SBIP: Chapter 73

23 carvings and 23 forms, each of which was divinely lifelike. Apart from two solid silver energy stones in a lion shape, the other mixed-coloured energy stones were mostly entangled with ginkgo trees. The harmony was perfect!

Qi Hairong said, “Mr Chi, give it a try?”

The big lion looked at these small carvings of the lion playing with the ginkgo leaf and couldn’t bear to move his paws. “Is there a way to prevent these carvings from breaking?”

Qi Hairong, “……”

An average person would take a lifetime to break all these carvings.

“Mr Chi, if the break isn’t serious then it can be repaired. However, if the energy inside is lost then it is irreversible.”

The big lion nodded. “Is there any possibility of recovery if it breaks into powder like before?”

Qi Hairong replied, “That state probably can’t be repaired…”

The big lion looked rather sadly at the carving in front of him. Gu Yanzheng patted him on the head. “Go back and try it.”

The big lion nodded.

Seeing the two people put away the energy stone carvings, Qi Hairong hurriedly said, “Mr Chi, Mr Gu, can you come back again? My dad hasn’t woken up and I think he has something to say to you when he wakes up.”

Gu Yanzheng promised. “Okay.”

If it was a one-time consumable or a certain number was located, they had to be prepared to come back.

Qi Hairong sighed with relief and smiled. “Thank you so much.”


The emperor penguin’s inn.

The big lion lightly jumped on the bed and watched his big ginkgo. If he could smoothly change to a person this time…

Gu Yanzheng steadied his heart and surrounded the bed with countless ginkgo branches. Then all the carved big lions and little lions were fixed to ginkgo branches. The big lion looked at the small carvings, took a deep breath and stood up.

Once the big lion’s body came into contact with more than a dozen small carvings, a strange phenomenon occurred. The energy that was in a state of agitation calmed down and the force in Chi Jun’s body was gradually returned to his energy core.

At the same time, Chi Jun could clearly feel that he could freely change his body shape. In the blink of an eye, the huge male lion in the middle of the tree gradually receded and a person appeared.

Before Chi Jun could say he was cold, his family’s big ginkgo tightly hugged him. The strength of this embrace was almost like embedding this person in his arms, as if it was the only way to make Gu Yanzheng feel at ease!

Chi Jun licked his lips and pressed his chin against Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder, nose rubbing against Gu Yanzheng’s ears. Gu Yanzheng sucked in a breath and his hold on his baby became tighter and tighter.

The dual abilities were crazily diving into Chi Jun’s body to check his current physical condition. The energy core in Chi Jun’s body had never been this stable. The scattered force was turned back to the energy core and it was as secure and balanced as Chi Jun in the last world.

Chi Jun hit Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder. “I think it should be fine.”

This sentence was a switch that instantly aroused Gu Yanzheng’s enthusiasm. His eager kiss fell on Chi Jun’s lips. Chi Jun hugged his family’s big ginkgo and eagerly responded to the kiss.

At first, Gu Yanzheng still had a bit of reason. His dual abilities continued to invade to determine the state of Chi Jun’s energy core. After a few more explorations, it was determined there was nothing different about the energy core and his sense of reason gradually drifted away.

Under the repeated heat, Chi Jun always felt that something wasn’t quite right. He suddenly reached for his head before grabbing Gu Yanzheng’s arm. “Yan Zhengzheng, why do I still have lion ears?”

Gu Yanzheng looked down at his baby and reached for the two ears on someone’s head. The furry ears shook and Chi Jun felt his body wasn’t his own. “Don’t touch them!”

Gu Yanzheng tried to control his voice as he leaned close to Chi Jun’s ear. “Once we go back, I will ask clearly.”

He finished determining his baby’s physical condition and couldn’t stop again. It had been so long and he was too eager. Chi Jun was worried but after his ears were touched several times and combined with someone’s sexual drive, his sense of reason was gradually lost…

The two people didn’t pay attention to the situation and didn’t notice that energy stone carvings were collapsing due to their energy being drained.

It was half a day later when the two people became sensible again. Chi Jun stretched lazily and his eyebrows were relaxed. Then he looked at the carvings of him and the ginkgo branches and his pleasure slowly solidified…


At this time, the Qi Resource Company’s mine.

