SBIP: Chapter 64

They could perhaps be a bit patient when opening three empty stones in a row. However, if 10 in a row were empty stones…

It was serious! The stone master was in a cold sweat. Previously, empty stones had appeared in the store but the probability of them appearing was once every seven or eight days or even a month. 10 empty stones in a row from one person’s hand had definitely never been seen before. This… was a big problem!

As the crowd became noisy, the stone master glanced at the worker next to him. The worker’s face was white. “I’ll call the boss!”

He dropped the instrument and ran. By this time, the crowd was in disarray.

“10 empty stones and not a single energy stone was seen! How is that possible?”

“Is this even a matter of unlucky paws anymore? I’m seriously suspecting that this human and little lion are deceiving us!”

“There is absolutely a problem with this store! They are fooling us with ordinary stones!”

This suddenly poked the stone-stealing people’s explosion point and instantly became excited. Who could worry about the danger of being hit with bad luck? They flocked to the empty space in front of the store.

“Demanding compensation! 100 times compensation for lying to us!”

“Smash the store if there is no compensation!”

“Yes, smash the store! Tear up all the miner contracts!”

The little lion looked at the mess in front of him and scratched his chin. Didn’t he just casually pick them? How did he pick all these stones?

Gu Yanzheng held his little lion and stood steadily at the door to the store. Some people’s momentum had the ability to deter everyone just by standing there. Let alone an imperial major general who once swept through an insect tide.

“You… let go! This store must give a statement!”

“It is a trick! We lost a lot yesterday and this store must compensate us!”

“All miners contracts should be voided!”

Lion Chi, “………”

They lost money because they robbed the stones that he chose. The agitated people squeezed in the store. However, the person who had the biggest claim to compensation stood blocking everyone’s way. He also seemed calm without showing any signs of wanting to claim compensation.

The people rushed to agitate Gu Yanzheng so that he would also make a fuss.

“10 empty stones, don’t you think this is too much? The store owner must give a statement!”

“How can someone pick all empty stones in one breath? How smelly are his hands? How unlucky is he?”

The little lion raised his paws.

‘Believe it or not, I’ll raise my paws and call death to you!’

Gu Yanzheng held the lion paws and rubbed them gently. By this time, the store owner heard the report of the worker and rushed out after realizing the seriousness of the situation. He saw the people surrounding Gu Yanzheng and thought of the pit that this person created with the solid-coloured energy stone.

The store owner also recognized him as the one who instigated trouble and rushed over furiously. “Are you here to muck up the store?”

Lion Chi, “………”

He didn’t know what his big ginkgo was trying to do but the little lion looked at the situation in front of him and inwardly nodded. It hadn’t been done before but this situation did look like Gu Yanzheng was mucking up the store. Or it was smashing it with a stone hammer!

Gu Yanzheng continued to play with the lion paws. Originally, he wanted to use a relatively equitable approaching to exchange for the energy stone that suited his baby’s needs. Since this store owner couldn’t see it, he could continue to go look at other stores and then go to the mine. For the time being, he could only embezzle…

In full view of the public, Gu Yanzheng didn’t go to the store owner to settle accounts. He directly said, “Tomorrow, I will go to the mines to work.”

Then Gu Yanzheng held his little lion and left.

Lion Chi, “………”

‘Who am I? Where am I? What just happened?’

In addition to the puzzled little lion, even the onlookers were X. What was this situation?

At this time, someone whispered, “This man exchanged 10 years of mining for 10 empty stones.”

The onlookers were taken aback and seemed to be making a fuss with their expressions. Didn’t this guy just sell the solid-coloured energy stone and was rich?

Gu Yanzheng held his little lion and kept walking. The crowd subconsciously gave away as they watched the man and lion gradually leave. It was clear that he wasn’t going to hold the store accountable for its possible deception.

Everyone was more confused. Was it common for 10 empty stones to be opened in a row? Still, just because this person didn’t pursue the matter didn’t mean that other people from yesterday wouldn’t investigate.

Originally, they were greedy and intended to rob other people’s stones. Now that they caught an opportunity, they naturally wanted to be opportunistic. Therefore, the people who made a loss yesterday surged and almost smashed the door.

The store owner was anxious and repeatedly assured them that the original raw stones were all directly supplied by the mining area and the company would never do something so fake. Nevertheless, the scene was out of control. The people rushed into the store, clamouring that compensation must be paid or the store would be smashed!

