SBIP: Chapter 62

Gu Yanzheng made a faint smile as he looked down at the little lion’s still wet head. The moment his lion cub held the stone, the locked energy core showed the tendency to stabilize and no longer tried to break free from the bondage. In a way, he seemed to have found a cure for the lion’s legacy.

However, before it was determined that a cure was certain, Gu Yanzheng wasn’t going to reveal things to the lion. Otherwise, this male lion would go wild again and let loose.

Gu Yanzheng touched the little lion and patted his ass. “Eat something and then go to sleep.”

The little lion looked suspiciously at him. Did the big ginkgo forget about the bet?

Thus, the little lion wrapped in the hot smart towel was put on the table. He didn’t move his paws as he was fed a mouthful of braised cod that had the bones removed. Thick and tender, really delicious!

The little lion raised his paws and threw the stone aside. He huddled in the hot towel and chewed on it. Then he opened his mouth and asked for more. After eating until he was mostly full, Gu Yanzheng wiped his mouth.

Then the little lion baked in the smart towel was stuffed into the sleeping bag. Gu Yanzheng touched the little lion’s hair. “Go to sleep first. I will take a bath.”

The little lion nodded and lazily yawned. He watched his big ginkgo step out of the bedroom and into the bathroom.

The interior of this igloo was done well and was transparent. He could see his big ginkgo undressing and this strong figure was even better than it was in the last world. Fortunately, the outer structure of the igloo was opaque.

The little lion watched and thought of the last time they were together. It was as if their souls were fused together…

He really missed it. His furry face was hot. The little lion raised his paws to hold his face, his voice light. He wanted to be eaten, he wanted to be hugged by his family’s big ginkgo…

It wasn’t until Gu Yanzheng was buried in the water that the little lion retracted his gaze. Then he curled up his body, rolled into the smart towel and closed his eyes. He just closed his eyes to find that he felt a bit off! The moment he turned over, the lion paws pulled out a ping-pong sized silver stone.

Little lion Chi, “……”

Hadn’t he thrown it aside? When did Gu Yanzheng put it in the towel?

The little lion grinned. The big ginkgo always meticulously taking care of him would have such a rough time. The little lion raised his paws and pushed the stone out of the sleeping bag. This silver energy stone wasn’t big but it was cold and uncomfortable. It shouldn’t be put close to people’s skins!

Thus, once Gu Yanzheng came back, he saw his little lion buried in the sleeping bag and sleeping. The silver stone had been thrown outside the sleeping bag.

Gu Yanzheng laughed and reached for the energy stone. Then he carefully pulled away the smart towel wrapped around the little lion. He couldn’t sleep in this thing or he would become dried up.

Once this was done, Gu Yanzheng entered the sleeping bag and held the little lion. The ping-pong sized energy stone, which was hot in the palm of his hand, rested between the two paws of the little lion. The little lion opened his mouth in a confused manner. “Yan Zhengzheng…”

Gu Yanzheng touched his head. “Sleep.”

The little lion arched, subconsciously held the stone and drilled into the familiar embrace. Gu Yanzheng held the little lion, supporting his back. The two people fell asleep in the sleeping bag. For a time, the igloo was very quiet.

Meanwhile, the store Gu Yanzheng had visited was still bright and noisy. A few stones had been opened but the results were very good. Still, this couldn’t stop the people’s enthusiasm.

“That human and little lion cub, out of the three stones they opened, wasn’t one a mixed stone and one a wasted empty stone? Then it is normal for us to not find a solid-coloured energy stone after opening a few.”

“You can say that because you never got an empty stone!”

“Hey, how many stones did you buy?”

“I came at your message and couldn’t get the ones the little cub pointed up, but I bought four around him!”

“Yes, the odds of four are greater.”

“Haha, if I open it then I’ll split one with you!”

It was just that the stones opened one by one were always mixed-coloured stones. Don’t talk about those buying the stone. Even the stone polisher master was a bit grumpy.

“How many have been opened?”


“Why are there no solid-coloured energy stones?”

“Be patient, a solid-coloured energy stone is so good and won’t come out easily.”

Those who already opened their stones were squatting dejectedly on the ground. Nevertheless, they didn’t give up staring at the stone opening machine. These people still held a deep hope inside. Even if the solid-colored energy stone didn’t come out from their stones…

The group who grabbed the stones were very clear about what it meant if a solid-coloured energy stone really appeared. They were a group who had bought more than 50 stones in total. If one solid-coloured energy stone appeared among more than 50 then they could be sure of one fact.

That little cub was super lucky. These people wouldn’t make a loss even if they failed. If the cub’s ability was determined then they still had a chance to turn things over. In any case, they were free to buy all stones in the store before it was registered! Once the time came, they just had to give some benefits to the worker and they would definitely get it!

Almost everyone was thinking about this as the stones were opened. Some of them even quietly contacted friends to keep an eye on the man and the lion.

