SBIP: Chapter 74

At first, Old Qi saw the contract and thought of these two men as scammers. Now that old man’s opinion of them had changed a lot. The two men were very sincere, whether it was the previous contract or current contract. The silver energy stone production was so low that even if he promised, the workload wouldn’t be too big. It was also a steady income for the company.

Thus, the old man said, “I agree to this additional condition. As long as you provide the silver energy stone, I will carve it for you, no matter the size.”

Chi Jun replied, “Yes, thank you.”

The old man motioned to the legal team next to him to revise the contract again. The previously cancelled contract was easily signed again and the old man felt refreshed. After signing the contract, Chi Jun asked for a studio, intending to study the true meaning of his unlucky lion paws.

Gu Yanzheng left the small bonsai around Chi Jun and went to the Q Resource Company’s other mines with Qi Hairong. Initially, Qi Hairong wanted to take Gu Yanzheng to see if the mine reserves had any silver energy stones.

However, Gu Yanzheng didn’t go straight to the raw stones warehouse as expected. Instead, he got on a mine cart and directly entered the pit. Qi Hairong was in a bit of a trance and some things he didn’t realize became clearer.

Then he saw Gu Yanzheng carrying a small pile of silver energy stones out of the pit and a bold guess came up. This man could accurately find the energy stone he wanted from the entire vein! Qi Hairong watched with strange eyes as Gu Yanzheng stuffed the stones into his smart backpack and signalled to go to the next mine.

They went through several mines and Qi Hairong became numb. Compared with Chi Jun who could screen empty stones, the silent man in front of him was actually a big man! He kept seeing Gu Yanzheng carry large and small silver energy stones back from the pit and then motioned to change places.

Each of the Qi mines was spread throughout the Silversea star field and weren’t close together. Even if they used the fastest ship, it took more than half a month and they only passed through half the mines.

Qi Hairong watched the starship’s cargo warehouse be stacked with more and more silver energy stones and was a bit dazed. In terms of quantity, it couldn’t match the energy stone output of ordinary colour systems but could this person really possess the technology to find silver energy stones with such precision? If they could get this technology…

Qi Hairong imagined that all the resource companies in the beastmen republic would go out of business. It was as simple as picking fruit and this would definitely subvert the entire industry.

After his shock, Qi Hairong calmed down. This technology couldn’t be replaced in the entire Qi Resource Company. The contract that they got was a great deal and it wasn’t good to be greedy. The most difficult thing wasn’t for Qi Hairongbut for his father.

…He didn’t know how his father would feel when he saw such a pile of silver energy stones.

However, Gu Yanzheng’s expression wasn’t easy. The number of silver energy stones found was increasing but it wasn’t enough to carve a large energy stone. Unless these stones could be joined together…

Therefore, the moment they reached the next mine, Gu Yanzhengwent to the warehouse. Qi Hairong didn’t see the person in the front cabin and arrived just in time to see this scene. The ginkgo branches spread throughout the warehouse and tried to compress all the energy stones together.

Qi Hairong, “…??!!”

He never knew there were tree people in the world beside beastmen! Of course, this wasn’t the focus. The focus was on what this tree person was currently doing. Qi Hairong had to give a warning. “Mr Gu, if you’re squeezing them together then it is estimated that all the energy stones will be crushed.”

The moment Gu Yanzheng heard this, all the ginkgo branches stopped and suddenly retracted.

Qi Hairong spoke cautiously, “Believe me, the energy stones really can’t be stitched together.”

Gu Yanzheng nodded and returned to the front cabin. He had just walked two steps when he suddenly stopped, most of his mind transferring to the small bonsai left by Chi Jun.

At the same time, Chi Jun picked up the small bonsai and leapt out of his studio. The moment he leapt out, a powerful force roared and the studio instantly split apart. Bonsai Gu’s branches were tightly locked around Chi Jun’s arms and the dual abilities checked Chi Jun’s physical condition while also locking up Chi Jun’s energy core again. This felt similar to when the metal ability exploded so he thought…

Chi Jun reached out to pull at the ginkgo branches. “I’m fine, it was just an experiment.”

However, the ginkgo branches had no intention of loosening.

“I just blew up an artificial metal system energy core and it has nothing to do with my energy core,” Chi Jun said. “I made a raw stones scanning instrument.”

Gu Yanzheng, “……”

He knew that once his big lion’s abilities were released, there was nothing this person wouldn’t do!

A few days later, after several explosions, Chi Jun successfully made an instrument that could scene the composition of raw stones and 100% screen out empty stones. The Qi Resource Company quickly adjusted their lines and in just a few days, the working efficiency increased by twice.

At the same time, Old Qi received news from his son that the two of them had prepared silver energy stones for him to carve. The old man greeted his assistant, packed his commonly used carving tools and leisurely came to the original resource star. Old Qi gave a brief greeting before asking, “How many silver energy stones have been prepared this time?”

Chi Jun replied, “It is a bit more than last time. I’ll have to trouble you.”

The old man smile. “It’s fine. It isn’t any trouble to stay here a few more days.”

