SBIP: Chapter 56

Diplomatic relations had just been established and he was the commander of an army. It was inappropriate for him to enter in a great manner. Not to mention, a sick little lion was with him.

For the safety of his little lion, Gu Yanzheng had no intention of crossing the border in a high-profile manner. After several space jumps over the next few days, the starship reached the starfield near the distant beastmen world.

Gu Yanzheng spotted a sparsely populated resource star with no star defense system and landed. Once the starship landed, Gu Yanzheng picked up the sleeping lion and walked out the hatch.

During the voyage these days, the little lion had been huddled in front of the quantum computer of the main control room. It was to learn the language of the beastmen world that had been provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The language that crossed civilizations was obscure and the little lion had also crossed time and space. This was difficult for the little lion. After struggling, the little lion could barely learn to communicate simply.

Gu Yanzheng had previous experience so he was skilled after a simple practice. The moment the smooth syllables emerged from Gu Yanzheng’s mouth, the little lion lying on Gu Yanzheng’s shoulder bit his collar. He wouldn’t learn!

In any case, his energy core was now completely locked up. There was nothing he could do except sense his metal ability, including returning to human form. It didn’t matter if a little lion could talk or not!

Thus, the little lion bit the collar torn by his sharp teeth. Under the rhythmic touch of Gu Yanzheng’s hand, he closed his eyes and let out small snores. The starship landed while the little lion was asleep.

Gu Yanzheng didn’t wake him up. Once he was carried out directly, the little lion sleeping comfortably was suddenly awakened by a heat wave. Hot fire baked his entire body and his fur rose. The little lion opened confused eyes and saw a vast… desert!

Lion Chi, “………”

Did he sleep and dream of the Sahara? Still, it was a bit different from the Sahara. It was because there were two fireballs above his head that were scorching the earth. As a small animal with fur all over his body, he would die from this heat!

The little lion stretched out his paws. “Yan Zhengzheng, I want to take off my fur.”

Gu Yanzheng looked down at the little lion that had woken up. He saw the open lion paws and the fur that felt… good. It was hard to imagine what it would be like if his little lion had no fur.

The lion’s voice was dry. “I feel like I’m going to turn into a dehydrated lion.”

Gu Yanzheng frowned and decisively abandoned his original plan to blend into the beastmen resource collection area on foot. He headed back and closed the hatch. He considered the planet’s population distribution and level of technological development. However, he misjudged the surface climate of the planet.

Back in the hatch, Gu Yanzheng handed water to the little lion. “Baby, drink water.”

The little lion in his arms swallowed the water. Once he drank enough water, his paws poured the remaining water over his body and he let out a comfortable breath as he shook his wet fur. Gu Yanzheng, who had water sprayed all over him, just laughed and pulled at the lion’s tail.

The little lion looked up with an innocent face. Gu Yanzheng reached out to rub the wet fur. He was about to dry it when the little lion stepped on his hands and ran to his neck. He rubbed his wet fur against Gu Yanzheng’s collar.

“Yan Zhengzheng, I want to take a cold bath.”

Gu Yanzheng rubbed his fur. “Baby, it was only hot for one minute.”

The little lion gnawed at his neck and spoke vaguely, “Why do I feel like it was two minutes?”

“Baby is right, two minutes is too long.”

The little lion lying on the man’s shoulder flung his tail. “I really was going to die from the heat! Two suns means it was absolutely 50 or 60 degrees!”

Gu Yanzheng laughed and helped the little lion to the bathroom. Of course, there was no cold bath. He put the little lion in warm water for a while. Once he came out again, the fluffy lion was naturally scratched from his head to the tip of his tail before finally, it was the soft belly.

Half an hour later, the man and the lion pulled a suspension car out from behind the starship.

Gu Yanzheng reached out and threw two seeds at the departing starship. The two seeds took root and started to grow madly under the power of the wood system, despite having no water to nourish them. They soon grew into a giant vine plant, spreading throughout the starship.

Then the vine plant worked hard. It dragged the big lion star ship into the desert and the vines followed. This scene looked like the starship had encountered quicksand and was trapped. The scene was spectacular. The starship was docked in place and only yellow sand could be seen.

The little lion was in the self-contained temperature and humidity suitable for the suspension car. He leisurely turned over and raised his paws to pull at Gu Yanzheng. “Yan Zhengzheng, I want to see outside.”

