SBIP: Chapter 68

The little lion gazed at the pile of silver energy stones that his big gingko placed o the table and pushed a few lightly with his paws. He didn’t know if it was his illusion but these stones gave him a very comfortable feeling.

Gu Yanzheng rubbed the lion’s ears and placed a silver solid stone on the table. The little lion raised his paws to push the pile of energy stones, making a nest and he sat in it. Gu Yanzheng looked at the little lion crouching in the stone pile and laughed. “Are you comfortable?”

The little lion looked down at the stone. “Yes, it’s comfortable. It just feels like my body is chafing a bit.”

Qi Hairong, “……”

They were all stones that hadn’t been polished and shaped. It would be strange if he wasn’t uncomfortable when lying on them.

However, Mr Gu was a brother con and rather than carrying the little lion out of the stone nest, he reached out to sort the stone pile. The stones with sharp edges were placed to the side and the flat ones stacked up near the lion.

Then Gu Yanzheng’s dual abilities probed the little lion’s body and slightly loosened his control on the energy core. As expected, his family’s energy core that loved to explode was calm. It was just that as he loosened the lock, the energy core started to become restless and agitated.

The little lion quickly raised his paws and held down Gu Yanzheng’s hand, amber eyes flashing. “Yan Zhengzheng…”

Before the little lion could finish, Gu Yanzheng suddenly locked up the critical energy core again and touched the little lion’s head. This was almost a sure answer. The little lion was excited and sprang up rapidly, moving from the man’s arm to his shoulder. The lion buried his head into the person’s neck and looked up at the sky.

He wanted to wail! There was finally hope! The little lion arched for a while before moving his furry mouth close to this person’s ear. “Yan Zhengzheng, I think we probably need a bed made of equivalent material but it needs to be flatter!”

Gu Yanzheng slightly took a breath and pressed a hand to his baby’s back. This time, he didn’t intend to discourage his baby’s enthusiasm.

However, all of this planet’s veins had been rummaged through using his wood ability and it was impossible to find another silver stone. Still, there were a dozen mines under the Qi Company…

At this time, Old Qi squinted when he saw the solid-coloured energy stone and entered in a big way. The quietly listening Qi Hairong turned to see his old man’s aggressive appearance. The old man was 70 or 80 years old and walked like a tiger, coming to stir up trouble.

Qi Hairong felt like he was going bald. His father’s temper would surely provoke the god of wealth lying in the stone nest! Before the old man could run over, Qi Hairong quickly stepped up and pulled the old man’s arm. “Dad, why did you come here? You didn’t need to come here without saying a word. I would’ve…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he saw a team of familiar people emerge from his father’s suspension car. They were the company’s elite legal team and had won lawsuits dozens of times. They dealt with various economic disputes.

Qi Hairong, “……”

The old man snorted coldly, shook off his hand and walked forward. The 10 elite layers came over with serious faces and greeted him. “Mr Qi.”

Qi Hairong wondered, “What are you doing here?”

An elite lawyer replied, “Mr Qi told us to come over and prepare a case to terminate the contract.”

Qi Hairong, “……”

Was it easy for him to catch such a chance?

Qi Hairong was cold. “The agreement was solely signed by me. It won’t be lifted. You can go back.”

Then the old man’s voice drifted over. “Don’t block them and let them come in.”

Qi Hairong turned and saw his old man standing behind him with sharp eyes.

Qi Hairong, “……”

He wasn’t in the wrong but his momentum suddenly weakened. The old man had been running the business for decades. He was a young man in his 20s and couldn’t compare. Thus, the elite legal team passed by Qi Hairong and entered.

Qi Hairong could only follow. He had to speak with facts to change his old man’s thoughts.

The little lion being carried in one hand happily shook his tail as he watched the big ginkgo put away the silver stones on the table. Then the suddenly chilly breath startled him. He quickly turned his head to see a group of fierce people being led by a spirited old man. It was obviously a posture of finding fault!

The little lion wondered.

Qi Hairong moved in front of the elite legal team. “Mr Gu, Mr Little Gu has been busy all morning. You should first take him back to rest!”

“Slow down!” The old man stood there in a calm and relaxed manner, looking at the two people opposite him.

Qi Hairong exclaimed, “Dad, you’re an entrepreneur, not a star thief!”

The old man’s eyes shot over like knives. “Shut up.”

Qi Hairong almost lost his breath. Yes, if you offend the god of wealth then you can coax him yourself!

Master Qi had been doing business for decades. He might have a hot temper but he still had eyes for people. The man standing there didn’t say a word or do anything but vaguely revealed an awe-inspiring momentum. This was someone who definitely couldn’t be compared to his family’s stupid son.

This momentum was something he had only seen decades ago. It was when he had the privilege of meeting the first president of the republic… Great Marshal Black Dragon!

The fire in the old man’s heart eased a bit and his gaze turned to the little lion the man was holding in one hand. The moment he saw the little lion cub, his angry heart jumped suddenly. He took several steps and reached out to check the little lion’s condition.

The old man moved so fast he was almost invisible to the naked eye. However, Gu Yanzheng was faster. Ginkgo branches suddenly curled up around the old man’s arms. The old man looked down at the branches wrapped around his arm and squinted. “Let go, this little lion is dying!”

Qi Hairong was shocked. “Dad, what did you say?!”

The big ginkgo’s forehead twitched. He had the wood and healing dual abilities. There was no need for others to emphasize his baby’s physical condition!

The little lion calmly shook his tail. He wasn’t dying, he had already died once. If it wasn’t for this windfall, he would probably continue to be in a dying state.

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