SBIP: Chapter 70

Thus, under Old Qi’s strange research and instructions, the little lion did a variety of actions such as jumping, rolling, pouncing and… sleeping. Then half an hour later, it stopped.

The old man was a bit meditative. He motioned to his subordinates to bring in an instrument to measure the energy stone match.

The old man’s personality was violent but he was a master-class carver. He was extremely cautious when it came to energy stone carving. Before carving the energy stone, he must carry out a matching test with the energy stone. Moreover, the man opposite him with the little lion clearly had a poor understanding in this regard.

Now the testing instruments were more advanced. The testee only needed to reach out his paws to measure the primary colour system of energy stone that he could be matched to.

The little lion placed his paws on the tester. The result was that he indeed matched with the extremely rare silver coloured energy stone.

The old man looked at the test results and then up at the man holding the lion with a bit of understanding. It was no wonder why they did such a big thing before signing the contract. The purpose of obtaining all of the company’s silver energy stone was for the little lion.

The old man’s opinion of the two somewhat changed. It might be excusable but…

A scam was still a scam!

The old man waved to his assistant to place his carving tool on the table. He also picked up the other mixed-coloured energy stones that hadn’t been fully put away and carefully measured them. Old Qi hadn’t seen many silver energy stones but these ones were all sporadically mixed in with other colours. It was very rare for the main colour to be silver.

The silver coloured energy stone was slightly different from other stones. The lustre was full but it was slightly less permeable.

What’s more, this little lion was golden brown and the silver completely didn’t match with him. From the perspective of the finished product being similar to the little lion, it was inherently lacking. It wouldn’t be easy to achieve a high enough energy utilization rate.

The old man carefully examined the mixed stones before picking one out of the pile. Finally, he chose a silver and gold-mixed colour energy stone. He picked up the carving tools and boldly threw himself into the carving.

The old man’s knife fell and the little lion’s ears pricked. He raised his head from Gu Yanzheng’s arm. Time passed and under the old man’s knife carving skills, a simple form became complex. It included the little lion’s fluffy fur, thick paws and slightly raised tail. There were all the details that he had observed.

This was a little lion trapped by branches. The front paws were covered with fan-shaped ginkgo leaves of the branches and the back paws were slightly raised. The beast showed some ferocity and alertness, mouth slightly open to reveal sharp teeth that tried to bite the golden leaves…

This lion might be pure silver and there were some differences in the colour but this appearance was simply brilliant! If it hadn’t been for the fact that he only met the old man today, the little lion would’ve suspected that the old man peeking at him playing with his big ginkgo in the past!

The old man completed the last golden fan-shaped leaf and slowly put down the knife. He gently placed the palm-sized carving on the table. Then the old man spoke in a rarely calm and gentle voice, “Try it.”

The little lion leapt down from Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder, sat on the table and stuck out his paw. He didn’t know how to try it but this carving showed him and his big ginkgo in perfect harmony. He was really fond of it! Thus, the curious lion paws fell on the carving and held it up.

The moment the little lion touched the carving, the elite lawyers from the Qi corporate headquarters turned around. The little lion had never used an energy stone carving before. The first time it was touched, the stone should appease his mania and restore his normal form.

So under normal circumstances, this little lion would probably be naked when he became a human. Old Qi had said this was a married person and the little lion must be an adult. They naturally couldn’t look at something that shouldn’t be seen.

Qi Hairong immediately grabbed his old man’s arm and pulled back his father. The old man didn’t refuse and turned around.

The little lion held the small caring and looked around. He saw a circle of backs. Apart from his family’s big ginkgo, everyone had their backs to him. The little lion looked at Gu Yanzheng in an unknown way. What was this situation?!

Gu Yanzheng watched the small carving held in the little lion’s paws and thought about it.

At this point, Qi Hairong asked, “Are you okay?”

The little lion responded, “I don’t know.’

Elder Qi, “……”

Qi Hairong, “……”

The elite legal team, “……”

What kind of situation would they see when they turned around? Qi Hairong coughed and directly asked, “Mr Little Gu, are you wearing clothes?”

The little lion said, “Of course, I just dressed.”

The old man had asked him to do all types of movements and then he dressed. Therefore, this question was strange. The group sighed with relief and turned around. However, the expected adult hadn’t appeared. The little lion holding the small carving was still on the table.

The old man frowned and was about to speak when at this time, Gu Yanzheng placed his hand on the little lion’s back and released his power locking the lion’s energy core.

The next moment, the release of energy was like a nuclear blast. This instantly let Chi Jun explode into a big lion. The mighty beast lay on the table and roared all in a deafening manner. Then all the metal objects in the room exploded!

Just as Gu Yanzheng was about to lock up the energy core again, the pacification power flowed out of the energy stone carving and Lion Chi’s overflowing force was immediately appeased. It retreated back into Lion Chi’s body and quickly settled down.

The soothing effect of the energy stone carving was significant and the wild forces in the big lion were under control. It was just that…

Lion Chi raised his huge African lion paws and looked under his big paws. The small and delicate carving of him and his big ginkgo playing was smashed into powder!

Sob, his heart was going to break!

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