SBIP: Chapter 57

The eyes of the little lion slowly shifted away from the silver-grey penguin as he looked around. Then he found that most of the little animals that were with people were in a young state.

For example, the small seal that just slid past while eating meat. He slipped all the way to a man’s heel, only to be patted on the head. Then he was led by his forelimbs, tail wagging. Then there was the little black bear, he directly jumped onto a man’s back and was safely carried away. Any young animals were casual and revealed a close relationship to the people they were with.

The little lion looked down at his wrapped paws and then up at his tall and heroic ginkgo.

Little lion Chi, “……”

He always thought that a bad misunderstanding would occur!

By this point, Gu Yanzheng had taken the little lion near the front where a large number of people were gathered. A scream came from the crowd.

“After removing this layer of rock, the energy waves fluctuated significantly. It is a good stone!”

“A layman should just look and not talk too much!”

“Energy fluctuations can be detected by the instr. The stone inside must be mixed-color or pure.”

“It depends on how many colours are mixed in. If it is a two colour stone then the price is average but some returns can be obtained. If it is three colours then it can only keep him company.”

The little lion curiously listened to the fast beastmen language that was a bit difficult for him.

He looked up and saw the little penguin from before beside him. The little penguin had been carried on the man’s head and now he was being held in the man’s arms. The little penguin blinked at him, flapped his wings and asked in a clear voice, “Little brother,  are you that cold?”

The little lion wearing a lion’s hat, polar suit and gloves over his four paws watched the little penguin who was named apart from a few accessories around his neck.

‘You are an Antarctic hardy penguin.

I am a male lion from the prairie.

There can be no comparison!’

The little penguin’s small feet hit his father’s arm as he turned over and leaned closer.

“Little brother, why aren’t you talking? Or… are you actually a sister?”

The little lion found out that when it came to language learning, there was a saying ‘to have high standards but little ability’…

He wanted to express a meaning but the words were stuck in his mouth. He couldn’t speak the beastmen language at all. He could only reach out thick paws to pat Gu Yanzheng’s arm.

Gu Yanzheng looked down at his little lion. The little lion reached out his paws and pointed to the little penguin next to him. “Yan Zhengzheng, tell him that I’m a big brother!”

The last words were accentuated! Gu Yanzheng’s eyes turned to the little penguin next to him. The little penguin opened his black eyes and raised his head to look at Gu Yanzheng. The black beak subconsciously opened and he couldn’t help saying, “Little sister, your father is so handsome.”

Little lion Chi, “……”

This world wasn’t for him! Leave!

The little lion entered Gu Yanzheng’s clothes, leaving only the bulging clothes. Gu Yanzheng laughed and reached for his little lion. Then in plain beastmen language, he told the little penguin, “I am his brother, this is my brother.”

Thus, the little lion calmly turned around. Brother and brother could be accepted. In any case, he remembered that he had been calling out ‘Brother’ when he chased Gu Yanzheng. This made the little penguin look at the little lion with envious eyes.

Lion Chi, “………”

Why didn’t he understand these eyes?

Then he heard the little penguin say, “Your brother must be a lion. A lion is naturally vigorous and has a good figure. Once you grow up, you must have a good figure. However, we are emperor penguins. Dad said we should practice every day so we won’t develop a belly…”

New words appeared in the conversation.

Gu Yanzheng timely translated it. “An emperor penguin.”

The little lion silently imagined the image of an emperor penguin he had seen in a documentary. It didn’t matter if it was an adult emperor penguin or young emperor penguin. It was round, fat and really cute.

The little lion unwittingly turned his gaze to the little penguin’s soft and fluffy belly. It was hard to imagine if emperor penguins had abs…

At this time, the little penguin’s father spoke, “Son, exercise is one thing. You also have to reduce the amount of food. One meal consists of seven or eight cods. I will be poor because of you.”

The little penguin’s father then looked at Gu Yanzheng and the little lion, laughing. “Looking at your situation, you haven’t adapted to the local climate. Did you come from the tropics?”