At this point, in the lounge above the store, a dazzling golden monkey opened his eyes. Yesterday, he hurried over after hearing of the light yellow solid energy stone, making several consecutive space jumps. He was almost exhausted when he arrived at the resource store.

Fortunately, this energy stone fit him very well. He was so satisfied that he could probably propose to someone when he went back. He was taking a break on the second floor of the store and expected it to be quiet for a while, when he heard the noise outside.

The store owner’s voice burst in his ears like magic. The big golden monkey turned into a human, got dressed and left the lounge. He met a nervous small worker outside and asked, “What’s going on?”

The little worker hurriedly explained things in detail, including what happened yesterday. The eyes of the golden monkey lit up and he walked down. Once the next owner of the Qi Resource Company came out, the boss inwardly cursed the man who just left. Such a noisy scene was seen by the next master of the family! He didn’t know if his promotion would be affected…

The store owner rushed out of the crowd. “Mr Qi…”

The golden monkey immediately interrupted him. ”Where is that man?”

The shop owner wondered, “Who?”

The golden monkey frowned. “The man who just opened 10 empty stones.”

“He ran away! I’ll call the police to find him!”

The golden monkey of the Qi family, “……”

Not inviting this person back and even calling the police? He didn’t discriminate against species but this golden monkey wanted to say, ‘Are you a pig?’

He immediately looked outside the store. It was crowded and the man couldn’t be seen at all. The golden monkey’s forehead twitched as he walked to the door of the store, using his strong flexibility to push past the people outside.

He stood on the stone platform and spoke in a clear voice. “The Qi Company will never cheat you. All the raw stones were supplied directly from the mine. if you don’t believe me, I can promise that out of all the raw stones in the store, if you open an empty stone then you will receive one hundred times the compensation! This can be raced because the store has a sales record and video recording. Don’t try to mix random energy stones in and cry fraud. In accordance with the laws and regulations of the republic,  rumours that cause serious trouble can be sentenced to one to five years in prison!”

The powerful voice burst out and the noisy crowd was quiet for a moment. The golden monkey raised his hand and pointed to the right side of the store’s door. “If you want to buy raw stones then stand to the right. If you want to continue causing trouble then stand to the left.”

Three minutes later, there was a long line to the right. The little lion stood on Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder and looked at the people standing in front of the stone platform with surprise. This man solved the mess so quickly?

Not only that, he seemed to have fooled more people into buying raw stones? The little lion remembered Chen Shu and had to say that this businessman was even more of an unscrupulous businessman!

The road opened and the golden monkey jumped off the platform. He stepped towards the man walking away with the lion. A golden monkey chased after them. “The two of you, wait!”

Gu Yanzheng picked up the little lion on his shoulder and turned around. The golden monkey stood in front of them while smiling. “Hello, I am Qi Hairong.”

“Gu Yanzheng.”

Qi Hairong turned around and raised his hand in a signal. “Mr Gu, Mr Little Gu, can we talk upstairs?”

The little lion thought, ‘Um… Mr Little Gu?’

Gu Yanzheng pinched the lion paws and nodded. Thus, the little lion returned to the store. At this point, people moved stones out of the store one after another. The speed was particularly fast and the quantity was high.

Only the store master had a green face as he looked at the customers waiting in line. This was the rhythm of bringing out all the stones in the store…

Throw the table, this work couldn’t be done! Qi Hairong reached out to pat the stone master’s shoulder, raised his hand to open his quantum computer and transferred more than a dozen store masters to help.

As a result, the store was once again in full swing. It was just that the people buying stones this time were looking forward to empty stones, not solid-coloured energy stones.

A raw stone was worth 100,000. A hundred times the compensation was 10 million! This temptation was no smaller than a solid-coloured stone. What’s more, compared with solid-coloured energy stones, the frequency of empty stones appearing was obviously much higher. However…

The little lion looked at the people trying to be greedy for a cheap price and quietly lit a candle for them. They would probably be miners of the company for the rest of their lives. It was because there were only 10 empty stones in the store and he had selected all of them. There wasn’t one more!

The little lion raised his head and looked at the man called Qi Hairong with burning eyes. 100 times the compensation… their 10 empty stones should be worth a lot of money. He couldn’t believe that his unlucky lion paws could exchange 10 stones for a billion…

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