However, time was running out. One stone after another was opened. Apart from mixed-coloured energy stones, they didn’t even see a thumb-sized solid-coloured energy stone. Their patience was consumed here.

There was a circle of frustrated people crouching on the ground. The remaining few hadn’t finished opening the stone and became more and more passionate. Their red eyes stared at the master’s machine. Maybe… their stone could open the solid-coloured energy stone!

However, the stones continued to be opened and people continued to squat down one by one. In the end, there was only one stone left. Everyone’s eyes fell on the man. There was a last glimmer of hope mixed with desperate jealousy. The master, who had opened more than 50 stones in succession, was already a bit tired. Under everyone’s scorching eyes, he had to gulp and slowly controlled the machine.

This stone was very slow to open. However, no matter what they expected, the mixed-coloured energy stone kept coming out.

“It is another mixed one, it is over…”

“No, there is hope. Master, keep polishing!”

The worker holding the instrument next to the master whispered, “B-But the instrument shows that the inside is mixed…”

“You shut up! Master, continue!”

“Yes Master, continue!”

The small worker was blocked. In the end, the mixed-coloured energy stone was polished into powder. There was no part at all that counted as the basic standard for a solid-coloured energy stone. There was a moment of silence from the crowd.

Then someone suddenly said, “Polish the other mixed-coloured energy stones as well!”

These words were amazing. All of a sudden, more than 50 mixed-coloured energy stones that were opened were brought back by their respective owners. They were all piled up in front of the master. The people stared at him with red eyes while shouting, “Polish it, polish it again!”

The master, “……”

His arms and legs were old. By the time all the stones had been polished, it was late in the night.

At this moment, something strange started happening to the little lion in the ice house. Gu Yanzheng opened his eyes almost instantaneously, staring closely at the person held in his arms. His baby was currently in a strange state.

Chi Jun changed between a lion and person for a while, so unstable that he changed every half a minute. The appearance might be unstable but the energy core was actually steady. There was no trend of restlessness.

Gu Yanzheng stared carefully at the energy stone held in his baby’s hand/paw. The power that passed through the energy stone was very subtle but the role of appeasement was simply more remarkable than Gu Yanzheng’s dual abilities! The lion’s transformation lasted more than half an hour before gradually stabilziing.

That night, the big ginkgo didn’t. He stared at his lion baby for one night with burning eyes. Once the sky was bright, a white light came from the special igloo and the little lion slowly opened his eyes. The little lion opened his eyes to see his big ginkgo’s pleasant line of sight and inexplicably asked, “What’s the matter?”

Gu Yanzheng rubbed his head, bowed his head and kissed this lion. “Baby, I’ll take you to be a miner today.”

Lion Chi, “………”

His ears were probably unclear because he just woke up. Gu Yanzheng emerged from the sleeping bag, put on his cleaned clothes and said, “Before you go to be a miner, search through the raw stones again.”

The little lion became a bit more sober. After opening these two stones, he could be sure of one thing. His paws were unlucky but his big ginkgo was definitely lucky!

Gu Yanzheng put thick clothes on the lion again and carried the lion out the igloo. Before passing the counter, Gu Yanzheng glanced at it. Very good, it was still early and the little penguin probably hadn’t woken up yet…

This thought had just flashed through his mind when the little penguin’s voice was heard not far away. “Impossible! Dad, you must be lying to me!”

“Son, why would I lie to you? Yesterday, that store only opened mixed-coloured stones. There wasn’t even a slightly good two-coloured mixed stone. More than 50 stones were polished into powder and there wasn’t a single solid-coloured stone. These people couldn’t come back and lost a lot of money.”

The little penguin was still disbelieving. “Before I went to sleep yesterday, you said that all these stones were what the little lion brother wanted to buy. The little lion brother’s luck is so good. How can they all be mixed-coloured energy stones?”

The father penguin said, “How can good luck be grabbed? The stone that the little lion chose casually turned out to be the best stone. This type of luck is always fickle. Your father has been here for a long time and I know not to follow these things. Those who do will end up with more than 10 years as a miner.”

At this time, the penguin mother’s sharp voice was heard. “You are listening to your father’s nonsense again!”

The little lion heard this and looked down at his paws. Thus, his little lion’s paws were probably a pit for countless people…

Gu Yanzheng reached for his little lion’s paws. “They can only blame themselves. The consequences might be cruel but it was their own choice.

The little lion opened his mouth and bit Gu Yanzheng’s finger. He wasn’t really a cub. He was a lion who lived through the apocalypse.

At this time, the penguin father said, “Speaking of which, the one who ultimately benefited is the resources company. They made a lot of money and gained miners as well.”

The little lion let go of the human finger he was biting and nodded. “The penguin father is correct.”

Gu Yanzheng played with the lion paws. This wasn’t necessarily the case…

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