Gu Yanzheng looked down at him and touched his head. “Okay.”

Then both sides of the suspension car changed and showed the scenery outside. The little lion enjoyed the comfort of the suspension car environment while he watched the vast and splendid desert scenery outside.

Gu Yanzheng touched the soft fur of the little lion with one hand and steered the suspension car with his other hand. They crossed a few sand dunes and there were architectural traces in the distance. This meant they needed to get out of the suspension car to enter. The beastmen civilization and empire might be similar but the scientific and technological aspects weren’t the same. Clothes and accessories were fine but definitely not different types of aircraft.

The little lion looked up at Gu Yanzheng. “Are there no cool places?”

He really didn’t want to turn into a dehydrated little lion…

Gu Yanzheng rubbed the fur at the back of his neck. He launched the incognito effect of the suspension car and it sped past the tropic region containing various exotic buildings and headed straight to the planet’s poles.

The geological conditions of this planet were quite special. Apart from the central continent, there was a polar continent. Between the two continents was an endless sea that occupied 90% of the planet’s region.

Thus, after the hot climate of the central continent, the hoverboard flew over the ocean. Finally, the little lion saw a vast ice sheet in the distance. It was endless, pure white!

Little lion Chi, “?”

There were no grasslands? His animal state was a prairie lion. He would never abandon the grasslands climate!

Gu Yanzheng picked up the little lion and pulled out a set of clothes from the storage cabinet under the seat. A soft, hairy polar set.

Lion Chi, “………”

Well, he could get dressed if it was cold. If it was hot then he couldn’t remove his fur.

The little lion exposed his sharp teeth and raised his paws so that the big ginkgo could wear it for him. Once the clothes were worn, Gu Yanzheng took out long-lost lion’s hat. The little lion bowed his head again and let the man put on a hat. Finally, Gu Yanzheng fished out gloves for the lion’s four paws. The little lion turned around in silence and raised his four paws.

Gu Yanzheng slowly put it on him. He had bought this set on the Star Network after the last unprepared trip to the hot springs.

The well-dressed lion scrutinized the thick covers over his paws and turned round to the other side of the seat, crouching there to watch Gu Yanzheng dress.

Gu Yanzheng’s ability wasn’t affected so he only added a jacket. Then he reached for the bulging lion and stepped out of the suspension car. The little lion was suddenly exposed to temperature dozens of degrees below zero. He sniffed and exhaled a white breath. It was fortunate that the clothes were good enough that he wasn’t cold at all.

Gu Yanzheng put on a hat and walked in the direction of the building. Behind them, the suspension vehicle was dragged under the ice by wild vines that had broken through the ice, just like the previous starship.

For unfamiliar worlds, the best way to adapt was to…

Literally see it.

Gu Yanzheng held his little lion with one hand and walked through the desolate streets until he arrived at the most crowded place on this Antarctic continent. Most of the population of remote resource stars were interstellar miners employed by various resource companies.

Their employment commission was their main source of income. In addition, most miners bought equipment from resource companies that couldn’t scan the internal ingredients and bought large quantities of raw stones.

Most of these rough stones were useless but some may contain rare energy stones. If they were lucky, they could get rich overnight. If they had bad luck then they would waste all their money or a few years of working as a miner.

In fact, the latter was the reason why resource companies sold all types of raw stones. After all, in a harsh environment, it was hard to recruit enough miners and also expensive to hire them. All the star miners knew this but they couldn’t resist the temptation of rare energy stones.

Gu Yanzheng held the little lion and headed to this street. There were places where resource companies were selling raw stones and the store front of several companies were on this street. It was cold and deserted elsewhere but this place was bustling.

The little lion clung to Gu Yanzheng’s arm and stretched out his head to look quietly into the distance.

A pure white little seal had just passed by…

Another little black bear…

The little lion was looking not far away when a child’s voice was heard. The words were simple and the little lion could understand it. It was just that…

There were zombies walking everywhere and beasts with extraordinary power haunted the end of the world but he had never seen such a scene before! Not far away, a fluffy silver-grey penguin was on a man’s head.

The little penguin was being shaken by the man holding him. He waved his wings and shouted in childish and clear beastmen language. “Dad, Dad, I want to eat braised cod!”

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15 days ago

Brings back memories of Lazy Beast Merchant, I almost want to see the Little Lion and Little Snow Leopard play together but I know it wont happen