Qi Hairong, “……”

Dad, you’re speaking too early.

The old man said this but didn’t see the silver energy stone. He felt slightly strange, “Where are the stones?”

Chi Jun pointed outside. Compared to his unlucky paws, the achievements of his family’s big ginkgo were amazing!

Old Qi followed the direction of his hand to the mine’s warehouse. The old man had a bad hunch.

Qi Hairong led the old man outside. “Dad, you should look first before speaking.”

The father and son left the room with Chi Jun and headed to the warehouse. Once the door of the warehouse opened, the old man saw the hundreds of silver energy stones neatly placed on the shelves and his mouth twitched. Wasn’t this a bit too much?

Qi Hairong looked sympathetically at his father, took a few steps and opened the middle door of the warehouse. Then two giant silver energy stones that were dozens of metres high and touched the roof of the warehouse appeared.

The old man turned to go outside and vaguely muttered, “Ah, I’m an old man and my eyes are deteriorating. This is clearly an empty warehouse.”

Chi Jun and Gu Yanzheng, “……”

Qi Hairong pulled his father back. “Dad, your eyes aren’t bad. MR Gu found these two giant energy stones from XFG-2’s mine!”

Old Qi, “…”

He wanted to default on the agreement.

“Dad, Mr Chi’s instrument will soon be spread to all the Qi mines. We can’t pay the breach of contract.”

Old Qi, “…”

He dug his own pit and he had to fill it up while crying. However, wouldn’t the founder be interested in such a rare silver giant energy stone? After a night of consideration, Father Qi transformed the warehouse into a workroom and made it extremely luxurious.

Two days later, Chi Jun found that the mine had a lot of people visiting. Everyone hurried straight to the warehouse. Qi Hairong had no time to chat with Chi Jun. His expression was careful as he entertained those who came.

One night after taking a bath, the two men lay chatting in the quilt and slowly fell asleep. In the middle of the night, the two people woke up at almost the same time. They shot up from the bed, got dressed and headed to the windowsill.

Outside the window, there was a burning breath. A huge black dragon descended from the sky, landed and transformed into a tall, handsome and powerful man. He was holding a person whose shape couldn’t be seen and he walked into the luxurious warehouse.

Just before the black dragon entered the warehouse, he looked in the direction of Chi Jun and Gu Yanzheng with a scrutinizing expression.

Chi Jun’s fighting spirit was aroused and his eyes were burning. “A powerful man!”

Gu Yanzheng’s eyelids twitched and he held this person tightly. “I’m not strong enough?”

Chi Jun looked at him. “You won’t fight me.”

Gu Yanzheng turned this person back to the bed. “You can’t beat him.”

Chi Jun pulled at this person’s collar but knew this was the truth. “How do I know if I don’t fight?”

Gu Yanzheng stroked his ears. “You can hit me first.”

Chi Jun trembled and his lion ears started to rise.

“Baby, what fighting…”

He needed one thing now and immediately diverted the attention of his big lion! Chi Jun’s throat moved and he was about to speak when his family’s big ginkgo suddenly grabbed his finger and placed a long prepared item on the finger.

Chi Jun blinked and stared blankly at his fingers. Was this a big, midnight… proposal?

Then Chi Jun’s head had no more thoughts of fighting and a strange mood surged. The old tree bast*rd actually thought of asking for marriage now? It was midnight and there wasn’t even a ceremony! He was having these chaotic thoughts when the ceremony came.

A big ginkgo leaned down and kissed him on the brow. “Chi…”

It wasn’t until dawn that the ceremony subsided and Chi Jun lay lazily on the pillow.

Next to him, Gu Yanzheng heard a sound and went to the window, his gingko branches covering Chi Jun’s head to block the sun.

Chi Jun opened his eyes in a dazed manner. At the open gate of the warehouse, a golden ginkgo tree stood there. Under the gingko tree, a huge lion with a fluffy mane lay n the fallen golden leaves. He slightly raised his head, eyes staring at the top of the trap and tail lazily placed against the tree.

Chi Jun opened his mouth. “…Are the carvings done?”


“The black dragon carved it?”

“It was the person around him.”

“Where is that person?”


“…I haven’t fought yet.”

“Baby, sleep. We will go home when you wake up.”

And that’s the end! I do wish there was some more regarding Rong Rong and Aojia or at least some extras, but the author has decided to end it here. Thanks for following and hope you enjoyed the story.

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1 year ago

waaaah sad it ended with no extras ;—; +

still very cute tho!! thank u so much for the translation ♪( ´▽`)

i will just imagine that the big ginkgo and his lion chi are happily fighting everyday

1 year ago

It seems to me that I did not understand who the black dragon is at all….
Thank you very much for the translation 🤍🤍🤍🤍
It was a very interesting and sweet novel

11 months ago

There’s a companion story to this one that explains the dragon; ‘Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World’. It’s also a very good read, and set at an earlier time than Beast in the Palace.

10 months ago

o(;△;)o no extras 🙁

thank you for all your hard work! i LOVED this story, so much himbo energy, and fluff and now my heart is so soft ~ 10/10 definitely new favorite!

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