SBIP: Chapter 58

Someone had exchanged three years of mining for three stones. This immediately made the dispersed people gather again. They were noisy as they watched the selected stones be placed on the platform.

The shop’s small worker sat with the instrument in front of everyone and did another test. There were no energy fluctuations. No one knew what was inside until it was cut open.

The little lion stood on Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder and followed with his ability. However, he couldn’t sense anything special apart from metal. In his opinion, these were three ordinary pieces of stone…

The little lion touched his big ginkgo’s head and whispered, “Yan Zhengzheng, did you bring any special instruments that can measure the situation inside?”

“No,” Gu Yanzheng shook his head and pushed back his black hair.”

Lion Chi, “………”

Then big commander, why sign a sales contract directly with aliens? The little lion held his paws, sat up straight and stared at Gu Yanzheng.

Next to him, the little penguin shook his head to observe the three stones. “Dad, how did lion brother choose the stone?”

The little lion twisted his head, ears pricking up under his hat as he waited for the penguin’s father to comment. The penguin’s father shook his head. “I don’t know. This thing depends on luck.”

Lion Chi, “………”

His teeth were itchy. He wanted to gnaw on the neck of the big ginkgo! At this point, the store worker asked, “Sir, which one do you want to cut first?”

Gu Yanzheng picked up the little lion on his shoulder, held him with one hand and touched the little lion’s forehead. “Come and see. Which one should I cut first?”

The little lion turned to look at the three stones. Seriously, he didn’t see any difference apart from the size of the stone.

Then the big ginkgo whispered, “Look closely, your brother’s three years of freedom is on your body.”

The little lion in the pool looked at him strangely, “You are the ones who chose the three stones. How can I look at them carefully?”

The big ginkgo nodded. “Then you just have to look casually and pick one to open first.”

Lion Chi, “………”

His big ginkgo really couldn’t waste three years as a farmer. Unless his big ginkgo had a purpose? The little lion frowned and thought deeply. The purpose wasn’t the three stones but the pit? Did the big ginkgo mean to be a miner?

In any case, the little lion looked down at the three stones. In order to sense a bit more precisely, the little lion threw the fur gloves on his front paws into Gu Yanzheng’s arm. The little lion’s paws pressed against the stones. Then he used his metal ability to thoroughly analyze the composition of the stones. The content of various metal elements was extremely accurate.


He still didn’t find any difference! These metals weren’t high-grade materials that alloy cards could be made from.

The little lion looked up silently. Gu Yanzheng told him, “Choose one.”

The little lion raised his paws to one of the metal-rich ones. Just as his paw was raised, Gu Yanzheng picked the one Chi Jun ignored most.

Lion Chi, “………”

His paws were itchy and he wanted to scratch someone in the face! The store worked moved the stone to the stone cutting machine. Everyone saw the first stone and couldn’t help frowning.

“This stone doesn’t feel very good to me.”

“Looking at this round, sandy skin, what can be opened up? Oh, I’m afraid this person is a novice.”

The gravel at the top of the stone was rough and unevenly coloured. In general, this type of stone was more likely to open a mixed-colour energy stone. Those with a delicate, colour balanced sandy surface were the first choice of people. The chances of opening a two-coloured or solid-coloured energy stones were greater.

It was because colour was the main basis of the energy stone. Solid-colour energy stones had the highest grade, followed by two colours. Tricolor and mixed multi-coloured energy stones were normal grade and had a low price.

The sound of the machine started and the eyes of the onlookers followed. The thin knife moved down, exposing a mixed-colour interior. It didn’t look very good.

“The knife showed discolouration. It is estimated that this result will be cold. It is one year’s duration of working.”

“Look at this person’s clothes. The style isn’t common and the material is quite special. He doesn’t look like a miner and doesn’t know how hard it is to be a miner.”

The penguin’s father couldn’t listen. “Why are you so anxious? The machine in the hands of the worker hasn’t responded yet. Are you more accurate than the machine?”

Only then did people notice the knife had moved yet the machine in the hands of the worker hadn’t responded.

Thus, more people laughed.

“It is a variegated, large sand skin. The colour the knife revealed isn’t concentrated and the machine hasn’t reacted. It is without a doubt an empty stone.”

“I don’t know what the remaining two stones are like?”

The little lion listened to the voices mixed together and couldn’t quite understand. Still, he looked up at his ginkgo’s calm face that didn’t change despite the stone opening and the little lion slowly put the wool gloves back on. The little lion moved the tail wrapped inside his clothes and suddenly felt weak and reckless.

At the same time, his heart was certain. The big ginkgo wanted to go to the pit! Under Gu Yanzheng’s simple signal, another layer of the outer skin was smoothly polished. This time, the colour was still mixed but the machine in the hands of the worker had a reaction.

The little penguin pulled at his father’s arms and flapped his wings as he shouted, “You see, you are all wrong. This isn’t an empty stone.”

Someone next to him laughed. “It isn’t an empty stone, it is a mixed-coloured stone.”

Meanwhile, the little lion lying in his big ginkgo’s arms muttered, “This is too slow.”

In any case, he didn’t expect any energy stones to come out. Gu Yanzheng glanced at the sun in the distance. The latitude here was relatively high and at this time, the two suns were at the northern end of the planet. Day time in the south was short and he needed to quickly get money to find a place to live.

Therefore, Gu Yanzheng held his family’s little lion and walked to the stone machine. He reached out to a certain position and said, “Cut from here directly.”

The crowd started buzzing when they heard Gu Yanzheng’s words.

“Cut directly from the middle position? This brother gave up.”

“Simply deciding, this person is quite bold.”

The master nodded when he heard the command and moved the machine directly to the designated position. After cutting down, the worker holding the instrument was stunned. He looked in disbelief at the data displayed. It was the first time he had seen such a high number since he started working!

At the same time, the stone on the countertop was cut from the middle and gradually separated. The eyes of the crowd didn’t look at the falling stone but the two more delicate stones revealed inside.

The little penguin became excited. “Gagaga!”

It was a solid colour energy stone, solid colour! This cry was like magic that recovered the senses of the people around him. They subconsciously looked at the stone that had just been cut open. Everyone was dumbfounded as they stared at the stone cut in two.

There was a sharp contrast between the two stones on the countertop. This contrast made people freeze! Half the colour was mixed and the stone on the surface wasn’t much different. The other half was a pure light yellow. There as no trace of any mixed colour to the naked eye! In addition, this half stone was the size of two fists! It couldn’t be seen yet but this pure colour part was already worth a lot of money.

Those who had just been gloating gulped and didn’t dare say anything else. Such a sandy skinned stone could open a solid coloured energy stone, it was unparalleled luck! The hands of the worker holding the instrument shook as he tested the surface of this solid-coloured energy stone.

Two minutes later, the worker told Gu Yanzheng, “Sir, after testing, your stone is a high-quality solid-coloured energy stone. Next, do you want to remove the whole thing?”

Removing it would allow them to know how big this energy stone was and the final value. Immediately after, someone suggested, “Brother, will you sell it for one million?”

“Two million to me!”

“I will buy it for two and a half million!”

The people around them started to riot.

Lion Chi, “………”

Wasn’t this a bit different from what he thought?

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3 months ago

they putting much more description into the stone gambling system than they did for this novels card system