SBIP: Chapter 55

The little lion was confused. He grabbed Gu Yanzheng and looked down at his little lion paws. No… he could change into a big lion, why become a small lion in public? Where was his dignity? Depressed…

Gu Yanzheng held his family’s little lion and noticed all the eyes. His eyebrows raised and he raised an arm to block most of the little lion’s body. His palm also covered the little lion’s head. Someone seemed to forget that the little lion’s clothes had just fallen to the ground…

Thus, the major general’s uniform sleeve exposed a little lion’s small hind paws. The spectators had dry mouths as they stared at the tiny, golden fluffy paws in the video. Too soft, they wanted to pinch it!

The people in a trance finally started talking.

“I remember a while ago, Major General Yan’s gossip-like news!”

“At that time, the soft animal was turning over pages of the books in the beast pattern library!”

“There is actually a photo of the truth. At that time, Major General Yan was holding a soft animal with a lion hat. It was Master Chi!”

The picture once again burst out, softening the hearts of countless people. The little lion sat in Major General Yan’s arms and carefully looked at the beast pattern books. He couldn’t be cuter. The public couldn’t help rubbing this soft little animal through the video. The little paws, the hairy ears, the amber eyes and the lovely fur.

“Wow… why is it only a 3D virtual image? Why can’t it be materialized?”

“Those thick little lion paws on the pages! I gossiped by Major General Yan but why didn’t I find such a cute Master Chi?!”

“The emperor said that Master Chi could become a beast and I thought about what type of beast…”

“I think we’re wrong. It isn’t a beast, it is a cute beast!”

“Little lion Chi, don’t drill into Major General Yan’s clothes. Show us a bit of your fur!”

“…In fact, there is more explosive news!”

“Do you remember the giant green lion plant Major General Yan was holding at the door of the patents office?”

“I suspect that Master Chi was under the green plant. Master Chi can do two transformations!”

A 3D image of Major General Yan holding a giant lion-shaped plant appeared in front of the people.

“If it isn’t a big lion sleeping until this green plant then I’ll eat my quantum computer!”

“Look at this sleeping posture! This is the tail!”

“Oh… isn’t Major General Yan showing a lot of love while holding the lion. Love is flooding out of his eyes!”

“Requesting Master Chi to transform!”

“…Have the courage!”

“…It suits you!”

“Didn’t you see Major General Yan’s eyes? Daring to even ask…”

“When did I say it? I didn’t…”

However, there were people who were excited and worried. For example, the staff officers of the military department who were also paying attention to the trial! Chi Jun was a different race…

One of the staff officers came up with a sentence, “The so-called, non-human race is certainly different…”

He hadn’t finished his words when he was buried by the smart pens thrown by over 90 people!

“You old thing, dare say those words again!”

“Chi Jun offered so much. You actually dared to think badly of him!”

“Impeach you!”

“I’ll vote yes!”

The person who said the wrong thing pulled out of the pile of smart pens and rubbed his sore forehead. “I misspoke but…”

Another staff member took a deep breath. “Now it is hard to keep Chi Jun in the empire. Do you want to push him out? If Little Chi Jun runs, that boy Yanzheng will also follow him!”

The staff member, “………”

The consequences couldn’t be imagined! Thus, the group of staff members who once despised Yanzheng for going after the young Chi Jun watched the image of Gu Yanzheng blocking the little lion and placed great hopes on him!

Get married! The two of you get married!

At this time, the trial venue. After a moment of silence, a judge picked up his gavel and slammed it. “Quiet, quiet!”

The little lion cub stuffed into the sleeve of a man’s coat, “……”

Gu Yanzheng blocking the little lion with his arms, “……”

The remaining joint judges, “……”

At this moment, everyone’s brains were full of joy. However, the entire trial venue was silent and no one spoke! This changed under the sound of the presiding judges’ gavel. All the audience, both present and not present, stopped all types of… delusions. They turned their attention to the case itself.

The emperor was pale as he looked in the little lion’s direction, his thoughts turning around. He now agreed with his son’s words. He should’ve killed the clone the first time it became a beast! He looked at the little lion opposite him and made a last-ditch struggle. “Chi Jun, don’t you want to ascend to the throne?”

The little lion in Gu Yanzheng’s arms turned around, exposing a small head as the beast eyes looked at the emperor. “I want to be the richest in the empire.”

….Oh, retired emperor!

They saw the little lion’s exposed head and the venue once again became silent.

The people of the Star Network:

“This little lion can talk! A talking little lion!”

“What to do? I want to hug him!”

“What is the richest man? You can consider the country’s most adorable animal!”

Meanwhile, the emperor just looked at the talking lion with twitching eyes and finally bowed his head. If the illegal drugs were injected and it was his son who experienced the beast transformation phenomenon…

Everyone in the empire would be afraid of them and they wouldn’t have fallen into this situation! Even up to now, the supreme emperor hadn’t realized his mistakes!

The joint judges made a final decision after a brief adjournment. According to imperial law, the royal family was guilty of the crimes of illegal cloning experiments, illegal genetic drug experiments, illegal detention and murder.

The emperor was sentenced to death and the imperial executioner in all the videos was guilty of the same crime. The prince was jailed for life and the other people involved were sentenced to 3~20 years imprisonment.

At the same time, the Parliament issued a joint statement. The emperor was impeached, the prince’s inheritance rights removed and they would reconsider the legal inheritance rights of the prince’s clone, Lingqi. The emperor’s face was as pale as death when he heard the judgment.

