SBIP: Chapter 71

For a moment, the entire room was silent. Everyone looked at the big lion with shock. They had seen carved energy stones fall apart. Once the energy in the stone was exhausted, they were bound to break.

Every beastmen growing up had experienced it. After all, beastmen couldn’t survive on one energy stone all their lives. Growing older and becoming stronger meant the energy stone carving would inevitably face the situation of energy depletion and eventually collapse.

This lion beastman had only used a two-coloured energy stone but the skills of the master had been inherited by the number one carver in the beastmen republic. His control over the energy, his carving technique and the final energy activation rate of the energy stone were all master level.

This stone suddenly broke and revealed a completely inadequate state. This was simply…

How powerful was this lion? If this method of consumption continued…

The elite legal team of the company silently looked at the man standing next to the lion beastman with a sympathetic look.

This wasn’t just a costly problem. This included the question of whether they could experience a happy life. A beastmen without the proper energy stone match would show extremely powerful destructive power during the estrus period. Sex wasn’t possible at all!

The big lion flung out his paws, shook off the stone powder on them and turned to look at Gu Yanzheng. Gu Yanzheng’s mouth twitched and he reached out to rub his big baby’s long-lost lion mane. The stone might be broken but the energy in the lion’s body was stable. At least the direction of treatment was right.

The big lion reached out his head and rubbed his huge head against Gu Yanzheng. Then the big head pressed heavily on Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder. Gu Yanzheng rubbed the large male lion’s smooth fur. He held his big baby while staring at the stunned Old Qi.

…This shouldn’t be considered as fulfilling the deal. Gu Yanzheng’s eyes clearly showed and the old man’s mouth twitched.

Qi Hairong glanced at his father and then the huge lion over there. Qi Hairong was very strong and needed a solid-coloured energy stone to get married. It was for this reason that he rushed to the resource star.

However, he simply wasn’t a match compared to the lion. This big lion even consumed an excellent two-coloured energy stone carving to transform!

Gu Yanzheng pushed the remaining silver energy stones on the table forward. “Mr Qi, you have to start working.”

The old man’s eyelids jumped and his mouth jerked. Then he slowly said, “Let me see his current situation.”

The big lion turned around and extended a huge paw to the old man. The old man examined the paws that were several times larger than the little lion’s paws. Compared to the previous fleshy paws, these ones were thick, strong and powerful. Qi Hairong had no doubt about the consequences of these paws if they attacked.

After careful examination, the old man’s heart was stirred. A two-coloured energy stone was consumed yet the lion’s condition still wasn’t optimistic. How strong was he? He would probably need to carve all of these energy stones in order to appease the beastman’s mania.

Qi Hairong wondered, “Dad, what is Mr Little Gu’s body like now?”

At this point, the lion looked in Qi Hairong’s direction. “My name is Chi Jun.”

Qi Hairong looked closely at the huge lion’s mouth and did a psychological construction so that he didn’t step back. “…Mr Chi.”

The big lion showed ferocious teeth and nodded at him.

Qi Hairong looked at this powerful lion and felt an inner struggle. He really should’ve stopped his father from terminating the contract…

The big lion was so powerful. If he needed silver energy stones then he could use money to buy them. He didn’t need to sign a contract with the Qi Resource Company at all. By the time his father found out the truth, would there be no way to restore the contract?

The old man glanced at his son and pointed to the silver energy stones on the table. “Take the stones and bring the people. We will change places.”

Qi Hairong, “….??”

The old man saw his son was in a fog and stared. “Do you want to let this old man carve 20 energy stones in one go in this humble workroom?”

Qi Hairong said, “…Yes, Mr Gu, Mr Chi, please come this way.”

Thus, the group moved places in a grand manner. The elite legal team temporarily couldn’t do anything and went to the rest area of the mine to wait for orders.

Meanwhile, the mines leaders stopped talking. Saving a life was important but why did it seem like they didn’t care at all about the mine’s resources being depleted? At least let them investigate the veins!

However, Old Qi followed and no one dared to say a word. The several mine leaders watched the trio and large lion drift away. A mighty lion. This strength was high enough to directly crush a high-quality, two-coloured energy stone carving! The only one with such a powerful force was the first president of the beastmen republic, the notorious Marshal Black Dragon.

The head of the mine, “…What?”

Did such a powerful person still need to use lies to commit fraud?

Once this thought came out, the person in charge covered his rapidly jumping heart with his hand. He suddenly ran away from the other leaders and headed to another raw stone polishing line.

This mining area had a total of three large-scale raw stones cutting and polishing lines. They had previously used the nearest line to the waste pile to check the stones the prince shipped out. This situation was so alarming that they ignored the situation of the other lines.

The person in charge hurriedly ran to the other lions and pulled out all the data since the little lion came over. The other leaders were surprised and caught up. “What’s the matter?”

The person in charge waved his hand as he waited for the data to come out. “Don’t talk first! Look at the data.”

The leaders waited for the results and were shocked by what the data showed. It was more shocking than when they saw the raw stones didn’t reveal any energy stones and were carried out as piles of stone powder. The data showed that since the little lion started working, all the stones that passed through these lines weren’t empty. The efficiency was improved by at least twice!

Moreover, according to the data that could be seen, forget the veins drying up. They could even say that they had just reached the main veins! The leaders couldn’t help gulping.

The mining industry didn’t have an effective way to detect the energy stone content of raw stones. It was only through the cutting and polishing that they could confirm the presence of energy stones.

The ratio of empty stones was very high at the start of the mining and when the veins were depleted, so the energy consumption was very high. This was a problem that the mining industry had been facing for centuries. This perception was also deeply rooted.

That’s why they decided that the veins were drying up when one cutting and polishing line showed empty stones. The people in charge never thought that there really was this type of technology that could directly screen out empty stones. However…

The leaders faced each other and seemed to hear their innermost scolding. Were their heads full of petrochemicals from digging every day? The prince who was the future heir of the company, how could he be so easily cheated?

The previous contract clearly benefited the company. A preliminary estimation of this technology could reduce a mining company’s energy consumption by 50% and double the efficiency. Now the contract had been cancelled by Old Qi. Carving so many energy stones in exchange for the cancellation…

After a deathly quiet, a leader suddenly said, “Where are the lawyers? Where are the elite lawyers from headquarters?”

They had just settled down in the rest area and were waiting for orders from Old Qi, ready to return at any time. Then these elite lawyers were called out by the anxious leaders who came hurrying over. After learning the real situation, the dozens of people silently had a headache.

…How could this contract be restored?!

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