SBIP: Chapter 67

One night passed and Old Qi finally eased some of his anger. He ate breakfast and used the Qi Family’s resources to investigate the situation of the company on the resource star. Old Qi saw that the earnings of the raw stone store on the resource star suddenly skyrocketed and for a moment, he was pleased.

His son might’ve signed a bad contract but his son’s ability to do business was obvious to all. The old man’s mood had just calmed down and he was even a bit proud of his son’s ability when he saw the report of the Qi stores closing.

Elder Qi, “……”

His family’s naughty kid, was this a low-cost sale of the store’s raw stones? Seeing that the contract hadn’t been cancelled, the old man angrily dragged his son out of the blacklist and denounced his improper behaviour.

A moment later, he saw that his video message had been returned. After he blacklisted his son, his son blacklisted him. The old man’s anger couldn’t be vented and his liver was in pain from the contract.

The silver-coloured energy stone, regardless of quality, would all be given to the other side…

It might have no impact on the profit of the Qi Company but over the years, the Qi Company hadn’t mind any silver energy stones. He couldn’t tell the efficiency. Now the contract was for a whole colour system of energy stones! The old man vaguely felt that there must be something strange about it. There must be unspeakable reasons for this condition!

As a result, Old Qi made a decision and contacted the secretary to book a flight, heading straight to the resource star his son was on. He personally wanted to ask about this matter. In order to successfully terminate the agreement, Old Qi also brought 10 elite lawyers from the company’s legal department with him.

He had always done things through thunderous means. If the parties involved in the contract didn’t obediently agree to terminate it then he would let them see! He would accuse them of the crime of economic fraud!

Meanwhile, the little lion was crouching in his seat and holding the small bonsai in a bored manner. At the same time, he was quickly and decisively picking empty stones from the transport belt in front of him. The job was so easy and effortless that it was boring.

His family’s big ginkgo had brought him here early in the morning with Qi Hairong. Then he gave the small bonsai to Chi Jun, asked Qi Hairong for a mining car and left. His expression before leaving was intriguing.

It made Chi Jun recall the situation in the last world when he was abducted to a five star hotel. The big ginkgo’s smile at the time was similar…

Unfortunately, even if the smile was similar, the end result was definitely different. They had to be careful when just hugging each other. Joining together at present was just a delusion…

The little lion held the small bonsai and looked at his paws. This day was when his head would… fall! The little lion was repeatedly doing work that wasn’t interesting.

Qi Hairong looked at the constantly transported rocks, some dozens of metres high and some the size of a fist. Qi Hairong had fully identified the little lion’s ability and smiled as he saw the stones constantly being screened out.

This was just the beginning. The human and material resources saved were very unusual. Once the lion’s ability was quantified…

Just thinking about it, Qi Hairong felt his mood was flying!

On the other hand, several of the mine’s leaders felt puzzled. They watched as raw stones were transported out and dumped into the abandoned pit and their faces changed.

More raw stones kept being transported and the number was quite a lot. It was found if these raw stones contained mixed energy stones but what if there was a solid stone? Throwing them away would directly be a big loss!

Therefore, the several leaders rushed inside and looked at the sitting lion. The little lion casually raised his paws and decided the fate of the raw stone. Standing next to him was the prince of the Qi Family, his face as bright as the sun and full of spring cheer. For a while, the people in charge simply felt…

Money shouldn’t be wasted! Was mining a joke? Making a little lion do these things, had the prince eaten too much? One of the leaders was full of emotions and went to inquire. “Mr Qi, what are you doing?”

The little lion raised bored eyes. He heard Qi Hairong say, “Screening the stones.”

The person in charge looked dazed. “What?”

Qi Hairong replied, “This person is screening out the empty stones.”

The person in charge, “……”

He seemed to hear the prince talking in his sleep. The person in charge said earnestly, “Mr Qi, I think these raw stones need to be cut and polished to confirm.”

“It is a waste of time and resources. There is no need for that.”

The person in charge, “……”

Qi Hairong waved his hand. “It’s fine, I’ll bear the consequences.”

The little lion grinned and continued sifting through the stones. The person in charge looked at the playing little lion and his mouth twitch. However, the prince’s expression was firm and he didn’t dare to directly carry the little cub out. The person in charge made a sad expression and left with several other leaders to talk about the prince’s decision.

“It is crazy,” One of the leaders spoke in a quiet voice.

“How much will be wasted by throwing away so many raw stones?”

The person in charge didn’t want to throw away these stones but the prince was the resource star’s current top decision-maker. They couldn’t force the miners to pull these stones back to the cutting and polishing line.

“Contact Old Qi!”

Therefore, Old Qi was on the way to the resource star when he saw the joint report from the several leaders. This time, the old man’s eyes twitched and he almost made the table fly away. His son was doing such a stupid thing as the heir to the resource company. This made Old Qi doubt his son’s ability to do business!

