SBIP: Chapter 61

The little lion was successfully attracted by the cod and urged the big ginkgo to hurry away.

Before leaving, Gu Yanzheng looked back at the noisy stone opening area. Should he let the little lion go over to see the excitement? It didn’t exist… This time, his family’s lion would probably pull hatred.

Gu Yanzheng held his little lion and walked in the direction of a small hotel in the distance. The hotel looked like a homestay and had the outline of an emperor penguin under the logo. The moment they got close, noise was heard from inside.

“Mom, it was a yellow solid-coloured energy stone. It is the first time I saw a solid-coloured energy stone. The little lion brother was so lucky!”

“Mom, I want to use my pocket money to buy stones.”

The moment these words were heard, the lion outside the door heard a bang and the sound of a palm hitting a head. It was followed by the familiar cry, “Ga…”

The little lion wondered, “Is it that little penguin?”

Gu Yanzheng nodded. “Yes.”

Gu Yanzheng pushed open the door of the hotel. Then the little penguin’s voice suddenly stopped. His watery dark eyes stared at the two people who came in.

“Little lion brother?”

The voice was really excited!

He forgot to cry over the pain from his head. At this time, the little penguin felt that some type of lucky star had landed in his home! The little lion raised his paws to greet him.

The little penguin slipped from his seat and came over. “Do you want to eat or stay here? Our first-grade igloos are beautiful, warm and comfortable. There is a large bathtub and the double building also comes with a small yard!”

The penguin mother rarely saw her son took the initiative to do business and her mouth twitched as she brought back her son and stuffed him behind the counter. She smiled at the two people and asked, “Good evening, do you want to stay here?”

The little lion looked at the penguin that was on the counter like a mascot. Gu Yanzheng nodded. The penguin mother smiled and opened the simulation map. “The ones marked in green are empty rooms.”

The little lion glanced past. Well… they were almost all green marks.

The little penguin was afraid he would fall and stretched out his wings to stabilize his body. “Little lion brother, can I come find you at night to play?”

The penguin mother raised her hand to hold the little penguin. “Don’t disturb the rest of the guests at night.”

The little lion’s mouth opened and he stared helplessly at the little lion. “Then I will find you tomorrow morning.”

Gu Yanzheng took a look at the little penguin who was selling meng. He imagined his furry little lion and fluffy little penguin playing together. The ginkgo’s eye twitched and he decisively chose the most remote igloo.

…It was most important to treat his family’s lion. They would leave early tomorrow morning!

After seeing the guest choose the room, the penguin mother said, “Would you like to order dinner or would you like to provide us with the ingredients?”

The little lion couldn’t help asking, “Do you have braised cod?”

The penguin mother laughed. “Braised cod is our store’s signature dish. Do you want to order it?”

The little lion nodded. After being given dinner, Gu Yanzheng took the little lion to the igloo of his choice. A holographic simulation was different from the actual scene. The little lion saw the two adjacent frozen houses in front of him and thought of a magic castle from a movie of his previous life.

The decorations were gorgeous enough to be spectacular! The moments the lights came on, the beauty was dreamy! Then after entering, the little lion knew why this special igloo hotel looked so gorgeous but there were few guests. All the furniture was made of ice…

In an age where technology was so developed, there was no intelligent temperature control system. There were no fireplaces or anything else to keep warm. The ice bed had a blanket and an unlabeled sleeping bag.

In this polar climate, the igloo was really warm compared to the outside. It was dozens of degrees below zero outside and a dozen degrees below indoor but…

The little lion thought he would be able to happily take off his thick clothes and dry his hair. The emperor penguin talked about warm comfort but this was different from the understanding of a prairie lion. The deviation generally wasn’t large!

The little lion looked up at Gu Yanzheng with some worry. “What to do now? Should we check out?”

The big ginkgo rubbed his head. “I will hold you to sleep and you won’t be cold.”

The little lion looked at the sleeping bag on the ice bed and nodded. Then Gu Yanzheng took the lion to the bathroom. The water vapour made the little lion think of the hot spring he had been to! Thus, the little lion slipped out of his clothes very quickly and into the hot water.

Gu Yanzheng picked up the clothes on the ground, looked at the little lion buried in the water, smiled and rubbed him.

After the rubbing, the little lion pounced into the water and refused to come out. Gu Yanzheng laughed and instead grabbed the smart backpack, pulling out the two stones from inside. The little lion turned in the water and raised his wet paws to the stone had chosen. “Open my one first!”

Gu Yanzheng raised an eyebrow. “Baby, are you sure?”

