SBIP: Chapter 66

The little lion’s questioning gaze poked at Gu Yanzheng’s body. He almost directly roared out, ‘You will lose!’

The big ginkgo’s forehead twitched as he rubbed the lion’s head vigorously. “We won’t lose money in this deal.”

The little lion, “……”

They wouldn’t lose?

The little lion stared suspiciously at Gu Yanzheng. This person’s eyes seemed to show nothing apart from the little lion. It was clearly showing the truth. Apart from the little lion in his eyes, everything else wasn’t important. Money was just a number.

The little lion bit Gu Yanzheng’s finger. Well, since his big ginkgo said they wouldn’t lose.

Then Qi Hairong smiled. “Since there is a consensus, let’s sign an agreement first.”

The little lion turned to look. Qi Hairong was clearly happy that he picked up such a cheap deal. These claws were a bit itchy! The little lion inhaled, sat up on Gu Yanzheng’s arm and stretched out a lion’s paw, speaking blankly to the obviously happy Qi Hairong. “First of all, give me that one billion.”

Qi Hairong, “……?”

The little lion’s face was serious. “Just now, you said that anybody who opens an empty stone from your store will be paid 100 times the compensation.”

Qi Hairong nodded. He had to say so to save his reputation.

The little lion moved his tail. “I opened 10 empty stones so it is one billion.”

Qi Hairong, “……”

He silently pulled out a money card. At the same time, the little lion opened his mouth and exposed sharp teeth. “I want cash.”

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the currency of the beastmen world was based on gold so cash would be cold. One billion in gold coins, the volume and weight would be considerable.

Try to pit my big ginkgo, I will make you exhausted!

Qi Hairong’s mouth twitched as he looked at the little lion, his family’s future god of wealth.

The little lion cocked his head. “You can’t?”

Qi Hairong smiled, shook his head and connected to his quantum computer. This project was a bit big and he had to find a few people.

The little lion watched Qi Hairong’s stiff expression. The moment Qi Hairong contacted the bank, the staff who appeared on the opposite side looked at him like he was an idiot and the little lion’s heart was a lot smoother. Qi Hairong arranged things and the vehicles were already ready.

The little lion raised his paws to pull at the currency card.

Then he said, “A cash payment looks like a hassle. I will accept card.”

Qi Hairong who had just communicated with the bank, “……”

Well, it was the god of wealth’s decision. The silent Qi Hairong communicated with the bank again and tried to cancel the cash withdrawal.

The palm civet bank manager, “……”

Throw the table! The reserve vault that hadn’t been used for years was opened up to this person! All the gold coins that had accumulated since their bank was constructed was pulled out! Yet now he said to cancel it? What was this? Was the rich’s atmosphere that great?!

The bank manager’s desire to kill could be felt from across the screen. Qi Hairong, the heir to the resource company, hadn’t seen such eyes since childhood. The anger was short-lived. The little lion was very satisfied. He held the currency card and leaned back against Gu Yanzheng’s chest, stretching out comfortably.

Gu Yanzheng’s mouth twitched and he pinched his little lion’s paws. The little lion placed his head on this person’s palm and yawned.

Qi Hairong struggled to communicate with the bank manager. It wasn’t easy to cancel the cash appointment. He hung up and turned to look at the little lion, speaking gently, “Mr Little Gu, can you sign the agreement?”

The little lion nodded. He was just pitting this person a bit and there was no need to seriously ask for his opinion. Qi Hairong quickly drew up an arrangement and showed it to this human and little lion.

The little lion had always been cold to such official language. In addition, this was the beastman language that he wasn’t very proficient in. However, the vocabulary associated with him was still shown.

The little lion got up from Gu Yanzheng’s arm and came closer to take a look. Examining the agreement, he was sure of one thing. It wasn’t Gu Yanzheng’s ability to accurately select solid energy stones that were being traded for the Qi Resource Company’s silver energy stone. It was his super unlucky lion paws used to accurately select empty stones.

That’s why Gu Yanzheng said they wouldn’t lose money in this deal. It was because his unlucky lion paws were worthless.

The little lion, “……!!!”

Realizing that he was the subject of the agreement, the little lion silently pressed his paw print on the contract while the big ginkgo signed next to the ‘guardian’ section. The contract with signed and the two people followed Qi Hairong to the mine.

They passed through the store’s raw stones picking area and the little lion saw almost empty shelves. Once they left the store, the little lion saw the crowd surging in the stone opening area and was silent.

Then a person saw the lion leave the store and couldn’t help saying, “That little lion just opened 10 empty stones. Did the store pay 100 times the compensation?”

It wasn’t big but it succeeded in quickly calming down the crowd. Countless earnest eyes stared at the man and little lion who accompanied Qi Hairong out. It was time to test the credibility.

Qi Hairong smiled lightly. “Of course, a billion isn’t too bad.”

People received a positive answer and became more excited. Qi Hairong’s promise was true and they became more eager to buy the raw stones. Thus, the store’s last inventory were cleared out…

The little lion glanced at Qi Hairong. “You unscrupulous businessman.”

Gu Yanzheng nodded. “There is no business without unscrupulous businessmen.”

Qi Hairong touched his nose. “It is thanks to Mr Little Gu.”

Before leaving the store for the mine, Qi Hairong couldn’t help asking, “Mr Little Gu,’ how many empty stones do you think there are in the store?”

The little lion raised his unlucky paws and asked, “Didn’t you sign my paws which pick empty stones?”

This was true but the store had thousands of raw stones…

Were all the empty ones really picked up by this little lion? Qi Hairong wanted to ask but he saw Gu Yanzheng leaning against the seat with eyes closed, the little lion flipping over his body and drilling into his brother’s arms.

Qi Hairong’s eyes flashed and he silently added more stone masters to the store to speed up the completion of this large task. Once they arrived at the mine, Qi Hairong first arranged accommodation for the two men and they expedited the store’s large task.

During this period, Qi Hairong finally received news from the store. The opening of all the raw stones in the store, a total of 2365, was completed. Among them, there were 324 pieces of good value two-coloured mixed energy stones and no solid-coloured energy stones. Most importantly, none of the store’s more than 2,000 raw stones were empty.

Qi Hairong couldn’t help smiling and he was pleased that he decisively signed the contract! He was just feeling happy when he received his father’s emergency call. Qi Hairong greeted his brothers and then went out to accept the video call. Once the contract was signed, it was naturally transferred to the company.

The current leader, Qi Hairong’s father, read the contents of the contract and almost exploded.

“You signed this agreement? Are you as old-faashioned as me or is your head full of water? Trading an entire colour system for technology that is impossible to exist. Do you not have a brain?”

“A technology that can precisely screen out empty stones? Do you know how much scientific research was conducted on this and failed? Yet two unidentified brothers said they have the technology and you believe them? Have you eaten through all your years of schooling?”

“The contract doesn’t even have a deadline. Even if there are no silver stones in production now, what will it be like in the future? What if all the stones that emerge decades later are silver?”

“I will give you three days to settle this matter! I don’t care what method you use to repurchase it. You can even threaten them. You must nullify this contract!”

“Otherwise, I will reconsider your qualifications as the heir!”

Then the current owner of the family turned off the call.

Qi Hairong, “……”

Dad, you should give me a chance to speak! However, Qi Hairong discovered that he had been pulled into the blacklist when he called back.

Qi Hairong, “……”

Dad, who are you similar to with this violent temper?

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