SBIP: Chapter 9

Chi Jun raised his paw but the small ginkgo seedling wasn’t scared. As his paws moved, the roots twisted together to form two legs. Then the twigs clung to the paw and happily played as a swing.

The little lion took a deep breath and shouted, “Old Iron, Old Iron are you there?”

The robot housekeeper dutifully rushed over. “Master.”

Chi Jun held out his paws. “Help find a flower pot, fill it with soil and plant this.”

Old Iron reached out and picked up the small ginkgo seedling. However, the small ginkgo seedling resisted. The two roots were placed against Old Iron’s robotic arm as it elongated slender branches to wrap around the little lion’s paws, tying a knot.

The little lion glanced at the little sapling and then the giant ginkgo tree outside with a stiff, paralyzed (?) head. He thought about it and perhaps Gu Yanzheng did it accidentally in his tree state…

In the last seven years, he had never seen the scene of the Gu Yanzheng, the one hundred year old ginkgo tree, blossoming with flowers. He worked hard to ensure that he didn’t disperse his pollen.

It was said that a tree one hundred year old ginkgo tree could pollinate all ginkgo trees within a few miles. In this state, only one other ginkgo tree had a small fruit. From another perspective, Gu Yanzheng did his best.

Still, it was a bit unpleasant…

A tree was really troublesome. A flowering tree was even more troublesome.

The little lion looked down at the small seedling. It was clinging to his paw while kicking at the robot housekeeper. The desire to be close to Chi Jun was evident.

Chi Jun licked his sharp teeth and crouched down, his other paw gently pulling at the roots of the seedling. “Hey, as a seedling, you should know that the soil is your mother and the sun is your father. It is useless to depend on me.”

Old Iron, “…”

The little ginkgo seedling still clung to his paw while the ginkgo leaf in the middle slightly cocked. It was unknown if it didn’t understand or if it was still considering things but the fine roots still rejected Old Iron’s robotic arm.

Chi Jun continued, “You can only absorb nutrients from the soil once you are in a pot. You can only fully bask in the sun and undergo photosynthesis when you are outside. Hey, your mother and father must miss you very much.”

Old Iron, “…”

Why didn’t he understand any of the master’s words? He would record it and send it to the major general!

The little ginkgo hesitantly stopped its roots from kicking the robotic arm but the branches holding the paw didn’t loosen. Lion Chi grinned and revealed sharp little teeth. “In the flower pot, you can drink water! Or you will die.”

Death seemed to be a terrible topic. The leaves of the small ginkgo couldn’t help shaking and the roots that were twisted into two legs also spread out. Subconsciously, he refused to die. He wasn’t afraid of death but he felt that the feeling of slowly dying was a very lonely thing.

Seeing the compromise of the small ginkgo seedling, Lion Chi went to Old Iron and stretched out his paw, indicating that Old Iron should take the seedling. However, the small ginkgo seedling struggled again, rejected Old Iron’s mechanical arm.

The little lion gritted his teeth. “Good, I’ll fill it up with soil.”

The small ginkgo seedling quieted down and climbed onto Old Iron’s round head, still refusing Old Iron’s robotic arm. He didn’t like that thing. As a result, the three non-humans came outside. The room was destroyed by Chi Jun’s ability and there were ginkgo branches all over it, so it was simply unbearable.

Chi Jun chose soil from the backyard while Old Iron and the small seedling went to find a flower pot.

After a while, Chi Jun saw a huge pot quickly coming towards the backyard. Then a large flowerpot with a diameter of two metres was gently placed by Old Iron in front of Chi Jun. He also cocked the big pot, revealing the small ginkgo inside waiting for Chi Jun to fill it up with soil.

Chi Jun, “…”

The small seedling was only the size of a plate when it spread out all its roots. In the deep pot, there was almost no sense of existence. The little lion looked at the flower pot in front of him that could be called a giant water tank. Choosing a flower pot was probably the same as choosing a bed. It needed to be wide and big to sleep comfortably. In any case, this was a tree seedling, not a flower seedling. Once it grew up after several years, it was estimated that this basin would be suitable.

Then Old Iron handed over a small shovel. This type of gardening tool, Lion Chi’s two paws were still very harmonious with it. However, in contrast to the giant water tank in front of him…

Chi Jun, “…”

At this time, Old Iron turned away and used the robotic arm to dig a huge amount of earth from the backyard. Chi Jun took a breath, placed the shovel in the mound, did a sharp dig and then poured it into the big flowerpot held by Old Iron. The soil fell into it and completed one-thousandth of the task. Or one in ten thousand?

The little lion turned to look at the robot housekeeper. “The next one will be handed over to you.”

His symbolic addition of soil was enough.

He didn’t expect that before Old Iron could respond, the small seedling in the big pot moved. It shook its leaves in refusal and climbed from the bottom of the flower pot to stand on the edge. It opened its ginkgo leaves and made the posture of a hug.

This time, Chi Jun didn’t stretch out his paws. The roots of the small ginkgo held the flower pot while the branches stretched out. It was firmly stating that it wouldn’t sleep without the soil that Chi Jun filled in!

Chi Jun, “……”

‘Big ginkgo, your son is bullying me! Can I clean him up?’

Two seconds later, Chi Jun looked decisively at the robot housekeeper. “Old Iron… is there a flower pot that isn’t so large?”

Old Iron nodded and went to look for the flower pot. Chi Jun looked at the small ginkgo seedling and in the end, he stretched out his paws to touch the leaves. The little ginkgo seedling twisted happily.

Chi Jun, “……”

Finally, Old Iron returned with a large bowl-like flower pot. The small ginkgo seedling didn’t need any urging this time. It jumped in on its own, all the roots inside and the three leaves waiting for the lion outside the flower pot. It let Chi Jun see how much it was looking forward to it.

Chi Jun grabbed the small shovel and dug at the soil very hard. The small seedling turned left and right, letting the soil spread evenly until the pot was full. Then Old Iron next to him handed over a bottle of water. Chi Jun held the water bottle and poured it into the pot.

The small seedling stretched out its branches and turned in a circle happily. The leaves stretched out and stayed there quietly, no longer moving.

Chi Jun sighed with relieved. He had taken care of the small ginkgo seedling and was hungry enough to let the robot housekeeper get him something to eat. Then he moved to underneath the big ginkgo tree.

He looked at the big ginkgo that had most of its branches stretched out into the room. Chi Jun laughed and made a series of shallow scratches on the big ginkgo tree. “Once you wake up, I will settle the debt with you”

Far away in another galaxy, Major General Yan watched the 3D video his housekeeper had sent him several times. He was so concentrated that the guards next to him thought he was studying an emergency military notice.

After eating, Chi Jun looked at the house that was almost destroyed by him and his big ginkgo. He thought seriously and estimated that it was impossible to repair it again.

He still wanted to make a good impression with the empire’s major general but that was estimated to be difficult. Once the major general came back, wouldn’t he directly use a pitchfork to throw Chi Jun out?

No matter, he would worry about it when it happened. Now he had to make money! If the major general was angry then he would throw money at that person. If the anger didn’t go away then it definitely wasn’t enough money. Then he would buy the house and the tree… By the way, he would also buy Old Iron. The stupid Old Iron was quite cute.

Thus, the full Lion Chi ran to the big ginkgo tree, ready to restore his ability. The recovery of the ability was mainly based on three ways. Absorb a zombie nucleus, have a healing ability to assist in recovery or recover on their own.

Fortunately, Chi Jun’s metal ability was a natural attribute. The attribute of the ability determined the speed of self-recovery. The natural system could directly absorb power from nature and the recovery speed was relatively fast.

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