SBIP: Chapter 6

Chi Jun headed to the previous store with a few of the latest beast cards he imprinted. At the door was someone who watched him imprint the beast card yesterday.

After a night and morning of examinations, the man finally realized that the value of Chi Jun’s beast card wasn’t in the formation of the mechanical beast but the beast card itself.

Lin Zimu was a rather talented beast imprinter. He was in his 20s and was already a four star beast imprinter. His specialty was imprinting beast patterns for attack and defense beast cards, no mechanical pet cards. He naturally wasn’t willing to make a gift for his sister since it was a waste of time to study the pet beast cards. Thus, he directly went to the store to buy one.

He had felt disdainful when Chi Jun stated he was a five star beast imprinter and treated the child like he was playing. He had gone out to pick up a video call and came back to hear that this person had imprinted a five star beast card with a high-grade animal pattern and that his sister had bought it at a high price.

The self-confident Lin Zimu naturally didn’t believe that the card really had a five star beast pattern. He just saw his sister’s happiness and felt that he had completed the task his father set and allowed the purchase.

Once he got up, his sister excitedly showed him the card. Lin Zimu’s expression didn’t change when the small hedgehog appeared until a bunch of identical hedgehogs smashed the room. Among the high-grade patterns, a body pattern could enhance the power of a mechanical beast by several times was the most difficult to grasp. Therefore, the power and control required were completely incomprehensible to Lin Zimu.

He grabbed his sister’s hand and forcibly pulled the beast card away from his sister, studying it despite his sister’s crying. The lines of the beast card were fine and beautiful but the pattern was a bit sparse compared to offensive beast patterns.

Therefore, there was no problem with incompatibility with the ordinary alloy card. This was a pattern he had never seen before. He was ecstatic for a moment.

There was a gap between ordinary alloy cards and high-grade patterns. The density and materials couldn’t accommodate high-grade patterns. They were thin and complicated so they broke easily. Then how did the boy imprint a high-grade pattern on the low-grade alloy card?

If he could master this simplified pattern then he might become a five star beast imprinter. If this pattern was applied to a high-grade alloy card, it was equivalent to directly increasing the capacity of advanced alloy cards. With such technology, it was nothing to be a five star beast imprinter.

The truly valuable thing was the creation of a new type of beast pattern. The patent rights would bring him unparalleled wealth and status! What’s more, the bod beast pattern was an almost essential pattern for the military beast cards.

Lin Zimu was almost crazy.

He spent a night studying the pattern on this card and finally peeled off the five star body pattern from the overlapped lips. Unfortunately, the number of explorations was too many. He recreated the pattern but the distribution of power through the fine lines was blurred. He needed more of these beast cards.

Therefore, he headed to the store this morning. He pretending to buy two one star pet beast cards while asking the owner on the origin of the beast imprinter. Then Chi Jun appeared. Lin Zimu looked at Chi Jun who was able to take out finished beast cards and directly spoke, “Hello Sir, can you sell these beast cards directly to me?”

The industry rules meant the words of five or more stars beast imprinters weren’t subject to the ownership of ordinary alloy cards. This meant Chi Jun could directly bypass the store manager and see his beast cards apart from the ones the store manager previously requested.

Based on his knowledge from yesterday, Lin Zimu was convinced that this person was short of money and would see the beast card to him in order to save money. This person was just 18 or 19 years old and was too childish to understand the value of this beast pattern.

The store manager’s expression was a bit bad but he didn’t stop it. He accepted the beast card that was barely five stars and only requested a commission of 10% because of the teenager’s potential. Thus, he didn’t want to make the beast imprinter feel resentful.

However, Lin Zimu was wrong. Chi Jun had experienced the end of the world and clearly knew the evil of human nature. He could see the things that floated on the surface. Why would he divide into all directions in order to make a bit of money?

Yesterday, he passed many stores and only stayed in this store for so long because it was the best in terms of location and decoration. The business was very good, indicating that the store manager ran it well. It was just that the source of goods wasn’t as excellent as other stores on the street. Chi Jun had to make enough money to grow trees and support his family. He naturally chose this store that needed high-quality goods.

Could a person with money buy all his future beast cards? No!

Thus, Chi Jun shook his head and refused. “These cards have been sold.”

He turned to the store manager and placed all the beast cards in front of the store manager. “Cash, thank you.”

Lin Zimu’s expression was stiff as he secretly scolded this person. He didn’t know which wild star this person came from. The store manager smiled and hurriedly collected all the beast cards. Then he glanced at the beast imprinter’s empty wrist. As he expected, this beast imprinted forgot to bring his quantum computer. Talented people were slow in some ways.

