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SBIP: Chapter 63

The penguin boss saw the human and little lion. The little lion stared slightly.

…It was a real emperor penguin.

Two adult emperor penguins with sharp mouths, black heads and black wings open to maintain balance. Their bellies were covered with white fluff. In the middle, a small and fluffy silver penguin stared at them calmly. The scene was a bit awkward. Anyone who was caught in this situation would be a bit embarrassed.

However, the little lion looked at the emperor penguins with pure curiosity. The father penguin cleared his throat. “Good morning guests.”

Gu Yanzheng waved the paws of his little lion and responded. “Good morning.”

The penguin father added, “Are you going out?”

Gu Yanzheng nodded.

The penguin father immediately pointed out. “You should be careful.”

So many people were pitted that it was difficult to ensure the anger wouldn’t be thrown on these two people. The two brothers looked weak and weren’t a match for the strong miners. At this point, the little penguin spread his wings and tried to pounce.

Gu Yanzheng didn’t wait for him to come near. He nodded to the penguin boss and quickly turned around with his family’s lion. The little penguin rubbed his pitiful wings. The little lion touched Gu Yanzheng’s chest and looked over his shoulder.

Gu Yanzheng covered the back of the little lion’s head and rubbed a bit harder. “Baby, what are you looking at?”

The little lion waved his paws at the little penguin behind him and then turned to look into Gu Yanzheng’s eyes. “Have you found…”

Gu Yanzheng glanced at him. “What did you find?”

The little lion’s mouth cracked open in a grin. “Yesterday, it was a bit dark and I didn’t see it. Today, that little penguin looks plush, soft and warm He would certainly be good to touch.”

Gu Yanzheng’s mouth twitched. He was a big ginkgo. He had no hair and wasn’t soft or warm. He wasn’t good enough to touch. However, carrying Chi Jun on his shoulder was really soft and warm, regardless of whether he was an animal or human.

In particular, there was a feeling of joy and souls mixing together when he was buried inside Chi Jun. This was the feeling of really living. For a while, Gu Yanzheng’s gaze was deep. The arms holding his little lion slightly tightened.

The little lion was unaware that someone’s mind had turned in an unspeakable direction. He was lying against a person’s coat and rubbing against Gu Yanzheng’s hot neck while snickering. His big ginkgo was jealous, hahaha!

The big ginkgo felt the slightly cold outside air and reached for his little lion’s head. His tone tried to maintain his calm as he said, “Baby, buy a few plush toys later.”

Lion Chi, “………”

He opened his mouth to bite someone’s neck. The two men reappeared on the main street and passersby looked at them in a different light. Enough time had passed to make sure that what happened on the raw stones street had spread. Almost everyone knew the process of ups and downs.

This human and little lion combination was really recognizable. In particular, those who grabbed stones from the little lion stared with a mixture of resentment and jealousy when they accidentally saw him.

The little lion felt good being watched by these eyes and raised his paws to wave at the people around him.

The onlookers, “……”

This paw had been lucky yesterday afternoon. Yesterday, more than a dozen people had lost because of these paws and had to be miners for more than 10 years. They all took back their eyes of inquiry. These paws were too evil to look at!

Soon, one human and one lion’s backs were clear. Even the eyes of the passersby changed from inquiry to evasion. Many people even subconsciously distanced themselves. The little lion looked at the spacious road in front of them…

It seemed convenient.

Gu Yanzheng’s mouth twitched as he carried his lion back to the previous store. The stone master inside the original store saw their arrival and almost threw his cup. No way… they came again today? He opened so many stones yesterday that his hands were almost broken!

The stone master looked at the man behind the little lion and his mouth twitched. No one followed the man and lion into the store. Not only that, those who were originally choosing stones in the store quickly backed away and stood at the door of the store in a flash.

The master, “……”

The store workers, “……”

Choosing raw stones was about luck and a bit of vision. It could be said that luck was the most important thing for all stone buyers. Before this man and lion finished choosing stones, everyone probably wouldn’t come in, let alone buy stones.

At this time, Gu Yanzheng stood at the counter and said, “I want to buy stones.”

The worker nodded stiffly and handed over the currency card machine. Gu Yanzheng pointed to the contract he had signed yesterday. “Add the miners’ term condition.”

