It was at this moment that Li Fei shifted his focus to the Black Abyss organization.

Jian Hua was the largest villain and final BOSS in the story. However, he was absolutely strong and didn’t need to conceal himself.

Li Fei was different. He was a person who could smile and send you to hell with gentle words.

His supporting role in the original work proved this. Lu Zhao had been here for many years, but he never thought about trying to obtain Li Fei.

Before the start of the story, Li Fei was a screen idol with many fans. It was impossible for a normal person to build up a relationship with him.

Lu Zhao didn’t care because he was holding a strong card. He was Jian Hua’s childhood friend! He just needed to follow the BOSS and Li Fei’s danger was insignificant. But now—

Why did Li Fei come to Huai City? If two S-class potentials were too close togehter, there would be a battle awakening!

Lu Zhao’s worry increased. He might not like Li Fei, but Li Fei was the strongest boss who appeared on the surface, instead of Jian Hua. He couldn’t be hostile to Jian Hua!

It must be the other book transmigrators!

Lu Zhao’s teeth ached. He had left the clinic for a reason. He was afraid that when the abilities awakened, they would attack without ‘distinguishing between enemy and friend.’ However, it would be a big problem if this setting divided Li Fei and Jian Hua.

Lu Zhao made a pinched expression as he searched the forums and weibo, then disgust filled him as he saw Xiao Yaqin’s name.

He found the weibo that had a picture of ‘the police around a body in the street.’ He instantly knew that the victim was the person who almost exposed the secret to Jian Hua.

“No brains.”Lu Zhao grunted. Those who were careless about the book were the fastest to die. The original book wasn’t a fairy tale, it was full of danger and strife.

Lu Zhao logged into Penguin Trumpet, where the red digital display of 999 showed how lively the group was. The group was furious at the lunatics who blew up Pearl Hotel. Lu Zhao looked on with a bored expression and swiftly left the group.

There were few people who transmigrated here more than 20 years ago, like Lu Zhao.

The number of book transmigrators only gradually increased in recent years. He didn’t know when, but someone in the community left a hidden message about abilities as a way to recognize them. After entering the Penguin Group, they had to answer the questions of the group members before being allow to stay.

The one who set off the fireworks at Linjiang Bridge yesterday was the leader and administrator.

This was a group of young people who wanted to get abilities and happily involved themselves in the story. Lu Zhao felt that they were stupid and ridiculous, but he was worried about other transmigrators affecting the plot and wanted to grasp their movements. Therefore, Lu Zhao mixed in with the group, camouflaging himself as someone innocent and eager.

But it wasn’t necessary now. This Penguin Group was unsafe. If he continued to stay, he would expose himself.


“What little boy withdrew from the group at this time?”

At a fast hotel in Huaicheng City, the manager of the Penguin Group was angrily tapping on his keyboard when he suddenly heard a sound at the door.

“Who is it?” He snapped out.

The voices in the room faded and the door was forcibly opened. The people couldn’t react and just stared at the people wearing police uniforms—

The Penguin Group’s manager opened his mouth in shock as he was pushed down on the bed and his laptop was taken away as evidence.

“Reporting, it is him!” A man in the military uniformed looked at the screen before saluting to a man who entered the room. “He didn’t open the voice software so our silence can be lifted.”

“Immediately export all of the group’s chat history, as well as the information about the members, regardless of whether it is true or false.”

This man was in his 30s with the rank of major. He looked ordinary, but there were clear moles under the corner of his left eye.

“Zhang Yaojin?” The Penguin Group’s manager blurted out.

The police arresting the other people in the room and the military personnel collecting evidence all looked over here at the same tiem.

The handcuffed man was conscious of what he said wrong and curled up pitifully. He was looking at his hands when he realized!

A traitor! There were definitely a traitor who betrayed their secret! Otherwise, why would they be so cautious when dealing with a otaku?

If he had an ability then he would’ve looked for a chance to flee. However, Li Fei’s awakening last night caused the Abandoned World to disappear ahead of schedule. All the transmigrators didn’t have time to acquire abilities. Now g*ns were being pointed at him, so he couldn’t do anything.

“Blindfold and take him away!”

The major called Zhang Yaojin looked at the suspect but didn’t say anything aside from his orders.

The manager didn’t protest. It was because he knew the person in front of him.

Zhang Yaojin, the future team leader of the abilities intelligence team. He played a supporting role in the third book. It didn’t mentioned how he awakened his abilities, but he wasn’t someone who could be beaten, even if the manager had an ability.

“Reporting, no suspicious objects in his luggage were found.”

Zhang Yaojin touched his chin. In order to find the culprit of the Pearl Hotel explosion as soon as possible, he didn’t sleep last night and there was residue at the corner of his eyes. He absentmindedly spoke while looking at the chat logs. “It seems that the person who stole dangerous chemicals at Huaicheng Univeristy isn’t him. This person just used a pseudonym to purchase a large amount of fireworks.Hrmm… these conversations are very interesting. It seems like there were two groups of people causing trouble in Huai City last night.”

“Sir, this incident is so hard to explain…”

“I don’t care if it can be explained by science of not. These things will leave traces and we are responsible for tracking these traces.” Zhang Yaojin frowned as he picked up an instrument and opened a map of Huai City.

“The victims who were hacked to death on the street, did you obtain the footage of all cameras in three kilometre area?”

“Yes! We analyzed it overnight and a total of eight suspicious elements are found!”

The screen immediately divided into eight grids, playing the respectively video surveillance. At first glance, it was a normal night scene with no problems.

“This person, over here in the pullover.” The soldier in uniform pointed at the screen with a laser pointer then played the next frame of the video. It showed two people mixing in with the crowd at the zebra crossing. Their shadows were there originally, then in the next frame, they appeared in the middle of the road.

“Interesting.” Zhang Yaojin’s eyes flashed dangerously.

“There is another person. He had anti-surveillance awareness and the cameras didn’t capture any abnormalities about him. However, after we asked the surrounding businesses during the investigation, the person you are looking at suddenly emerged in front of a store. It was empty space, then he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, like he rose from the ground.”

“Well done. Secretly arrest all the suspects found!”

Zhao Yaojin took off the gloves he used to see the evidence and asked. “What about Pearl Hotel?”

“There is no progress as there is serious damage to the scene.”

“Then what about the Huan Yu Cinema case?” Zhang Yaojin suddenly asked.

His subordinates showed a small reaction. They were investigation the Pearl Hotel bombing, so why was a cinema brought up?

“The night before last, there was a couple who died strangely there.I have a premonition that it is also related to this matter. Therefore, obtain all footage of the cinema and carefully analyze it! Even if this is the work of ghosts, there will be marks left in the world and we can’t miss it!”


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