The store manager handed over the star currency card that he prepared this morning and said, “Master, there are 12 beast cards and according to the price of yesterday’s sale, the total is 360,000 star coins. The price of the beast cards will certainly climb so after selling them and deducting the commission, I will add the extra income to the card.”

Chi Jun nodded and happily took the star currency card.

Lin Zimu immediately spoke to the store manager. “Boss, I will buy all the beast cards.”

Although 360,000 already exceeded his pocket money for a year, 12 beast cards would be enough for him to study the secrets of the beast patterns before this person sold more cards. Once the patent for the beast pattern was obtained, this cost would be nothing.

The manager immediately smiled like a spring breeze. “Each one is 50,000 star coins. I welcome your patronage.”

Chi Jun raised his eyebrows. 20,000 star coins were added to each in the blink of an eye. The store manager was sufficiently sly. Lin Zimu’s mouth twitched but he could only bear it as he bought all the beast cards, paying 600,000 coins before leaving in a hurry.

Chi Jun hadn’t yet left the door when extra money was added to his star card. After sending this big customer out of the store, the manager questioned while handing over more blank alloy cards, “Master, aren’t you curious about why he bought all your beast cards?”

Chi Jun put away the blank alloy cards and spoke with no concern, “It is to study the beast patterns.”

The man’s intention was written on his face. The store manager nodded. He hadn’t expected this teenager to know. Yesterday, the store manager had pulled out the data of the demonstration area and looked closely at the record of the beast card.

It was a pity that he wasn’t a beast imprinter. He could only see that the lines were somewhat different from ordinary five star beast patterns but he didn’t know the difference. The store manager reminded Chi Jun, “Master, if this is your own improved pattern then I suggest you make a patent application. If someone else does it first then you will lose money.”

Chi Jun shrugged. A person with no registration couldn’t apply for a patent. Moreover, he had an identity of being imprisoned in the imperial palace. He felt that the store manager was okay and explained, “There is a lot of interference on top and it won’t be cracked for a while.”

Hearing this, the store manager’s eyes flashed as he looked at the young man opposite him. There was a big business opportunity in his heart. “As long as master can guarantee to provide 10 beast cards with these beast patterns every day, there will absolutely be no shortage of big people who come to buy them.”

Chi Jun blinked and instantly understood the store manager’s meaning. “Yes.”

This was putting their own heads in the noose. Chi Jun negotiated the next few days of business and then left the store. There were various beast card stores around here. Chi Jun explored then and after seeing most of the beast card demonstrations, the sky was becoming dark and he decided to return.

As he passed by a vending machine, Chi Jun wanted to buy some natural mineral water from other sources but the 3D advertisement on the store next to the vending machine attracted his attention.

Wine. The end of the world lacked many things. Gu Yanzheng was a powerful all-round lover and could also make wine, but the taste of the wine wasn’t excellent. Every time, Chi Jun felt complicated when drinking it but after all, it was the hard work of Gu Yanzheng. This world’s technology was so developed and the wine looked good, regardless of packaging or colour.

Chi Jun licked his lips and gave up on buying water. He headed straight to the store and bought many things like alcohol. The sky was completely dark by the time he returned to the major general’s home. Old Iron dutifully opened the door for him and provided him with dinner.

Chi Jun hurriedly ate before bringing the wine to the backyard. Looking up at the anti-season ginkgo tree that already had many green shoots, Chi Jun grinned and rolled up his sleeves. Then he dug a hole in the ground, opened a few bottles of wine and poured them in. Chi Jun saw that the wine with bubbles was absorbed by the soil and leaned against the tree. “Hey Gu Yanzheng, I have a bottle for you. Let’s see who gets drunk first!”

Half an hour later, a little lion was leaning against the tree, holding a bottle in both paws as his eyes opened in a daze and his mouth screamed. The sound was a bit young and vague, like he was complaining but also acting spoiled. Finally, the little lion was unstable. He turned back and staggered perfectly to the tree. He held the bottle and fell to the ground, rolling before grabbing his hind backs and flipping around.

Old Iron, “…”

It was none of his business! He would record it and send it to the major general!

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1 year ago

I wonder why there are no comments in this novel? I would have love to hear everyone’s thoughts about this!

Nonetheless, our cute drunk lion really tries hard to ‘wake’ up the tree huh. Maybe something else might wake up on the other side of the galaxy hihihi

1 year ago

I think nk General in other side will be drunk 😂