The stone master and the store workers, “……”

This gentleman, didn’t you sell the solid stone yesterday and make a lot of money? There were people in this world who had many. Why not use money to buy the raw stone instead of signing the contract?

However, the customer was God. The worker could only suppress the curiosity in his heart and hand over the contract. In the worker’s vision, Gu Yanzheng signed 10 years for 10 stones.

The worker, “……’

It was more than yesterday! Then the small worker followed the man and lion around the raw stones area to choose stones.

Gu Yanzheng raised an arm and told his little lion, “This time, you choose.”

The worker behind him heard this and his mouth twitched as he subconsciously looked at the little lion. The little lion unceremoniously raised his paws and pointed one by one. “This, this and that.”

He knew the rule. He couldn’t choose a good stone but a bad stone that was worth nothing. So he would choose randomly! A few minutes later, 10 large stones were moved to the stone opening area. Those who wanted to buy stones and hadn’t left yet watched hesitantly. They wanted to see an exciting scene…

However, they feared their luck would be hit. Finally, they could only look from a distance. As a result, a strange phenomenon formed near the store. The people of the raw stones street flooded to one side but they were far away from the stone opening area.

10 stones were put on the table. The stone opening master raised his spirit and started the tool. The little lion lay in Gu Yanzheng’s arms in a bored manner, his small eyes on the people watching as his mouth opened, revealing sharp teeth.

At this time, the master started polishing the stone. All eyes were wide open as the stone was polished down little by little. Some time passed and the master started to doubt life. This first one was an empty stone! Not even a slag half-energy stone was revealed.

The onlookers carefully watched the little lion, mouths twitching as they saw his swinging paws. Someone started to count the performance of these paws.

“Yesterday, there was a solid-coloured energy stone, an empty stone and 50 worthless mixed-coloured stones. Today, there is another empty stone.”

Someone added oil and vinegar.

“It is said that yesterday, the more than 50 mixed-coloured stones were a miserable mix of colours. They weren’t even worth a bowl of rice. Finally, the stone master grinded them into powder and not even a thumb-sized two coloured stone was found.”

Someone shook his head and sighed.

“Apart from the original solid-coloured energy stone, it can be said that the cub’s paws haven’t selected any good stones.”

The stone master wiped his sweat, steadied his hands and operated the machine to open another stone. Then the second stone, under the earnest gaze of the crowd, was once again polished into powder. There were no traces of an energy stone at all…

The corners of the stone master’s mouth twitched. Yesterday was a stone powder slag and today would be the same? After today, he must apply for leave!

The little lion reached out his paws and pulled at his big ginkgo’s sleeves. “See, my paws aren’t good enough. You should pick a stone.”

Gu Yanzheng laughed as he reached out to pinch the wonderful lion paws. At this point, the onlookers noticed the second stone was also nothing and there was a burst of boos.

“Another empty stone?”

“It is really rare for continuous stones to be empty.”

“If it wasn’t for the solid-coloured energy stone at the beginning, it would’ve been a huge loss.”

“I always feel that something isn’t quite right…”

The astute worker quietly snorted and quickly sent a message to the store owner who always loved to stay in his office. However, the store owner was busy because of the previous light yellow energy stone.

Not only did he make a lot of money, he was praised by the upper echelons of the resource company. He was dreaming of a promotion or a transfer when he saw the alarm of the worker. He completely lost his judgment in the past and sneered.

It was just two empty stones in a row, what was worth making a fuss about? Wasn’t it normal to open an empty stone? It was a succession of solid-coloured stones that required security personnel to maintain the scene.

As a result, the store owner didn’t take it seriously. However, things started to move in an uncontrollable direction. The third stone was polished into powder by the stone master and no signs of an energy stone were seen. The group had a moment of silence. Then two or three started whispering together.

The atmosphere here was a bit strange for a while. The little lion had expected this situation so he calmly pulled at Gu Yanzheng’s coat sleeves, claws pulling out a lot of small threads from the clothes made of excellent material.

Mother’s eggs, he fully determined the judgment of his small paws. It was just that this skill could only be used to rule out the wrong options…

The people here were very anxious!


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