SBIP: Chapter 59

In addition to the people squeezing to the front to ask a price for the stone, there were many people wondering about this man’s luck and others who were speechless.

“A few days ago when I bought a stone, I definitely saw this one but I didn’t give it a look! I carefully selected another stone and finally polished out a mixed-coloured energy stone. I want to die!”

“I could give you 100 chances and you wouldn’t look at the stone! You lost the match.”

“Just the appearance of the stone is worth one year of working or a maximum of 100,000 star coins. Who would’ve thought to buy this?”

“I have to say, this man’s luck is really good.”

The little lion understood this sentence and he looked up at his big ginkgo’s calm expression.

…If it was luck then he would swallow the stone in front of him! The people were still asking for a price and it had risen to 2.65 million. Gu Yanzheng didn’t intend to sell the stone at this time. He motioned to the master to continue polishing.

The little worker and master were silent. One held the instrument while the other carefully manipulated the stone polishing machine. He carefully peeled off the outer layer of the gravel skin.

At the same time, the boss of the store had been watching the site through monitoring instead of being on the scene. He felt a burst of consternation and quietly contacted the security personnel of the resource company’s headquarters.

It wasn’t that he was making a fuss, it was…

What a joke! Such a stone was more than what the resource star’s mining area would produce in 10 or 20 years! If it was stolen from the scene then he would be in big trouble. Since the stone was now very valuable, the stone master was very careful. He moved the instrument bit by bit. Even so, no one urged him to go faster. If the machine polished too much and lost some of the stone then their hearts would bleed!

Everyone held their breaths and stared nervously. As everyone was silent, the little lion opened his mouth and yawned. The cub’s ‘awu’ sound was very clear. The people concentrating on the stones subconsciously looked at the little lion.

The little silver-grey penguin also turned his head. The wrapped, bulging little lion was current snoozing! His eyes were narrowed! The penguin’s wings nervously stuck to his body and he opened his mouth in order to speak…

His heart was going to jump out. How was this little lion brother so calm?

Then the crowd suddenly said, “It is out.”

The eyes of the crowd once again focused on the stone in the master’s hand. After layers of thin stone skin had been polished off, the energy stone was the size of a fist. The surface was covered with some foggy impurities powder and it wasn’t certain what was inside. The master carefully cleaned it with a special cleaning agent.

The solid-coloured energy stone gradually appeared in front of people. It was a completely pure light yellow solid stone. There wasn’t a single mix of any other colours. The quality was obvious just looking at it with the naked eye.

At this time, the little lion heard the sound of gulping.

The penguin’s father spoke slowly, “The purity is too high. This type of pure energy stone is rare inside the mine”

No one called out a price after seeing the stone that came out. Who would sell this stone unless their head was broken? Still, there were many bad people who stared greedily at the stone.

However, this place was surrounded by armed security personnel and they could only think about it. They were temporarily afraid to act. The master carefully handed this energy stone to the guest.

Gu Yanzheng reached for the stone. The little lion lay on his arm and looked at the energy stone in his big ginkgo’s hand. It was clear as water, much like ice jade. The little lion shook the fur gloves off his front paws and placed a paw over the stone in Gu Yanzheng’s hand.

All the people who saw this scene, “………”

It was an incalculable, high-quality, solid-coloured energy stone. Letting the cub casually play with it, wasn’t this person’s heart too big?

The little lion bowed his head to study it carefully. Unidentified materials…

There were no metal elements at all. So where was the value?

At this time, Gu Yanzheng slightly frowned. The moment the lion’s paws fell on the stone, the energy inside moved subtly.

Next to them, the worker wondered, “Sir, are you going to open the remaining stones or move to the VIP lounge?”

The moment the worker’s words came out, everyone’s eyes turned to the other two unopened stones. This man’s luck was too good. The remaining two pieces might be able to open a good quality energy stone! For a time, everyone’s hearts were surging and someone was eager to try.

“My friend, who about I buy it from you for 20,000?”

“I will buy it from you for 2.5 million!”

However, the little lion was currently bowing his head to study the light yellow transparent stone. Gu Yanzheng was concentrating on the stone’s unexplained fluctuations. Therefore, the surrounding people were noisy again but one human and one lion didn’t care too much.

