SBIP: Chapter 60

Such an outcome was definitely unexpected for everyone. The first stone was so lucky and the last two were simply a big reversal! Of course, the man’s luck was still good enough to blow up a shed. Therefore, after the lively event, the crowd didn’t disperse. Many people hesitantly wandered around the store.

Gu Yanzheng and his little lion were dutifully sent to the VIP room by the worker. The store owner had been waiting for a lion time and warmly greeted the human and lion when they entered. It was late and the sky would soon be dark.

Gu Yanzheng was straightforward and put the energy stone on the table. “Name a price.”

The store owner saw the stone and could hardly control his emotions. A light yellow solid-coloured energy stone and it was so big! He wouldn’t have done it if it was another colour. The point was that the owner of their resource company was the golden monkey family.

The generations of family leaders had extremely high strength. This meant that the demand for light yellow solid-coloured energy stones was extremely urgent. If he obtained his stone then it meant unlimited opportunities in the future!

The store owner slightly calmed down his mood. “Sir, as you know, our resource company will buy back all types of stones from customers according to the market price, regardless of the grade. However, pure stones like this one are rare. There is no market price for reference at present. Therefore, I want to ask how much you would like to sell it for?”

The little lion, who was doubting his paws, raised his head after hearing this and looked at the unscrupulous business opposite him. Was this bullying them since they were newcomers who didn’t understand the market?

The little lion leapt from Gu Yanzheng’s arms and reached out to hold the stone. He crouched there and turned his head, saying, “Brother, I like this stone very much. Can you not sell it?”

Listen to the little lion’s spoiled tone. The big ginkgo couldn’t maintain his calm on the surface. He reached out to hug the bugling little lion and rubbed him hard. The little lion didn’t give in to the rubbing. The stone held tightly in his hand almost fell to the ground. Weren’t they brothers…

Why did it feel like this man had never been called that? The boss saw this scene and had doubts in his heart. Doting on his little brother to this degree, would he directly promise not to sell?

Thus, the boss immediately opened his mouth. “Although this resource store might not have a price for this type of energy stone yet, the Star Network still has prices as a reference.”

After hesitating for two seconds, the boss still didn’t take the initiative to say a price. The little lion grinned. He rubbed his head against someone’s big hands while his little paws swung the heavy stone back and forth. In the boss’ eyes, it was a very loving look.

Gu Yanzheng’s mouth moved as he looked down at the little lion, hand moving along the little lion’s back.

The store owner, “……”

This brother obsession absolutely wasn’t wrong! The store owner couldn’t stand it. If he missed out on this energy stone right in front of him, he would probably regret it for the rest of his life.

The store owner smiled. “The current market price of a solid-coloured stone starts at 8 million. I will give you 12 million. How about it?”

The price was 50% higher, which seemed reasonable and excellent. The little lion held the stone and inserted his head into his big gingko’s jacket, muttering, “Brother, give this stone to me. It isn’t for sale no matter the price!”

The store owner had an itchy throat and the corners of his eyes twitched. This little lion cub didn’t know business at all! The boss tentatively said, “Child, there are many other beautiful stones in the store. Why don’t I give you two?”


The little lion was itchy! Two pieces? How were two pieces enough? He should be given 10 or 20 pieces! Then the little lion heard his family’s big ginkgo said, “Deal.”

The little lion looked up and his beast eyes stared at Gu Yanzheng in a complaining manner. How did he compromise? What about their tacit understanding…

‘Haven’t I been with you for years?’

The boss heard these words and couldn’t hold back his smile. The market value of a solid-coloured energy stone on the Star Network was 8 million but this was for thumb-sized solid stones. This solid energy stone was the size of a fist and the price should be tripled!

The little lion thought, ‘Unscrupulous businessman!’

Gu Yanzheng took the energy stone from the little lion and put it back on the table. The little lion wasn’t happy and bit Gu Yanzheng’s wrist. Gu Yanzheng rubbed the little lion’s head and waited for the boss to give him the currency card for the beastmen world. He took the little lion and followed the store worker to pick stones outside.

However, the stone selection area was currently full of people! The news that this store had a solid-coloured energy stone had spread.

Currently, almost the entire street’s minerals and some local beastmen were gathered in the store. They listened to the ups and downs of the stone opening process from other people whole looking at the sandy skin stones they had despised in the past.

The little lion looked at the huge number of stones in the stone-picking are and his small paws were eager to try. Since he could analyze the composition of the stone, the previous thing was probably just a mistake!