The grumpy Old Qi contacted his son but was once again blocked. His disobedient son continued to insist on blocking his messages! The old man’s liver was going to burst and he directly issued instructions to the leaders. No matter what his son threw away, put them in the production line as usual. All the stones in the waste pit were to be put back in the cutting assembly line.

Throw away? Impossible! The leaders carefully discussed Old Qi’s decision with the prince. They thought the prince would show his old man’s temper. Unexpectedly, the prince didn’t speak with them and just looked carefully at the little lion, voice extremely gently, “Mr Little Gu, do you mind?”

There was the experience of nearly transporting one billion gold coins and Qi Hairong didn’t want to offend this little lion again. The little lion shook his head. “It doesn’t matter.”

The several leaders saw the situation and their jaws were about to fall off. The prince was so respectful to this little lion!

In the end, the prince agreed that the screened out stones would be returned to the cutting line. The leaders hurriedly arranged for people to bring these stones back and gave priority to these stones in case the prince did something. However…

The cutting assembly line cut dozens of raw stones and there wasn’t a single energy stone! The leaders were very puzzled. As the cutting line kept operating, these doubts gradually turned to shock. A few people were staring at the cutting line with disbelief.

It was natural that rough cutting and polishing would only reveal empty stones. The mine reserves were very large and it was normal for empty stones to appear from time to time. The several people responsible comforted themselves.

Half an hour later, the leaders grasped their hair and felt that the things they saw in the last half an hour were simply incredible! The assembly line was empty and the stone powder on the other side had been removed, filling several cars with polished powder.

This situation generally meant the end of the veins! This happened only when the energy stone veins were about to dry up. The several leaders were white-faced. The mine, which was expected to have a much large energy stone reserve, was now showing signs of drying up.

This meant that in a few days, their mine would be out of work! The several leaders swallowed hard and couldn’t help considering another angle.

“Perhaps it is really as the prince said? The little lion is screening out these empty stones?”

“Do you believe that?”

“This technology, I don’t know how many resource companies have studied it with no results. Do you think a cub can do it?”



Looking back at the empty shipping port, the several leaders sighed and came back together in front of Qi Hairong. The little lion saw their frustrated expression and narrowed his eyes as he leaned back in his seat to watch with the little bonsai.

“Mr Qi, I would like to suggest an in-depth test of the entire mine to determine the existing energy stone reserves.”

Qi Hairong raised his eyebrows.

The person in charge said, “Mr Qi, I had a premonition that the veins are depleted. In order to reduce the loss, I think it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive exploration of the veins.”

Qi Hairong turned to the little lion sitting lazily and suddenly smiled. “All these stones, not a single one had an energy stone?”

The person in charge looked at the prince’s bright smile that didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation and spoke weakly. “Yes.”

Qi Hairong ordered, “In this case, don’t waste time. Don’t cut the rest and send them directly to the waste pit.”

The person in charge hesitated. “However, the boss said…”

The master’s instructions were still on his quantum compared. Based on Old Qi’s temper, if he knew that they hadn’t carried out his request then he would probably be fired. Hearing this, Qi Hairong felt a moment of solidarity. “Forget it, I don’t want to make it difficult for you. Listen to the old man.”

The person in charge doubted life as he once again returned to the assembly line. He and the others looked on helplessly as the stones were placed in the machine and became powder residue. They were all waste stones that didn’t give a single piece of energy stone. The several leaders felt sadness and wondered if they should send a message to Old Qi.

After all, this had happened once. If it happened again, the prince would probably be upset. However, the depletion of the vein was more serious than before…

“Looking at this situation, we must recommend that the prince investigate the veins!”

The leaders made a solemn decision. Therefore, once Gu Yanzheng came back, he saw the leaders staring at the cutting line like they had seen a ghost. He didn’t need to ask. Gu Yanzheng knew what had caused this situation.

He took the silver solid-coloured energy stone that had recently come out of the ground and walked to where his little lion was working with a smile. At the same time, Old Qi’s rapid special train finally arrived at the station and the angry old man rushed to the mine.

He emerged from the suspension car. The several leaders saw their saviour and rushed over.

“Old Qi, I suggest a comprehensive exploration of the veins!”

Elder Qi, “……”

Things seemed a bit different from what he imagined.

“Old Qi, there are signs of depletion in the veins.”

Elder Qi, “……”

Something unusual seemed to be happening.

Old Qi steadied his head and asked, “Where is Hairong?”

‘Mr Qi is in there.”

The old man entered and just happened to see someone pouring out stones. The stones fell on the lion cub’s table and soon became a small pile.

Energy stones! Silver! The old man suddenly detected a scam!

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