SBIP: Chapter 69

Old Qi saw that the man didn’t respond to him and hit the branches around his arm. “You aren’t young yet you’re so bad at taking care of your partner? At the very least, a husband should take responsibility!”

The little lion heard these words and was amazed.

First, this accusation subconsciously revealed some things and the little lion admired this old man. After being recognized as brothers, it was particularly strange that this old man figured out their relationship!

Qi Hairong was embarrassed. “Dad, these two have a brotherly relationship. They aren’t partners. Mr Little Gu is still a child!”

The old man glanced at him. “Then you are very comfortable employing a child for labour?”

The pseudo-child labourer lion, “…”

Qi Hairong touched his nose. “Isn’t Mr Gu his guardian?”

The old man snorted as he continued to look at the little lion, whose body was on the verge of collapse. Gu Yanzheng saw that this old man didn’t have any malice. It seemed he could also see the little lion’s problem. Gu Yanzheng slowly retracted the ginkgo branches wrapped around the old man’s arm.

The old man rubbed his wrist and spoke to the little lion. “Give me your paws.”

The little lion silently held out his paws. The old man grabbed the thick lion paws. The lion’s fur was thick and soft. The paws were moderately hard and looked very healthy. However, the old man was frowning deeply. He let go of the paw and signalled for the little lion to give his other paw.

Having seen the two meaty paws, the old man took a slight breath and muttered, “It shouldn’t be… how can you live with this weak body…”

The little lion, “……”

Weak? He wasn’t weak, right?

The old man silently touched his chin and raised his eyes to the tall man holding the lion in one hand. “Where is his energy stone carving? Take it out so I can see if the energy is running out or if it is out of date.”

The little lion was dazed. What was an energy stone carving?

Gu Yanzheng hesitated for two seconds before reaching into his baby’s pocket and pulling out the two silver solid-coloured energy stones he had just placed inside. They were plain, rough, uncarved energy stones.

Elder Qi, “……”

Qi Hairong, “……”

After the strange calm, the old man almost rolled up his sleeves as he stared ferociously. “You call this a carving? Are you telling me that your family’s little beast grew up with this?!”

The little lion felt strange. “Grew up? They were just stuffed into my clothes.”

The old man was simply angry hearing this. He indignantly turned in a circle. Then he reached for his son and pulled out seven or eight small carvings of various forms from Qi Hairong’s armband, belt buckle and around his neck.

The production of light yellow solid-coloured energy stones was relatively low. Their golden monkey family had always had relatively high strength. Thus, in order to prevent an outbreak of mania, he had his son prepare many carvings just in case.

These small carvings all had light yellow as the main colour. The two-coloured mixed energy stone carving was delicate, lively and surprisingly in line with Qi Hairong.

The person and little lion observed them carefully. This was obviously… something they had never seen!

Qi Hairong opened his mouth in shock. “The two of you have never had a carved energy stone?”

The little lion retracted his gaze and nodded honestly. They hadn’t seen it normally. Before the apocalypse, they were young and not very interested in jade. In the apocalypse, they were too busy surviving and had no energy to appreciate it.

Qi Hairong, “……”

If a beastman didn’t carry an energy stone carving from a young age then it could be said that he was living every day in a state of dying. It wasn’t just for the beastman himself but the family he lived with.

Once mania broke out, the beastman could become a baby or reveal high destructive power. Under these circumstances, Qi Hairong simply couldn’t imagine it. He subconsciously wondered, “How did the two of you survive?”

How did they survive? The little lion looked up at his big ginkgo. It was probably because from the beginning, there was such a man around him. At the beginning of the apocalypse, this man crossed through numerous zombies to find him…

On the way to the base, every night this man would use branches to make a comfortable tree house, so that Chi Jun could sleep at ease…

In the siege of hundreds of thousands of zombies, they fought side by side without considering the safety of their backs. They moved in and out of the zombies, sweeping through everything…

In the fight against the powerful zombie emperor, Chi Jun’s self-explosion opened a crack in time and space and Gu Yanzheng determinedly followed him, giving up everything.

Gu Yanzheng was the reason why he could live.

Gu Yanzheng suddenly took a deep breath, rubbed his little lin’s head and gazed at the old man. “Do you know how to save him?”

The old man took a deep breath and spoke slowly. “I haven’t carved in a long time.”

Qi Hairong’s mouth twitched. “Dad…”

Lying with open eyes! Weren’t the energy stone carvings of the young generation in the family all made by his old man?! The old man glanced at him.

Gu Yanzheng spoke calmly. “State your condition.”

The old man sat firmly. “Cancel the contract.”

Gu Yanzheng nodded immediately. “Yes.”

“Dad, what did you see? How can the contract be cancelled? Do you know that this Mr Little Gu…”

Qi Hairong hadn’t finished his words when the old man kicked him. “Shut up, I will calculate the account with you once we go back!”

Qi Hairong, “……”

God, come and take his father!

The little lion looked at Qi Hairong and quietly exposed his teeth.

Qi Hairong, “……”

He had a hunch that something serious would happen! Then should he let his father suffer?

Qi Hairong looked at the old man who looked like he had grabbed a winning ticket…

Well, he didn’t care!

As Qi Hairong watched the play while eating melons, Old Qi cancelled the previous contract. The old man was in a good mood after lifting the contract. He raised a finger to the tabletop. “Come up.”

Gu Yanzheng’s hand moved forward and the little lion jumped down lightly, sitting on the table. Then the old man said, “Take off all your clothes.”

Undress? The little lion stared with slightly ferocious eyes.

The old man didn’t think. “You have fur. What are you scared of?”

The little lion, “……”

Would it be considered elderly abuse if he clawed at the old man?

Seeing the atmosphere was a bit awkward, Qi Hairong’s face was dark. A carver needed to understand the beastman’s beast shape. This was an ordinary and simple thing. How did the atmosphere change here?

“Mr Gu, Mr Little Gu, a carver needs to carve the beastman’s beast shape in order to activate the soothing power in the energy stone. A young body is fine or an adult beast body is also good. The more similar the energy stone carving, the better the pacification effect. Therefore, the carver needs to know enough about the beast characteristics in order to more accurately carve the stone.”

The little lion silently got out of his clothes and felt a slight cold. He was an African lion and was afraid of the cold!

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