Seeing that his family’s little lion had a lot of interest, Gu Yanzheng pinched his paws. “Do you want to choose?”

The little lion turned to look at his big ginkgo and asked tentatively, “Can you let go of my energy core a little bit?”

Gu Yanzheng told him, “Don’t talk.”

Lion Chi, “………”

He knew that Gu Yanzheng had a good reason for locking up his energy core that loved to explode. He just had to ask.

The little lion shook his spirit, raised his paws and commanded Gu Yanzheng to go forward. “Go over there first!”

Gu Yanzheng fully acted as mobile tool as he carried the lion around the stone selection area. Thus, the human and lion combination…

All the other stone pickers smelt the wind and gradually followed them. After examining all the stones, the little lion carefully directed Gu Yanzheng back to a shelf he had previously passed. Then he pointed a paw at one of them. This one, the metal content was scarce and there were many unknown substances! Before he could speak, someone jumped on the rock with great speed.

At the same time, the person shouted, “Little worker, come here! I will buy this stone!”

The little lion, “……”

Fine, first come first served. This person moved faster and won! The little lion didn’t know about what happened after he and Gu Yanzheng went to the VIP room of the store. The entire process between him and Gu Yanzheng was described as extremely magical.

In particular, the section where he stretched out his paws to pick a stone. Out of the three stones, the lion’s paw touched and selected the one with the pure solid-coloured energy stone. The ones the little lion ignored were the worthless mixed-colour energy stone and the empty raw stone.

Therefore, the rumour that the little lion’s paws were lucky paws had spread. At first, people were naturally waiting. Then after a round around the stone selection area, the brother really let the little lion choose a stone.

What did this mean? This showed the brother identified the little lion’s paws as lucky! Then they had to hurry and rob what this little lion selected!

The little lion turned Gu Yanzheng and headed in another direction. This time, he had learned. He directly stepped on Gu Yanzheng’s arm and moved up to Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder, quietly pointing to a stone. However…

His family’s big gingko had just moved when a dozen stones around them was taken away. After a burst of noise, the little lion’s senses returned and he stared blankly. Could he pick stones well?

After this, wherever the little lion directed Gu Yanzheng to go, the nearby stones were bought. Two more attempts later, the little lion gritted his teeth. He raised his paws and simply pointed to a stone he couldn’t see at all. He thought this time that someone would rob him. Then the little lion looked back and discovered something. Those who stole the stones were satisfied and planned to open them.

Lion Chi, “………”

Okay. All the stones he had chosen were taken but at least things were now quiet. The little lion intended to tell Gu Yanzheng not to take the stone he had just pointed out when Gu Yanzheng suddenly spoke to the worker next to him. “This one.”

The small worker nodded and registered it on the video board. Then Gu Yanzheng picked up the half a football-sized stone and stuffed it into his smart backpack. The little lion almost glared at his big ginkgo.

“Why didn’t you move so fast before?”

Gu Yanzheng’s mouth changed the topic. “There is still one left.”

The little lion reached out to the shelves in the stone selection area. “Put the stone back, I will re-select!”

However, the small worker next to them was a bit embarrassed. “Sir, once sold, all the raw stones can’t be returned. Even if it is presented as a gift, you can’t swap it after registration.”

Lion Chi, “………”

Well, he would have another chance! The little lion started to seriously examine the remaining stones and chose the one he was most certain about. Once he chose the stone, he turned his head and asked Gu Yanzheng, “How about this one?”

Gu Yanzheng nodded. “You’re in charge.”

The big ginkgo’s sentence was very pleasant to the ear. Still, the little lion was inexplicably aware of a certain someone’s implicit smile. The little lion looked suspiciously at Gu Yanzheng. “Are you laughing?”

Gu Yanzheng raised an eyebrow. “No.”

The little lion stood up, both paws on Gu Yanzheng’s chest as he moved his face close to his big ginkgo’s face. “You really aren’t laughing?”

Gu Yanzheng reached out for the little lion, flipped him around, took the stone and beckoned to the worker. The worker registered it again and politely asked, “Sir, do you need to go to the front to open the stones?”

Gu Yanzheng put the stone in the backpack. “No.”

It was dark outside. The little lion held Gu Yanzheng’s arm and looked in the direction of the stone machine, which was brightly lit and surrounded by many people. He wondered what would come out from the stones he selected.

Gu Yanzheng gave him the furry gloves. “Aren’t you hungry? Do you want to eat braised cod?”

The little lion gave up his previous thoughts instantly. Braised cod should be delicious!

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