Lion Chi, “………”

Looking at the expression of his big ginkgo, he suddenly had a bad hunch! He pounced in the water and grinded his teeth viciously. “Just open it!”

Gu Yanzheng chuckled and reached out to poke the little lion’s head. The little lion in the water shook and raised his paws to splash water over this person. Then Gu Yanzheng sat on an ice stool by the bath and started to open the stones.

There was no need to doubt Gu Yanzheng’s power. Don’t talk about opening the stone, even opening steel wasn’t a problem. The stone in his palm was constantly washed away by his ability.

The little lion subconsciously moved a bit forward. After the first three stones were opened, he completely reversed his decision making.

The stone he chose had a very small amount of metal force. The metal content was very small and almost non-existent. At the same time, he found an unknown force from the energy stone! This must be a good stone!

The little lion reached out his paws and grabbed the edge of the pool a bit nervously. The sandy surface was disassembled by Gu Yanzheng’s ability and fine powder fell to the ice floor. Three seconds later, Gu Yanzheng stopped.

The wet little lion cocked his head. “Why did you stop?”

Gu Yanzheng looked at the little lion braving the cold environment, the beautiful and clear beast eyes staring at him nervously. Gu Yanzheng’s mouth twitched as he shook off the stone powder on his hand and handed the stone to the little lion.

The little lion looked at the stone that was handed to him by Gu Yanzheng. The big stone under Gu Yanzheng’s hand had a thin layer of skin peeled off, revealing an orange layer. However…

The little lion felt like he saw the real version of the multicoloured sky stone. Had he ever seen a colourful stone? It was like the Creator mending the sky. It was very beautiful. Each angle was a colourful mix that was excessively natural and harmonious! The gap with solid-coloured energy stones was visible to the naked eye.

In the beastmen world, this beautiful stone was worthless. Resource companies had many mines.

Lion Chi, “………”

This was the stone he used so much effort to choose? The little lion looked ferociously at the stone and his little paws splashed the water, causing countless water drops to shoot up. “Yan Zhengzheng, open that one!”

Gu Yanzheng put this colourful stone to one side and reached for the other. This was a bit smaller and was half the size of a football. Gu Yanzheng’s left hand held the pool as he looked at the little lion. “How about we make a bet?”

The little lion raised his paws and touched the cool water on his face, his eyes narrowing slightly. This bet, he always felt like he would be defeated…

Still, the little lion nodded bravely. The little lion saw layers gradually being peeled off the stone in Gu Yanzheng’s hand. Bit by bit, the large stone narrowed to the size of a mouse. The little lion was suddenly filled with joy. If this was an empty stone then it wasn’t his loss.

Gu Yanzheng looked at the eyes in the water that were becoming brighter and brighter and the corners of his mouth moved in a slightly undetectable way. He didn’t bother turning the stone and specifically aimed at the thick side of the stone skin. The stone shrunk to half the size of a mouse.

The little lion comfortably spat out bubbles in the water. Then Gu Yanzheng turned the turn, another layer was removed and the little lion saw it.

Silver! A type of metallic silver that was completely impermeable.

The little lion’s eyes were stunned. He was a metal powered man…

How could there be a metal he didn’t recognize in the world? Soon, the ping-pong sized pure silver stone was separated by Gu Yanzheng. The little lion wasn’t convinced and sprang out of the pool.

He encountered the cold air outside and jerked. Alternating between hot and cold simply couldn’t be more exciting! Gu Yanzheng immediately grabbed his little lion, wrapping a smart towel around him and stuffing the lion into his clothes. He played with the little lion’s head as he said, “Baby, a stone doesn’t grow legs.”

This unbridled lion! He relied on the fact that Gu Yanzheng’s dual abilities could cure almost everything to act recklessly!

The little lion collapsed against Gu Yanzheng’s chest, the smart towel drying his fur. Once he was comfortable, he twisted his body and pointed to the stone thrown to the side of the pool. Gu Yanzheng put the ping-ponged sized silver energy stone and placed it in front of the little lion.

The little lion raised his paws. It felt and looked like a metal block but he was certain that it wasn’t metal. After all, it wasn’t necessarily metal just because of the metallic colour.

The little lion sighed with relief and determined that his metal ability was okay. Then his thoughts became complicated. Did this count as a win or a loss? Was this a solid-coloured stone?

The little lion looked up with the stone in his arms. Then he saw Gu Yanzheng’s eyes flicker and joy was clearly exposed!

Lion Chi, “………”

Was he so happy that Chi Jun’s paws were unlucky paws?!

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4 months ago

wasnt the silver stone the special one the MC in Lazy Beast needed the most?