Meanwhile, the prince was crying. “The crown is supreme, we should enjoy immunity…”

In the face of such serious crimes, not expressing remorse or praying for forgiveness from the dead but instead emphasizing an illusory immunity…

This disregard for human life wasn’t worthy of sympathy! Eventually, the two people were locked up by the bailiffs and taken out. The two cases ended.

Countless people watched as Major General Yan left with the lion in his arms. The child who acted as witnessed reached up to hold a corner of Major General Yan’s suit.

Then the little lion reached out to pat the child’s hand. The child grinned at the little lion, showing pure and clean white teeth. He was as lovely as the sunlight and there was a soft light around him.

The footage left everyone subconsciously smiling as they watched the family of three walk away. Just as countless people were moved by the scene, a tall humanoid robot followed half a step behind the child in the posture of a guard.

Everyone on the Star Network, “………”

How strange was this scene? Illusion, it must be an illusion!

A day later, Lingqi’s identity was confirmed and the former emperor’s decree issued. The entire country agreed that Lingqi had the same status as the prince, the original provider of the genes. The two earth-shattering cases came to an end and the child of Master Chi, Lingqi was named as the royal successor. The coronation ceremony would soon be held. As the guardian of the throne’s successor, Chi Jun was invited to the present royal palace.

After the coronation, Little Lingqi would probably live there for a long time. Unfortunately, Chi Jun didn’t like the present royal palace. It wasn’t because there were no metal objects inside. He just didn’t like the place where the emperor and prince lived.

Thus, the little lion raised his paws and pointed to the east of the major general’s residence. The plants had originally been stimulated by Gu Yanzheng’s wood ability and covered the imperial palace.

Then overnight, all the crazy plants moved their position. They weaved around a new place like a wonderland. The former palace walls were replaced by flourishing roses. The majestic palace pillars were replaced by huge pine cypress trees. The overall architectural style had completely changed.

Once inside, Chi Jun waved his small paws at the decorations inside. He opened his quantum computer to give the recently arrived patent income to Old Iron and ordered him to arrange it according to Lingqi’s ideas. He and his big ginkgo would live next door to the imperial palace at the major general’s residence. If Little Lingqi was willing, he could come back at any time in the future.

After handling these matters, Gu Yanzheng couldn’t wait. There was always a hidden danger regarding Lion Chi’s situation. It was time to start on this as soon as possible. Before leaving, the little lion crouched on the table and gazed at the robot that just acquired a simulation body.

“I will give Little Lingqi to you after we leave. No one can bully him!”

Old Iron nodded.

“Don’t give him too much academic pressure. It is better for children to have fun. The pocket money is enough!”

Old Iron nodded hard. Although it seemed a bit difficult to do. The child wasn’t interested in other things. He liked to study. Still, Old Iron had to work hard at Master Lion’s request. For example…

The child never left the image board!

Instead, the little lion glanced at Lingqi. The child hung his head and kept silent.

The little lion raised his paws and pulled at the child’s hair. At this point, Gu Yanzheng had packed up and was prepared to leave. The only thing to do was to renew his vacation time with the military. He reached out to rub Lingqi’s head, picked up the little lion crouching on the table and turned away.

The child behind them suddenly raised his head, rubbing his messy hair before chasing after them. “Lion father, tree father!”

Gu Yanzheng turned back and Chi Jun reached out to pat the child. “Be good. I’ll cure my disease and come back.”

Old Iron walked a few steps and reached for the child’s shoulder. The little lion waved his paws and left with Gu Yanzheng.

The human and little lion appeared in the military department and the staff members rushed over. This type of renewal was originally just an application thing and only two staff members needed to sign it. There was no need for so many staff members to come.

However, a large number of staff members surrounded the two people. In addition, there were the respective guards. Therefore, the scene was particularly happy. The little lion couldn’t hold back and he smiled from within Gu Yanzheng’s arms.

A big staff officer cleared his throat. “Yanzheng, you just renewed your vacation. What are you planning to do?”

Gu Yanzheng calmly held the little lion and avoided the staff reaching out to the lion, calmly replying, “Go to the beastmen world.”

The staff members suddenly panicked. What about marriage! If they never came back…

No, this renewal application must be rejected!

Another staff member calmly asked, “Putting aside the leave renewal matter, when are you getting married?”

The staff members pricked up their ears and waited for an answer.

Little lion Chi, “……”

How did the conversation turn to this?

Gu Yanzheng looked down at his baby lion. “Wait for his illness to be better.”

The moment these words came out, the large group of staff officers were confused. Illness? Chi Jun was sick?

Gu Yanzheng continued, “The beastman world is his last hope for healing.”

A staff member immediately said, “I will immediately sign your renewal application.”

Gu Yanzheng successfully got the renewal permit and he took the lion to the starship, driving all the way to the Beastmen Democratic Republic in a few days.


The people of the Star Network didn’t see Major General Yan and Master Chi for several days. It was itchy and they wanted to squat at the major general’s mansion. However… they dared not!

A long time passed and the Star Network was becoming desperate. Why didn’t Master Chi appear? Wasn’t he engaged? Show the good marriage to them!

It was unknown where it started from but a guess emerged on the Star Network. Major General Yan and the little lion might’ve gone to the Beastman Democratic Republic.

As a result, the people of the Star Network were upset. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ external mailbox was bombarded by numerous petitions every day. Diplomatic relations had been established but what about the passport or visas? If there wasn’t, let Major General Yan and Master Chi take a tour of the beastmen worlds!

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