Gu Yanzheng nodded.

The little penguin’s father said, “You are right to give your brother more things to wear. Babies should pay attention.”

Gu Yanzheng nodded naturally. “It is as you said.”

Baby Chi, “……”

At this point, a burst of boos came from the middle of the crowd.

The little penguin’s fathers eyes immediately took at the crowd and sighed. “Ahh, unfortunately, it is an ordinary low-grade three coloured mixed energy stone. I don’t know what the next piece will be. If it is all like this then the person who bought the stone will probably stay in the mining area for three years.”

The little lion was curious about what was happening but it was completely invisible from his height. At this time, the little penguin was once again on his father’s face. He lay there like a hat and looked at the middle of the crowd.

The little lion silently stared at his big ginkgo. The big ginkgo raised his eyebrows before lifting the little lion above his head. This high, the little lion was like a small mountain and could clearly see into the middle of the crowd.

The crowd was surrounding a platform. The top of the platform contained a raw stone, one end of which was being polished by a grinding machine. Next to the stone, a man was holding a device and looked at the polished stone.

Vague voices came from the crowd. Of course, they weren’t speaking vaguely but the little lion couldn’t understand them and heard it vaguely. There was a word that always interfered with his comprehension.

The little lion bowed his head and Gu Yanzheng pulled the little lion back down. The little lion tried to repeat the word. After the repetition, he asked, “What does that mean?”

Gu Yanzheng replied in a low voice, “Energy stone.”

Lion Chi nodded. “Send me up again.”

Gu Yanzheng followed the flow and raised the little lion by his front paws again.

Next to them, the little lion used his short wings to pat his father’s head. “Dad, dad, I also want to be raised high!”

The little penguin’s father tugged at the little penguin’s wings, grabbed his son’s thick belly and raised him up. The father wasn’t short but the little penguin still only reached the little lion’s back paws.

The little lion patted Gu Yanzheng’s arm. “Yan Zhengzheng, lower.”

Thus, Gu Yanzheng lowered him.

The little penguin cocked his head. “Little brother, do you see the stone in the middle? The Gontart Resources most expensive instruments can’t measure any energy fluctuations from it. There might be a solid colour energy stone inside.”

The little lion turned his head as he picked up a key word from the penguin. “Solid stone?”

The little penguin nodded and started to gush. “A solid stone with a diameter of more than one finger is extremely expensive! However, solid stone testing instruments are very expensive and the accuracy isn’t high. Therefore, any raw stone that can’t measure energy fluctuations might contain a solid stone or there might be nothing.”

“Generally, this type of raw stone is sold to a miner for 20,000 star coins. A larger one is between 100,000~200,000. This man just spent 300,000 to big two big raw stones. The first one is just a three colour mixed energy stone, the solid colour parts are very small. It is worth a meal at most. I don’t know about the second raw stone…”

The little lion’s energy core might be locked but his ability to sense energy was still there. He slowly extended his ability to observe the polished stone. Apart from a little bit of weak metal energy, it had the composition of an ordinary stone. There really wasn’t much else.

Just then, boos erupted from the crowd again. The little penguin’s father shook his head. “Unfortunately, it is an empty stone. It isn’t even a mixed-colour energy stone.”

The excitement was gone and the crowd gradually dispersed. The little penguin was held back in his father’s arms. The little lion was subconsciously pressed against his big ginkgo’s left shoulder. The little lion turned his head and stared into his big ginkgo’s eyes. “Yan Zhengzheng?”

Gu Yanzheng looked over at the stone. “I think I probably know how to make money as soon as possible.”

In the face of the little lion’s doubts, the big ginkgo went over and signed a sales contract with the owner of a resource company. He exchanged a three year miner employment career for three small and medium-sized raw stones.

Little lion Chi, “……”

He didn’t know if it was too late to ask the seemingly enthusiastic little penguin father and son to take them in?

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