The worker approached and asked again in order to determine the guest’s intentions. Gu Yanzheng nodded without any care. “Open it.”

Another stone was moved again to the countertop. Based on this situation, the man had no intention of selling the remaining two stones. The people who couldn’t buy the stones felt choked up as they stared at the master. The shock of the previous stone meant everyone had great confidence in the remaining two stones.

In the tense atmosphere of the crowd, the master operated the machine carefully. Surprisingly, the open window of the stone clearly showed the three-coloured energy stone that was so complicated that people couldn’t bear to look straight.

The fall was too big. For a moment, people couldn’t respond. Then after two seconds of silence, there was a burst of boos. Those who didn’t manage to buy the stones sighed with relief. They were very glad that this man didn’t let go!

After the surface three colours were exposed, the master’s movements became much easier. He hadn’t opened many solid-coloured energy stones in his life. If the second one was also solid then he thought his heart would have a problem.

Next, there was no need to ask. The master skillfully took out the stone. An ordinary mixed-colour stone wasn’t worth anything.

The penguin wanted to comfort the lion brother but he looked up to find that the lion wasn’t watching at all. The penguin’s father lost his smile and reached for his son’s head. The first solid-coloured stone meant the result of the remaining two stones didn’t matter at all.

Then amidst the regret, the third stone was moved to the table. By this point, the little lion hadn’t figured out anything and he intended to go back and ask Gu Yanzheng directly. Then he looked up and saw the stone he initially wanted to choose.

The little lion was suddenly nervous. He threw the solid-coloured stone to Gu Yanzheng and stared with amber beast eyes at the stone. The onlookers who saw the scene were once again given a small stimulus.

This was a solid energy stone that the entire resource star didn’t produce many of! Yet the cub actually threw it without any caution…

Gu Yanzheng reached for the stone and looked down at his little lion’s concentrated expression, his mouth twitching. Therefore, as someone was watching the stone, someone else concentrated on the lion.

The master’s machine slowly fell down and precisely and lightly polished off a thin layer of the outer skin. The cut was showing no signs of an energy stone. The instrument in the worker’s hand didn’t show the slightest reaction.

This situation immediately had people take in a breath. Would this third stone be the same as the first one? Their hears rose again. Should they act at this time? If it was usual then people wouldn’t easily take the gamble. However, the situation was too similar to the first one and people always had a lucky mentality. There was another attempt to make a bid.

It was just that Gu Yanzheng was the first one to open his mouth. “This stone isn’t for sale.”

The crowd was buzzing.

“Does this mean it is a winning ticket? Is it going to produce a second solid stone?”

“Mother’s eggs, this store is too godly!”

“Calm down, it isn’t even out yet?”

The situation reached this point and the master couldn’t be steady. He took a deep breath and slowly started to operate the machine. Once the second knife cut was made, the entire scene was silent. The master’s machine withdrew and everyone stared at the cut.

The little lion’s paws tightly gripped Gu Yanzheng and his head protruded from the lion’s hat. The ginkgo raised an eyebrow at being held tightly and held the little lion’s paws with great interest. The nervous lion’s paws stepping on his palm felt very good!

However, this time there was another surprise. The cut didn’t reveal an energy stone! The instrument in the worker’s hand didn’t respond!

“What is this situation?”

“Is the cut too thin?”

“Wait! Maybe this time, the solid-colour stone is buried deeper.”

The little lion immediately turned to look at his big ginkgo. The big ginkgo rubbed his hat and didn’t speak. The little lion snorted, turned his head and continued to stare at the master opening the stone.

Then the stone was slowly polished down by the master. He polished off most of the energy stone!

The crowd of onlookers, “……”

Maybe there was a small solid-coloured energy stone in the remaining half. Even a thumb-sized solid-coloured energy stone was okay! This lasted until the master ground down the entire stone into powder on the countertop. Not only was there no solid-coloured energy stone, there wasn’t even a mixed one.

This was an empty stone.

The little lion looked down at his paws. His magic paws probably only picked out normal stones.

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