Old Qi looked at the data and he was speechless for a while. Next to him, Qi Hairong cried out, “Dad, if you are angry then don’t hold it back!”

The old man turned his head and looked around for something.

“Dad, what are you looking for?”

The old man looked around and couldn’t find anything convenient. Then he picked up the chair he was just sitting on and lifted it. “I’ll kill you!”

The giant monkeys were basically part of the wind system. Their actions were fast and accurate! Several mine officials and legal elites in the room took a breath.

Qi Hairong was shocked and ran away while shouting, “Dad, you are the one who cancelled the agreement. You used more than a dozen energy stone carvings to let them cancel it. Why are you hitting me?!”

The old man smashed his chair and roared, “Why didn’t you stop me when I was cancelling it? Why didn’t you tell me there was evidence?”

Qi Hairong dodged extremely quickly and the chair broke as it hit the ground. He slowly said, “Dad, you didn’t give me the opportunity to explain?”

Old Qi kicked him. Qi Hairong was innocent. “You also put me in the blacklist!”

The old man stared. “You stupid boy, then you blacklisted me!”

“That’s why you didn’t listen to me and cancelled the contract?”

The mine leaders and legal elites, “……”

Qi Hairong said, “…Dad, the immediate priority is to think about how to get Mr Chi to sign the agreement again.”

The old man sat back in his chair. The two men lacked a method to appease the beastman’s mania. Now that had energy stone carvings and quite a lot of them. How could they sign this seemingly inexpensive deal?

The old man stabilized his mood and looked at the legal elites. “Alter the contract. Apart from yellow, they can choose any solid-coloured energy stones from the Qi Resource Company, including silver.”

Qi Hairong wondered, “Isn’t this a bit of a loss for us?”

The old man glared at him. “They might not necessarily sign with such conditions!”

Qi Hairong touched his nose. The old man was silent for a long time before slowly speaking, “Hairong, once this contract is signed, you will slowly take over the Qi Resource Company.”


Thus, when Chi Jun and Gu Yanzheng appeared, a modified contract was placed in front of them. Chi Jun viewed it before pushing back the video board containing the contract. “Mr Qi, I can’t sign this contract.”

Old Qi said, “The conditions are excellent.”

“It isn’t a question of excellence.”

Qi Hairong wondered, “What does Mr Qi mean?”

Chi Jun quietly rubbed the tip of his nose. The problem was actually related to their previous violent behavior. At that time, he didn’t care about his lion ears and wildly rolled around in bed with his big ginkgo. He was naturally pleased and contented since the vacancy in his mind and body were filled after a long time. However, after being satisfied…

The two people saw the powder. They had consumed nearly 10 small energy stone carvings. Almost all the multicoloured stones were broken while the two-coloured and solid-coloured stones were okay.

However, according to their frequency and intensity, almost two dozen silver energy stone carvings probably weren’t enough. If they didn’t stock up on silver energy stone carving then it would be depleted later and his energy core would make a fuss again.

Thus, Chi Jun looked at the opposite father and son and spoke earnestly, “We naturally still want silver energy stones but we can’t use other colours. Instead, I want to attach a different condition.”

The old man said, “Say it, what is the condition?”

“I’d like to ask Mr Qi to help carve silver energy stones for me.”

This requirement not only surprised the old man but all the people present. What about the more than a dozen silver energy stones that had been previously carved? There were almost two dozen silver energy stone carvings, including two solid-coloured energy stones and a few excellent two-coloured energy stones. Wasn’t this enough for a few lifetimes?

Qi Hairong questioned, “Can I ask why Mr Chi needs my father to carve silver energy stones?”

Chi Jun reached for his smart backpack, pulled out a bag and poured out a pile of powder.

“These silver energy stone carvings really aren’t durable.”

The beautiful lion and ginkgo carvings were now all powder and there wasn’t the slightest chance of them being repaired. If quality didn’t work then they could probably win with quantity. It was so rare that everyone was stunned for a moment.

A long time passed before the old man spoke again, “Did you do it?”

This was so direct that everyone choked. Chi Jun was slightly hot as he nodded.

Old Qi sighed. “You aren’t missing small energy stone carvings. You are missing a large energy stone carving.”

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