SBIP: Chapter 65

The little lion looked at Qi Hairong with burning eyes. Qi Hairong’s eyes on this little lion were also unusually hot. This little lion would likely create a major disruption in their resource wage industrial structure! For a time, four eyes crossed in a shining manner. The tree holding the little lion wanted to photosynthesize.

Gu Yanzheng’s forehead twitched and he raised a hand to cover the little lion’s head, blocking Qi Hairong’s gaze. He pressed the little lion to his shoulder, entire arm blocking the lion.

Then Gu Yanzheng spoke in a cold and polite voice, “Mr Qi, what do you have to say?”

The tone was obvious. Don’t look! The little lion was carried and his face smashed against Gu Yanzheng’s neck. He struggled and his back paws pressed against Gu Yanzheng’s arm. No, this time he had to get the money!

Qi Hairong watched someone steadily lifting his hand to cover the little lion and subconsciously smiled. The store worker had told him that these two were brothers but he felt they were closer than brothers.

Qi Hairong retracted his gaze and indicated to a seat. “Sit down and we’ll speak.”

The two people sat down and Qi Hairong said, “Since Mr Gu has the intention to cooperate, I will speak openly. You have this technology and from the current point of view, your accuracy is very high. I am very interested in it. Mr Gu, please open with a price that you want.”

At this time, the little lion succeeded in venturing out from Gu Yanzheng’s hands. He stood on Gu Yanzheng’s legs, front paws holding Gu Yanzheng’s arm. He heard this sentence and turned to look at his big ginkgo. “What cooperation?”

Gu Yanzheng rubbed his head. “A cooperation to sell you.”

The little lion slapped this person’s arm and snorted. Who would believe him!

Gu Yanzheng laughed and explained, “A cooperate to pick stones.”

The little lion thought about it.

Qi Hairong, “……”

Pick… stones?! Well, in a way, the expression was very precise.

Gu Yanzhengand his little lion finished speaking and turned to look at Qi Hairong sitting opposite them. “Our opening price isn’t high. I want the ownership of all the pure energy stones of a certain colour under your company’s name, including the ones that have been mined out and those that haven’t been mined out.”

Hearing this request, Qi Hairong was slightly stunned. This offer… it was really hard to say if it was high or low.

There were many mines under the name of the Qi Resources Company and the output of pure solid energy stones was good. Among them, blue solid-coloured energy stones accounted for almost 20% of the revenue of resource companies. If this man’s offer was to take ownership of all blue solid-coloured energy stones then he needed to seriously consider it.

Qi Hairong stared at Gu Yanzheng. “What colour energy stone does Mr Gu want?”



For a time, Qi Hairong’s expression changed. The emergence of yellow energy stones wasn’t high and could even be considered low.

The lion’s stone picking technique was estimated to save them at least half their expenses and most importantly, there would be a significant reduction in the number of miners. This had incalculable future benefits. But…

For the Qi Resource Company, yellow energy stones were more important than blue. Almost all the family were golden monkeys and they needed yellow solid-coloured energy stones to survive. If this colour energy stone was sold by him…

The entire family would stab him in the head. His father, who was still in power, would probably throw him out of the family. Gu Yanzheng slowly grasped the paws of his little lion. The little lion looked at Qi Hairong’s worried expression and grinned. He lowered her head to nibble at Gu Yanzheng’s fingers.

He knew this man was blackened from an early age. How could he lose when talking business? After a while, Qi Hairong looked at the small ‘cub’ and human opposite him and spoke earnestly, “Sorry, Mr Gu. The other colours are fine but I can’t give you the yellow energy stones.”

Then Qi Hairong transferred a set of internal data and showed it to the two people. “At present, the solid-coloured energy stone with the best mining revenue is the blue energy stones. If Mr Gu wants then all proceeds and blue energy stones will be given to you for 10 years.”

10 years of income was worth tens of billions. This was really full of sincerity.

The little lion was very satisfied. It was only that at this time, Gu Yanzheng reached into the little lion’s clothes and pulled out a thumb-sized energy stone that he placed on the table. “Since yellow can’t be given, then I want this colour of energy stones.”

Qi Hairong looked down at the table and was skeptical about what he saw. The size of a thumb, an irregular shape and a silver, impermeable colour. Wasn’t this a metal block?

Gu Yanzheng continued, “I want all the silver energy stones of the Qi mining industry, regardless of size or if it is mixed or not, regardless of age or ownership.”

Qi Hairong reached for the stone on the table. Um… was this really an energy stone? As the heir to the company, he had been exposed to the energy stone industry from an early age. There was no energy stone he hadn’t seen but so far, almost all the rare energy stones he had been exposed to were transparent.

This silver wasn’t much different from a metal block and he really hadn’t seen such an energy stone before.

Qi Hairong spoke cautiously, “Mr Gu, please let me test it first.”

Gu Yanzheng nodded. Qi Hairong held an instrument and tested this thumb-sized energy stone two times. The instrument showed that this was indeed an energy stone. This colour was as rare as transparent energy stones. Rare energy stones were valuable but the market was limited.

Qi Hairong put the instrument aside. “Mr Gu, are you sure that you want ownership of these silver stones?”

Gu Yanzheng nodded.

“Then I agree with Mr Gu’s terms. I wish us a pleasant cooperation.”

The little lion pulled up the internal information of the company that Qi Hairong had confiscated. He searched for silver energy stones. However, he didn’t find any silver energy stone from beginning to end.

The little lion couldn’t stay calm. He pressed his paws against Gu Yanzheng’s hand and raised his head to look sharply at Qi Hairong. “How come I don’t see any revenue for the silver energy stone?”

Qi Hairong spoke candidly, “This is the first time I’ve seen a silver energy stone.”

Lion Chi, “………”

Then there were no benefits at all? The little lion retracted his claws and stared at the big ginkgo.

Yan Zhengzheng, what type of business are you doing?

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